Hostage Brides of the Overlords: Part 4: (Futuristic Sci Fi Erotica)

BOOK: Hostage Brides of the Overlords: Part 4: (Futuristic Sci Fi Erotica)
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Hostage Brides of the Overlords: Part 4

Futuristic Sci Fi Erotica)

Jill Soffalot


Copyright 2014 Jill Soffalot

Wild Charm Publishing Amazon Edition

Cover Design Sam Butters

Chapter One

Clara had her assignment. She was in room D of hallway D, although what room she was in actually made no difference. They were identically decorated, and they were all used for the exact same purpose: for young woman to be brutally mated with oversized monster men that had been genetically bred to fight a war against invaders from space. Clara, and all the other women in this department, had been kidnapped from the past using stolen alien technology to provide pure, "normal" breeding partners for the "bigs." And the bigs were big indeed.

Only twice in her life had Clara smoked a cigarette. The first time was at a house party during high school, and she was upset after having a boyfriend break up with her after two months of go
ing steady. A friend told her the smoke would make her feel better. It made her feel dizzy and sick, but at least that distracted her from her boy problems for a few minutes.

The second time ha
d been at the University of California, at Davis, where she'd been studying Mathematics. It was during her first semester, and she'd underestimated how challenging the courses would be. She wrote a test and walked out knowing she had failed it, and she felt like shit. A classmate offered her a cigarette. Once again, it didn't make her feel better, but feeling dizzy and sick at least helped her feel different for a few minutes.

That was what she wished she could have right now, in room D of hall D. She wished she could smoke a cigarette and feel dizzy and sick for a few minutes, so at least she had something else to think about besides what would be coming through the door in the next few minutes.

It was going to be one of the bigs. Maybe even two or three of them. And he, or they, were going to fuck her with their enormous cocks, ramming their way into her pussy like engines of war knocking down the gates of a castle. Even if she cooperated fully, doing her best to accommodate their massive members, it was going to hurt like hell because they were going to open her up and stretch her-- stretch her to the very limit.

And what made it all the worse was that Clara, for better or for worse, was now in love
with another man.

Of course
, she couldn't really be in love, she kept telling herself. The feeling was just a psychological construct of this absurd situation. If things were different and she met the same young man in the regular world, they would never have given each other a passing glance, a thought, a word. But here...

All she wanted in the world was to somehow turn into mist and float through the doorways, pass unchecked down the halls, throughout this whole massive underground network until she found Sean.
Then, she would take material form again and kiss him, lay down with him, wrap her arms around him, and together they would make the nightmare go away.

That wasn't going to happen.

It was possible they might meet again, somehow. Maybe the orderly, one of their overseers, the "littles," would choose to take her back to the faraway hall for another late night party. Maybe Sean would, by random chance, be there too. Maybe. She loved him, yes, she loved him, but no. She held no hope of seeing him again.

It all seemed so stupid, anyway. He was a kid from the 'hood, a lost boy from Long Beach, California in 1995. He talked like a cartoon stereotype of a rap gangster, and in the real world, they n
ever would have crossed paths. And even if they'd met, they never would have made the slightest connection. In fact, if they'd actually met in the past, Sean would have been twenty years older than she was.

Clara smiled at the thought. Her first older man.

They'd had sex the night before, and Clara thought that maybe she might have fallen for him a little bit. If she was very, very lucky, maybe he gave her the magic shot and his sperm had found her egg, or was at least still on its way. If she could get pregnant then she wouldn't have to worry about getting gang-fucked by seven-hundred pound muscle men. She would only have to explain how she became impregnated by another normal.

She sat
on the side of the bed waiting, wanting a cigarette, thinking the situation over from every angle. She knew that somewhere nearby Able Jones, the administrator of her department, was watching her. He wanted her to get pregnant, and soon. Not by a normal like Sean, of course, but he sure didn't want her dodging sperm from the bigs anymore. She'd been sucking their cocks and taking their massive loads in the mouth to avoid having to carry one of their huge babies. Able Jones had made it clear there would be no more of that.

