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Damon is standing near the door with a stupid grin on his face. I look at him and say “did you know Nox was going to kill him?”

“Of course, that was the plan all along,” Damon says. Wrong answer fucker. My façade is still on. I’m gathering information now.

Damon opens the back passenger door behind the driver and I get in. Never let yourself be taken from point A to point B. Once that happens, you’re as good as dead. In this case though, they don’t want me dead - they want me trained. As I’m in the car I have a few seconds before Damon and Nox slide in. I quickly review what I have to work with. There’s a gun near my feet. I can feel it. Manoeuvring my foot, I get to the gun. What idiots to leave a weapon in the car which leads me to believe that they think I WANT to be here with them. Damon and Nox have taken off down the street and start laughing. I hear a huge explosion and turn to see my old house up in flames. Mother fuckers.... You will die. Tonight.

Nox pulls his phone out of his pocket. Hits a speed dial number. I hear a one sided conversation.

“Sir, we have her,” he starts.

“Yes sir. It went exactly as you planned it Mr Murphy,” he continues.

As he is speaking, I am remembering word for word what he is saying. Because today I turned 15, but today I will become a killer.

“Mr Murphy Sir, she is better than we thought. She didn’t even bat an eye lid when I put a bullet in his head. I’m sure she will surpass your expectations Sir.” He’s quiet now, he’s listening to ‘Mr Murphy’.

“Yes sir, I’ll pass that message onto Damon” The conversation ends.

Nox is driving us out of St Cloud on the main road towards Iowa. Maybe even beyond.

Nox turns to Damon briefly not taking his eyes off the road for too long, “Mr Murphy was very specific that she is to be left alone” he flicks his head back indicating me.

“Like that will stop me” Damon huffs and sneaks a look over his shoulder at me.

This is my moment. I have the gun that was under the seat in front of me. No time to waste. I have all the information I need. I know who I need to find and I know who I need to kill.

Damon – bullet to the side of his head. He is done. Nox slams the breaks on, I think it’s just reflex that he has done that. Gives me the chance to put one in the back of his head. He’s finished too. My façade is still on. No emotions at all. I take his cash. I take Damon’s cash too. They have a nice amount of a few thousand dollars between the 2 of them. I take the phone to find this Mr Murphy’s number. I dial it.

“WHAT!!!???” This Murphy man yells in the phone, I doubt he was expecting me. He sounds angry at these two idiots he sent to get me.

“This is Anna. You came for me, now it’s my turn. Get ready” is all I say. As I’m throwing the phone I hear a response of “FUCKKKKKKKKKK.” From this Murphy man. I memorise his number. I’ve sealed it in my brain. I will find him and kill him.
In time

That is how I started out in this business.


Chapter 4

I’m standing here on top of the building willing myself to breathe. This is Hit 147. He is so much more than just a number, this target is Roman Murphy. The man who sent those two into my home to kill my father and take me. Of course the only thing they succeeded in doing was killing my father and pushing my façade permanently onto me. Roman Murphy is the head of Hunter Inc. who ‘recruited’ protégés like myself. No one though was ever as good as me; I was the only one who never took Roman Murphy up on his offer. What I did do over the years was educate myself about everything to do with Hunter Inc. and Roman Murphy. I learnt that since that fateful day, Roman Murphy had a price on my head. It went up by 2 million every year that passed. It had started out at 10 million and now it was 36 million. I was very well respected. There is no one who would even try to take me out. They are all well aware that a decision like that on their behalf would result in a death. Theirs, not mine. I was so careful in everything I did. I had apartments all around the world. I was able to get in and out of countries completely undetected. By the time the bodies were being taken to the morgue, I was already on a plane or boat and leaving. There was no exchange of money for today’s target. Today’s target is purely for self-satisfaction. Roman Murphy became increasingly paranoid and cautious after I called him that night many years ago. He travelled everywhere with an army of guards. However, I have been patient and now I know everything I need to know about this man to end him.

So here I am. My target is 3 miles away and I know he’ll be here soon. I set myself up. I’m not using my new Barrett today. No, today I’m using a favourite of mine. A Barrett .50 cal sniper rifle. I know it will get the job done. It’s set up and ready to go.

