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“Leave now or I’m going to call the

Victoria threw her head back and
laughed. “You really think cops can hurt me? I’m a witch. I can turn them into
anything I want. I gave you your power, and I can take it away just as easily
as I gave it to you.”

Kelsey scowled. “Go away. See if I
care. I never asked for it anyway.”

The front door opened with a loud
squeak. Brandon stomped his way in, glaring at Victoria, then at Kelsey.

“What are you doing here?” His eyes
narrowed as he faced Victoria.

Victoria groaned, holding her stomach.
“Your girlfriend tried to beat me up. I’m worried she’ll hurt you.”

“Bullshit.” Brandon coughed.

A smile formed on Kelsey’s lips. She
received small satisfaction to know Brandon didn’t believe a word that witch
said. Who in their right mind would? The woman was crazy with a capital C.

The bitch better not
hurt Kelsey.

“Get out of here before you get hurt!”
Kelsey’s nostrils flared.

“You’ll be sorry. Both of you,”
Victoria snapped, marching toward the front door as her hips swayed.

Once the witch left, Kelsey turned to
Brandon. “What the hell do you think she’s going to do?”

He looked away, but not before she
caught a glimpse of his pale complexion. “I have no clue.”

She pulled him close. His hands were clammy
as she held them. “Whatever happens, we’ll get through it together.”

Chapter Eleven


Brandon released Kelsey. She was
almost too sweet for him. He didn’t deserve a girlfriend like her. For some
reason, she wanted him anyway, fur and all. Not many women could accept a
secret like he had. It couldn’t be easy dating someone who howled at the full
moon and had to kill other malicious werewolves. Shit, he could be thought of
as evil too, just for killing the bad ones. This wasn’t his fault. He didn’t
ask for it. Who would?

Her face softened. “You want to talk
about it?”

“There’s nothing to talk about.” He
shoved his hands into his pockets.

“Victoria scares you.”

Her voice lingered like silk and sent
a ripple of shivers down his spine. Victoria had never made him feel that way.
Kelsey was the only woman to have such a big effect on him in such a short

“No, she doesn’t.” He shrugged.

“Yes, she does.” She rolled her eyes.
“Why didn’t you want me to help you?”

He sent her a heated look. Why
couldn’t she drop it? He didn’t want to talk about it anymore. “If you’re not
going to let it go, then I’ll just go home.”

“Is that your solution for
everything?” She put her hands on her hips.

Damn, even pissed off
she looks sexy.

Her eyes darkened, and her lips
puckered. “I’m trying to have a serious conversation here, and all you can
think about is sex? Why does that surprise me?”

“Okay,” He reached for her hand, but
she pulled away. “We can talk if you want. I’m sorry.”

“Fuck talking right now.” She gazed
into his eyes. “I want you inside me.”

He grinned, not minding her sudden
mood change. “You don’t have to ask me twice.”

They raced into her bedroom. She
closed the door and then pressed him up against it.

“What are you—”

“We don’t have to talk,” she murmured.

So much for her two-week rule. At
least it wasn’t a six-month one like Beth’s. He probably wouldn’t be able to
hold off for that long. Not with the way Kelsey looked at him. She stared at
him as if she wanted to lick every inch of his body, which he didn’t mind one

Her warm, wet mouth pressed against
his in a hard and demanding kiss. He slid his tongue inside and danced it with
hers. The touch lingered and sent him into an ecstasy of sexual bliss. He
couldn’t wait to taste every inch of her. So soft and sweet. He continued to
explore her soft flesh and found the spot that made her moan for more. A place located
just below her earlobe.

“Brandon.” She moaned, reaching for
his shirt.

He helped her take it off and then tossed
it into the corner. She pulled away, staring at him with a spark of need and
desire. She found his neck with her lips and sucked on a little patch of skin.

He groaned. His erection throbbed
against his jeans, begging to be touched.
Oh, damn
. He wanted her so
much. His heart raced harder, faster, as she made her way to his collarbone,
then trailed her tongue to his hard nipple. She licked it first before sucking
the tip into her mouth.

A low growl escaped him and made him
clutch her arms. Damn, he had no idea how sensitive his nipples could be. No
other woman had ever attempted anything like that with him. Kelsey was so
daring and edgy. He inhaled, and his breath came out in heavy pants. She
nibbled his nipple again.


