How To Catch A Billionaire (The Full Series) (20 page)


I looked at her in shock. “Oh wow, so he misunderstood?”


“Yes, he did. As he does reguarly. Harry doesn’t always think through everything before he acts—he’s a bit hotheaded.” She laughed. “But you can help take care of that.”


“Oh, I don’t know,” I started.


“I can see how in love you two are, it makes me very happy to see a woman like you adore my son.”


“Yes, I do adore him.” I sighed and looked at him laughing with his dad, his blue eyes sparkling.


“Shall we eat?” She linked arms with me and the four of us sat down at the table.


“A penny for your thoughts,” Harry whispered in my ear after we ordered a dish called saltfish.


“I was just thinking how beautiful it is here.” I gazed out at the pool and the coconut trees surrounding it. “It’s so peaceful.”


“A lot different from New York, huh?”


“Yes,” I murmured. “It’s like another world.”


“Being with you is liking being in another world.” Harry smiled at me tenderly.


“Is this the part where you want me to contact someone?” I joked. “Is it time for me to be a medium?”


“If you want.” He laughed.


“Yeah right. Your parents would think I’m crazy if I started channeling someone.” I grinned at him.


“I don’t care.”


“Yeah right.”


“Go ahead and see.” He winked at me.


“Ok.” I closed my eyes and starting humming loudly. “Uhm, uhm, uhm,” I sang out loudly and opened my eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Green were staring at me in surprise and I rolled my eyeballs. “I am looking for Rasta Ma Farian,” I spoke with a Jamaican accent, hoping that they wouldn’t notice it was different to the Trinidadian accent.


“Sorry what, Sarah?” Mr. Green leaned towards me with a frown.


“I am looking for Rasta Farian lala,” I sang again and Harry poked me.


“Excuse me, I thought you said Rasta Ma Farian before?”


“What?” I tried not to glare at him.


“Are you looking for Rasta Ma Farian or Rasta Farian lala?” He grinned.


“What’s going on here, Harry?” Mrs. Green looked at us puzzled.


“Sarah’s just practicing her acting.” Harry laughed.


“No, I am not. I’m channeling someone,” I interrupted in my own voice. “Oops.”


“Oh good job, dear.” Mrs. Green smiled at me.


“Thanks.” I glared at Harry.


“This is good a time as any, I think.” Harry grinned and cleared his throat. “I wanted to do this with my parents present because I think they thought this day would never come.” He paused and I looked at him in confusion. “Sarah Smith, I’ve never met a woman more quirky, kooky, or annoying. I’ve never met a woman so comfortable in her own skin, who makes me laugh, cry and frown.”


I felt my heart beating fast.
Oh shit,
I thought. He’s doing his fake proposal. He wants us to break up now, so he can go back to his true love Angelica. My mind blanked on the rest of his words as I tried not to cry and then he pulled the ring out of his pocket. And it was beautiful. A huge princess cut diamond with platinum gold. I loved it and I wanted to cry.


“Sarah Smith, will you do me the honor of marrying me?” Harry beamed at me and I burst into tears.


“No.” I jumped up and looked at his parents’ shocked faces. “No, no, no. It’s over,” I cried out and ran away from the table in tears. I looked back and saw the shock in Harry’s face and I thought to myself that maybe he was the one who should be an actor. He could certainly give me a run for my money. He played the devastated lover part well. I ran through the lobby of the hotel and waited by the elevator, unsure of where to go. I stood there crying and I felt his presence before he said a word.


“Sarah?” His tone was gentle and confused. “I think we need to talk.”


I looked up and saw Harry standing there with a concerned and loving look on his face. He looked manly and I just wanted him to hold me close to him.


“I have nothing to say.” I bit my lip. “I did what you wanted me to.”


“What?” He looked at me like I was crazy. “How did you just do what I wanted you to?”


“You wanted me to say no, so you could play the devastated boyfriend,” I cried out. “Well, now you can. And now you can run to Angelica’s arms.”


“Angelica?” He frowned. “Why would I run to her arms?”


“Because you love her,” I spat out in tears.


“Wait, what?” Harry stared down and me and then hit his hand to his forehead. “Oh my. Oh Sarah. You’ve got it all wrong.” He pulled me into his arms. “It’s you I love, you dope.”


“Wait, what?” I looked up at him through wet eyes. “You what?”


“Come, let’s go sit down.” He grabbed my hand and we went and sat next to the pool. “Oh Sarah!” He kissed me on the lips and I stared back at him in shock. “I love you, Sarah.”


“You do?” I frowned. “But you left me when I told you I loved you.”


He sighed and kissed my head. “Forgive me for that, my love.” He held my hands and stared into my eyes. “That night when we came back from my parents’, I didn’t want to leave you. I didn’t want to go back to my empty house. And then we made love and you smiled at me so sweetly and tenderly and you told me you loved me and I panicked.”


“Why?” I whispered, barely believing the words that were coming out of his mouth.


“Because I didn’t believe that a person as kind, and funny and beautiful as you could fall for me. I didn’t believe that I could be so lucky as to have found a forever love.”


“A forever love?” I smiled at him shyly.


“Yes, a forever love.” He gazed into my eyes. “A love like ours transcends time, it transcends life itself. A love like ours can be felt in the heavens. It makes the angels laugh and the devils cry. It makes the thunders roar and the rain weep. It makes the sun’s rays warm and the snowflakes melt. A love like ours is something that people search a lifetime for but never ever get. A love like ours is worth giving your life for.”


“Don’t give your life away.” I smiled at him breathless.


“Tell me Sarah. I need to hear the words,” he pleaded with me, grasping my hands to his heart.


“I love you, Harry Bradley Green.” I laughed with happiness. “I love you more than the stars in the sky, more than the fish in the ocean, more than the billions you have in the bank.”


“I know.” He grinned down at me and kissed me softly. “I know.”


“I thought you didn’t believe in love?”


“Angelica made me realize…” He started and I sighed.


“Angelica again? Can I never stop hearing about this woman?”


“Don’t you understand, Sarah? When she called me to ask for my advice as an old friend, I realized that what I felt for her when we were younger paled in comparison to what I feel for you. You are part of my soul, Sarah. You are part of me.”


I stared at him in amazement, wondering if I was dreaming.


“Everything I have is yours. I don’t want to be me without you.” He pulled me up and twirled me around. “I want to dance to no music, I want to sing along to crappy top 40 songs, talk to ghosts in restaurants, be a Prince from France and a Sultan from Bahrain.”


“You do?” I laughed up at him.


“No, not really.” He laughed as he picked me up. “All I really want is for you to tell me you will marry me and love me forever.”


“Oh Harry, I love you. I love you. Of course, I’ll marry you,” I cried out in happiness. He put me down and pulled me towards him and held me tight.


“I’m never going to let you go, Sarah Smith, never.” He stared at me with such intensity that I felt like my insides were going to burst with happiness.


“Not even when I go to the toilet?” I inquired smirking at him.


“Only you would say something like that, in a moment like this.” He laughed. “And that’s why I love you so much.”


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