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BOOK: How To Catch A Billionaire (The Full Series)


“Ok, so your dad’s parents.”


“Yeah.” His voice was low and we just stared into each other’s eyes.


“Ok, so do they work for Zoom as well?”


“My grandfather started the company but he and my dad are both retired now, though they do sit on the board.”


“I see.” I felt his hand running up and down my leg and I adjusted my position.


“So what else do you want to know?” He ran his hand up my inner thigh and I jumped up.


“Uhm, I wanted to show you another dance.”


He groaned and sat up. “Not another cheer?”


“No.” I smiled at him seductively. “This one I think you’ll like.” I walked over to my phone that was still stuck on the speaker and selected an Usher song. I danced in beat with the music over to him and felt a thrill of excitement as he gazed at me. He had changed as well and was just sitting in his boxers and from what I could tell, he was starting to get aroused, the bulge hardening in his boxers was telling the truth. I shimmied over to him and stopped in front of him.


I turned my back to him and started gyrating my hips back and forth pulling my t-shirt up and back down again. I peeked over my shoulder and saw him staring at me intently so then I turned around to face him. I crawled onto the couch and straddled him while continuing to dance. He was definitely turned on; I could feel the hardness of his cock against the wetness of my panties. I gyrated back and forth on him and swung my hair across his face and chest. I closed my eyes and pretended I was a stripper at an exclusive club in the backroom giving the lap dance of her life and started grinding into him hard. I heard him take a sharp intake of breath as I massaged my pussy against his cock and opened my eyes and smiled at him.


He gazed at me wordlessly and I decided to up the ante. I pulled my t-shirt off and threw it across the room, so that I was sitting on him only wearing my panties. My breasts brushed across his chest and I felt my nipples harden even more as they felt the warmth of his bare skin. I continued grinding against him and stretched a little so that I could rub my nipples against his face and lips. Harry opened his mouth and took one of my nipples between his teeth and nibbled on it. I threw my head back and closed my eyes once again. I could feel that I was about to come and I didn’t want to stop. His mouth continued sucking on my hard nipples and he reached his hands to my ass and squeezed.


I felt him slip a finger in-between my legs and he slipped it into my panties and rubbed on my sensitive clit. I increased my grinding then, as the feel of his cock on my pussy and his fingers against my clit was almost too much. I was so close to coming that I groaned when he stopped rubbing my clit. He changed his position slightly so that he had easier access to my panties. I felt him slip a finger in me and I felt myself come hard as he fingered me.


“Ooh,” I groaned as I shuddered on top of him. I opened my eyes and he was grinning at me.


“No fair. What about me?” He withdrew his fingers from my panties and I felt his hard cock once again pressed up against me.


“I told you no sex.” I grinned at him as he growled.


“I can come if you grind on me skin to skin,” he whispered into my ear.


“Really?” I looked at him curiously. “Hmm.”


He picked me up and carried me to his bedroom and I wriggled against him. “What are you doing?”


“It will be more comfortable for both of us on the bed.”


“I guess.” He plopped me down on the bed and pulled my panties off so that I was lying there naked. I watched as he pulled his boxers off and lay down next to me.


“You can start dancing again, Sarah.” He stared at me with glazed eyes full of lust and I watched as he stroked his magnificent hard cock.


“Fine.” I rolled over on top of him and felt my pussy get wet almost immediately. I looked down at him and started grinding against him. This was even more intense than before and I slid my pussy up and down his cock with fervor. He was so hard and his cock felt so delicious against me. As I slid on him, he reached up and played with my nipples and I moaned with desire.


“That’s it Sarah,” he growled at me. “Keep on going fast.”


I kept up my pace and slid back and forth on him quickly. We both groaned as the tip of his cock slid into me and then fell out as I slid back down. I wanted to feel him inside of me but there was no way I wanted him to know how badly I wanted to feel him deep in me.


“Oh Sarah.” Harry rolled over and got on top of me. He opened my legs wide and rubbed the tip of his cock directly on my clit. He then placed it at my opening and rubbed it back and forth in my juices and I wriggled on the bed beneath him. He then reached a finger down and stuck it in me and I opened my eyes and stared at him as I came again. He grinned at me and I lay there satiated from another orgasm when I felt him withdraw his finger. I groaned for a second but then felt him stick two fingers in me. I moaned in excitement, loving the feel of him in me, when I realized that his fingers felt very different. I looked down and saw that he had pushed his hard cock into me and I looked up at him and grinned. He grinned down at me and rammed the full length of his member into me and I wrapped my legs around his waist as he moved back and forth.


He reached down and grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulder and I screamed as his cock slammed into me harder and deeper than before. As I stared at him, his eyes glazed over and his body trembled before he pulled his cock out and came all over my clit and pussy. He collapsed back onto the bed and smiled at me. “Nice dance.”


“Nice waiting for me to beg.” I smiled at him sweetly and shrieked as he pulled me towards him for a kiss.


“Didn’t you know that a billionaire will say whatever he wants?” He caressed my back as he kissed my neck and I melted into him. “Now let me tell you more about my family.”


I lay back in his arms and listened to him talking. I closed my eyes to relax as he talked and within minutes I fell asleep.


Chapter 10


I woke up the next morning and Harry was staring at me with a smile on my face. I groaned as I remembered I had slept with him again and hadn’t even attempted to resist.


“What are you still doing here?” I stretched and looked at my watch. “Shouldn’t you be at work?”


“That’s the good thing about being the boss,” he grinned at me. “I can go in whenever I want.”


“I guess.” I closed my eyes to avoid his gaze. I was starting to feel funny looking at him.


“What about you? Don’t you have to be at work, young lady?” He tickled under my arms and I squirmed while I laughed.


“Very funny.” I glared at him. “My horrible overbearing boss fired me.”


