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Blake gave her a sharp nip on the neck to put her back on
task. She lifted her head, took another breath and held it, then squeezed off a
shot at the head of the target.

Hmm, another hit. She’d better be careful, or Blake might
catch on to her game.

She didn't have to worry about that. He’d already turned his
attention back to her breasts. As he did that devastating neck-nibble thing
again, he popped the clasp on the front of her bra. Oh yeah, she loved a man
who could multi-task. She put a round in the dirt a foot in front of the target
just as Blake eagerly pushed the cups of her bra aside and captured her
breasts. His thumbs and forefingers immediately found her nipples and tweaked

Trista moaned. God, that felt so good.

She wanted to say the hell with target practice and strip
off her shirt and bra so he could latch his mouth on her aching breasts, but
she still had three bullets left. Blake wouldn't let her get away with not
shooting all of them.

She leaned back against Blake's chest so completely she
probably would have fallen on her ass if he'd moved suddenly. Not that she
figured he'd do that—he seemed to be having too much fun having his way with
her breasts. He alternated between massaging them and squeezing her nipples,
sometimes doing both at the same time. It was enough to drive her crazy.

Eager to empty the gun, Trista pointed it in the general
direction of the target and yanked the trigger. Jerking on it like that played
hell with her accuracy, but she didn't give a crap. She had two more rounds to
get down the barrel—then she was going to physically attack Blake. He’d better
have an extra uniform in his car because she was going to rip the one he was
wearing to shreds.

Then Blake pulled a move that kicked her excitement level up
a country mile. He took his left hand from her breast and slid it down her bare
tummy and into the waist of her jeans. He couldn't get that big hand of his as
far as she would have liked—she wore her jeans tight—but the tips of his
fingers still found their way into her panties and grazed  the top of her
pussy. She barely even noticed as the 9mm jumped in her hand, sending a bullet
in a direction that might have been in the same zip code as the target, but she
wasn’t sure. Good thing there was a backstop wall down there or her bullet
would still be going.

Blake let out a growl of frustration so loud she could hear
it through her earmuffs. Didn't like her tight jeans, huh? She smiled to herself
as he dropped his right hand down to join his left at her belt and ripped open
the buttons on her jeans.

The slider of her 9mm locked to the rear as she put her last
round through the center of the target. Despite being nearly insane with need,
she still possessed enough sense to carefully place the empty weapon back on
the counter. She immediately tried to turn around in Blake's embrace so she
could rip off his uniform, but her hot cop was having none of that. He grabbed
hold of the front of her jeans to keep her still, then slid his hand inside her
panties. She whimpered as his finger slid along the wet folds of her pussy. The
muted sound reminded her that she still had her earmuffs on—Blake had already
taken off his, though when he’d done it, she had no idea. She reached up to tear
off her muffs and toss them on the floor.

Blake used his free hand to push her jeans over her hips. She
would have helped, but his finger moving in and out of her wetness made that
impossible. She had to cling to the counter with both hands to keep from
falling to her knees.

But Blake was just as talented undressing her as he was with
a handgun. He had her jeans down faster than she would have thought possible
and was already starting in on her panties. When they were down around her
ankles, he bent her over so she was leaning across the counter. Her breath
hitched as his finger dipped in her pussy. Crap, she was wet. The palm of his
hand pressed firmly against her clit even as the other cupped her bare ass. She
pushed back against him with a moan, urging him to keep doing what he was

He complied, massaging her ass cheeks with one hand while he
fingered her pussy with the other. God, his touch was magic. She was already on
her way to an orgasm and they hadn't even kissed yet.

But Blake had other ideas. He slid his hand across her ass,
around her hip and up her stomach, lingering briefly on her breast before
moving up to her shoulder so he could pull her back against his chest.

“You’ve been driving me crazy all day,” he rasped in her

She purred as he palmed her breast again. Oh yeah, Blake was
a breast man, through and through. “I have? You didn’t let on.”

