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She gave him a pout. “You didn't have to stop.”

Blake took her hands and pulled her to her feet, jerking her
against his chest for a kiss that left her weak in the knees.

When he finally lifted his head, it was to give her a sexy
bad-boy grin. “Stop? Babe, I'm just getting started.”

Thank God!

Without another word, he put his hands on her waist and
picked her up, then set her down on the counter. Somewhere along the way, he’d
stepped out of his pants and shoes. How the hell had he done that so easily? If
she tried it, she would have ended up on her ass. His uniform shirt quickly
followed, leaving her with nothing to do but take in that perfect, manly hunk
of a body. It should be a crime for him to wear clothes.

She didn't have as long to contemplate Blake's nakedness as
she would have liked. As soon as he’d carefully moved her 9mm aside, he tipped
her onto her back with her feet high in the air. One of two things were about
to happen—both of which were in the
hot damn
category—Blake was either
going to go down on her, or he was going to fuck her silly. The height of the
counter would work perfect for either.

But if he was going straight to option two, he needed to
suit up. Fortunately, she kept a few in-case-of-emergency condoms in her purse.
She opened her mouth to tell him that, but the words stopped in her throat.

Blake’s face was perfectly framed by her inner thighs, his
tongue mere inches from her pussy. Option one appeared to be first on the menu.

The condoms could wait.

It was Blake's turn to capture her gaze as he placed his big
hands under her knees and spread her legs wide. He held her legs so tightly she
couldn't have moved if she wanted to. It almost felt as if she was bound.
Wasn’t that a mesmerizing thought?

He slowly dipped his head toward her pussy, only to stop when
his mouth was less than a half inch from heaven. He arched a brow at her.

“Say please.”

Making her beg for pleasure was a little payback for teasing
him before his blowjob. She supposed she deserved it.

“Please lick my pussy,” she whispered.

His smile was devastating. “With pleasure.”

She caught her lips between her teeth, watching as he carefully
ran his tongue all the way from the bottom of her pussy to the top of her clit.
She gasped.
Blake gave her a quick wink before dipping his
head to trace the same path again. Even though she knew what was coming, she
still jumped as he grazed her clit.

She moved her hands down to weave them in his hair—it was
what he’d done to her after all—but he stopped her with a look. That I'm-in-charge-of-this-pussy-hands-off
look. So she rested her hands on the counter and let him have his way.

When he bent his head this time, he plunged his tongue into
her pussy. She squealed in surprise. His tongue was longer than she'd
thought—and delightfully talented. She knew she wasn’t supposed to, but she
couldn’t keep from gyrating on that velvety smoothness a little, just to see
what it would feel like. Dear God, it was amazing.

Blake moved his mouth in counterpoint to her hips, thrusting
his tongue deep into her wetness. She adored the fact that he wasn't in any
hurry. He could have moved up to her clit and gone for the fast orgasm. God
knew she was more than ready for it and wouldn’t have complained for a second
if he had. But instead, he took his time and feasted on her pussy. He was
clearly the type of guy who enjoyed the journey as much as the destination.

She could only take so much teasing, though. By the time he
decided to have mercy on her and focus his attention on her clit, she was on
the verge of begging for him to make her come.

He slipped his hands under her ass and lifted her to his
mouth. After all the teasing he’d done, she expected Blake to toy with her clit,
but he surprised her by closing his mouth over that most sensitive part of her
anatomy and immediately twirling his tongue.

The word squeal did not begin to describe the sound she

She figured out damn quick why Blake had gotten such a firm
grip on her ass—she pretty much went nuts. She grabbed his hair, clamped her
thighs tight and held on for dear life, bucking like a bareback bronco as she
gave herself over to the sensations.

 There wasn't a whole hell of a lot of build up to her
orgasm—all the foreplay had seen to that. One moment she was writhing in
anticipation, the next she was screaming in pleasure. 

