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Xylon Warriors:

His Carnal Need

Ruth D. Kerce




The Sand Moon


Obscured by heavy, black clouds from an approaching storm, no stars or planets glittered in the eerie-looking night sky. She’d counted on the darkness and worsening weather to hide her presence and keep her safe. She’d counted wrong.

Josella’s pulse raced, and her heart pounded against her ribs. She kicked out a half-broken window from the second story of the abandoned abode she was hiding in and crawled onto the outside ledge.

Quiet did her little good now. She needed to escape.

She cut herself on a jagged piece of glass, and blood trickled down her arm. She winced, but ignored the wound…and the pain. She’d tend to it later.

The Egesa had found her!

Raised in another star system, the first time she’d seen the half-lizard, half-humanoid creatures with their bald heads, yellow eyes, long thin tongues, and claw-like hands, she’d screamed her head off. Her sister had warned her about the vile Slave Masters, but the warning didn’t do the monsters justice.

She’d since learned the Egesa considered humanoid females a prime catch. On the Sand Moon, she was considered sexual currency among many of the gang-like groups.

As she swung onto the branch of a nearby tree, their foul stench filled her nostrils. The creatures lurked close by. Despite their attempt at stealth, she heard them moving through the building, trying to locate her.

Grateful she hadn’t chosen a place in the flatlands to hide, she shimmied down the tree and ran into the hills. She knew of another place a few miles away. Only by moving from place to place had she survived so far. Her luck wouldn’t last forever. She needed to find a way off the moon soon or find a protector.

Previously held captive on Marid, the main moon of Xylon, she’d stowed away on an orbiter, trying to escape the Egesa Slave Masters who had held her. On Marid, she’d been a mine worker, so she hadn’t worried about sexual abuse, just torture.
She’d blocked out many of the memories for her own sanity. When she’d boarded the orbiter, she’d hoped they were headed to Xylon, where her sister lived—where she would be safe. But that had been wishful thinking.

If she’d known they were traveling to the Sand Moon, the most primitive of the Banishment Zones, she might have stayed put on Marid. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d eaten. She stopped to catch her breath.

A light breeze fluttered her long hair into her face. She pushed the tangled strands away, cringing at the gritty feel on her fingers. Sand. She hated the sand.

“Josella…” a voice rasped in the darkness.

Her heart leapt, and she took off running. She couldn’t let them find her.
Please, Halah
, she begged silently to the sister she hadn’t seen in years. Halah had cared for her after their parents died in an explosion. She was the only person Josella truly loved and trusted.
Please, rescue me.


Chapter One


The Lair of Xylon


The crowd didn’t deter him. He knew what he wanted, what he needed, what he intended to have.

From across the room, he located her, a radiant beauty among women. He’d known she was here. He felt her energy.

Her easy grace, combined with strength, intelligence, and a sensual innateness drew him like no other.

His heart rate accelerated, and his body went on sexual alert.
You belong to me!

She attended the festivities only on official business. She never participated in the Joining Party rituals.

He knew. Once his erotic visions of her had begun, he’d monitored her every move. “You are predestined as my mate, my beauty. I will allow no other male to claim you. Only me.”

She’d dressed in the traditional female Joining colors of orchid and pink—instead of Warrior black and Medical white that reflected the status of a Xylon Warrior and Healer. He liked the feminine look. So did his cock, which stirred in anticipation of being gloved deep within her.

Soon, her body, along with her emotions, would belong to him. He intended to show her every decadent, physical pleasure she’d ever imagined, as well as some she’d probably never dared even in her fantasies.

Where her emotions were concerned, he knew her dark secrets. He understood what she needed, maybe better than she. The visions, explicit and detailed, revealed her deepest desires to him. He planned to give her every one of those desires for as long as life existed in his body—a body that throbbed with need as he watched her search the crowd, looking for signs of trouble.

The flowing, almost sheer pink skirt she wore hung down to her knees. Split on all four sides, the garment exposed a good amount of shapely thigh with each step she took. Underneath, she wore a translucent covering that barely hid her pussy from his view. His hands fisted at his sides. He wanted to rip away the material and plunge his fingers up inside her, until she cried out to him in ecstasy.

The orchid-colored sleeveless top, cut deep in front and narrow on the sides, allowed an enticing view of her full breasts. He itched to caress those mounds, brush his mouth along the soft-looking flesh, and suck the nipples he saw straining against the thin material.

The fact that other Warriors also saw her seductive assets made him crazy. A low growl rumbled from his throat. He wanted to hide her away from all others’ eyes, make certain she craved what he alone offered—total emotional and sexual completion.