“Oh well. That sucks for him.” His hand snaked over to my breast. “But works for me.”


“Oh no you don’t.” I rolled away from him. “I’m still tired from last night.”             


“You’re just being kind.” Harry laughed and kissed me before getting up. “Okay. Hop in the shower and then we can go to breakfast.”


“What?” I frowned at him. “You don’t have to take me to breakfast.”


“I want to.” He laughed at my look. “Unless you don’t want to.”


“I won’t say no to a free meal.” I grinned and curled up into his sheets. “Your bed is so comfortable. I love it.”


“That’s what they all say.”


“All the hundreds of women you bring home, you mean?” My voice was light but I felt hurt inside.


“Actually no.” He paused at the bedroom door and looked back at me. “I never let them stay the night. You’re the first one to enjoy the comfort of my sheets all by yourself.”


“No way.” I looked at him in shock and smiled. “I guess I’m special.”


“Well you are my fiancée.” He grinned and walked out of the room. “Now hop in the shower and get ready.”


“Yes, sire.” I lay back and closed my eyes and smiled. I felt comfortable and happy and I didn’t want to explore those feelings too deeply. “Okay, okay. I’m going.” I jumped out of the bed as Harry flicked me with water. He really was turning out to be someone I never would have guessed he was; someone I was finding very attractive and appealing.




“This is delicious.” I finished my omelet and sat back. “I think I just gained five lbs.” I laughed.


“I can help you work it off.”


“Yeah. You’d love to, I’m sure.” I grinned at him. “Thanks. I promise to take you out for a meal when I get my first paycheck.”


“Ok.” His eyes crinkled. “How would you feel about us leaving tomorrow?”


“But tomorrow’s Thursday?” I frowned. “I thought we were going for the weekend?”


“I figured we could go down earlier and get you better acquainted with my parents and grandparents before my two cousins come down on Saturday.”


“Oh.” I bit my lip. “I didn’t know your whole family was going to be there.”


“Well, not my whole family.” He grabbed my hand. “It’ll be fine.”


“I guess so.” I scratched my head. “I really hope so.”


“Bring some formal dresses with you as well.”


“What? Why?”


“We dress up for dinner.” He placed some cash on the table and stood up and we walked out of the diner. “You do have formal dresses, right?”


“I may have my prom dress with me.” I tried to remember if I had brought it with me. “And maybe another dress that would work. I’ll have to check in my closet.”


“We can go shopping if you need some stuff.”


“That’s ok.” I smiled at him. There was no way I was spending any of my $25,000 on some dresses I would never wear again.


“Are you sure?” He looked at me thoughtfully. “I thought women loved it when a man took them shopping.”


“I’m not Julia Roberts, you know.” I punched him in the arm. “I may be hot and fun but I’m not a hooker.” I saw the confusion in his face and laughed. “Pretty Woman? Hello.”


“Ok.” He rubbed his forehead. “I may regret asking this but what does Pretty Woman have to do with our conversation.”


“Remember when Richard Gere gives her a wad of cash so she can go to Rodeo Drive to buy a bunch of expensive clothes to impress his friends?”




“Well, it’s the same thing. You want me to get dolled up for your family. But you can’t buy me, Harry.” I threw my hands up in the air dramatically.


“I don’t want to be funny here Sarah, but aren’t I paying you $50,000 to play the role of my fiancée?”


“Whatever Harry. You do not get it.” I walked away from him and sighed. “Come on then, let’s go and buy me a dress.”


“I swear I can’t keep up with you, Sarah.” He grinned at me and followed me into a store.


“That’s likely because most of the women you date don’t have much upstairs.”

“You mean their tits?” He grinned.


“Their brains, pervert.”




I rolled my eyes at him and walked over to the dresses, looking for the most expensive ones I could find. Let him pay out the nose if that was what he wanted. I found some couture dresses by Dolce and Gabbana and grinned.


“Hey Harry, I found the dresses I want.”


He walked over to me and glanced at them. “Wow, that was quick. Are you sure?”


“Yup.” I grinned. This was kind of fun.


“Okay let’s get them.” We walked the two dresses to the cashier and he didn’t even bat an eyelash when the cashier asked him for $10,000. He just handed over his credit card and I felt like my whole point was lost.


“Now what do you want to do?” He grinned at me after I thanked him for the dresses.


“Let’s go back to my place. That way I can pack and you can get to know me a bit better.”


“That sounds good, Sarah Jane.”


“Bradley,” I growled.


“Yes, Sarah Jane?” He grinned at me mischievously.


“Nothing Bradley.” I smiled at him sweetly. “I just wish you were Bradley Cooper. I wonder what he’s like in bed.”


“I’ll get you for that,” he growled into my ear and I squealed as he patted my ass.

“Just wait until tonight.”


“Nothing’s going to happen tonight.”


“Sure.” He winked at me and we walked to his car casually. I was grinning like an idiot with my two new dresses, happy to be enjoying myself with this man.


Chapter 11


“You sure have a lot of clothes.” Harry sat at my desk as I packed my suitcase.


“Not as many as most girls.” I flung two pairs of jeans on the bed and looked for my leather pants. “Do you think I should bring some skirts as well?”


“We’re only going for four days Sarah, not four weeks.” Harry grinned at me. “So tell me all about yourself, Sarah Jane Smith.”


“Well there’s not much.” I plop down on my bed to take a break from packing. “I grew up near Miami, in a town called Coral Gables.”


“Nice.” He smiled at me. “You’re a sunshine baby.”


“Yeah.” I grinned at him. “My parents divorced when I was ten but they continued living together.”             


“After they got divorced?” Harry looked at me in surprise.


“Yup.” I nodded and grinned. “I’ve got a weird family.”


“So when did they start living apart? When you went to college?”

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