She came so hard it was damn near painful, and she bucked
against Blake as he drew her orgasm out longer and longer. When her clit was too
sensitive to take his touch for even a moment longer, he pulled his mouth away—and
slid two fingers in her pussy.

He repeatedly curled his fingers against her G-spot, as if
beckoning for her to keep coming.

Trista had been with a lot of men who knew how to make a
woman come, but none who knew how to draw out a climax for so long, and she was
helpless to do anything but obey his silent command. By the time Blake was done
coaxing every last itsy bitsy drop of pleasure out of her pussy, she was absolutely
rung out.

Thankfully, Blake was kind enough to hold onto her as he
stood up. If he hadn't, she probably would have slid off the counter into a big
puddle. When she was finally steady, he pulled her into a sitting position—with
him right between her legs. His cock was at the perfect height to slide right

“I have a condom in my purse,” she said softly.

For some reason, she always felt a little embarrassed coming
out and telling a man that right out of the blue. But there just wasn't a
simple way to slip that into the conversation. If a man felt less of her for
packing at all times, that was his problem.

But Blake didn't look anything but relieved. “Thank God. I
didn't know what we were going to do if you didn't. I think I'd explode if I
had to wait until I got you back to my place.”

His place?
She liked the sound of that.

Giving him a grin, Trista hopped off the counter and ran
over to her purse. It took a bit longer to find her emergency condom than she
would have liked, and she was this close to dumping everything on the floor
when her fingers finally closed over the foil packet. Holding it up like a
present, she slowly sauntered back over to where Blake was waiting. She started
to step over the pile of clothes on the floor, only to stop as a flash of
silver caught her attention. Unable to resist, she bent down and helped herself
to the pair of handcuffs from the leather pouch on his equipment belt.

She got to her feet, a condom in one hand and his cuffs
dangling from the fingers of the other. “Think you can figure out how to use

His mouth quirked. “I'm a trained law enforcement
professional. What do you think?”

She smiled. “I think I can’t wait to be your prisoner.”

Trista dropped the cuffs into his outstretched palm, then
put both hands out in front of her, wrists close together, pulse racing. Instead
of cuffing her, though, Blake plunked the manacles down on the counter and pulled
her into his arms for another kiss. She wasn’t going to complain. She could
never be kissed too much. It was extra special because his flavor was mixed
with her own arousal from all that pussy licking he’ done. She was so caught up
in the taste she barely noticed when he grasped her hips in his big hands and
lifted her onto the counter.

Grinning roguishly, he picked up the handcuffs and slowly
locked one of the silver circles around her right wrist. Then he put that arm
behind her back and held it there before moving the left around to join it. She
didn't resist, but was still surprised at how easy it was for him to cuff her
left wrist without being able to see it. He really was a professional at this.
When they were secure, he tightened each cuff a few more clicks. Her pussy
twitched at every snap of metal on metal. 

She'd been tied up by a guy before, but she was a handcuff
virgin. This was going to be wild.

Blake stepped back, regarding her with a hungry expression
as he slowly worked his hand up and down his already erect cock. Trista licked
her lips at the sight. She couldn’t believe she’d never seen a guy do that
before. Watching him jerk off for her was beyond hot.

He grabbed the foil packet from the counter and tore it open
with his teeth, then carefully rolled the condom onto his shaft. The latex
seemed to accentuate how big he was, and her breathing quickened in
anticipation as he spread her legs wide.

As she’d guessed, the counter put him at the perfect
position. The head of his shaft was already nudging the opening of her pussy
without any assistance at all.

Gaze locked with hers, Blake gently pushed himself inside.
Trista yearned to look down and watch his penis slide inside her, but he held
her captive with the intensity of his stare.

She gasped as his cock bottomed out in her. He was a perfect
fit, touching her in all the right places. Blake threaded both hands in her
hair and pulled her close for another scorching kiss. His tongue plunged in her
mouth at the same time his cock slid out. It was hard to focus on either
sensation, and impossible to ignore them as well, and she whimpered as he ravished
her mouth while he pumped her pussy. She strained against the cuffs, wanting to
envelop him in her arms, but it was useless. The handcuffs wouldn’t give. They
made her feel so controlled she almost screamed. All she could do was wrap her
legs around his waist and let him know how good he was making her feel by
making him feel just as good.

