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Just as he had ignored her demands that he stop when the pleasure became too great, she turned a deaf ear to his. The veins rose to the surface of Blake’s cock. Analeigh traced each one with her tongue. She cupped the base of his cock and pumped her hand up and down his length. Her dark tresses became entangled in Blake’s fists.

Analeigh felt him tense. After a few strokes, he exploded in her mouth. She leaned away from him. While he regained his composure, she turned her attention back to the screen, just as the movie attendant was making rounds with a flashlight. Blake cursed. With his cock now back in his pants, he stood and grabbed Analeigh’s hand.

“Let’s get the hell out of here,” he growled.

Back at home, Analeigh gripped the headboard for balance. Her thighs straddled Blake’s head while his tongue moved in and out of her pussy with such precision that she saw stars. She rocked back and forth against his soft, wet muscle. When her climax rippled through her body, she shuddered and reached between her legs to touch Blake’s moist forehead. Her man was working up a sweat. That was okay because she would repay him later.

Blake’s thick fingers parted her ass. He lightly drummed them against the opening of her anal cavity. A gasp escaped her. Now he was just playing with her. He knew that was on her fantasy list. Analeigh bit her lip when a second orgasm surged through her body. She pounded the dark gray wall with her fist. For sure her neighbors felt the vibration on their side of the wall, but she didn’t care.

The mattress moved as he crawled out from between her legs. Blake licked her back door opening. Analeigh trembled as he teased her, first with his tongue, then with the tip of his massive cock. A squeal lodged in her throat. Was he going to do it? Because she wanted him to. He pressed his lips against her shoulder blades. The nape of her neck.

“You want it in, don’t you,” Blake said. His accent sent a shiver down her spine.

“Oh God. Yes.”

With a chuckle, Blake stroked her tight flesh. The tip of his cock massaged her opening. Analeigh closed her eyes. She bent at her waist and dug her nails into the soft pillow beneath her. Could she take him all the way in? Not like this, she realized. Not without lube. When she glanced over her shoulder, Blake had moved from her line of sight. He pulled a white tube from the nightstand drawer.

“Are you sure?” Blake asked.

She quivered while she watched him smear the lube on his hard cock. Blake then smeared the cool, odorless gel on her hot flesh. Unable to speak, she simply nodded.

“Say it,” he commanded as he positioned himself behind her. “I want you to say it.”

“Fuck me.”

He smacked her ass. She flinched. Not because it stung, but because his hot hand on her flesh caused her pussy to erupt in a miniorgasm.

“Say it,” he ordered.

“Fuck me in my ass.”

Blake stroked her muscle. Analeigh winced when the tip of his finger broke the surface. She fought with her body to not rock against his finger. But she wanted more. He removed his finger and rubbed the tip of his cock against her. Just as she braced herself for him, Blake’s phone rang. It wasn’t his personal phone, she knew by the ringtone, but the one he used for business.

“Don’t answer it,” Analeigh begged.

“I’m not.”

But his phone wouldn’t stop ringing. Blake cursed. He rolled off the bed, grabbed his phone from the nightstand and stomped into the bathroom. Analeigh lay on her back. She tried to listen to his conversation, but Blake had turned on the water. With a sigh, she looked down at her nude body. Her dark nipples were rigid. While she waited for his return, she played with them.

A few minutes later, Blake emerged from the bathroom. He dried his cock with a towel as he made his way to the bed. With a smirk, he pushed her thighs apart and climbed on top of her. As he bent to kiss her, she noticed his breath was scented with the arctic ice mouthwash he always used.

Analeigh moaned as his cock pushed into her, expanding her pussy to accommodate him. She gripped his shoulders and ran her tongue against his.

“I’m sorry, love,” Blake whispered against her forehead. “It was work.”

“You’re not leaving, are you?”

When Blake didn’t answer, but increased the depth of his thrusts, Analeigh panicked.

“But you just got back,” she protested.

“I know.”

Analeigh paused to let her orgasm consume her and then asked. “Where?”

“Addis Ababa.”

She stopped moving. Blake’s gaze locked with hers, before he glanced away.

