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The noise he made was a low, growling rumble, and his arms clamped around her waist. She turned and kissed him, distracting him with a gentle and slow caress of her lips. He changed his grip and cupped her hips, pulling them against him as he leaned forward to increase their lip-to-lip contact.

Teebie spoke behind them. “Get a room. Seriously, I have created a new honeymoon cottage, and it is fully supplied and soundproofed.”

Yval leaned back and turned her head. “I appreciate the offer, but we are going to try to manage this in the normal world. The sooner I get used to it, the better.”

Teebie grinned. “Fair enough. There is another couple getting balanced this afternoon. I might be able to lure them into my clutches. I am really looking for feedback on that cottage.”

Dira and Mak were nearby, and they came over as Yval pried herself out of Drorik’s grip.

“So, you are returning to your lives after one night together?” Dira raised her eyebrows.

Yval smiled. “I am used to self-control, so this is a little awkward but not deadly. I can keep him under control until he gets a grip on the predatory and possessive attitude.”

“I am right here, you know.” Drorik growled.

She patted his hand and smiled. “I know, punkin.”

He wrapped his arm around her waist, lifted her and walked toward the Meditation Centre without a backward look. Laughter followed them.

She crossed her arms and scowled, waiting for him to set her back on her feet.

Teal and Tony merely smiled and set their bags at their feet.

Tony grinned. “It was nice meeting you.”

“You too. I am sure that Drorik was in a much better mood when he was single.”

Her captor sighed. “You are just going to keep pushing it, aren’t you?”

“Yup. This is now one of my favourite means of entertainment.” She craned her neck and grinned up at him.

He sighed and shook his head. “I am not sure that I am going to get used to your new cheerful attitude.”

“Tough.” She smiled brightly.

Teal and Tony laughed, and a moment later, the world dissolved in a flash of light.


“Welcome to my home.” Drorik smiled.

He set her on her feet.

They had agreed it was going to be his home first, because she was adapting more easily to being part elf than he was to being part shifter.

It had all the charm of a Tudor farmhouse. “Is that a thatched roof?”

“It is. I replace it every five years or so. Not because it needs it, I just enjoy the practice.” He chuckled and picked up their bags, walking her toward the picturesque home with a smile.

“Where do your parents live?”

“Down the lane. Did you want to meet them today?” He raised his eyebrows.

She blinked and bit her lip. “I think I might want to skip the immediate introductions. I already know you and Tovin. That is traumatic enough.”

He bustled her into his house, and she noted the modern kitchen and living room in stark contrast to the exterior. She didn’t have a chance to look around; he coaxed her up the stairs, into his bedroom and he began working at her vest.

She busied her own hands, removing the belt that held his tunic together and dropping it out of his reach. She pushed his tunic up while he wrestled with her belt and cargo pants.

His hands shook when he exposed the hot red silk to his gaze.

She pushed him back and kicked out of her black sneakers. She normally didn’t wear shoes with her uniform, but it had been a formal occasion, so what the hell.

Yval shimmied out of her cargo pants, and she put her hands on the base of her tank top, whipping it off over her head, exposing the matching red silk bra.

He swallowed, and she stood with her hands on her hips. Her smile was evil. “This time, I did mean to have sex; now, did you want to get undressed or did you want me to do it for you?”

She held up her hand and formed her claws.

He quivered, and his entire body tensed. She could see his erection prodding the fabric of his tunic and his trousers.

He stepped out of her reach, and he whipped his tunic off over his head before toeing off his boots and levering his trousers down over his erect cock.

She smiled at the pearly drops that were swelling and clinging to the wide head of his erection. She moved toward him without hesitation and took the thick stalk in her hand, stroking him slowly, covering his shaft with the precum.

He stood stock still with his eyes watching her. She stood to one side so that his view of her hand was completely clear. Drorik clenched his fists, and she noted the change in his breathing as he got close to release.

She released her grip and stepped back, removing her bra with a quick move and sliding her thumbs down her hips to remove the scarlet silk that were her panties.

She was wet, she was ready and she whispered, “Pick me up and fuck me.”

His arms snapped out and pulled her to him, lifting her into the air and pressing his cock into her, lowering her onto him with a groan.

There was no subtlety to this union; Yval gripped his shoulders and held on as he lifted and dropped her with wet-sounding thuds until she gasped and dug her nails into him while he snarled and jetted inside her.