There was a sound at the door. Clara sat on the side of the bed and sighed, crossing her legs demurely and resting her hands on her lap. She was wearing the simple peach-colored
V-neck t-shirt and cotton pants that all the women wore. At least they didn't want her to dress up in any kinky costumes. But then again, the bigs didn't seem so concerned about details like makeup or lingerie, or even human speech. They mostly came in, touched her, played with her tits and her body, then tried to sink their enormous cocks into her. Her goal each time was getting wet enough that it didn't hurt her too badly. But with cocks that big, it always hurt at least a little, even if she did usually end up coming.

But Sean had made her come too. He'd been a simple, straightforward lover, and his cock was a perfect size for her. She'd already been stretched by the bigs, but Sean's cock was a good size, and he'd hit her spots perfectly. They were made for each other... in bed anyway.

A sudden wish surged through her, some impossible fantasy that the door would open and Sean would be there instead of a big. He would come in and say something sweetly funny in his ghetto accent, and then kiss her. They would lay down and escape from this nightmare in each other's arms.

The door swung open. It was not Sean. As usual it was one of the bigs. It was always a surprise to see them at first, with their shoulders so broad they needed to turn sideways to slip through the doorways. They were usually bald, or had very little hair, and brutish faces, bringing to mind a stereotype of a caveman. Their bodies were
unbelievable masses of muscles with little noticeable body fat. They were hulks, plain and simple. Clara always thought of Greek mythology when she thought of them. They were like monsters.

This was one she'd not met before, but that was nothing unusual. She'd been there, getting fucked by these behemoths for months, and only rarely had she seen a repeated face. This one had a
particularly ugly face, but his body was like the rest: impossibly muscular, dark skinned as though he'd been burned by the sun and wind, with a big tool hanging between his powerful thighs.

If only he had a single eye in the middle of his forehead, he'd be straight out of The Odyssey, she thought. If only she were as clever as Odysseus, she would be able to con her way out of this.

He snorted as he closed the door behind him, leering at her with a wolfish grin. Clara knew the best way to go about things. Undress first, so he doesn't accidently dislocate your shoulder trying to get your t-shirt off. The bigs were gentle with the girls they fucked, but they were also unbelievably strong, and a slip could easily result in injury. They'd been bred as alien-fighters, and now that the aliens were gone, they were trying to simultaneously put out the fires of a burning world and replant the planet's forests. They were built for strength and labor, not lyrical poetry and rose petals scattered on fresh bed sheets.

Clara stood up and pulled her shirt off over her head, then slipped her pants down and her panties off. She'd shaved herself down below to avoid chafing during aggressive fuck sessions. She licked a finger and rubbed it along the slit of her vagina, starting the process for what was to come, and then got down on her knees next to the bed.

Clara had been sexually active before being abducted through time, and she'd never been shy about taking the cocks of her boyfriends inside her mouth. They'd always reciprocated, and she found it to be a fun thing to do with a boy she liked. She liked how happy it made them, and it seemed sexy. With the bigs though, she was not as concerned about whether it seemed sexy to them, or if they liked it. They obviously did, but she'd gotten into the habit of going straight to her knees because it excited her to handle those huge cocks. It gave her a measure of control as well, and the more excited she got, the more wet her pussy became. And that was critical for when the mounting started.

This fellow had a particularly large dick, and he happily came over and stood in front of her, his heavy member hanging there for her to take in both hands. Clara smiled up at him as she took it and started sliding her hands up
and down along his hanging meat. The response was swift. She could feel the blood flowing into his cock, making it swell and harden. She stroked him with her fingertips, around the head and along the shaft, to the plump ball sack at the base of the thickening dick.

His rod
was starting to stand up. Clara took it and lifted it up so she could get underneath, and she brought her mouth to that big ball sack, snaking her tongue out to lick him. He had some hair, but he was freshly washed, and the light brown hairs didn't bother her. She was more interested in licking those balls, then running her tongue up the length of his meaty cock.

