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Illusions of Love

The Complete Series

Ella Price


This book is a work of fiction, and does not
represent real events. Characters, names, places, and incidents are works of
the authors imagination and do not depict any real event, or person living or dead.

Copyright © 2014 by Ella Price

All rights reserved

No part of this book may be reproduced, scanned, or
distributed in any printed or electronic form.

First Edition: April 2014





Memories: Volume 1

Present Day….

sat at my desk in my new office. Everything had just been moved in and I was
going to start unpacking. I had finally made detective and it felt good. I was
now officially a member of vice. I had worked extremely hard to get here. I
started out low man on the totem pole, just a beat cop and now I had my dream

stood up and opened one of the boxes on my desk. I hesitated when I saw the
small platinum wedding band. I picked it up and all the memories from the time
leading up to me receiving that ring came rushing back. I had come a long way
from the girl I was then. I was young, naïve and lovesick. Like most bad
memories they involved a boy. His name was Cole Davis, and he broke my heart. I
thought Cole was the one, when I found out he wasn’t I ran. When I arrived in
the city I had no clue what to do. I decided to follow in my uncle’s footsteps
and go into law enforcement. It had almost been six years now, and it seemed
like much longer. The girl I was back then was a completely different girl then
I was now.

opened my desk drawer and put the ring inside. I closed the drawer pushing the
memory away. I wasn’t the girl I was in that life, not anymore…

Six Years Earlier….

was the holidays and I wanted to go home since my mother was off on a cruise with
her newest boyfriend. My Uncle Mike lived in Pine Hollow. That didn’t seem like
much of a reason to come home, but he was my only family other than my mother.
I graduated high school in the spring and I haven’t chosen a college yet. I had
no clue what I wanted to do. I was hoping coming home would help me decide. I
passed the sign with the mayor’s picture on it and my chest tightened. Every
time I saw his picture I saw myself. It was never confirmed by my mother or
him, but I was sure I was his daughter. I was just told I didn’t have a father
and that was supposed to be enough. Mayor Michaels was married and he had
children. One was older than me, which was why it would be such a scandal
especially for such a small town like Pine Hollow.

pushed the thought away as I pulled into my uncle’s driveway. He was the town
sheriff and his patrol truck was in the driveway. As soon as I parked he came
out of the house. I got out and smiled as he hugged me.

has been so long,” he said happily. “Look at you, you are beautiful. Look at
your hair,” he said touching my thick, dark red curls.

know, I’m all grown up,” I said smiling.

in, it is cold,” he said ushering me inside. There was a thick blanket of snow
on the ground and more was falling. It was definitely a beautiful place. I
followed him inside and he walked to the kitchen. He had a large house for just
himself. He put a cup of coffee in front of me. “So how is your mother?” he
asked smiling.

sighed. “She’s mom, you know her. She’s off on a cruise with Ralph or Rick, I’m
not really sure,” I said smiling.

rolled his eyes. “I used to say she would settle down, but I am not so sure
anymore. How about you any boys in your life?”

smiled and shook my head. “Nah I try not to pay too much attention to them. Mom
does it enough for the both of us,” I said amused.

laughed. “Well Cole is single. All the girls are clamoring,” he said jokingly.

scoffed. “Cole is way out of my league and I doubt his parents would take
kindly to him dating me.” Cole was every girl’s dream guy. He was gorgeous,
rich, and mean. He was the bad boy growing up. He was four years older than me,
which meant he was twenty two now. My mother and his mother hated each other so
that hate was automatically transferred to me. He wasn’t allowed near me when I
was younger, but I still had a crush on him like every other girl. I got picked
on when I was a teenager and my favorite memory was when he stepped in and
chased the kids off and walked me home. He caught hell for it and so did I, but
he did it anyway.

you haven’t looked in the mirror. You have blossomed into a beautiful woman,”
he said grinning.