He held his breath as she continued
taking him to pleasure town. She moved her mouth onto his other nipple.

“Oh, baby,” he growled. His breath was
still heavy with lust.

She looked at him and grinned. “There’s
more where that came from.”

His head fell against the bedroom
door, and his body soared through a new set of senses he’d never experienced

In and out she teased and licked his
nipple, twirling her tongue all around it. He ached to return the favor. She
deserved everything he could give her and more. He wasn’t sure if this would
last as long as his heart really wanted it to. Could werewolves even find true
love? Maybe, but he still wouldn’t let her become one. He didn’t want her to
have the burden he found himself cursed with for the last twelve years.

As she caressed the flatness of his
smooth abs, his heart jumped. She kissed each inch of his chest as she dropped
to her knees. He inhaled. Oh, shit. What was she up to? His shaft pushed
against the fly of his pants the closer she got to it.

Once she moved down to kiss his belly,
he nearly lost it. He wanted to go all he-man on her and throw her up against
the door until he was so deep inside her, consuming her heart and soul. Was he
already falling for her this fast? The thought knocked at his brain. What if
she got hurt after all this? He couldn’t live with himself if she did.

Everything bad and good he pushed from
his mind as she nibbled and sucked around his belly button. Oh, jeez. So close,
but so…

He hissed as she yanked his zipper
down and then worked the button free on his pants. Once they were all the way
down, she ran her hands up and down his legs. Her touch lingered, and his body
craved more. He shivered in his green boxers. Maybe he should have gone
commando. That would be going a helluva lot faster. Didn’t women always say
they liked to take their time when it came to sex? Fine, mighty fine. Maybe the
thrill of the wait could be just as good as a quickie.

The moment she yanked his underwear
down, the heat deepened in his belly and the humidity in the room. With his
boxers all the way off, she slowly kissed her way up to his belly. She started
with his ankle. Each touch made him squirm with increased desire. His pulse
jittered as her mouth landed between his thighs.

Her warm, wet mouth made him mumble
her name as he stroked the back of her head. He was putty in her hands. The way
she licked him and moved his shaft in and out of her lips was magic. Her touch
made him so hot he didn’t know if he could hold back any longer.

His breath quickened as she picked up
her speed. He moaned her name. Her salvia tingled against his skin, and holding
out longer wasn’t part of his plans. He wanted to reach that final moment, and
knew she could get him there that way. It made him want to give in to her
desires as well. He might have a chance to wait longer, but his body reacted
differently. As if it were speaking to him, it said, “Let me come.”

“I’m going to…”

He thought she wouldn’t like it if he
came in her mouth, but instead, she kept licking and sucking until he yelled
her name as his orgasm hit. He rode out spasm after spasm until he ached from
the pleasure. Then he nudged her away. Kelsey sat on the carpet and stared up at

“Something on your mind?”

“You.” She licked her lips. “Always.
Ever since I met you.”

He took Kelsey’s hand and lifted her
to her feet. He cupped her face, pulling her close for a long kiss. She kissed
him with such fiery passion he wasn’t sure they could stop. His heart pounded
louder as she slid her hands up and down his back. She didn’t shy away from
placing them firmly on his ass. Fire spread through his stomach. He had to have
her again, and make her feel as good as she’d done to him a few seconds ago.
Brandon pulled away. He gazed at her with a big grin.

“Oh, baby,” he said with a growl.

I’m not sure I can
let her go. What if we really belong together?

She smiled. “I’ve been feeling the
same way.”

“It’s my turn to have you.” He led
Kelsey to her bed.

She sat on the edge, and he slipped
her out of her top. It fell to the floor. As he unhooked her bra, his fingers
ran against her hardened nipples, making a quiver surge through him. They
firmed as soon as he touched them.

He gently tugged at the sensitive buds
until she cried out, reaching for him. He bent down and swiped his tongue
across each one as he sucked it into his mouth.

“Oh, Brandon,” she moaned, clawing his

He placed his mouth onto her other
breast. He took his time and enjoyed every little pant she made. With gentle
ease, he laid her down onto the bed, then ripped off her pants. He used his
teeth to take off the red feather G-string thong. She gasped and shook with
each touch.