It was a reflex to lean forward and bite him, and to her shock, he returned the favour. The bright pain caused a flare of aftershocks to run through her, and her channel gripped him tightly, bringing him to another spasm of his own.

When she released him and pressed her head to his chest, a perfect bite mark glowed with magic on his skin. Oddly, it was an animal bite, and she didn’t think she had shifted.

He released her a moment later, and he slowly lapped at her skin.

She unlocked her legs, and the only things holding her up were his hands on her hips.

He turned, took three steps and dropped to the bed with her on top of him.

She smiled. “So, that was fast.”

His heart was slow and steady under her, but his erection was swelling once again.

“I intend to know all the sounds that you make before we leave this place for the outside world.” He slid his hands up her torso and cupped her breasts.

She rose and fell on him with deliberate focus. “That is a lot of sounds. It could take a while.”

“I am willing to put in the time. When do you go into heat?”

Yval laughed. “Why do you want to know?”

“I might need to lay in some supplies. I don’t want to miss one minute of it.”

She leaned forward and kissed him when he sat up so she could reach his lips. He remained sitting up, and she continued to rock on him until she moaned into his mouth.

It was a pretty good start, but there were so many other sounds he needed to hear. Fortunately, Yval was a dedicated professional. She was willing to put in the time.





Drorik was sitting at her side with his head pressed to her shoulder. She could feel the tears on her skin. “Stop crying, you big wuss. I was the one who had to do all the work.”

The midwife was standing next to her, her arms overloaded with the bundles of joy. Three babies had indeed chosen to arrive all at once, and Drorik was now severely outnumbered.

Yval Bindingheart shifted until she was sitting up in the bed, and she held out her arms. The little girls were handed to her one by one.

“Heads up, Drorik. I need another set of arms. The family is about to come in.” She smiled as he lifted his head and wiped his tears away before extending his hands out to take the last of the triplets.

“You knew that this was a possibility.” He wasn’t accusing, he was wondering at the small pink girl in his arms. Her tiny pointed ears were obvious, and her skin had a golden tint.

“I did. Multiple births run in my family. My mother was the odd one out, but she was one of three as well.”

The bedding had been changed, Yval was relatively comfortable for someone who had just produced three people, and the crowd came in.

First, it was Ron, Linny and Jesser. The presents were put on the table at the foot of the bed, and they came around to greet the new devils in their presence.

Tovin came in asking, “So where is the new family member?”

Yval grinned when her family moved aside and Tovin saw the collection of little girls in their arms. Tovin’s wife just laughed for a moment before she had to prop Tovin up.

Yval chuckled, “Drorik was the same. Let in the grandparents.”

Drorik sighed. “I have recovered.”

Yval’s mother smiled brightly when she saw the collection of tiny people, but she quickly had to move to support the fey who were not expecting three granddaughters in one shot.

Drorik’s mother leaned forward, and her hands shook as she checked the babies. “They are all fey.”

“And all shifter. I can smell it.” Drorik grinned. “Start planning the party, Mother.”

“Party? For this, I will call out a national holiday, at least a local fair.” She smiled and hesitated. “Can I hold one?”

Yval laughed. “You can hold as many as you can carry.”

The babies were immediately distributed throughout the room, and the family welcomed the next generation with open hearts.

Tovin came to the side of the bed. “When do you think you will return to work?”

“I need three weeks to bond with them and to stop lactating. I would love to breast feed, but with three, it isn’t practical.”

Drorik sighed. “Perhaps you could go back on a part-time basis? Maybe even start training folks?”

She made a face. “Fine. I was just teasing. No, Tovin. I am not heading back to work. I have three new shifters to guard and that takes priority.”




Author’s Note



I could have done so much more with these two... so I will have them appear in the next installment.

In the next Shifting Crossroads, Tovin will get his mate, and she will be there to support him when he falters, and he will help her unleash the warrior within.


Thanks for reading,


Zenina Masters


[email protected]




About the Author



Viola Grace (aka Zenina Masters) is a Canadian sci-fi/paranormal romance writer with ambitions to keep writing for the rest of her life. She specializes in short stories because the thrill of discovery, of all those firsts, is what keeps her writing.

An artist who enjoys a story that catches you up, whirls you around and sets you down with a smile on your face is all she endeavours to be. She prefers to leave the drama to those who are better suited to it, she always goes for the cheap laugh.

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