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Kasadya Hellhound Born
Karen Swart






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It’s been almost a year since the first Kasadya was published. Looking back, the greater part of my journey was amazing, fun, exhilarating and just fabulous. I have learned so much in these past months that I really cherish a book when I read one now, they have been made from a lot of sacrifices and courage. But there were days when I doubted myself, wanted to curl into a ball and just lost all confidence to continue on. This happens to all authors I was informed. One author advised that I should go to my goodreads, facebook and amazon pages. On these pages I would find my reason to get up, put on my girl panties and get the hell back to work. I found so many reasons to fight for and I wanted to say a thank you to all that left a review or a message on these pages. It was because of you, that I had a few teary days, walked around with a silly grin and found my courage and confidence. This, in my opinion, is a far greater reward than a spot on the NYT best selling list. I am honor and humbled to have such great friends.


Merisha Abbott, Lori Parker, Ti Colluney, Jessica Baker-Bridgers , Carrie Fort, Heather Pfingsten, Jocelyn Sanchez, Claire Taylor, Autumn Wrought, Heather Andrews, Romina Sellars, Julia Hendrix, Alyssa Williams, Nikko Abbie, Laura Martinez, Shirley Kuechler, Nate Heinicke, Suene Bester, Ruthi Kight, Derinda Love, S Cu’Anam Policar, Jane Ann Lindsell, Lisa Millan, Ngaire Elder and her daughter and everyone else.


There can be no greater gift, than what you all gave me. Thank you!

Ps: Lori, you will not find one in Born.


A special thanks to my editor MaryAnn Inabinet and my cover designer Melody Simmons. Shir Fernandez and her team of Spanish translators who have translated Kasadya to Spanish. Janine Fourie, my sidekick, confidant and Beta Reader. Hettie Oberholzer and my mom Susan Fourie who also Beta read for me.


And last, my fans, without all of you, Kasadya would still be stuck in a computer, and tomorrow’s would have been hell to endure.

Thank you all a billion times over.







- Guardian Fallen

- Apprentice Fallen

- Love

- Master

- Greetings or Hello

- Farewell

-  Fallen Intelligence and communications centre – a moving sphere

- Banished realm

– Bond between mates





Chapter 1


It's funny how fate prepares you for the future. Looking back at my journey the signs where everywhere, I was just too ignorant to see it. Every step I took was to prepare me for my final journey. I was stupid to think that there would ever be a thousand years for me.  There was never going to be a happily ever after for me. I am a Fallen; I am a Hellhound. Our futures don’t include a happy ever after. But I can look back knowing that I lived. I found friends and family. And I have found love. I have no regrets for my past. I have so many priceless memories to embrace at that final moment that it will soften the blow. I know my friends will continue the fight, and they will ensure victory. Just look at what we have accomplished in the last month or so. We have evolved and adapted to keep on fighting.


But my destiny could never be denied. I was born for this, prepared for this. And now I am ready for this. For my friends, family and my love; I will not fail my final moment in this world. For them, I give my heart, my life.


“Kas, I know you are scared, but you need to trust us. We shall not lead you to your destruction,” Raphael tried to encourage me.

I believed every word he said, but the truthfully is I was still scared. It’s pretty clear that I was a disaster, and now I was going to destroy someone else with me.

 “I know,” I replied in a whisper.

Can my heart beat any faster?

Over and over it slammed against my ribcage, the pounding ringing in my ears. I was trying to avoid a panic attack. But, if I keep this up, I won’t be able to do anything.


“Come, we need to get this over with so we can attend to the problem arising in the underworld,” Chax pitched in, walking to the door.

Always down to business with him.

 “Who.... who is my charm?” I struggled to ask, as I cleared my throat to speak.

He stopped at the door, his back still towards me. I watched him take a deep breath, trying to stay calm perhaps?

“You will find out in a moment.” He answered as he opened the door and walked out.

In front of him I could see it was morning in Exsilium and the words “it’s a new day for a new start” ranged in my ears.

A new start to what? Another damn disaster if you ask me.


I turned my eyes to the others, silently asking, no, pleading, for them to save me from this.

“Kasadya, the time has come for you to accept and embrace your destiny. Your fear is plausible, but I ensure you that what is about to take place will change your life for the best. You just need to trust us,” Michael said, walking over to me and offering his hand.

I looked at Maia and Vulcan, who nodded their agreement.


If everyone is so sure, why on earth do I feel like the next few moments in my stupid life would make everything even worse?

