Housewife Chronicles Volume 1 : Reignited (Erotic romance)

BOOK: Housewife Chronicles Volume 1 : Reignited (Erotic romance)
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Housewife Chronicles

Volume One: Reignited



Jayda Marx




My husband and I started dating our
senior year of high school, and were both seventeen at the time. We had been
friends for several years, so we already knew and trusted each other. When we
finally took our relationship further, it turned intimate quickly. More quickly
than I even want to admit, writing this. Anyway, add in the fact that we were a
couple of horny teenagers, and it was hot and heavy right off the bat. Being so
young, there wasn’t much technique involved. We knew what worked for us, and
stuck with it. It was the sheer agility and frequency that was amazing. We were
insatiable. If we could find ten minutes alone, somebody’s pants were off. At
that moment in time, we never thought the momentum would slow. We could never
have imagined that anything would change this amazing appetite we had for one

Fast forward nine years and two
children later. As if I even need to say it, things slowed down. Sex was now
something that had to be planned, squeezed in between work, family and sleep.
Once we had been married for a while and our first child was born, we truly
realized that things were changing. We vowed to make time for each other at
least once a week. It was a nice thought. Life, stress and pure exhaustion have
a way of placing themselves in the way of your plans, no matter how determined
you are to keep them. Sometimes weeks, even months would go by without us

One day it was just like something
awoke inside me, and told me that I wasn’t satisfied. I was just a stay at home
mom missing something in her life; a housewife whose sex life had fallen into a
major rut. When my husband and I found time to actually be together, it was…pretty
good. At least I thought it was. I really had nothing to compare it to, but
something inside me was telling me it just wasn’t enough. I didn’t want to just
have an average sex life. I wanted to be brazen. Dirty. I wanted to bring back
the unrelenting desire my man once had for me, and to bring us both to new,
extraordinary heights of passion. I somehow knew on a soul deep level that I
had the ability within me, if I could find the courage to unleash it. That day I
decided to make a change – to take the situation by the balls (pun intended),
and alter it. So, this is the story of my transformation; the story of my
journey to becoming a bold, shameless, voracious lover.


I was standing in the kitchen after
getting myself a drink of water. I had a knot of nerves in my throat and I was
attempting to calm myself down. I was trying to come up with a way to talk to Tyler,
my husband, about all the things I had been thinking about; namely how our love
life had taken a nose dive. I had tried to start the conversation several
times, but always chickened out.

He had sensed my distance earlier
in the day and had asked what was wrong. I said “nothing” and tried to hide my
thoughts. He didn’t push, but shot me a look that told me he wasn’t buying what
I said. The man can read me like a book. He can always tell when something is
on my mind, and when I am mad at him even if I am swearing up and down I’m not.
He has a way of prying my true feelings out of me even if I don’t know exactly
what they are, until I’m pouring my emotions out to him. He may not always
agree with me, but he has always understood, and respected my wishes. Up until
this point we had been able to work through any problems we came across. But I
didn’t know how he was going to react to this.  I mean, how do you tell your
husband you want more out of your sex life, without crushing him? Without
making him feel like less of a man, or make him question his abilities? The
fact remained, though, that I
want more. I knew I wasn’t going to be
truly happy until I was honest about my feelings. He knew there was something eating
at me, and I knew him well enough to know he would keep asking until I just
came out with it. I might as well just get it over with.  And at that
particular time, with the kids playing in their rooms and him doing laundry in
a room by himself, I had the perfect opportunity to talk to him alone.

And yes, I said he was doing
laundry. That alone should be enough to make any woman weak in the knees. He
was always doing nice things for me, always wanting to please me. That’s one
reason why this was so hard. If he thought that he
been satisfying
me, this whole time, it might really hurt him. I walked up to the open laundry
room and watched in silence. It truly was a sexy sight. He stood tall in front
of me, just over six feet. He was wearing only a pair of blue jeans, my
favorite pair on him due to the way they fit tight against his ass. What can I
say; the man has a great ass. Round and firm, swelling over his long, muscular
legs. I’m jealous of that luscious butt. If I can’t have it myself, I’m at
least glad he does so that I can stare at it. I was able to break my gaze to
let my eyes wander over the rest of his body.  His smooth, toned back lead up
to his broad shoulders. His head was turned to the side, showing half of his
handsome face. His chin was covered in a coal black goatee and his sculpted
jawline was prickled with stubble, as always. He could shave first thing in the
morning and would have stubble before noon. His glossy black hair was just long
enough for me to run my fingers through. Even though we had been together for
quite a while, I never got tired of looking at him. I never took for granted
what a gorgeous man he was. Did I tell him often enough? Probably not. He
rummaged through the dryer, pulled out a t-shirt and slipped it on, completely ruining
the view I was so enjoying. He turned and looked at me with warm, dark brown

“Oh, hey. I didn’t hear you come
in.” He looked at me for a long second. “Are you sure nothing is bothering you?
You’re acting like something is on your mind.”

“Actually, yeah, there kinda is.”
spit it out.
“I was just thinking since this is your last night before you
go back to work that we could…you know.” He worked midnight shifts as a nurse
at our local hospital, and was only home a couple nights a week. This made it
even more difficult to find time for each other. “I thought we could be
together tonight.”

“Okay. Is that it? Why be worried
about that?”

“Well, it’s not just about tonight.”
I took a deep breath and continued, “Tyler, do you remember the last time we
made love? Because I don’t.” My best guess was that it had been six weeks or
more. Whenever it was, one thing I did know was that it had followed our usual
pattern: light foreplay, missionary position, straight to sleep. “I just feel
like lately we’ve been in sort of a slump. It’s just not enough. I know a lot
has been going on lately but we need to make more time for each other. I want
it to be a priority for us to be together. I feel it’s important to our
relationship; to our marriage. I’m not upsetting you, am I?”