My eyes are closed. I’m breathing. My body relaxes. Breathe in and out, just breathe.

I snap my eyes open and I’m in position. I have a Bluetooth attached to my ear. I can see the car. I don’t quite have him on my scope. Come closer, just a little closer..... Yes there you are Mr Roman Murphy. I touch my blue tooth and dial the number. I see him reach for his phone.

“What?!” Roman says not expecting a call,
especially from me

“We meet again” are my words to him. Façade in place, no emotions, no hesitations, no second thoughts.

I see Roman look out the window and scream at his driver.

“That won’t save you Roman” and with that I press the trigger. That beautiful sound of a bullet leaving the chamber is released. The calm in my body when I see Roman’s head explode is instantaneous. I breathe in one large breath and release it slowly. “I love you Daddy,” I say out loud. 13 years I have been sitting back and waiting for this one glorious day. Today is my 28
birthday and this day 13 years ago Roman Murphy took the only person I have ever loved away from me. So it was only fair that I give myself the best 28
birthday present I could, to take Roman Murphy out. I pack my Baby up. I really do love this rifle. I should bring it out more often. I like how it shoots. It has had to be modified but it’s exactly how I like it now.

I now get in my car, nothing ostentatious. Nothing to draw attention to myself, nothing that will cause anyone to be suspicious. I know how to blend in. I know how to go unnoticed. I am lucky enough to be an absolute gorgeous lady though. So I can slip into any situation as I require it. I am 5 foot 7 inches. My hair is long and dark brown almost black. Its straight, no curl or kink to it. It comes to half way down my back. My eyes are large and the darkest brown. Not that chocolate brown but dark brown. Like my hair, almost black. My skin has a slight brown tan to it but nothing fake from a bottle or a bed. It’s all natural. I’m a size 6 with curves in all the right places. I have great arms and great legs. I work out 6 days a week. I need to stay in shape because of the line of work I do and the baggage I need to carry around.

I leave to head home and clean my rifle. I really enjoy my time here in Salt Lake City but I think I might head back to Minnesota for a while. But tonight, tonight is going to be all about me. I’m going to head out to a bar where I know I can get some A grade eye candy. I’ve been there a few times before and it’s never disappointed me with the choice of men who visit the establishment. They never come back to my place; no one has ever come here. No one even knows where I live. And that’s exactly the way I like it. I look hot tonight. Yes really hot. I’m wearing a tight black Gucci dress. It comes to mid-thigh length and tight. It’s got one shoulder and shows every one of my God given curves. My Gucci heels are 4.3 inch black high heel pumps. They set my legs off fantastically and make me look like a goddess. I know tonight, I’ll certainly be getting the attention I want. I think I’ll be taking the Mercedes out because I want people to look at me, I’ll command it and I’ll get it.

I waltz into Pier One and straight away, I get the attention I want from men standing or sitting around having a drink. Some men are here with their wives or girlfriends and even they steal a look at me. I take my seat at the bar and order a Jack straight up. The bar tender is definitely nice on the eyes, but he’s not my type – he’s too stocky. As soon as I finish my first drink I motion to the bartender for another. As he brings it over to me a man comes and sits next to me and smiles. He’s definitely not my type either. Way too short. But I smile nicely at him whilst taking in all my surroundings.

“Hello, can I buy you a drink?” he asks. He’s keen and enthusiastic.

“No, but you can tell me your name” I sweetly say. He’s taken back by my honesty and his face slightly falters.

“Um, it’s Cooper,” he almost stutters over his words. He mustn’t be used to honesty or rejection

“Cooper, you seem very nice. But I’m not here for you.” Cooper looks at me and his eyes flutter a few times. He has a look of ‘what the fuck’ on his face.

“Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realise you were here with someone” he says, now looking uncomfortable.

“I’m not..... yet” and with that I turn back to the bartender and motion for another Jack.

Cooper slips away, as quietly as he seated himself.

I look over my left shoulder and there he is.

He is the one who will be taking me home tonight.

