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Suppose they were right and it had been an accident. Sarah, the driver, had been rear ended, causing the Gallagher's car to plunge over the side. The other driver had not stopped. Maybe Sarah would regain her memory of the accident and confirm that it had been nothing more than a horrible, tragic mistake.

But something did not feel right—she had the feeling she got sometimes when a dog's symptoms told one story but her gut supplied another. Odd that the driver had not stopped to call for help.

Before his death, her normally cheerful father had been preoccupied, working late hours, investigating some case that he had not wanted to discuss.

Or, she thought with a pang of guilt, had they all been too busy to listen? She had her own career, her sister Sarah had a busy life as a surgical nurse, and Candace was grieving over the loss of her marine husband with a child to raise. Most worrying of all was Navy Chaplain Angela, struggling to recover from a devastating tour in Afghanistan.

They'd all been happy that Bruce Gallagher had started up his private investigation service. It gave him purpose, and he'd enjoyed solving cases only for people with military connections. It filled that part of his soul that had never stopped being a marine.
Semper Fidelis
was not just a motto to her father. He had been faithful to his family and the corps until the last moment of his life. He'd always done the right thing, the difficult thing, even when she'd openly despised him for it.

She opened the file again. She'd removed the folders from the cabinet methodically and this was the only one from the drawer labeled Current that she had not gone through thoroughly. Pauline Mitchell's file. Inside, there was only a list of names.


The others were crammed full of statements, detailed bank information and even photographs, but this one had nothing except a list of names.

3. Darius Fields

2. Jeff Kinsey

1. Brent Mitchell

The shadow caught her eye. Her head jerked toward the door. Again, nothing. Only the pounding of her heart, the rasping of her own breath. Then she thought she caught the sound of someone moving along the front walkway. Clutching the file in her hand, she shot to her feet. She'd lock the door to put her mind at ease.

As she pushed the chair out, a man's hand reached from under the table and wrapped around her ankle, the fingers slick with sweat.

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BOOK: High-Caliber Holiday
6.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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