Blake dragged his mouth away with a groan. He slid his hands
under her ass and lifted her up so that the only part of her body still touching
the counter were her cuffed hands. Then he pounded into her like he meant it. Her
arms immediately protested at the workout they were getting. Her pussy, on the
other hand, was in complete heaven. She considered it a fair trade-off.

“Oh, God,” she breathed. “Don't stop!”

Despite how incredible it felt—and God, did it feel
incredible—her arms couldn't handle the position very long. Against her will,
she found herself thinking more about the strain on her triceps than the orgasm
slowly building deep inside her, and she started losing her groove. Luckily,
Blake seemed to have the ability to read her mind. Just when she thought her
arms might give out, he came to a stop with his hard-on buried deep inside her.

He dipped his head to catch her bottom lips between his
teeth and suck on it. “I think it's time for a position change, don’t you.”

She nodded in agreement, but that didn't keep her from
groaning in disappointment when he slid his cock out of her pussy.

Kissing her again, he lifted her off the table and set her
on her feet, then spun her around so that her back was to him. She wondered if
he’d uncuff her, but he only nudged her forward until she was bent over the
counter. It was high enough that she had to perch herself on her toes, but it
also put her pussy right in line with Blake’s throbbing cock. He didn't waste
any time burying it inside her.

While she was ready for him, she still gasped. Maybe because
this position made it feel as if he so much deeper. As if he was touching
places she'd never been touched.

Trista thought she might have trouble finding the string
attached to her orgasm and reeling it back in, but thanks to Blake’s slow,
measured thrusts, that wasn’t a problem. Once she had hold of it, she tried to
rock back against him, but he wouldn't let her. Instead, he held her hips tightly,
controlling her every movement. She wasn't the kind of girl who usually gave up
control like this, but she had been the one who suggested the cuffs. Besides,
she had to admit, if there was anyone she didn’t mind being in charge of her
sexual satisfaction, it was Blake. Which was why she played the good submissive
and let him have his way with her.

But even Blake couldn’t hold back. Once he had her fires
built up nice and hot, he fucked her harder, driving his cock in deeper with
every thrust. His hips smacked against her ass, almost like he was giving her a
spanking. Wasn’t that a delicious thought?

Trista bit her lower lip and moaned as the familiar tingling
that always came before an orgasm coursed through her body. She'd already come
hard twice, so this time her climax built up slower. When it came, it washed
over her like gentle waves like the waves on a beach. She moaned her pleasure,
forcing herself back on Blake's cock, eager to feel him come with her.

But he wouldn't do it. He rode her straight through her own
climax and then slowed so she could enjoy the after tremors. She lay there
catching her breath as he returned to his gentle, casual in-and-out pumping. Where
the hell had this guy been all her life? Moving back to Houston was turning out
to be the best decision she'd ever made. And Blake was going to be a permanent
part of her new life here, she’d see to that.

“You have a beautiful ass, Trista,” he murmured. “You do
know that, don't you?”

Never one to pass on a compliment, even one that came in the
middle of getting fucked, Trista shook her head with a laugh. “It not a part of
my body I get to see too often, so no, I didn't know that. But thanks for
telling me.”

He caressed her ass with one hand, squeezing her cheeks. Mmm,
that felt good. Especially when he trailed one finger down the cleft between
her cheeks to tickle her anus. She sucked in her breath. Was he going to slide
his finger in her bottom?

“Are you telling me that no one has ever told you how
devastating your ass is?”

First beautiful, then devastating? She could tell Blake was
going to be good for her ego.

“You'd be the first.”

“Then you must hang out with stupid guys, because I think
I'm in love with your ass.”

She laughed. “Feel free to love my ass all you want.”

BOOK: Hands-On Training
11.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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