Her skin felt smoother than silk. It
sent him into an electrifying arousal. It wasn’t enough to have her once. Oh
no. He had to have her again. His body carved her scent. The aroma of sex and
musk hung heavy in the air. He wanted to kiss her, there, right between her
thighs, all wet and slick. His mouth watered as he pushed her legs apart.

Kelsey’s breath became more rapid. She
squeezed the corners of a blanket as he slipped a finger into her heat.

“Oh, shit. That’s it, baby. Right
there. Don’t stop!” She rocked her hips with the rhythm to his finger. When he
flicked his tongue against her center, she squirmed, moaning in heavy pants.

He glided his tongue up and down, his
mouth wet with her juices. The salty and sweet taste made him lust with hunger
for her even more. Her body clenched around his finger as he continued to
stroke her sweet spot and licked her to ecstasy as she’d done for him moments

“Brandon…” She held on to his
shoulders as she gasped.

His name on her lips sounded like
heaven, and he would never get sick of her saying it. He glided his finger in
and out of her juices, swirling it around as he darted his tongue against her

He didn’t stop until she yelled, “I’m
coming,” and shook against him. Her toes curled up against his shoulders.

As he lifted his head to meet her gaze,
she smiled and sat up.

“Better every time, huh?” he asked
with a toothy grin.

“Don’t be getting full of yourself
now.” Her voice lingered with a firm warning tone.

“Now,” he rose to his feet, “why would
I do that?”

She laughed and stood next to him. “Want
to join me in the shower?”

“You’ve read my mind.”

“Yeah, literally too.” She winked as
her hips swayed in such a sexy way he had to silently tell his erection to calm


* * * *


As soon as the police department’s
phone number popped up on Kelsey’s cell, her heart slammed into her ribs. A bad
feeling crept into her chest and suffocated her.


“Hello, may I please speak to Kelsey
Mayfield?” a familiar male voice asked.

Was it the cop from earlier today? She
paced back and forth, the white walls of her bedroom spun.

She cleared her throat. “This is she.”

“This is Officer Tieman. I know we
talked in person earlier today, but I’m calling for a different reason.”

This was it. Bad news. Why did cops
have to let bad news linger? Whatever happened to getting to the point, no
matter how terrible the situation ended up being? She sucked in a sharp breath,
waiting for worse news to hit her.

“Which is?”

“Your mother is in the hospital. She
was attacked by someone or possibly a…”

Kelsey bit her bottom lip so hard
blood dripped into her mouth. The coppery taste made her gag. Her heart nearly
stopped beating. How could this be? Why would someone or something go after her
mother? Her mother, Linda, was all Kelsey had left.

She continued to pace her bedroom in a
circle. The dizziness didn’t keep her head from spinning. “Or an animal,

“Yes. She was found behind your
bookshop a half an hour ago. The same way we found Ms. Wein’s body.”

“When can I see her?”

“In the morning. She has to have
surgery right now.” Officer Tieman spoke in a hard and firm voice as if he
meant business.

“Fine.” She pinched the bridge of her
nose. “Thanks for telling me.”

“Have a goodnight, Ms. Mayfield.”

Yeah, right.
As if
she’d be able to sleep tonight after a call like that. Kelsey hung up. She was
tempted to slam her cell to the floor, but what good would it do? What if her
mother didn’t wake up?

Tears rolled down her cheeks. She
sniffed. If she lost her mom this way, she’d never forgive herself. Sure Linda,
her mom, was a pain in the ass, but she was all Kelsey had now. After her dad had
walked out on them, it’d been her and Linda since she was four years old. Her
mother had never wanted to have kids, and Kelsey was an only child.

In the end, her mother had made the
choice to keep Kelsey. Linda always told her how Kelsey’s so-called father,
Harry, told her to have an abortion. No wonder he’d left. He’d never wanted a
child in the first place.

She shook her head. It didn’t matter.
The idiot was a fart in the wind now. No matter her differences with her mom,
she’d always loved her, and had been there for Kelsey when she needed her. She
needed her mom to be okay. Without her, Kelsey wouldn’t be.

BOOK: He's on My Mind
11.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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