He gave me a compassionate but firm
look. “Shay.  No man is ever going to be upset because his wife wants to have
more sex with him. Of course I’m not upset. I’m sorry if you’ve been feeling
neglected, it wasn’t intentional. You are my absolute number one priority.

“Well, there’s more …” I gulped and
talked a little bit faster. “I’ve been thinking lately that maybe I’d like to
try some new things. Like dirty stuff. Not that I don’t like being with you, I
just…I just want to go crazy with you. We’ve never had that, you know? I just
want to let loose and do naughty things to you.” I stopped, a little breathless
because I had blurted out everything all at once. A smile crept across his face
and his eyes brightened.

“Sounds good, baby.”

Wait. Was he serious? That was it?
He had answered so quickly it made me wonder,
was this something he had been
thinking about also?
There was one more question on my mind, may as well
just go on with it.  “So…about that. Is there anything you don’t want to do? I
mean, how far is too far? I just really don’t want to freak you out with
anything, I...” He stopped me with a single finger to my lips, still smiling
with his eyes boring into me.

“Do whatever you want to me. I’m up
for anything. If we decide we don’t like it, that’s fine. We can always stop.
But I want you to get everything you want. If you want dirty, then that’s what
you’ll get.” I smiled back at him, feeling relieved and intrigued. His hands
found mine and he just stood there for a moment, looking at me. First into my
eyes, then drifting slowly down my body.

I’m not a spectacle as he is. At
least, I don’t see myself that way, especially after having the kids.
Everything seemed to…spread out a bit. Even before the kids, though, I never
was a tiny, delicate thing. Although I take care of myself; eating right,
exercising and what not, I am what you’d consider plus size – size 18 to be
exact. I do have an hourglass figure, there’s just a bit more sand than I’d
prefer.  My hair is a dark blonde, though I keep it highlighted. My eyes, my
favorite part of my body, are a deep marbled blue.  I have fair, porcelain skin
with freckles scattered here and there over my cheeks, nose and shoulders.
Nothing special as far as I’m concerned. Tyler, however, has always seen
something special in me. He tells me I’m beautiful, and I can tell that he means
it. His eyes never wander, always happy with what he sees in me. I wish I could
see in myself what he does. But I am thrilled that he loves me, every inch of
me, and likes my body exactly as it is.

The sight of him looking my body up
and down, combined with the conversation we had just shared, excited me. It had
ignited something deep within me. I was free, then, to lose all abandon and do
with him as I wished. I didn’t have to worry about holding back, about it being
too much for him. I wanted to show him exactly what I could do for him, to him.
And I wanted to show him then and there. I knew, though, that the kids were
just in the other room and that it’d have to wait. Only a few more hours. I
managed to contain myself, and kissed him gently on the cheek. “Until tonight,
then.” As I was walking out of the room, I felt a quick, heavy slap on my ass.
I turned to look at him wide eyed, and he was simply smirking at me. Oh yes,
this was going to be good. And he was not going to make the wait easy.

The next few hours seemed to drag
on forever. Not only was the excitement building inside me, but so were the
fears. What exactly was I going to do? Lately I had picked up a habit of
reading dirty little romance novels. I marveled at the things in those books. I
used them almost like study guides; reading, researching, and coming up with
naughty fantasies I wanted to act out.  But I didn’t know if I would ever
actually bring myself to try them, and definitely never came up with a solid
plan. I’m a planner. Always have been, and probably always will be. I like to
plot scenarios out in my head before anything actually happens, but this was
proving difficult for me. I had never done anything like this before. I didn’t
want to look silly or be embarrassed or do something wrong. I finally just told
myself to push everything out of my mind, not to worry so much and to just take
it moment by moment. This was a new experience for both of us. If I wanted to
make this change in my life, I was going to have to change with it. I was going
to have to be bold. Wanton. Risqué. And I liked the sound of that.



Nightfall finally came. Even as we
were following our usual routine of getting our children to bed, there was a
spark of intensity in the air. We would accidentally brush against each other
in the hall, and just that little bit of contact sent a shock through me. It
electrified every nerve, every fiber of my being. I couldn’t remember the last
time I had longed for him this way. Been this eager to feel his touch.

 And now, at last, the house was
still and silent. While he was checking the house and locking the doors, I
slipped into our bedroom. I quickly stripped out of my clothes and threw them
in a jumbled pile in the floor. I laid down and waited on the bed. I’m not going
to lie. I was nervous. It seemed almost silly, as we had made love hundreds of
times before. But there was a sense of newness in the moment, which exhilarated
me and made my blood race. I heard our doorknob turn and my heart skipped a
beat. Tyler stepped inside our room, and closed the door behind him. The only
light upon him was the faint glow of a streetlight pouring in through our
lightly colored curtains. It danced beautifully against his silhouette. He looked
over my body, naked and trembling with anticipation. His tongue traced a smooth
line across his bottom lip. That sent a shudder down my spine, making my skin
tighten and tingle. My nipples contracted into taut beads, aching to be
touched. “Shay, you are so beautiful,” he whispered. I didn’t know what to say,
so I just remained quiet and let him look. “So beautiful. I want you so badly.”
He took off his shirt and threw it by our dresser. He started to unbutton his
jeans when I was finally able to speak up.

BOOK: Housewife Chronicles Volume 1 : Reignited (Erotic romance)
10.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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