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When they were finished, Rhonda flipped over and laid on the towel next to Amber and told the boys to come on her. They stood over her and fisted their cocks as fast as they could. One of them grunted and exploded onto her, ropes of his hot sticky come streamed out of him and landed on her tits.

The other worked himself furiously but he looked to be having trouble so Rhonda reached up and started fondling his balls. That seemed to help him and he stroked faster at the encouragement and then he moaned and his load came out in three long gushes all over Rhonda’s breasts.

Afterwards, she sent them on their way, and they seemed relieved to be dismissed, maybe slightly embarrassed now that the passion of the moment had gone by. The girls went down to the creek to wash themselves off.

“You are crazy,” Amber said.

Rhonda laughed. “I know.”

When they got out of the water they laid down on the towels in each other’s arms. The sun was starting to go down and they watched the hot orange ball slowly disappear, spreading its soft light over the tree tops in the distance.

Chapter 10

When they returned, the outlaws had setup camp. There were RV’s and tents everywhere with motorcycles parked randomly around. A huge bonfire blazed in the middle of everything and the delicious smell of cooking meat filled the air.

It took them a while to find Clutch and when they did he had his arms around two girls.

“Scram bitches,” Rhonda said.

He was smiling but he took his arms off of them and they left without saying anything.

One of them gave Rhonda a dirty look and Rhonda said, “Keep walking slut.”

The girl shook her head and walked away. Amber hadn’t seen this side of Rhonda before and it surprised her. She’d always seemed so sweet before.

“What the fuck, babe,” Rhonda said. “You know I don’t like those hoes.”

“I know, I know. They just wanted some attention. You know I’m a sucker for a woman in need.”

“Yeah, well not with them, okay.”

“Okay, babe. It’s not a problem. Where have you two been anyway?”

“We fucked two dudes down by the creek,” Rhonda said and then stormed off.

“Damn. What’s wrong with her?” Clutch said.

“I don’t know,” Amber said. “She was fine before. Who were those girls?”

“One of them used to be my old-lady before Rhonda came around. It was a little messy and they don’t like each other.”

“Well, I think that’s probably what’s wrong with her,” Amber said.

He shrugged and said, “I guess I better go talk to her.”

Amber wasn’t sure what to do with herself so she wandered over to the fire where people seemed to be gathered. When she got there someone handed her a bottle of whiskey and she took a swig then passed it on.

Some people were already stumbling around drunk and the bikers were laughing and pushing each other, play fighting with one another while they drank. It would probably turn to actual fights later she thought.

A dirty biker with a long beard pushed through the crowd and almost fell into the fire but managed to divert himself off to the side in time to not get burned. The crowd jeered him and he got up and took a bow. Then he noticed Amber standing there by herself, looking a little out of place maybe, and he shuffled over to her. “Hello, kitten,” he slurred, “are you lost?” He sidled up to her and put his arm around her, his hot, sour breath invading her nose.

“No.” She shrugged him off and stepped away, trying to ignore him.

“Kitty’s playing hard to get? I like it.” He lurched forward to her with his hands out, groping for her breasts.

She saw him coming and reacted effortlessly, batting his arms away and stepping to the side. “Fuck off,” she said.

“Hey bitch. If I want you, I’ll have you.” He came at her again and this time managed to grab her wrist. “I’m a mother fucking Satan’s Keeper. I can throw you down right here and take you any way I want. And you see all these people around? You could scream and cry like you was a little baby, begging them to help you but they ain’t gonna. Now give daddy some sugar.” His face was right up in hers now.

Amber leaned forward as if she was going to kiss him, then at the last moment she drove her forehead hard into his nose, and in one motion broke the grip he had on her wrist and kneed him between the legs as hard as she could.

The biker screamed. His legs gave out and he fell to the ground clutching himself.

Without even thinking, she soccer kicked the man in the head and he went limp. She put her hands up in a fighting instance and looked all around her, ready to take on anybody else, but nobody seemed to care. Violence was so routine to them, an outburst like this must have been common place.

Her heart pounded and she took deep breaths trying to calm herself as she moved away from the biker into the crowd.

Someone grabbed Amber from behind and, on instinct, she was about to judo throw them over her shoulder when Rhonda’s voice came in her ear.

“Hey sexy.”

Amber turned to her.

“Damn it, you scared me. I almost threw you on your head. Don’t sneak up on my like that.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I just don’t like being startled. And some asshole was just getting up in my business. I thought he had come back for round two.”

“What? Who the fuck was it? Show me who it is and Clutch will fuck them up.”

“No, it’s fine. I took care of it. But where did you go? I was all by myself.”

“I’m sorry I left you. I was just pissed off. Clutch shouldn’t have been hanging out with those bitches. I mean, yeah we have an open relationship, and he has pretty much free reign to do whatever he wants, but there’s limits, you know? He knows where the line is and he was stepping right on it.”

“Did he apologize?”

“Yeah. It’s fine. He means well.”

Rhonda came in for a hug and Amber wrapped her arms around the girl’s small frame, hugging her close, consoling her against her chest. The smell of Rhonda’s hair already becoming familiar to her.

Then Clutch was there with them and he said, “You two look so cute together,” and he put his muscular arms around the both of them, holding the girls tight. They stayed like that for a few moments, not saying anything, the warmth of the fire radiating over them. Amber sighed and nuzzled her face up against the biker’s neck, enjoying his touch–enjoying the both of them–caught up with this odd couple now.

The party was going full-tilt now. Music blared out from some speakers setup on the tailgate of a truck and Amber felt the bass reverberate in her rib cage. People danced all around the fire like pagans, bumping into each other, women grinding themselves all over the men.