He rolled her nipple between his fingers with a pressure
that bordered on rough. How had he known she liked it that way? “And it damn
near killed me.”

She rotated her hips, generating even more friction between
the palm of his hand and her clit. She was this close to climax.

Blake pressed his lips to her neck. “I’m going to make you
come like this.”

Trista made a mewing sound, unable to speak.

“Do it,” he ordered. “Come for me.”

The warmth of his breath combined with the caress of his Texas
twang carried the soft command straight to her core. Oh damn, his voice did it
for her.

Her orgasm started as a gentle wave, focused entirely around
her clit at first, then flowing out to envelop her pussy, before finally
spreading to her tummy and upper thighs.

Blake lifted her right breast high, squeezing her nipple
deliciously hard. It was like an electrical connection had been suddenly
completed, and her climax expanded outward like a nova, washing over her. She
yowled like a cougar in heat, stars exploding in her vision, her body thrashing
violently under his touch. If Blake hadn't been holding her, she would have
toppled to the floor of the shooting range.

But he held her steady, working her orgasm like a living
thing, stretching it out and nudging it higher until couldn’t take any more. Somehow,
he knew exactly when it was about to be too much, and pulled his finger out
before it got there. Spinning her around, he buried one hand in her hair and
covered her mouth with his in a soul-searing kiss.

Trista clutched his shoulders, holding on for dear life as
his tongue tangled with hers. Was there a better way to come down from a
seriously intense orgasm like the one she’d just had than wrapped in a big
cop's arms as he kissed her senseless?

After he had her completely and totally dizzy, he broke the
kiss and pulled back to look at her. “I think we somehow lost focus on the
actual purpose of this target shooting lesson.”

“You don't see me complaining, do you?”

Smiling up at him playfully, she slipped out of her top and
bra, then started undoing the buttons on his uniform shirt. The material was
starched so heavily she had a hard time working them open.

His mouth quirked. “No. But then again, I'm not sure you
were paying much attention to anything. You were kind of distracted.”

She undid another button. “Maybe a little. But I love having
my breasts squeezed like you were doing. Not to mention having my pussy

He ran his strong hands down her back to rest on her ass.
The mere touch made her body start vibrating again. “Well, now that I’m no
longer doing either of those things, are you ready to focus on shooting again?”

Trista blinked up at him, her fingers stilling on the button
in her hand. Blake couldn't seriously want to go back to shooting?

Not if that big bulge in his uniform pants pressing
insistently against her belly had something to say about it. No way in hell was
Blake thinking about anything other than fucking her senseless.

You wouldn't know it by the look on his face, though. He was
either a damn good actor, or playing hard to get. Well, she knew how to play
that game. And she knew exactly how to win.

Chapter Three


Trista abandoned the stubborn buttons of his shirt and slid
her hands down the hard wall of his chest past his heavy gear belt until they
rested firmly on his trouser-covered cock. Gazing up at him with what she hoped
was a neutral expression, she slowly massaged him through the thick fabric. It
wouldn't feel anywhere near as good as it would if he were naked—a fact he’d
learn soon enough—but it was a start.

Blake lifted a brow, as if waiting for her to say something.
But she remained silent, appraising him instead, looking for a sign she was
breaking through that cool, manly cop exterior.

His hands tightened around on her ass and she felt his cock
pulse just a little in his pants. As signs went, it wasn't a signal flare, but
it was enough for her. She grabbed the buckle of his big belt and yanked it

Blake made a noise that sounded distinctly like a groan. Oh
yeah, he wanted it.

It was tough get the thick leather belt to work with her, so
it took way too long to get the damn thing undone. It didn't help that Blake
just stood there and watched her go at it. But persistence paid off and a
moment later, she finally unzipped his pants, revealing the outline of a truly
impressive cock in tight briefs. Trista would have preferred to shove his pants
completely down to his knees and get that erection fully out in the open, but
it wasn't time for that yet.

