Hill, Meagan - Master Me [Masterson] (Siren Publishing Classic)

BOOK: Hill, Meagan - Master Me [Masterson] (Siren Publishing Classic)
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Master Me

Five years after being kidnapped, Miranda faces an impossible decision: become evil by kidnapping an innocent girl for a sacrificial rite, or allow her captors to murder her. Then she meets Mitch, who offers her a way out. Miranda and Mitch must work together to release Miranda from evil’s clutches, while testing the Fates to discover if they are mated for life or if Mitch must choose between loving Miranda and becoming head of his coven.

Becoming as intimate as two people can, both mentally and physically, they must learn to trust each other and those around them as they face death while attempting to rescue the young girls Miranda left behind.

Fantasy, Paranormal
63,390 words



Meagan Hill


Siren Publishing, Inc.


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IMPRINT: Erotic Romance


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This is dedicated to my best friend, partner, and husband, Jeff. You believed that not only could I write, but I could get it published, too. Thank you for believing in me.

And for Jordan, who dealt with Mommy working on her computer when you’d rather be playing cars with her. I love you!




Copyright © 2010


Fourteen-year-old Mandy’s head swam as she clenched her eyes together and regained consciousness. Her head hurt, her body ached, and her stomach churned. Apparently, she was coming down with the flu. What she didn’t understand was why it felt like she couldn’t move. She had heard that a bad case of the flu could cause you to feel like a truck had run over you, but this was taking it a bit far. Finally, she was able to pry her eyes open. It took several minutes for her to focus on her surroundings, but when she finally managed to, she was filled with terror.

This wasn’t her bedroom, or any other room in her house for that matter. Above her was an ornately designed ceiling with a mural of naked people in positions she had no idea people could actually get into. A glance around the room confirmed her first impression. The walls were covered in lush burgundy velvet hangings, with not a single ray of sun peeking around the edges. The only light in the room came from several lit candles placed throughout the room and a bedside lamp.

Gathering her courage, Mandy finally took stock of her own body. She’d realized almost immediately she was tied to the bed. Her wrists and ankles were tied to each post of the four-poster bed with velvet-lined shackles. She was completely naked, and nothing covered her body from anyone who might come through the closed door. Relief flowed through her when she realized she had not been molested. But the relief was short lived when she forced herself to realize that while she hadn’t been molested yet, her current position hinted that it was coming. She was only fourteen. She knew what sex was, what went where, but she didn’t understand why anyone would be interested in her. Her breasts had only just begun to develop, and she still looked much like her guy friends. She didn’t even need a bra yet, for gosh sakes! She could only assume that that was what whoever took her was after. Would they let her go when they were done? Would she have a chance for escape? Would they kill her?

Her breath stopped in her chest when the door silently swung open and a figure stepped through it. The man was wearing a black robe, much like the robes those judges on television wore. He had dark hair combed to the side in a style much like George Clooney’s. His nose was somewhat large and hawkish. His eyes were jet black with a ring of red just around the pupil. But the worst part of all was his smile. He grinned widely, showing most of his teeth. It was clearly a predator’s smile, happy with the success of the hunt. Chills ran up and down Mandy’s body as he looked her over before reaching out with one hand to stroke her foot. Mandy couldn’t help the instinctive reaction to jerk away, even though she feared it would anger her captor, thus making things worse for her.

Her movement amused the man, who chuckled darkly. He walked to the foot of the bed, centering himself between her feet, taking a long look at her body. Again, he smiled at her ferally. “I love seeing the fear in the new children brought to me, to see them shaking before me, knowing I hold their very lives in my hands. Your old life is over, Mandy. From this moment on, you belong to me. I am and will be your master for the rest of your life. The sooner you accept that, the easier it will be for you. But know this. You will never get away from me. I will even be a part of your soul. There is no place you can hide, and you cannot escape. You are mine forever.”

By then, Mandy’s sobs had made it difficult for her to hear what she was being told. She knew whatever was coming was going to be bad, really bad. Her fears were confirmed when he shrugged out of his robe, revealing his naked form beneath. From that point forward, she kept her head turned to the side, fighting to push her mind away from her body. She created a mantra in her mind, focusing on the words as if her very life depended upon it, and possibly it did. She repeated the words in her head, going round and round, until they were all she focused on. “I will live. I will not be broken. I will escape.”

Chapter 1

Five years later, Mandy woke up suddenly, bathed in sweat from her memory-laden nightmare. She didn’t often think of her first rape anymore. It had happened too many times since, and remembering her innocence and the way it was stolen from her was painful. Unfortunately, she knew exactly why her subconscious was dragging it up again. She’d been sent on a hunting mission to find a young female latent, exactly what she had been when she was taken.

There were different classes of Gifted Ones. The people who were marked with the sign but who were not trained were called latents. These people had no idea they had any additional abilities beyond that of a normal human being. Latents were born with a sign, generally known as an ankh, somewhere on their bodies. Mandy’s ankh happened to be at the base of her spine.

BOOK: Hill, Meagan - Master Me [Masterson] (Siren Publishing Classic)
8.78Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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