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Insatiable Kate

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Insatiable Kate

by Dawne Prochilo


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Copyright © 2012 Dawne Prochilo

Edited by Katherine Tate

Cover Design: Dawne Prochilo

Formatting: Dingbat Publishing

Re-edited version 2012




Thank you to Jodi Olson, Jean Joachim, Elizabeth Black and Sandy Sullivan for your guidance, support and shared love for romance and the industry.

Joe V- (Mr DJ)- thanks for the laughs and encouragement.

To my family for all their support and endless hours of love.

And to the music of Metallica, Papa Roach and Nickelback for setting the mood.


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Insatiable Kate



Chapter One


Kate Winston watched the steaming water surge from the kitchen faucet. The water mingled with the mild dish soap, creating a bubble haven. As the orbs grew higher to the rim of the washbowl, she sighed. This weekly ritual had started to irritate her. Friday night she'd go to the local singles' bar with her friends from work, drink, flirt and go home. Alone. Always alone.

She'd arrive at home sexually frustrated and tear into her bedroom, attacking her nightstand drawer with a frenzy knowing only a few minutes stood between her and an explosive release. Minutes later, her orgasm would come over her with a self indulgence only she could appreciate. The wave of release, making her imagine a man's tongue on her clit instead of a plastic vibrator. How her body shuddered from the explosion of liberation.

Kate reached over, turned off the hot tap faucet handle and stared out the window into the evolving sunrise. The break of dawn had arrived and so had her tradition of the morning after. Most women cleaned the bathrooms every week or dusted the living room entertainment center, but not Kate. It was her Saturday morning routine to fill up her kitchen sink with hot soapy water and clean her vibrators.

Releasing an elongated sigh, she rolled up the sleeves of her brother Kurt's old shirt, wishing it really belonged to another man, and plunged her hands deep into the tepid water. One by one she cleaned every curve, nub and cranny of each battery operated device. She'd spent so many weekend mornings doing this while her coffee brewed not three-feet away from her she could do it in the dark with her eyes blindfolded.

Minutes later, all her playmates lined up on a towel air-drying on the counter, Kate dried her hand and moved to the coffee pot, mindlessly filling her coffee mug. She sipped the hot brew, burning her lips.

“Mhmm,” she murmured, raising her fingertips to her lips. The pain soon disappeared but reminded her of the pain deep within her, the way Rome Sterling kept breaking her heart.

She'd arrived home the night before sexually frustrated and downright pissed off at him for ignoring her advances. And not just from last night, from all the years of turn-downs. Her frustration with Rome went well beyond the norm.

In the beginning when she'd been so moist and her pussy throbbed for him, she could come home spend a half hour with one of her toys, have a great release while imagining Rome was fucking her. But lately, she needed more. More than what a few hours a week of masturbating had to offer. She wanted to feel Rome's hard cock slamming into her, his tongue swirling her swollen clit, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.

Taking another sip of her coffee, Kate swallowed the steamy liquid remembering her most recent run-in with Rome at the bar the previous night.

She'd been laughing and flirting with another man. A very attractive man, and she'd hope to be invited back to his place for a night of unadulterated sex. Then, from her peripheral vision she caught a glimpse of Rome. His bulk had filled the doorway to the bar.

His dark hair glistened in the hazy bar lights. Even without seeing his eyes, she knew the obsidian tinge was brooding. His powerful arms stretching the material of his shirt to its maximum. His brawny thighs filling every inch of the denim encasing them, showing off the muscular legs beneath. He took her breath away.

As he entered the bar, Kate inhaled sharply. Her insides quivered, her pussy throbbed and her heart raced. The man had such a force over her. She shifted in her seat as the moisture developed between her legs, and she squirmed as she watched Rome swagger across the room. Kurt entered moments after Rome crossed the threshold, and immediately made eye contact, warning her off his friend. Kurt knew her true feelings and had always told her to leave Rome alone. She was out of his league, he'd said.

Kate disagreed with her brother in that aspect. Having loved Rome all these years, she knew he had had feelings for her at some time. The little glimmer in his eyes every so often; the one not detected unless she was specifically looking for it. Or had she been imagining the glances? Maybe it was the alcohol messing with her reasoning.

Kate curled her lip in irritation and swallowed a large amount of her mixed drink. The watered down rum and cola slid over her throat flat. No taste, no satisfaction added to her alcohol-induced demeanor. Kurt always seemed to squelch her advances towards Rome but she'd been persistent until recently. She'd all but given up hope of ever sharing her feelings with the man. He acted as if she didn't exist half the time. The only time he ever acknowledged her was when he had the desire to treat her like a teenage girl with a school-girl crush. Didn't he know his teasing hurt her?

Uproarious laughter brought her back to the present. She glanced around the bar. Her friends were laughing, friends were hitting on each other and the man she'd been flirting with had moved on. She sighed and stood.

