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His Domination

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Ann King

Copyright 2012 by Ann



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This book is a work of fiction. The names,
characters, places, and incidents are products of the writer’s
imagination or have been used fictitiously. Any resemblance to
persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental.






To my heavenly Father, thank you for all you
have done for me.





Dear Reader,

This is part 2 in the
31 Ways to Catch a
series and, as such, to get the full picture of events it
is recommended you first read part 1. I hope you enjoy reading 31
Ways to Catch a Billionaire as much as I enjoyed writing

Warm regards

Ann King




The most sought
after bachelor, Carlos Kincade is young, rich and devilishly
handsome. He has everything he thought he could possibly want until
his grandfather’s will stipulates he must be married by his 30th
birthday to keep his inheritance. He’s suddenly in need of a wife
who can fulfill his every hot desire.


psychology student Elsie Sherwood suddenly finds herself in need of
another job after a medical crisis in the family cost her family
home. Sexy Carlos Kincade offers her work for a month but there are
strings attached…and a diamond ring. She must fulfill his
thirty-one needs to play his wife until he fulfills his
grandfather’s will—but is the seduction too hot to handle?


Part 2 – the
seduction continues!




“Are you sure,
you’re ready?” Carlos Kincade moaned into Elsie Sherwood’s neck as
he gently stroked her nipple under her blouse. Elsie’s inner thighs
throbbed out of control. She was sure she was going to lose it
soon, if Carlos didn’t take her then and there. As she leaned back
into his muscular chest while he embraced her from behind. The
scent of his cologne tantalized her nose and awakened her

“Yes, Carlos.
Yes. I need you so badly,” she moaned in pleasure. She could not
believe she was there with the CEO of the most lucrative retailer
in the world, the elusive billionaire heir who could have his pick
of any woman, yet he was with her. This was a dream. She licked her
lips and panted, reaching back to feel his full erection bulging
from his pants and then…

Carlos stopped.
As hot as he came on to her, he cooled off leaving an air of chill
between them as he removed his hand from under her blouse and
released her walking over to the window.

“What? What is
it?” Dazed, Elsie panted. Had she been too desperate? Did she say
something wrong? What was with this man?

“I need you to
fully understand what you are getting into, Elsie.” He turned to
her, jaw clenched. His dark sexy grey eyes shimmered as he gazed
into hers. She stood frozen on the spot, her clothes disheveled,
feeling awkward.

“I do
understand?” she whispered quietly.

“No,” he said,
shaking his head. She could tell he was heated up. How this man can
control himself was beyond her. His body was on fire. Still is. She
felt it. Was this a game?

“You just
signed a nondisclosure to keep secret what goes on between us. That
was vague. I’ll need you to sign a more specific one.”

“What?” Was
this man stark crazy?

“I’m a
complicated man, Ms Sherwood. I just want you to know that up
front.” His voice turned soft and his expression softened as he
walked over to her as if he’d just realized that he’d somehow
wounded her pride. His fingers ran along her hairline where her
scar was and he gently kissed it. His soft lips sending shivers of
delight down her spine.

“We all have
scars, Ms Sherwood. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I’m not

“Yet you hide
it by wearing the same hair style covering one side of your face
day in and day out all year round.”

My God, he’d

“So I guess you
have scars, too?”

“Yes but not
visible to the naked eyes. We have all scars, some emotional, some
physical. Scars shape us into whom we are today. That can be a good
thing…or a bad thing.”

“Depending on
how you look at it I guess. What doesn’t kill us makes us

He didn’t
respond to her last statement but had his hands in his pockets and
chin up staring out of the Manhattan skyline.  It was a crisp
beautiful afternoon.


“So this
non-disclosure agreement,” she continued. Her arms folded across
her chest. More for self-consciousness.

“There are
thirty-one ways to reach me and you’ve successfully completed the
first round.”
“What? Is this a game?”

“Life is a
game, Elsie. Why surely you know that by now. The strong survive.
The witty, the knowledgeable, the wise. Fools fall fast.”

“Oh? So this is
about winners and losers?”

“Isn’t it?
Those who win live the life they want. They are free to live it.
Free from guilt. They know how to play by the rules to win or bend
the rules to their gain.”

“And love is a
game to you?”

He said

“So what about
this first round.”

“Honesty. But
don’t get it twisted,” he said pausing momentarily, “there are
physical needs, emotional needs

Elsie listened
carefully not sure of what to think. What had she gotten herself
into? She had such admiration from this man since she’d first
started working for the corporation, for what he stood for, his
charities, his willingness to help the underdog and to give
everyone a break. Which must explain his transvestite assistant

“You can walk
out any moment now and call it a day. You’ll still have your job in
the café but I still believe you’re not quite ready to represent
Kincade’s in the Home Pleasures department.” A smile curved his
delicious lips. “Not yet, anyway.”

“What is this
agreement you want to get into? This thirty one ways?”

“I need a

Elsie almost
fainted. Was he seriously asking her to be his wife? Possibly?

“For a five
year period.”

Elsie’s heart
sank to her feet. So this was a business proposition.

