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How You Touch Me

BOOK: How You Touch Me
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(The Sex Machine: Book 2)


Natalie Kristen

© 2013 Natalie Kristen


is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are
used fictitiously or are the products of the author's imagination.
Any resemblance to actual locales, events, establishments or persons,
living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Sophia's first
session with the sex machine has yielded unexpected but successful
results. As Julian monitors and watches Sophia, he finds it harder
and harder to deny his growing, burning desire for her. Everything
about her is just so right, so perfect. How much longer can he
resist her when it is painfully obvious that while Sophia is
stimulated by the machine, it is his touch that she craves?


Chapter One

I need you naked.”

The words came out almost as a growl, predatory and
possessive. Julian closed his eyes trying to force the image of
Sophia's naked body out of his mind. But it was no use. He saw her
with alarming, agonizing clarity on the back of his closed eyelids.
Sophia naked, her whole body quivering and blushing, her nipples hard
and erect and her sex tight and wet...he saw her moaning and writhing
beneath him, her legs spread wide as he moved in her...

With a gasp, he snapped his eyes open. What the hell
was he doing? He was driving himself insane. How could he want her
so badly? He shouldn't. He mustn't. She had signed the contract
and she was here, in his house, in his home laboratory, merely as a
test subject for his sex machine.

He should concentrate on taking her measurements. Just
weigh her, measure her, record the readings—treat her exactly
how he would treat any other subject or specimen. If only he could
keep his thoughts and feelings under control. This woman—oh
yes, she was one hundred percent woman, there was no doubt about
that—a woman who was so damn sweet. Those sweet lips would
probably taste like heaven.

Julian braced himself against the table. It was no use.
No matter how hard he tried to see her as a sexless specimen, her
body, her smile, her large, liquid eyes, her full lips...her every
perfection just screamed sex at him. He wanted her so badly, he was
afraid that the sight of her naked body might just undo him. He had
to get a grip on himself, and just pray that his fraying restraint
would hold.

Julian spun round at the small sound coming from behind
the translucent screen at the corner of the room. He could see her
silhouette against the screen and he saw that her arms had moved to
her back and she was undoing the clasp of her bra.

Desire flared in him and he had to grit his teeth and
turn away. Julian gripped the sides of the table so hard it felt
like either the table or his palms would splinter any second.

He forced a shuddering breath into his lungs. This was
all wrong. He should just be seeing her as a specimen, not a woman—a
woman who was so perfect, so soft, so vulnerable it awakened the
desire and protectiveness that had laid dormant in him for so long.
He had just cooked for her and watched her eat. It had made him
smile to see her devouring the pasta and licking her pretty lips in
contentment and appreciation. He just wanted to take care of her,
and make sure she was warm and safe and happy. It had been too long
since he had felt this way about anyone, any woman. He hadn't wanted
anyone in this way, for so long. Until now.

He could hear her moving behind the translucent screen,
and against his better judgment, he turned around to stare at her
slim silhouette. He watched her slip her panties down her long legs
and step shakily out of them. When she turned to the side, he could
see the beautiful outline of her curves, her round butt, her breasts
and her erect nipples. Pure lust coursed through his body and his
cock hardened painfully. He wanted her right now, ached to feel her
naked body against his. He wanted to feel how wet she was, to taste
her and bury himself deep inside her. He was burning up inside,
consumed with lust and deep, raging emotions that he had kept pent up
for far too long.

Julian took a step towards the screen, letting his eyes
hungrily take in the beautiful silhouette against the white screen
and imagining his hands and mouth of that warm body. He stopped just
in front of the screen, and the knowledge that she was just inches
away, separated from him by a flimsy screen, almost made him moan in
agony. It was almost too much to bear. He wanted to see her naked,
but he was afraid that he might lose control. As it was, he was
that close to losing his mind. Seeing her naked, but not touching
her—for how long can he deny and restrain himself?

He watched her hands move up to cup her breasts, as if
she was trying to cover or shield them from him. An instinctive
anger surged and his fists clenched at his side. He had to stop
himself from wrenching the screen aside and gripping her wrists to
pull her hands away from her breasts. He hated that she was trying
to hide from him, that she might feel embarrassed or scared of him.
She should never, ever hide from him.
Because you are mine
he wanted to growl.

He wanted her, needed her, hungered for her. He wanted
her body, naked and quivering, for his eyes, his hands, his lips. He
wanted to be deep inside her, feeling her writhe and come beneath
him. He wanted her to be his, completely. Fighting the rampaging
lust which was threatening to consume him, he bent towards the screen
and whispered, “Are you ready, Sophia?”

He heard her inhale sharply. “Y-yes.”

Slowly stretching out his arm, Julian tensed and eased
the screen to the side. He caught sight of her face, lowered and
blushing, and so damn pretty. She stood fully exposed before him,
and his eyes devoured every inch of her body. He stared down the
slim column of her throat, her shoulders, the heaving swell of her
breasts and the curve of her tiny waist. The ache in his cock grew
as he stared at her pert, erect nipples. His eyes raked downwards
and lingered on the mound between her long, toned legs. God, how he
wanted to wrap those luscious legs around his waist and bury himself
deep and hard in her right now...