Time for a refill.
She needed to drown her sorrows and feelings in alcohol. No doubt about it she had to forget about Rome. He wasn't interested. She'd known him for almost two decades, since she was in first grade, and he'd never indicated an ounce of interest.

Strutting to the bar, Kate raised her hand and wiggled her fingers to the bartender, signaling for another round. The male bartender nodded and immediately started mixing her drink order. Kate set her empty glass on the counter and gazed at the bar's attendees through the mirror hanging behind the bar. She watched as Rome and Kurt settled into a table in the corner, just feet away from her seat.

“Great,” she muttered.

“What?” The bartender set her glass on the bar.

“Nothing.” Kate waved her hand dismissing him.

She craned her neck, watching Rome. His eyes sparkled in the hazy bar's lights, he laughed at words her brother had spoken. Halfway through his rip-roaring laughter, his eyes connected with hers. The moment their eyes engaged, all the air in her body escaped with a sharp gasp. She couldn't move. His blazing glare paralyzed her. She couldn't have moved her body if an earthquake rattled the ground. His gaze narrowed and Kate swallowed hard needing to break the connection he held her in.

He broke the contact, looked at Kurt and responded to whatever was said seconds earlier. Kate's lower lip quivered and she didn't understand why Rome treated her so negatively. She'd never given him a reason to be ill-mannered or hostile. She never comprehended his antagonistic manners. Anytime they were together, he made his feelings obvious. Rome scowled at her, glowered and almost seemed to spit her name out when they had to converse.

Kate sucked in a whimper threatening to originate from her soul. She raised her fresh drink to her lips hoping to hide the tremor on her lip. Her alcohol buzz disappeared but she needed the distraction. The alcohol burned her throat but she ignored the sensation. She had to get her mind off Rome.

Moistening her lips with the tip of her tongue, she held her glass to her chest. The condensation spread onto her emerald silk blouse and seeped into her lace bra beneath, chilling against her overheated skin..

Kate nibbled on her lower lip, feeling the burning sensation in her throat. She fought the urge to let tears fall form her eyes. Her heart ached and her head was spinning, but not from the alcohol. It came from being belittled and ridiculed by Rome's accusative glare.

To occupy her mind and thoughts, she sipped more of her drink but acid churned in her stomach and bile rose in her throat. She swallowed it down, now was not the time to get sick. She had to maintain civility and demonstrate to him that he didn't bother her.

I'll show him.

Kate stood, smoothed her hands down her black mini-skirt and swaggered across the bar, drawing attention from men as she went. She hoped their eyes were boring into her ass as she strutted her way to her seat. Smirking inwardly, Kate slid into her chair satisfied with her performance. She glanced to Rome's table and noticed that he hadn't noticed or hadn't paid attention to her dramatic display and that angered her. He faced the opposite direction now and there was no way he could have seen her presentation.

She'd purposely strutted her firm ass in front of a roomful of men for his viewing and he hadn't even seen it. The skirt hugged her ass like a glove and she knew anyone looking could see there were no panty lines. Perfect for enticing Rome. That is, if he'd even noticed. Which he hadn't.

“God,” she muttered between clenched teeth.

“What?” Her friend Hannah yelled over the jukebox blaring a hideous country song about lost love.

“Huh? Nothing.” Kate scowled.

“Oh, okay,” Hannah returned her attention to the conversation.

Kate squinted her eyes, zeroing in on Rome.
How dare he ignore me!

She wasn't hurt anymore; now she was pissed. How could he blatantly dismiss her actions? How could he not see her strutting across the room? The audacity!

“Damn!” She glowered, drinking her beverage in one gulp.

Hiking her left leg over her right one, she crossed her legs and pouted, folded her arms tight over her large breasts and huffed with irritation.

The ticking of the clock on the wall filtered into her awareness as Kate slowly returned to the present. Her coffee had grown cold so she washed it down the basin. Instead of pouring herself a fresh cup she decided to take her shower and wake up. She washed away the images of last night and all the other moments of humiliation inflicted by Rome.

Kate entered the bathroom, adjusted the shower water and slipped off her lavender silk robe. She flung back the shower curtain and slipped up the steamy water spray. The water sluiced over her body, warming her but not banishing her thoughts. The scalding water burned her skin but nothing would singe her heart the way Rome had all these years. His harsh words, rude manners and accusative glares implied less than friendly feelings, definitely not love.

Tears escaped and spilled down her cheeks. The water washed them away but the hurt remained. It always would. Almost two decades of the pain she'd been eluding rolled down her cheeks. Her heavy heart threatened to burst with emotional anguish. Her chest heaved, while her stomach wretched in distress. Breathing became burdensome and all the sorrow she'd been holding in raced out of her with the velocity of a rocket on a destructive course. Tears fell and her body revolted. Slumping to the shower stall floor, Kate let her emotions take control, crying like she'd never cried before.

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