More than arrogance about the ability to satiate her fueled his thoughts and actions. He’d do anything to make her want and need him. Of her own free will, not from a sense of duty to Xylon and their society, or as a result of predestined visions, but because she couldn’t live without him and what he could give her.

A sparkle, trailing along her satiny tresses, captured his attention. Her cinnamon-colored hair hung in a braid, woven with a golden ribbon, all the way down to her waist. He preferred her hair loose, and images of the long strands brushing across his naked body came to mind.

She sexually teased her lovers with great delight, or so he’d heard. She liked control. So did he.

Regardless of her declared sexual tastes, he knew in reality she craved even more carnal, erotic experiences. He’d see that she got them.

Through him, she’d learn the pleasures of submission. Her body trapped beneath his, vulnerable, with her begging him to give her his cock, to take her to sexual heights she’d never known, was a fantasy he would fulfill.

She stepped clear of the crowd, and he eased closer. Even from this distance, her eyes drew him, identical in color to her hair, sparkling with intelligence and sensual secrets. With his view of her now unobstructed, he took in her gorgeous legs, toned and long, even though she wasn’t a tall woman. He ached to feel those legs wrapped around his waist while he rode her hard.

Golden laces adorned her feet. Not close enough to see her toes, he imagined a soft pink covered the nails. He wondered how she’d react to his tongue grazing the soles of her delicate feet, lapping between each small digit.

The urge to claim her, now, hit him so hard he felt lightheaded. Because of her breeder status, many male Warriors wanted to Brand her as their own, but all had failed. He would not fail. She was his breeder-mate. The visions showed him the truth. Y
ou’ve seen our future, as well, haven’t you?

“That’s why you’ve refused all others,” he said aloud.

A soft voice whispered, “Refuse? I would never refuse a Class 1 fuck, honey.” A feminine tongue licked at his ear. “Come with me and my friends. We will pleasure your body.”

He frowned and brushed aside the female seeking attention. “Find someone else.” Other women paled in comparison to
. He stalked forward, never taking his eyes off the woman soon to be his.

Leila Abdera didn’t see him, but she felt him stalking her, felt his sensual pull. In an attempt to evade him, she weaved through the throng of Xylon Warriors engaged in the Joining Party festivities.

Joining Parties, where Warriors indulged in sex acts while others watched, weren’t a preference of hers.

But as a Xylon Healer, she attended these events in case anyone overindulged and required treatment.

Their entire society revolved around the joining of bodies, and sometimes even minds, for true breeder-mates. Or so the legends told. The complete physical and mental connections kept them unified and strong. Until recently…

Due to constant attacks from the Egesa Slave Masters, determined to either enslave or extinguish Xylon’s people, their society had suffered greatly. Xylon’s new Warrior Leader, after taking control, had vowed to shift the balance of power and rebuild their fragile numbers so they could effectively fight their enemies once more.

The Joining Parties helped the Warriors relax after their intensive training sessions. These occasional festivities drew most, if not all, those inhabiting The Lair—the underground headquarters for the men and women commissioned to protect the planet.

Not to detract from the event tonight, she wore the female garb expected of participants, though she no longer indulged. Certainly, one less Warrior wouldn’t make any difference.

was persistent, intense, determined. Carnal and raw in his needs. Her body craved him. Her mind would not allow it, other than in her fantasies.

The man was too dominant. A Class 1 Warrior. He would need to tame her, insist on submission.

Submission was not an option for her. Only when she maintained sexual control did she allow herself to join with another. Abused in the past, she had long ago determined never again to put herself into a vulnerable situation. Still, the thought of allowing this one man control over her body, to experience the darker taste of complete sexual surrender, intrigued her.

She shook her head. The joining going on around her had affected her thinking and sensitized her body, making it difficult to resist her burgeoning needs. Giving in to her needs would only lead to disaster.

Normally, she managed these events without incident. Tonight was different. She felt him touching her mentally, manipulating and changing the images in her head to something sexually wicked, each time her gaze flickered over an erotic coupling. “That’s impossible. I know he can’t do that.”

Her nipples hardened and moisture gathered between her thighs. She often experienced erotic visions of them together. Not official breeder visions, she wouldn’t accept the events as such, only powerful fantasies. Within the sensual thoughts, she gave him what he desired and enjoyed it. Tonight the decadent images, stronger than usual, ran wild and plagued her at every turn, screaming to be fulfilled. If he approached her now…

“No.” She circled around a banquet table, seeking a distraction. Her stomach rumbled from the mixture of sweet, tangy, and spicy odors. Food would take her mind off her other, physical hunger.

Before she indulged, a particularly lusty threesome caught her attention. Pitch Pantera, a Class 2

BOOK: His Carnal Need (Xylon Warriors 2)
7.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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