A cheer went up on the other side of the fire where a group of people was gathered.

“Come on,” Rhonda said.

Clutch and Amber followed her as she led them around the fire, Amber taking his arm in hers while they walked. It felt so strong and masculine against her small hand and she squeezed it tight, then rubbed her fingernails up and down it. She imagined what it would be like to throw the biker down in the dirt next to the raging fire and ride his hard cock to climax. She giggled at the thought and gripped his arm even tighter. Clutch smiled at her and she could see the muscles in his jaws working from grinding his teeth.

When they finally pushed their way to a spot in the circle of people, Amber saw what they had been cheering.

In the middle, there was a blanket spread out on the ground, and three naked girls were laying there on it, kissing and fingering and fondling and licking each other as the group of men and women shouted encouragement to them.

Rhonda turned to look at Amber, biting her bottom lip, turned on by the scene. “Damn, that’s hot,” Rhonda said.

Amber wasn’t sure what to make of it all.

A few of the bolder men pulled their cocks out, stroking them, starting to get hard, and crowded in towards the girls on the blanket.

At first they were too wrapped up in each other to notice the approaching bikers with their outstretched dicks, but then one of the outlaws positioned himself right over them and one of the girls got up on her knees and started to suck him off. The other men with their cocks out saw his success and then they tried the same strategy, with similar results.

Clutch was between Amber and Rhonda now with his arms around their shoulders.

Rhonda reached across him to cup Amber’s breast.

Amber put her hand over Rhonda’s and squeezed, loving the woman’s touch.

Then the three of them turned to face one another. Their hands started to rove over all over each other, touching every part of their companions, breasts, nipples, necks, ears.

Amber broke away from the two for a moment to see what was going on in the middle and her eyes got wide when she saw. It had turned into a full-on, actual orgy. She never would have guessed she would witness an orgy in real life and yet here it was. Rhonda saw what was going on now too.

“Wow,” Rhonda said. “I think I want to get in there too.” She turned to Clutch and Amber.

He simply shrugged as if to say it didn’t matter either way to him.

“I don’t want to,” Amber said. The party made her feel more open and rambunctious but this was so far outside her comfort zone it was in a different comfort galaxy. She realized she didn’t want to see Clutch and Rhonda in there fucking other people either. Maybe she was feeling possessive over them or something; she wasn’t really sure why she felt that way, but now it was clear in her mind and she said, “And I don’t want you to either.”

Rhonda didn’t seem to hear her and she was there at the edge looking on. A biker was pounding away at a girl doggy-style right in from of them now and the slap of his legs hitting her ass was loud enough for them to hear even over the noise of the crowd.

The scene wasn’t sexy to Amber and the feeling of wanting to leave it was even stronger now. She put her arms around Rhonda’s waist from behind and into her ear she said, “Babe, let’s go somewhere else.”

Rhonda turned around, her pupils large and dark. “Don’t you want to see me get fucked?”

“No, not like that. I really don’t.”

Rhonda threw herself forward and hugged her close. “You’re very sweet, you know that?” Then she turned to Clutch. “Hey, let’s get out of here.”

He thought for a moment then said, “I know where we can go.”

The spot was up at the top of a ridge and you could see for miles around by the light of the full moon. Clutch went over to the edge and let out a long, primal howl into the night.

They laid there on the blanket, looking up at the stars, the drug not affecting them as intensely now.

Rhonda said, “We should all take a trip together somewhere.”

“Where do you want to go?” Clutch asked.

“How about Mexico? I’ve never been there,” Rhonda said.

“You know, actually, I was thinking about going there soon and staying for awhile.”

“Really?” Rhonda said.

“Yeah. I have a deal coming up. A really big deal that could set us up forever. But it could bring down some heat afterwards and we’d need to get out of town for awhile. I’m kind of tired of the outlaw life anyway.”

This must be the deal with the Armenians, Amber thought.

“Wow,” Rhonda said. “That sounds awesome! Amber can come too. Do you want to? We could find some little town on the beach somewhere and hide out. It’ll be like Bonnie and Clyde. Well, like Bonnie and Bonnie and Clyde I guess.”

“I don’t know. Mexico?” The idea did sound kind of good and if she weren’t an FBI agent and she actually was just a bartender without many prospects for the future she would probably consider it. But there was another problem too. If Clutch really was doing a deal with Grigoryan and the Armenians there was a good chance he would be swept up in the sting too. “What’s this deal you’re talking about? Is it why you’ve been talking to Big Dave?”

“Yeah. It’s with his uncle. I have a feeling they’re going to try to fuck me on it too but I’ve got a plan.”

Shit. Now that she’d got to know the couple she didn’t want to see anything bad happen to them. But she also didn’t want to mess up anything that would get Grigoryan. A high-profile bust like that would break her career wide open. She wasn’t sure what to say now and all she could think of was, “That sounds dangerous.”

The conversation moved on, Rhonda talking about all the things she wanted to do in Mexico: learn to cook tacos, ride horses into the jungle, work on her spanish.

Eventually they stopped talking and the three of them made love there under the stars. They all orgasmed together, and soon Clutch and Rhonda were asleep next to her. Amber enjoyed the sex even more than the last time; the two were so giving and kind–not like she ever would have thought a swinging biker couple would be. She laid awake under the night sky for sometime, tossing from side to side, trying to sleep but her thoughts were racing, her brain searching for some scenario where she would get Grigoryan, but Clutch and Rhonda would come out okay. The sun was coming up when she finally drifted off to a sleep filled with dreams of guns and blood and prison cells.

BOOK: In Too Deep (Motorcycle Club Erotic Romance)
13.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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