was right I was definitely better looking than I was when I was young. My hair
had darkened so it was the color of dark red wine. It was thick red curls
instead of a frizzy mess, my skin was flawless and pale, and my eyes were a
dark green. My breasts and ass had also been nice enough to come in. I was
literally the story of the ugly duckling. “I am still not Cole caliber,” I

are too good for Cole anyway. There are plenty of nice boys here. The Atkins
brothers are on winter break. You guys always got along.” I thought it was
amusing that he was trying to set me up. I knew he wanted me to stay, but I
wasn’t sure if I wanted to. The family history here was really too much at

am sure. Are they still doing the tree lighting tonight?” I asked changing the
subject. I loved the tree lighting. The town decorated a giant Christmas tree
in the center of town near the pond and lit it up. It was beautiful and I loved
going and ice skating and watching the tree lighting.

nodded. “Why don’t you go upstairs and get some rest and get settled. We will
go up there around seven.”

will do that. Do I get my old room?” I asked as I grabbed my bags.

nodded and I hurried upstairs. The place was the same as I remembered it. My
mother and I lived here with Mike for the longest time, until mom decided to


the car on the way to the tree lighting I could barely contain my excitement.
Uncle Mike was in uniform. He would be working so I would be pretty much on my
own. After a few minutes he parked in front of the sheriff’s office which
wasn’t far at all from the center of town.

was dressed for walking. I wore jeans, a black v neck sweater, and black boots
with a two inch heel. I also brought my coat because it was cold. I climbed out
of the truck and walked over to my uncle.

will be down shortly, go ahead without me,” Mike said and smiled.

nodded and waved then turned and walked toward the town center. I got a few
curious looks from people I recognized, but I wasn’t so sure they recognized
me. I kind of went unnoticed to the adults as a young teenager. I was bait for
all the popular kids. I looked up at the gazebo where the town’s wealthiest
families stood. Mayor Michaels was there with his wife and mother. They both
hated my family, for good reason I guess.  His three children were there as
well. Lana was his oldest and she was my arch enemy and possibly my half-sister.
She was older than me and most of the time I got picked on was because of her.
The other two were younger than me so I didn’t know much about them.

family, the Davis’s, always stood with the Michael’s family. My eyes fell on
Cole and he still looked as good now, if not better than he did when I was
younger. He was tall and brooding. His black hair was longer and it fell across
his forehead. It was unruly but gorgeous and it framed his dark blue eyes
perfectly. He looked just as tone as he always did. He was wearing his usual
dark jeans and a leather jacket. Lana put her arm through Cole’s and he looked
down at her. I looked away. I didn’t want to see them together. Uncle Mike said
Cole was single, but that didn’t mean anything. I knew Lana had been after him
forever just like every other girl. She was the high school cheerleader, I was
the nerd.

looked toward the Christmas tree. It was beautiful and I was excited to see it
lit up.

Katie Winters, now this is a shock,” a playful male voice said.

turned and was face to face with Jack Adkins. He was only two years older than
me. He and his brother James were really the only two guys that were nice to
me. Jack was the better looking of the two. He had sandy blond hair and brown
eyes. He had the boy next door look. I wasn’t sure if he remembered it, but he
was my first kiss. He was drunk and he kissed me thinking I was Patty Carlton
his girlfriend at the time, who also had red hair. “Jack,” I said excitedly and
hugged him.

laughed. “Oh my god you have boobs,” he said pulling me back and looking at my
chest. “You have awesome boobs.”

rolled my eyes. “How are you? Where is James?”

am good and James will be here soon. You look better than awesome where have
you been?” he asked grinning.

shrugged. “Moving around. You know my mom. How long will you be here for?”

after New Year’s then it is back to school,” he said and smiled.

what are you studying?” I knew Jack was smart. He helped me make it through

am going for my degree in engineering. I am not sure of my focus area though.
What about you are you in college?”

shook my head. “I may go next year I haven’t exactly decided.”

you are,” a female voice said catching my attention. She came up and put her
arm around Jack. “Who is your friend?” She sounded polite, but I could hear the
hint of jealousy in her voice.

this is an old high school friend Katie. Katie this is my girlfriend Becky,”
Jack said grinning.