“You’re kidding.”

“Darling, I wish I was.”

“Why the fuck are you going to the capital of Ethiopia?” Analeigh asked, her voice rising with each syllable.


“Complicated, my ass. What kind of lawyer needs to go to Africa?”

Blake lifted her hips. He shoved his cock all the way inside of her until the base of his shaft rested against her opening. Analeigh sighed. She almost swallowed her tongue, but she was still too angry with him to enjoy the sensation. This time, he locked his gaze on hers and didn’t look away.

“Analeigh,” he said. “I’ve explained before that I have to go to some undesirable places because of the people that hire me.”

“I know. But—”

Cupping her cheek, he traced her quivering bottom lip with his thumb.

“You have to trust me, love. I promise, I’ll always come back to you in one piece.”

Before she could reply, Blake captured her mouth in a long, passionate kiss. His lips, and cock, squashed all the fight she had within her. Analeigh yielded to his mouth, his body. For now, she would let the subject drop. But one day soon, she and Blake were going to have a conversation about what he really did for a living.











Chapter Ten


Addis Ababa…Three days later


The desert sun beat down on the back of Blake’s neck. He swiped away beads of sweat with his hand. What he wouldn’t give for a nice cold beer right now. But they were in the middle of a barren landscape and there was no bar in sight. Or within a hundred miles, for that matter. His black T-shirt stick to his torso as he lifted the binoculars to his eyes to check for the target’s motorcade. It was still a no-show. Duncan lowered his rocket launcher and shook his head.

“Six months in, and you’re already pussy whipped,” Duncan chided in his Australian accent.

Blake grimaced. “You don’t get it.”

“Oh, I get it. I just don’t get attached to it.”

“One day you will, my friend.”

He looked at the man he’d worked beside for many years and knew like the back of his hand. A look of longing flashed on Duncan’s face. It was an emotion Blake had never seen before on his friend’s face. Something had happened to him. Blake thought of how strangely he and Brooklyn had acted during the Dublin trip. On the flight back, they barely said two words to each other, but exchanged glances many times. What happened between them? Duncan caught Blake staring at him and cleared his throat.

“Fuck you,” Duncan said.

Blake chuckled. As he stood from his crouching position next to their Jeep, his thoughts turned to Analeigh. His beautiful girlfriend had been on his mind since he’d sneaked out of the house in the middle of the night to catch his flight here. Analeigh was smart and was beginning to pick up on the fact that his career wasn’t all that he’d led her to believe.

A picture of her shimmering chocolate skin, haunting dark eyes, and long raven hair flashed in his mind. This was not good. It was too dangerous for an assassin to be in love. And Blake knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he was in love with her.

“You’re really going to tell her about this?” Hunter asked.

Blake sighed and glanced at his friend. “I have no choice. I hate lying to her.”

“What then, mate? Do you expect her to keep letting you kill people for a living?”


“At least Sarah got it because she was one of us. This one is a civilian. She won’t understand.”

Blake pressed his lips together. He hated how right Duncan was and therefore couldn’t rebuff him. It was the same argument that had plagued him since he and Analeigh met.

A disturbance in the atmosphere caught Blake’s attention. Dust floated in the air, followed by the crunching of tires. Blake raised the binoculars to his eyes. A motorcade of three dark Hummers with diplomatic flags appeared on the horizon.

“Incoming,” Blake hissed.

Instantly Blake was all business. Their mission was to stop the caravan, which contained an extremist leader, and leave no survivors. On Blake’s signal, Duncan quickly raised the weapon he held and pulled the trigger. The missile entered the grille of the first car, causing it and the second car to explode. The third SUV screeched to a halt. There were only three guards in that one. Not wanting to waste another missile, Blake motioned for them to take care of them by hand.

“You’re really going to tell her about this?” Duncan asked as they climbed into their Jeep and headed for the carnage.

“I don’t know. Speaking of which, you’re invited to dinner.”

In no time, they had crossed the football pitch length of landscape that separated them from the terrorists. Turning the wheel sharply, he braked beside the confused men and took out two with his AK-47 while Duncan took care of the third.

