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In Too Deep

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Eva Dell

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In Too Deep

Chapter 1

Amber Avis pulled into the parking lot of the Rattlesnake Tavern, a bar in downtown Phoenix run by the Armenian mob. It was still daytime and there weren’t many cars there yet.

She parked, then checked her makeup in the rearview mirror. One nice thing about this job was she got to dress slutty. At first she didn’t think she would like it, but it started to grow on her to the point that it was a real turn-on to play the part of the young, hot bartender. Today she’d worn short cutoffs, short enough that her ass peeked out of the bottom, and a halter top, no bra, leaving nothing to the imagination.

A man named Davit Sarafian owned the bar. Everyone called him Big Dave because he weighed north of 350 pounds. But he wasn’t the reason Amber had taken the bartending job two months ago. Big Dave was the nephew of the man she wanted, Heros Grigoryan, one of the highest ranking members of the Armenian mafia.

The FBI had been after Grigoryan for some time, but since some rumors surfaced six months ago of a potential arms deal with an extremist group out of Lebanon, the order came down from high up to get this guy at any cost. So when Amber had learned of Big Dave’s relation to Grigoryan it didn’t take much to convince her boss to let her go in undercover and see if she could work something up.

It was her first time working in the field. Before, she’d been stuck at a desk all day as an analyst, wearing a suit and contemplating a career change, maybe a different agency, someplace she could get into some action. This was her big break and she meant to make the most of it.

The problem was, in the two months of working there, enduring Big Dave constantly hitting on her, grabbing her ass, she had not managed to dig up a single thing related to Grigoryan. The only illegal activity she’d seen the entire time was Big Dave running some prostitutes, and a little blow every now and then.

Her cell phone rang. The caller ID said it was Ron.

If anyone ever asked, Ron was her brother who lived in Long Island with his wife and two dogs. She actually did have a brother but his name wasn’t Ron.

This Ron calling her now was her boss at the FBI, and they pretended to be brother and sister in case anyone was listening.

“Hello,” she said.

“What’s up, sis?”

“Hey, I’m alone.”

“Ok,” he said. “Anything new?”

“No, same old. I haven’t seen any of the higher ups, just street level scum bags.”

“Yeah, well we knew it was a long shot going in.”

“I still think Big Dave could have something going on besides this bullshit I’ve seen so far.”

“Maybe,” Ron said, “but, listen, I’m getting a lot of pressure from up top to either produce something or shut this thing down.”

“Ron, come on. I’ve barely had any time to get anything. You know these things can take awhile.”

“Yeah, I know. Trust me I know. But we’ve got limited resources and we need to use them wisely. You’ve done a good job though. I’ll definitely recommend you for more undercover work.”

“Look, give me another week,” she said.

“I can’t, I’m sorry. If nothing substantial turns up after this weekend we have to pull the plug.”

“Ok, fine.” It was no use arguing with him.

“Take care of yourself. I know it’s been a cakewalk so far but these things can turn bad very quickly.”

“I know, I know. I’ll talk to you later.” She got out of the car, slammed the door and went inside.

It was still the afternoon and there weren’t many people around, but it was Friday so things would pick up soon. Big Dave was sitting at the bar reading the paper.

“Hey,” she said to him.

He looked up at her. “Well, goddamn. Aren’t you a sexy thing.”

She smiled then kissed him on the cheek. He was disgusting but she wanted to be on his good side. Hopefully she didn’t have to do something drastic in order to find something out before the weekend was up. She shuddered at the thought.

“You know,” he said, “if you ever want to make some extra money I could get you some dates. Not with the kind of jokers that hang out here either. No, you’d be a high class girl. I’ve got some business friends – real respectable types – that I’m sure would love to get to know you.”

“Yeah? I don’t know Dave. I’ll think about it.” He offered to make her a prostitute at least once a week but that wasn’t what the FBI was after so she never went anywhere near it. But now that things were coming to a head she was ready to follow any lead – although the idea of fucking some guy to do it wasn’t that appealing. Maybe it would be like Pretty Woman though. That might not be so bad.

“I’m going to go run an errand,” Big Dave said. “I’ll be back later.”

“Where are you going?” she asked.

“None of your damn business, girl.”

“Jeez, don’t get your panties in a wad,” she said. “I was just wondering if you needed help.”

“Since when are you so damn helpful?”

“I don’t know. Look, never mind. I’ll stay here and watch the bar.”

“Yeah, you will. And stop being so nosey.” He smacked her ass then waddled off.

Nothing much happened in the next couple hours. She didn’t even see Oscar, Big Dave’s lackey, who would always stop in on the weekend to sell some blow. Amber started to get depressed that nothing was going to turn up and she’d be back at a desk soon pouring through papers until she was ready to stab her eyes out with a pencil.

Chapter 2

Around midnight, Big Dave was still gone and two bikers came in and sat at the bar. One was tall, with blonde hair, maybe in his late twenties. The other was older, weathered looking. They had Satan’s Keepers patches on their jackets and her mood picked up. The Satan’s Keepers motorcycle club was one of the largest organized crime groups on the west coast. They were into almost everything: gambling, whores, guns, narcotics. The bosses would definitely be interested in them, and if they were here doing business with the Armenian mob that would be like hitting the fucking lottery.

The younger one ordered two beers and asked where Big Dave was. She said he was running an errand but he should be back soon. The man said they’d wait for him then started talking to his friend in a low voice she couldn’t hear.