nice to meet you,” I said offering my hand.

smiled and accepted it like she was relaxing because I was showing her I was
not a threat. Jack was a great guy, but I wasn’t into him like that. “Nice to
meet you to. Jack has so many friends it is hard to keep up.”

nodded. “I better go find Mike, they should be starting soon,” I said trying to
find an excuse to get away from the awkward situation. Besides I wanted a
cigarette and there was no way I was going to smoke in front of Uncle Mike or
anyone that knew him. He would kill me.

moved away from the crowd and stepped down an alley between two buildings where
I would be alone. I lit a cigarette and closed my eyes as I leaned against the

is a terrible habit,” a male voice said sounding amused.

eyes flew opened and I stood up straight startled. It was Cole and I had no
clue what to say. He took my cigarette and I thought he was going to toss it,
but he took a drag off it. I smiled. “I didn’t know you smoked,” I said amused.

don’t, unless of course you want your secret shared,” he threatened.

shook my head and got another cigarette out since he stole my first one. “My
Uncle would chain me somewhere until he was sure I was over my addiction.
Besides I think your mother would skin you if you mentioned being anywhere near
me,” I said amused.

could see that,” he said as he looked me over. “You look good where have you
been?” His eyes seemed to stray from my eyes to my breasts then back. He didn’t
even really hide the fact that he was looking. Most girls wanted him to look.

shrugged and leaned back against the wall. “I moved with my mother. She is on a
cruise with her latest boyfriend so I came home,” I said quietly.

daddy dearest claiming you yet?” he asked smiling. He had an amazing smile. I
knew he was talking about Mayor Michaels, but I played dumb.

scoffed. “I don’t have a father,” I said softly as I took another drag off my
cigarette. He made me nervous and I was trying not to show it.

laughed. “I am pretty sure your mom knew Mayor Michaels around the time you
were conceived. I’m also pretty sure that is why my mom hates your family you
know Sarah Michaels and my mother are best friends and all.”

looked at him and smiled. “That’s the rumor, but it was never confirmed.”

look just like him. You look more like him then the kids he claims,” he said

what have you been up to?” I asked changing the subject. I was surprised he
even spoke to me let alone continued to talk to me.

shrugged. “I’ve been working with my dad in the family business, and you know
still living in this god forsaken town.” He didn’t sound happy at all about it.

not so bad here,” I said softly as I stomped my cigarette butt out.

put his out and smiled. “It just got a little better,” he said playfully then
turned and walked back toward the town center.

words made me a little giddy, but I tried not to put too much thought into it.
I knew he was just playing. He was way out of my league, plus his parents would
not approve. I walked back toward the Christmas tree. I spotted Uncle Mike and
I hurried over to him.

where did you go?” he asked looking concerned.

was talking to Jack. I saw him and his girlfriend,” I said smiling. I didn’t
completely lie, but I didn’t tell him the whole truth either. He nodded and
walked off again.  I looked back toward the gazebo and Cole was watching me. I
looked away, I didn’t want to put too much thought into the attention he was
giving me. Cole was nothing but heartbreak and I knew it.

tree lit up and everyone cheered including me. I loved it, it was beautiful.
Uncle Mike hurried over to me. “I have to go out to a call, can you get home?”

nodded. “I’ll be fine go,” I said waving him off.

nodded and hurried toward his truck. Once the tree was lit I didn’t have much
else to do so I started my trek home. It wasn’t far from where I was and I
could easily get there in twenty minutes. Once I was clear of the main part of
town I lit a cigarette to distract myself. It was cold, but it wasn’t terrible.
The snow started falling again. I heard a vehicle approach. I hid the cigarette
behind my back and turned to see who was approaching. This road didn’t get much
traffic. A brand new black Chevy stopped near me and the window rolled down. It
was Cole and I smiled in relief then brought my cigarette back up.

shouldn’t scare people like that,” I chided.

should let me give you a ride,” he countered.