Julian grabbed a pen off a side table to distract
himself. The supreme, steely effort it took for him to turn away and
grit out the words almost killed him. “Would you...would you
please stand on the scale?” He indicated the weighing scale
with the pen, almost snapping the hapless pen in half. His breathing
had become highly erratic and he felt like he was about to explode or
go insane with lust.

His eyes followed her as she stepped up to the weighing
scale with a light toss of her head. Julian kept his back to her,
his fists bearing down on the table. Was she even aware of what she
was doing to him?


Oh God, her voice, her sweet, sultry voice. He almost
came undone at the sound of his name on her lips. He longed to hear
her scream his name as he made her come, again and again.

Forcing the scorching images out of his head, he whipped
around and strode to the scale. He circled her, seeing her chest
rise and fall with her rapid breathing, and stood behind her. He
closed his eyes briefly at the scent of her. She was so close, so
warm, so soft. His hand hovered between her legs, as he struggled
against the urge to cup her hot, wet sex in his hand. Swallowing
hard, he noted the reading on the scale, as he struggled to keep his
voice steady. “A hundred and twenty-six pounds.” He
took a quick breath. “Can I take your height?”

As Sophia stood against the chart on the wall, Julian
stepped towards her to read her height. His chin touched her
forehead and his hands shook with the effort not to grab her. “Five
feet five.” His handwriting was almost illegible as he
scrawled the readings onto the form on his clipboard.

Shakily, he turned away and yanked a drawer open with so
much force he almost tore it right out of the table. Extracting a
tape measure, he commanded, “Come here, Sophia.”

Her eyes widened but she complied. Julian wrapped his
arms around her waist, savoring the feel of her bare skin. He
circled her waist slowly with the tape measure, letting his eyes roam
over her flat stomach and further south. He pulled her close, so
close he could feel her fluttering eyelashes against his chin. “Your
waist is so small,” he whispered.

Dragging the tape measure slowly up her body, he wrapped
it securely round her bosom. Her puckered nipples brushed against
the back of his fingers, and this time, he couldn't resist. He
grabbed one nipple between his fingers and tugged at it. She arched
her back and his other hand moved in circles against her breast. He
could feel her nipple hardening and lengthening against his palm, and
he rubbed harder and faster. “Oh, Sophia,” he whispered,
lowering his lips to her throat.

She moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck. “Julian,

He began to thumb her nipples, and her arousal drove him
wild. “Sophia, you are perfect, so perfect...” he
murmured. “You have no idea...” God, what he wouldn't
give right now to put his mouth to her beautiful breasts and suck her
hard. He wanted to nip her nipples between his teeth, and suckle her
until she begged him to fuck her. It was killing him. He had to
stop. Right now.

He dropped his hands to his side and stepped away from
her. The ache he felt at not having her in his arms was so acute, it
was almost like a knife slashing through every fiber in his body.
His erection strained against the crotch of his pants, throbbing
painfully, but there was nothing he could do about that right now.
He closed his eyes. He should not have taken things so far. Why?
Why the hell had he touched her? He should have known better. Why
touch her when he couldn't take her?

Sophia was standing there, her eyes brimming with hurt
and confusion. Julian hated himself. He had held her, wanted her,
aroused her, and then dropped her just like that. The last thing he
wanted was for her to feel humiliated and rejected.

Before he could speak, Sophia blurted out, “Let's
just do the experiment now and get it over and done with! That's it,
isn't it? You can't have me, because you're saving me for your sex
machine. So let's do it. Now. Let me test the machine right now!
If it can bring me to orgasm, so much the better. I so need that
right now. You might deny your urges, but your body doesn't lie,

Her words were like a stinging slap to his face. He
glanced down at the fierce bulge in his pants and cursed under his
breath. He had to get a hold of himself. But just having Sophia in
the same room—he would never get his erection under control.

It's late...” he mumbled at last.

Why? It is a sex machine, right? It is never too
late for sex. Is there a stipulated time for sex, for a woman to

N-no. No, that is not what I meant. I just

Don't think, Julian. Just do it.”

The sexual innuendo in her words hit him like a bolt of
electricity, traveling straight to his cock. Shit. His erection
flared even stronger.

Despite the torture she was putting him through, he
smiled. This woman turned him on so much. “Oh I will. Just
not now. Not yet.”
But soon.

To his surprise, Sophia looked straight up at him and
answered, “I don't want to wait, Dr. James. Let's see if your
machine can make me come—since you won't.”

Julian muttered a curse. She was making it so damn
hard. But if this was how she wanted it—“Fine.”

His breathing and heartbeat quickening, Julian strode
over to the sex machine. Staring at the white sheet covering the
machine, he wavered for a moment. Should he go through with it? Was
this how her first experience with the sex machine should be? Would
the results be accurate? Was she ready? Was

He would have to watch her being stimulated and aroused,
and monitor all her responses, physical, psychological,
physiological. He would have to watch her orgasm, as a scientist, a
doctor, and not a man. The man wanted to fuck her; the scientist
wanted to observe her. This experiment was going to break him in
two, but he asked for it, didn't he?

BOOK: How You Touch Me
3.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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