When they ordered another round, Amber made sure to bend over behind the bar at the waist so that they got a full view of her ass. Then when she handed them their beers she leaned over onto the bar in front of them so that her breasts were right in their faces.

“So y’all are bikers, huh?”

“We’re motorcycle enthusiasts,” the older one said.

“That’s cool. I’ve never been on a motorcycle before.” She made eye contact with the younger one when she said it and tried her best to make fuck-me eyes at him. The younger one smiled and was about to say something when Big Dave came up behind them and put his fleshy hands on their shoulders.

“Gentleman, I see you’ve met my sweet Amber. Ain’t she a looker?”

The younger biker was still making eye contact with her. “Yes, she is,” he said.

“Ok,” Big Dave said. “Let’s go to the back and talk.”

The two followed Big Dave through the back of the bar into the garage.

Amber waited ten minutes then grabbed some trash from behind the bar and headed to the back, hoping to find out what they were up to.

She opened the door to the garage as quietly as she could and went out but nobody was out there. The garage door was open, so she went outside with the trash bag in her hand.

There was a cargo truck parked right outside the door she’d never seen before. The front of it was facing her so she started to walk around to the back, then stopped when she heard Big Dave’s voice from inside the cargo bay of the truck.

“Yeah, “ Big Dave said. “I’m telling you I can get as many of these as you want.”

“And the same price?” someone else said, it sounded like the younger biker.

“Yep, same price. I can even knock some off depending on how many you need.”

“We’ll see how this batch does then yeah we might up our order next time.”

“All right,” Big Dave said. “Let’s go back inside then and have a drink to celebrate.”

Amber spun around and sprinted back to the garage, dumped the trash bag she was holding into the corner, and hurried inside.

She was wiping the bar top with a rag when they came back, not even a minute later. The bikers took a seat at a booth and Big Dave came over to her.

He asked her if she left some trash outside. It was amazing how a man that took so little pride in his appearance could be such a neat freak when it came to his bar. He noticed any little thing that was out of place.

“Yeah,” she said. “it’s busy in here so I just put it out there for now. I’ll take it out to the dumpster later.”

“Ok, that’s fine.” He was in a good mood because normally he would be pissed about something like that. “Bring us a bottle of whiskey and some glasses will ya.” Then he added, “Bring one for yourself too.”

When she brought the whiskey over, they were all laughing at something. She set everything down and started pouring shots.

“Amber,” Big Dave said. “Let me introduce you to my friends. This is Clutch.” He pointed to the younger blonde one. “And that shifty bastard over there is called Free-ball.”

Free-ball was sitting on the outside edge of the booth and he grabbed her and pulled her down into his lap. “Where the hell do you find these girls, fat man? She could be a damn model.”

“I know. That one’s special,” he said. “Let’s drink!”

They all picked up their shots and Amber said, “What are we drinking to?”

Clutch, sitting next to Free-ball, said “To new experiences,” He turned and looked her in the eye again and downed his whiskey.

They had two more shots each and she could feel it going to her head. Amber let Free-ball get up to go pee and when she sat back down she scooted around so that she was right next to Clutch, her leg touching his.

“Hi,” she said.

He laughed. “Hi, yourself.”

“What’s so funny?”


“Hey,” Big Dave said, “go get us some beers.”

When she returned with the beers, Free-ball was back and he’d grabbed one of the other waitresses who was now sitting on his lap. Big Dave was on the other side of the booth and he made no move let her in. It was always a big production for him to go from sitting to standing so the chances of him getting up to let her in to sit next to Clutch were slim.

“Heads up,” she said. “I’m coming over.”

She set the beers down, turned around and put her butt on the edge of the table, hopped back onto it and then spun around, lifting her legs to make sure she didn’t knock anything over. Sitting in the middle of the table, facing Clutch now, she said to him, “You think you can pull me the rest of the way, cowboy?”

He laughed again then grabbed behind each of her calves and pulled her hard. She sprung forward and rested on the edge of the table in front of him, legs spread with a foot on either side of his body.

“My hero,” she said.

He turned her sideways then lifted her up off the table and down on to his lap. The ease with which he did it startled her.

He said, “It doesn’t take much to impress you does it.”

“I don’t know, it depends.”

She squirmed around in Clutch’s lap and she could feel him getting hard against her ass.

Free-ball looked up from his girl and said to Big Dave, “It’s a nice little joint you have here.”

“Thanks,” he said, looking a little left out, but Amber didn’t care at the moment.

Clutch gripped her thighs beneath the table, his hands rough and powerful. She placed her hands, much smaller, on his, then leaned back against him, turned her head and bit his neck gently. He tasted good, like the outdoors she decided.

“Hey Amber,” Big Dave said. “There’s people lined up at the bar. Why don’t you go do a little work, eh?”

“She’s busy,” Clutch said.

Big Dave didn’t say anything but his nostrils flared out.

“Relax Fat Man,” Free-ball said. “Another round!” Big Dave poured out another round and he didn’t seem too pissed off. They each downed their shot.

“This whiskey is good,” she said to Clutch.

“I think you might be drunk,” he told her.

“No. Maybe a little.” She was enjoying herself, sitting in the hot outlaw biker’s lap, obviously turning him on, but she also remembered the truck outside. She had a job to do and not much time to do it.

“I have to pee,” Clutch said then lifted her off his lap and set her down as if she were just a kitten. “Let me out, Fat Man.”

BOOK: In Too Deep (Motorcycle Club Erotic Romance)
12.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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