“If you succeed
you’ll want for nothing in your life. All your debts will be paid
off, unlimited money at your disposal…”

“Wait a
minute…sir.” Elsie felt heat rise to her cheeks. Her throat burned.
“I’m not for sale like the merchandise in your store!” Her anger
came through in her voice and she wasn’t sure she cared at that
moment. He’d just thought he could actually buy her? Was this how
the super-rich and powerful lived? Well maybe her modest get-by
life was not so bad after all. On second thoughts, she could pay
off her tuition and maybe even try to buy back the family home that
her mother lost during her last days in battling her illness.

She squeezed
her eyes shut. “I…I don’t know what to think.”

“Don’t think
too hard, my dear. We tend to overanalyze things sometimes. We both
need something. There’s nothing wrong in bartering.”

Here she
thought he wanted a relationship but what he wanted was a whore. A
legitimate one. No way in hell!

She grabbed her
bag trying to fight back the tears from spilling down her cheeks.
Was this what her life came down to?

“Sir…I…need to
think about this…”

He stopped her
at the door. “You have twelve hours. By morning, I want your

She looked at
him, parted lips. Her body was still on fire for him. The look in
his eyes said the same. This man had crazy control. She sighed and
walked through the door. Too bad she wasn’t allowed to discuss this
with her cousin Dee. But then again maybe she could give Dee a
scenario she thought as she walked towards the elevators. She felt
Carlos watching her back as she walked away. It was as if he’d
penetrated her body, her senses.

God she wanted
him. And he wanted her. But not the way she’d hoped.





“What?” Dee’s
eyes widened, later that evening.

“What if you
had the chance to have all your bills paid and to be with a man you
really liked but for money?”

“Okay, wait up,
girlfriend, you’re not telling me everything.”

“I can’t…I just
need your opinion.” Elsie was curled up on Dee’s bed eagerly
waiting for a reply. Dee was actually getting ready for a hot

“You’re not
planning on hooking are you?” Dee smirked.

“Dee! That’s
not even funny. Of course not!”
It was just that this hot guy
who happens to have a high position in society wants me to be his
love submissive and trophy wife for a few years in exchange for all
the gold in the world

“Well, honey,
you know my take on life. You only live it once. If it makes you
happy and you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else, go for it!
But check your blind spot no matter where you drive in life.”

“Check my

“You know?
Check your blind spot.”

“I know about

“Yeah, but
apparently not about driving on the many twisted roads of life.
Life can blindside you if you don’t know your surroundings and
don’t see everything that’s going on. Just saying.”

Elsie thought
about that for a moment. She would not dismiss Carlos. She just
couldn’t. She craved him so much. She really wanted to be a part of
his life. What other opportunity would even come close?

Later, after
Dee had finished getting ready and left on her date, Elsie was left
alone to raid the fridge of whatever was left. Her bed was of
course, the couch since it was a one-bedroom apartment and she
wanted to be asleep before Dee got back in case she had her date
with her. She just didn’t like to be a bother or an inconvenience
to anyone, especially when they were doing her serious favors like
putting a roof over her head while she got her life together. 
She knew she would have to find a place of her own but she only had
one month’s rent and very little left over. The job in the café was
fab but didn’t cover much. Not for living in New York.

Elsie opened
the fridge with just her night vest and silk cut off bedtime
shorts. She really didn’t mind since it was only she in the
apartment. As she gathered some cheddar cheese squares from the
fridge and some whole wheat crackers and a glass of milk, she went
back to the couch that was now overstuffed with pillows and a
comforter. This was her life. She tried not to spill tears on her
cheeks. She was just grateful for not being in a shelter right

After turning
on the TV to watch reruns of American Idol, a knock at the door
caught her off guard. Did Dee forget her keys? Did she forget
something else?

She jumped off
the couch and ran to the door. Looking through the peep hole she
couldn’t see anything. “Who is it?”


Elsie’s heart
turned over in her chest. That deep, rich sexy voice. It was

What in God’s
name was Carlos doing there? Of course, he had her file in front of
her and knew where she’d lived but…

She slowly
opened the door with the chain on.

“I had to see
you, Elsie. I couldn’t stay away from you.”


“First of all,
I can assure you that I am not going to bring any harm to you so
the chain is unnecessary…in this case,” he grinned.

Of course, he
must have been joking. Elsie breathed out a sigh of relief and
closed the door, unhooked the chain and reopened it.

expensive cologne scent drove her wild. His spicy aroma. His broad
shoulders in his suit and pink tie. He looked delicious enough to
eat. What was with her?

He closed the
door from behind him, not taking his eyes off Elsie. “Are you

“My cousin will
be back soon.”

He reached over
and cupped her chin with his soft, strong hands and brushed his
lips against hers.

“Fuck, Elsie! I
need you tonight. I need you right now. Don’t deny you feel the
same way about me. I want you so badly like I’ve never wanted
anyone before. I can’t stand it. You’re this close. You’re not
going away now.”

Elsie’s voice
caught in her throat, his erection still bulging from his
pants—perhaps he had pleasured himself earlier or taken a cold
shower and it was enough. Oh, God! Carlos had the hots for her!
This was so unbelievable. She just couldn’t wrap her head around
that. It was deliciously overwhelming.

BOOK: His Domination
3.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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