I can feel it in my stomach; it’s flipping over frantically. I’ve never felt that before. My heartbeat increases. My eyes narrow, my mouth lifts slightly on the right side. My palms are sweating and my thighs are clenching together. I’m trying to get that satisfaction between my legs. Oh my god. I have never had a reaction like this before to any man. My panties are drenched and all I’ve done is seen him. WOW. Tall, 6 foot 2 inches. His body is tight, I can see the muscles from under his button up shirt. He stands tall. His chest out, his head up high. He demands respect. You can see from his posture he is a man of authority. He is holding a beer and his talking to another man who is of similar height, but he’s got darker hair and is of a bigger build. That man has his arms around a gorgeous brunette woman. Between her and me, we have the attention of every male in this establishment. But the sex god has yet to meet my eyes. This is the only male I want looking at me. The other guy gestures with his head towards me and that’s when Mr Sex God turns and meets my gaze.

HOLY HELL! He has bright deep blue eyes that penetrate straight through me. He doesn’t just glance at me, he stares at me. His hair is short and dark brown with slight tinges of red. He stops what he is doing and I see him take a deep breath. He is now focused entirely on me and I have turned my body on the stool so I am focussed entirely on him. Beautiful is one word to describe him, but I’m sure I can think of at least one hundred more words. I can see the darker headed one still talking to him. Mr Sex God is not paying any attention to him at all. Nothing. He smiles and with that smile we both know that tonight is about him and I. He walks over to me without saying a word to anyone. His stroll is even sexy. Slow strides yet strong and confident. His shoulders are back, his chest out, his head lifted. He comes and stands mere inches away from my legs. Our knees are almost touching, not quite but almost. I can feel the heat coming off his body towards me and by the way he is looking at me, he can feel it too.

“I’m going to buy you a drink.” His voice is smooth and velvety. It’s not a question he’s asking, it’s most definitely a statement.

“Good.” My eyes have not left his. But my body is doing things it’s never done before. Those flips are getting larger and the wetness in my panties is increasing and my heart rate has just spiked again in beats per minute.

Mr Sex God sits next to me on the left, where Cooper had left only moments before. I swing the chair around and cross my legs tight, hoping that it relieves some of my pressure of my very wet and very hungry pussy.

Our knees are now touching. Yes that hot raw electric feeling is there. Even through his trousers I can feel it. It’s jumping between us. He’s not taken his eyes off my face. He’s staring at my eyes or my lips. My lips are turned up in the smallest smile and one of my eyebrows is cocked up. I can see the bulge in his pants and it’s obvious to both of us that we are both very attracted to one another. He is not a want for me tonight, he is a need. I need him in every way I can have him tonight. I can imagine his mouth kissing my neck. Slowly making his way towards my breasts where his hands are replaced by his hot tongue and mouth. His tongue dashing out and licking my nipple whilst I run my hands through his hair and down his back, lightly scratching him as I move up and down his body. My legs wrapped around his waist....... I have to stop or I’m going to come right here sitting on this bar stool looking at this delicious man.

“I’m Ben Pearson” he says, not even bothering to shake my hand.
We’ll be doing more than that in the next hour.
If we can make it the hour

“Anna Moore,” I say whilst my eyes are now taking him in. Every single part of him.

“What are you drinking?” He leans towards me and asks. His mouth is close to my ear, I can feel his hot breath on my neck. I’m going to jump him right here if he doesn’t move away a few inches.

“Jack, straight up.” I smile and whilst we are there we are just 2 people wildly attracted to one another, he leans in and whispers in my ear.

“One drink then we go back to my hotel”. That’s it for me. I’m almost coming right there. But I have my façade on. I just turn my head slightly and smile. Just enough for him to know that’s EXACTLY what we’ll be doing. My drink arrives; he pays for it by pulling out a roll of bills from his pocket. By the looks of things he has a few hundred dollars on him. He stands and the second I’ve slammed my glass on the bar, he grabs me by my hand and leads me outside with a sense of urgency. We both know what’s coming.
Hopefully us, a few times
. The heat in his touch is extraordinary. He looks down at where our hands are linked and looks at me straight in the eyes.

BOOK: HiT 149: Anna Brookes First Chapter
5.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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