She licked and licked at him, enjoying the sensation of him stiffening in her hands. Then, when he was hard, she opened her mouth wide and took his large, bell-shaped head between her lips, sucking gently at him. He moaned and snorted like a bull, and she felt his huge hand gently
touching her on the side of her head, stroking her hair.

Clara reached down to caress herself as she sucked at the huge
cock-head, rubbing her fingertip down along her vagina and then swirling the moistened digit around her clitoris. She was getting wet.

Suddenly the big grabbed her by the arms, lifting her clear up off the floor and depositing her on her back on the bed. He loomed over her and then lowered himself down, brin
ging his mouth to her chest. He kissed her left breast, sucking gently, opening his mouth. His wide mouth sucked in most of her breast, and she felt the tip of his tongue swirling around the areola of her nipple. The sensation was powerful, and she squirmed with pleasure, grinding her crotch against his muscular leg.

He repeated the process on her other breast. The sucking, drawing most of her breast into his large mouth, was shocking. There was a certain revulsion to having his mouth over her body like that, but there was no denying the heightened erotic stimulation it gave her. By the time he began angling his huge prong into her vagina, she was wet, ready, almost prepared to beg him to fuck her.

The head pushed in, and then he slowed down, slowly rocking in and out, letting her juicy pussy lubricate his shaft so she wouldn't tear when he really started to fuck. She bit her bottom lip as she waited for her body to accommodate the thickness of his penetrating member. It always hurt most after the initial push, and then slowly the pain would lessen and she could just focus as much as she could on the pleasure.

He was soon sliding in as deep as he could go, banging the head of his cock into her depths. She adjusted her hips and slapped a hand on his chest to communicate that he could go no deeper, and he settled in and started to fuck, sliding his thick cock in and out, banging away on her. Clara put her hands on his gigantic biceps and spread her legs wide, taking it, taking it all.

The big pounded her pussy, and she felt the orgasm starting to build. It started in little waves of energy swirling in her lower belly, connected by little shocks to her pussy, as the whole thing built like an electric charge being generated by the biomechanical pumping of his cock inside her body. She was a power station. He was the sun, the wind, the waves, the rivers, powering her, turning her turbines, powering her cells until she reached maximum charge and the energy burst through her. Her body shook with pleasure as she came, the electricity flowing through her body from fingertips to toes, from the top of her head to her pussy, where the fucking continued, ceaselessly, without pause. The big stayed on top, fucking and fucking and fucking.

When the orgasm passed and she fell back limply on the bed, he finally slowed. Then he withdrew his member, and with rough hands he gripped her and rolled her
onto her side. He pushed one of her knees up against her chest and then levered his cock back into her wet pussy, sinking in deep. He began to fuck again, nailing her, his lower belly slapping against the cheek of her ass as he pumped in and out of her.

At last he came, snorting and snarling, his rhythm suddenly becoming irregular as his cock spasmed, unleashing a thick stream of his come deep inside her. It was just in time too. His rough pounding was really beginning to hurt.

He lay down next to her, spooning her, his long cock still inside. He panted, his hot breath against her back. Clara wanted it to end. She felt his huge hand reach around her body to paw at her breasts, and he nuzzled his face into her hair. Perhaps he was looking for a moment of comfort, just like she was. She remained still. He'd given her a very good orgasm, but that was as far as their relationship went. She felt nothing for him, and wanted him to go away so she could go back to her room and peacefully think about Sean.

His cock finally softened enough that she was able to squeeze him out. He took the hint and sl
eepily sat up, then with a sigh he lifted his muscular bulk off the bed and walked to the door. He opened it and turned his wide body slightly, ducking under the door and disappearing from her life.

BOOK: Hostage Brides of the Overlords: Part 4: (Futuristic Sci Fi Erotica)
9.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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