With a shaky hand I accepted Michael’s and lifted myself up. The archangels exited first, followed by the Dominus Custose, Maia and I were left watching them walk towards Chax.

“Kas, let them save your life so you can save others,” Maia said from behind me.

I turned to look at her, her words burning into my very core.

Yes, she was right. If not for myself, I will do this for others, for those who need to be protected, and for those I love. I nodded and turned around, reaching for my hellhound inside of me.


She greeted me immediately, clearly excited about the whole thing.

Damn, my hellhound has gone insane! Just what I need

New strength flowed through my body, giving it the energy and resources necessary for my next battle. I walked out the door and felt the morning sun enveloped me, as if it wanted to comfort me in some way. Closing my eyes, I held on to that and breathed deeply to gather more courage and strength to do what needed to be done. Everyone spread out into a huge circle, watching me intently, as I made my way to the center where Chax was waiting for me. His eyes were intense, watching my every step. My nerves were on a short lease, stretched to the breaking point. I looked beyond him.

Should I run? No. I made this mess; it's up to me to fix it

Those green eyes, always there to haunt me. Funny, they scared the crap out of me today. I knew Chax's presence in this was non-negotiable, but still I would have preferred another pair of eyes watching me. Someone else to wait for me to mess up, to lose control and become unreachable. I have seen those green eyes without mercy, as he sliced the head off another hellhound. There will be no mercy for me either. I can only hope that my charm can reach me. I hoped to live another day.


About three paces from him I stopped and braced myself for it.

You have never run from a battle, you’re not going to start now. No, I am strong enough for this

“You will have to lose control in order to become
.” Chax stated, his eyes so serious my nerves started to spike.

I nodded, understanding that our emotions are the trigger to become hellhound
. He stepped back into the circle and I couldn’t help but look around at all of them. Familiar faces were watching me, but not a new one.

Where is this charm?

I looked beyond them, still nothing.

Hell, is he late or something?

Well there went his first impressions; he couldn’t even be on time for my turning. Now, there was a way to impress a girl. Clearly we were off to a very bad start.

“Where is-” I wanted to ask, but Chax cut me off.


“Because of you, your friend died yesterday.” He casually reminded me.

I was about to tell him it was impossible to forget when Raphael pitched in.

“Because of you, thousands are about to die.”

A tear slipped from my left eye.

Now that’s a low blow

“Because of you, every child in this world is in danger.” Michael continued.

A few more tears slipped down my cheek, a small sob escaping.

They are really going for the kill aren’t they?

“You have failed us Kasadya.” Vulcan said, a shot went through my heart causing my body to shake.

“I'-” I tried to explain, but was cut off by Ariel.

 “You have not only disgraced yourself and your team, but also your mate,” her eyes bored into mine and then slowly traveled off to her left.


My eyes followed hers and my breath caught in my throat. Green emerald eyes were watching me, waiting for me. Those eyes that showed no mercy to kill. Eyes that invoked fear in me.
Hell, my day just got even worse. Not Chax! Why? How? Impossible!

“You?” I asked him, a thousand questions running in my mind.

How could I not have seen this coming?

I mean sure why not Chax, we hated each other. And yet my subconscious cried liar. OK, I may not hate him, but I sure as hell didn’t think of him in any lovable way.
My subconscious cried again. Oh, this was not good, this really was not good. He stood there, not answering my question. And then a very valid question came to mind.

 “For how long have you known?” I asked, my tears having stopped the moment my eyes landed on him, but my anger was there to take the place of my sorrow.

Intense green eyes never left mine.

“From the moment I looked into your eyes.” He replied, while every damn training session slammed into my brain.

If he knew, why would he have treated me that way?


“And still you hurt me over and over again?” I asked with a voice I had never heard before. It was a mixture of anger and hurt, yet edged with something else.

“How would you have survived if not for what I did? I am your Custos, and it was my responsibility to ensure that you were prepared for battle.” He replied, his eyes reflected no remorse or anything.

He thinks it’s still alright, that I would understand. How dare he!

“You knew all this time! So why the hell did you tuck tail and run away when I kissed you?!” I yelled at him, anger taking over, fueling my strength.

I didn’t give a damn about the others around us.

I mean, come on; he is supposed to be the macho guy around here. Where the hell did his bravery go when I kissed him?

I saw the impact my words had on him; he regretted that at least. And then, like a switch, they went back to business.

“Apparently you liked to mess around with demons, so why would I stay?” He casually said.

BOOK: Hellhound Born (Kasadya #3)
2.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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