Instead, she slid one hand in the waistband of his underwear
and wrapped it around his shaft. She massaged him slowly, looking him in the
eyes the whole time. All while trying not to let him see how thrilled she was
with the bulk of the weapon she held. She’d thought he’d be well-endowed, but

Precum wet the front of his briefs at the tip of his penis,
and she used it to lubricate her fingers as she made tiny circles on the head
of his shaft. Blake’s breathing came a little faster.

She pressed a kiss to the underside of his jaw right where
it met his ear. “Maybe we could put the shooting lesson on hold for a little
while, and focus on something else I'm sure we'd both like even more? What do
you think?”

“Mmm. I don't know. I really like target shooting.”

“More than this?” She squeezed his cock firmly.

His breath hitched. “Maybe.”

Time to call his bluff maybe. She slowly took her hand away.
“Okay. I guess we can pop a few more caps then.”

She didn’t make it halfway around before his hand captured
hers. “Or maybe not.”

His voice was husky and deep, and full of hunger. She smiled
and went back to rubbing his shaft. “You like?”


“Well, if you think that feels good, just wait.”

She hooked her fingers in the waistband of his pants and shoved
them down. Then she gave him a slow, sexy smile and dropped to her knees in front
of him.

Gaze holding his, she grabbed the waistband of his underwear
and slowly pulled them over his erection and down his muscular thighs. Though
Blake had seriously mesmerizing eyes, it was damn difficult to not look down at
his cock. Somehow, she managed, though. He sucked in a sharp breath as her
fingers grazed his full balls. Cupping them in one hand, she wrapped the other
around the base of his shaft.

“Would you like me to suck your cock?” she asked softly.

Blake's eyes blazed with fire as he reached out to weaved
his fingers in her hair. “I think you already know the answer to that

Trista dropped her gaze to his erection. It was her turn to
hitch a breath. Good heavens, Blake had to have the most perfect cock she'd
ever seen. Unable to resist, she wrapped both hands around him. Not only was
his shaft so long she couldn’t capture all of him, but he was so thick that her
fingers couldn't quite fit around him, either. And the head of his cock had the
most amazing pearl of precum at the tip. He was so beautiful she could have
gazed at him all night. She probably would have if he didn’t tighten his grip
in her hair and urge her forward. She didn’t mind his show of dominance. She
might have liked taking the reins for a little while so she could tease him,
but she preferred when a man ran the show.

She opened her mouth obediently and took the head of his
cock in her mouth. Blake urged her to take more, guiding her forward until the
tip of his penis touched the back of her throat. The groan of satisfaction he
let out almost made her smile.

Intent on showing him exactly how appreciative she was of
the pleasure he’d given her earlier, she swallowed, letting the head of his
cock slide down her throat a scooch. Not enough to qualify as a deep throat,
but enough to let him know what he had coming. Then she pulled back, flicking
her tongue all along the bottom of his shaft as she went.

She alternated between licking the head like an ice cream
cone and sucking on it like a lollipop. Blake must have liked what she was
doing. Every time she sucked on him, his thigh muscles tensed and he let out a
little sound of approval.

As much as he might be enjoying it, she couldn't focus on
the head of his cock for too long. She knew from experience that if she did,
he’d pop his cork way too soon. She didn't want him doing that—she had other
plans for that magnificent hard-on of his.

So, she went back to taking him deep, adding a little hand
action at the same time. Blake began pumping his hips in synch with her
movements, forcing his cock a little deeper with each move. She tried to back
off a little, afraid he might come, but his hand in her hair prevented it. He
held her firmly, thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth.

Trista finally gave in and tightened her lips around him, letting
him fuck her mouth. Each thrust sent him deeper and deeper down her throat
until she thought she couldn’t possibly take any more of him.

Then, just as she felt him peak, he jerked his cock out of
her mouth with an audible pop. The sudden move left her gasping—and
disappointed. She’d been looking forward to him filling her mouth with his

BOOK: Hands-On Training
2.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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