“Dinner, eh?” Duncan said.

“Yep. She wants to meet you.”

Together, they checked the wreckage. Blake pulled out his phone and took pictures to send to his commander as confirmation. It wasn’t a bad way to earn ten million dollars, but maybe it was time to hang up this life. Especially since he promised Analeigh he’d always come home to her in one piece. Some days it didn’t feel like that was going to be possible.

“Can she cook?” Duncan asked.

With a smirk, Blake got back in the Jeep and put the car in gear. “She’s the best.”

Duncan quickly climbed in beside him. “It’s been ages since I’ve had a home-cooked meal. Might be fun.”

Blake drove away from the scene. The high desert winds would cover any tire tracks that his jeep might leave in the sand. Their base camp was at least thirty miles away. The way he drove, he’d have them there by sundown. Yet his mind was already thousands of miles away in Virginia where Analeigh would be starting her new semester of classes tonight. Would a theology professor understand that his job was to kill the “bad people” that the world governments viewed to be too dangerous to exist? Maybe it was in everyone’s best interests if he kept his mouth shut and just got his damn law degree on the sly.

“Have you thought about what you’re going to do when this all ends?” Blake asked Duncan.

“Every day. I’d go somewhere with a beach and build a shack. You?”

“It’s crossed my mind on occasion, but I never really planned for it.”

“You really didn’t need to. Until now, your reason for living was finding Ian Halliday and gutting him like a fish.”

Ian Halliday was a rogue agent who the agency had been targeting for years. He was responsible for Sarah’s death. It had been a trap. Ian had been after Blake. And it was Blake who was supposed to go on that mission, but he’d been reassigned at the last minute so Sarah had gone in his stead. Ian had been doing the same thing that Blake was doing now. Living in plain sight in the hopes that his enemy would come after him. And once Ian did, all bets were off.

“Can I bring a date?” Duncan asked, his voice piercing Blake’s thoughts.

Blake raised his eyebrow. “Brooklyn?”

He nodded. “I don’t want to be a third wheel. Anyway, she wanted to meet your girl. She keeps asking me about her.”

“What exactly is going on between you two?”

Duncan sighed. “There’s not enough minutes in that.”

When he offered nothing more, Blake decided not to push him. He understood all too well the state his best friend was in. What kind of life could he give Analeigh? Maybe it was better to end things before they got too invested. Silence filled the jeep as it sliced through the desert sand toward an uncertain future.











Chapter Eleven


Washington D.C.…The next day


Analeigh finally looked up from her textbooks. With a yawn, she stood and stretched to release the knot in her back. When her stomach rumbled with hunger, she realized that she hadn’t eaten. She’d spent much of that Saturday preparing her lesson plans for the week. But instead of making a beeline to her kitchen, she strolled to the window. The sky was beginning to turn dark and the warm air gave way to a cool breeze. It was on nights like this that she missed Blake. It was Labor Day weekend and she had hoped to spend some of it with him. She turned away from the window and wandered into her small kitchen to fix herself a snack.

Suddenly, she began to question if Blake was telling her the truth. Really, there was no basis for her to doubt him. Only his sudden and long trips away seemed odd. Other than that, he was always honest with her. Perhaps she’d been watching the ID channel too much where almost every show featured a man who was lying and cheating on his spouse. She laughed as she carried her sandwich and drink back to her dining room table that was now her makeshift office. The thought to Google him popped into her head but she shook it off. Her fear was that the search might reveal something she didn’t like or proof that he’d been lying to her.

All the more reason to do it.

Analeigh wiped her hands on her napkin, then reached for her laptop. After accessing the Internet, she entered his name in the home page’s search bar. A website for his law firm was listed along with a company that would send her his contact information for a fee. She clicked on the link for his law firm, and pulled up a basic page that listed a history of the firm. The site explained that Blake specialized in cases no one else would touch. A listing of his credentials included a degree from American University law school. There were no pictures, but an address and contact information was listed. On a whim, she picked up her phone and dialed the number on the site. After three rings, the voice mail clicked on.

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