the thing is I was taught not to take rides or candy from strangers,” I said

am technically not a stranger. I don’t have candy, but I do have something you
can suck on if you want,” he said suggestively.

giggled. “Oh my god you are a pervert.”

in the truck,” he ordered playfully and opened his door.

the passenger door broken?” I asked amused.

want your boobs in my face and your ass in my lap so yes it is broken,” he said

sighed and got rid of the cigarette butt; then I climbed up into the truck. I
straddled his lap and he wasn’t giving me much room. “You have so much cleavage
now I can bury my face in your tits,” he said as he buried his face in by
breasts. His hands were on my ass. He was taking advantage of the situation.

was giggling and swatting him as I attempted to get in the passenger seat. “Get
your face out of my boobs and your hands off my ass,” I squealed as I fell into
the passenger seat.

grinned at me and shut his door. His hair was messy and he looked like he was
actually having fun. “You want to go to the lake?” he asked suggestively. The
lake was the high school make out point. I never had a boyfriend to go to the
lake with.

is a ton of snow how will you get to it?” I was not completely opposed to the

I will get to it if you agree to put out,” he said grinning like a small boy.

rolled my eyes. “There is a chance I will put out, if you are nice,” I

alright I will go with that,” he said as he put the truck in gear and did a u
turn. He turned down a side rode that was not paved.

is a brand new truck and you are going to risk damaging it for a piece of ass?”
I asked as I held on while he drove through the rough terrain.

has been one of those days,” he said as he glanced at me. His eyes went to my
chest again and I rolled my eyes. He just grinned.

finally came to a clearing and parked. Of course we were the only ones here. No
one in their right mind would come out here in the middle of winter with as
much snow as there was.

pounced on me and pressed his mouth to mine. I was stunned at first. His mouth tasted
sweet and the scent of his cologne was all I could smell. I felt his erection
forming as he pressed his hips into me. I giggled and yelped in surprise when
he pulled the lever on my seat and it reclined back. “Let’s get this off,” he
growled and peeled my coat off. He tossed it in the back seat. His mouth was on
my neck and I felt the butterflies fill my stomach. I had never messed with
boys. If I went through with this he would be my first. I had waited so long, I
wasn’t sure if I was ready to just give it away to him when I knew he wasn’t
serious about me. I decided to just go with it and see what happened. I peeled
his sweater off and he had nothing underneath. His chest was perfect. I ran my
hands over his chest and I wondered how many girls got to look up at him like

smile and pressed his mouth to mine. His tongue was back to exploring my mouth
and I was trying to keep up. He pulled my sweater off and tossed it in the back
seat. He kissed the tops of my breasts. “You have great tits,” he whispered.

giggled as I reached around and unhooked my bra. I peeled it off and tossed it
aside. He looked down at my bare breasts and his eyes darkened. He looked back
up at me then buried his face between my breasts making me giggle. His mouth
was suddenly on my nipple. He sucked and rolled it between his teeth. My
breathing picked up as I felt my panties moisten with excitement. All the
feelings were new to me. I arched my back and whimpered as pleasure rushed over
me when he began his assault on my opposite breast. His mouth was on mine again
and I felt him rock hard and ready as his cock pressed against me through his

need you to do something baby. You either need to lose you jeans or show me how
well you can suck on a lollipop.” His voice was both excited and amused.

better taste like watermelon,” I said testily as I popped the button on his

shoved the center armrest up and laid partially across the driver’s seat. His
hard cock sprang free and he groaned when I took his cock in my hand. I covered
his hard cock with my mouth and he moaned in appreciation. I wasn’t sure what I
was doing, but I had seen it on TV and heard about it. I just did whatever he
seemed to like the most. He was big and I pushed him all the way to the back of
my throat. He was moaning in ecstasy. His fingers were tangled in my hair as he
encouraged me forcing himself deeper. He cried out and warm salty fluid filled
my mouth. I swallowed enjoying how he bucked against me as I sucked him until
he was only partially erect. He pushed me against the door and pressed his
mouth to mine. “That was fucking awesome,” he whispered.

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