Jar of Hearts (Glow sequel)

BOOK: Jar of Hearts (Glow sequel)
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Jar of Hearts (Glow sequel)


Written by Molly Bryant










Jar of hearts © Copyright by Molly Bryant

All rights reserved.


Jar of Hearts is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, any place, events or occurrences, is purely coincidental. The characters and story lines are created from the author's imagination or are used fictitiously.


Published by Molly Bryant


















I would like to give a huge thank you to Mollie Wilson for her superb talent in creating the cover! THANK YOU, MOLLIE!












Two years ago


“Why again are you taking me to this function of your family's?” I asked again for the trillionth time as I didn't want to be there. I sighed, picking a piece of white lint from my black sundress.


“It isn't just a function. It's my fathers Birthday and I didn't want to go alone,” Vanessa smiled, pulling around a stone fountain into her parents circle drive. The gray house was an old colonial style home with black shutters and a red door. I took a deep breath as the breeze slipped through my window. I openly inhaled the fresh smell of cut grass from the perfectly lush manicured lawn. The smell of bright red, pink, yellow, and salmon colored roses lining the house calmed my nerves. I took in the multiple cars lining the drive and down the street.


“I don't know anyone,” I groaned as I slouched a little lower in my seat. I cringed at the sound of my thighs sticking to the gray leather as I slid myself lower. I was never a shy person and never felt uncomfortable being around people I don't know. It was more along the lines of the whole 'family' thing. I grew up with only me, my mother, and her five husbands. My 'family' life was nothing shy of ridiculous. 


“My brother will be there which I can guarantee that he has hot friends,” she wagered with a knowing smile as she put the car in park. She knew my weakness; men. I love them all... tall, short, muscular, slim. It didn't matter.


Well, in that case. “Can you hurry? It's taking you forever to get out of the car,” I flipped the visor, studying my face for any imperfections. I quickly applied more pink lipstick, I popped my lips then smiled. I flipped the visor back up with a smile and hopped out of the car, shutting the door behind me. I walked as quickly as my feet could carry me.


“Just one rule,”


“There's a rule?” I stopped walking, placing my hands on my hips. She walked right into my back with an oomph, she was a mere step behind me. 


“Yes...” she chuckled. “my brother is off limits to you,”


“What? To me, why?” I was slightly offended. I spun around, looking into her blue orbs.


“You are a player, Maria. He isn't that way, okay? I don't want him hurt is all I am saying,” she placed her french manicured fingers on my bare shoulder tempting to reassure me that her comment meant no harm.


Sighing I said, “Fine, no brother territory. Got it,” I nodded. I was sure there were other men that were hotter than her brother. Vanessa is gorgeous, but sometimes siblings look nothing alike. I mean, what were the chances that they were both gorgeous? Pfft...


We walked through the front door, I could immediately smell the cherry blossom candles that were lit in the sconces along the red wall on either sides of the entry way. The flames lit the crystal chandelier, it casting flickered shadows atop a shiny bamboo hardwood floor. This place oozed 'welcome home'. I shuttered.


“Relax,” Vanessa whispered as her mother came into view. She was a tiny woman with blonde hair like Vanessa's that swept her shoulders. The lines beneath her eyes crinkled as she smiled a warm welcome. 


“Vanessa!” her mother gushed, wrapping her arms tightly around Vanessa's waist. She pulled away and took in a glimpse of me. “You must be her friend, Maria,” I felt my heart start to race, and my palms become increasingly sweaty. The walls seemed to close in on me as she wrapped her arms around me and squeezed.


“Yeah,” I felt as though I couldn't breathe. I gave Vanessa a pleading look. I'm not used to this mushy-gushy love stuff. 


“Okay, mom,” she laughed aloud, pulling her mom to the side. “Where is everyone at?”


“Out back,” she smiled. “You should go say hi to your brother, he is dying to see you. I have to go check the garlic bread.” she disappeared to the right of the entry way, her heels clicking into what I am assuming is the kitchen.


I felt my breath hitch in my throat at the sight of grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends... I stared out the open back door as Vanessa stepped out onto the patio. They were all laughing, smiling, chatting it up as a few kids ran around the grass. One of them couldn't be more than the age of one.


“Come on,” she huffed, grabbing me by the elbow, pulling me onto the patio with her.

My eyes scanned the near acre yard. Tall Oak trees aligned the back of the wooden fence, giving shade an option if you got too hot. I looked to the left at a mini bar, which I would definitely be enjoying soon. I heard one of the kids start to cry. I shot my eyes towards the noise to be stuck on the sight of one tall, tan, blonde guy in a pair of tan cargo shorts, a dark gray t-shirt with Gucci across the front in a sexy cursive that hugged his miraculous muscular body. I could see his blonde hair from under his black baseball cap which was turned forward. Time seemed to stand still as I watched him bring the beer bottle to his succulent lips only to smile at something one of his friends had said before taking a sip of his beer. I'd give anything to be that bottle, for him to taste every square inch of my body with those divine lips. I groaned, a little too loudly as I felt the rush of heat soak my once dry panties.


I elbowed Vanessa in the ribs. “Who is that hot piece of ass?” Hot piece of ass was an understatement, this guy was gorgeous. He set his beer bottle down onto one of the tables, grabbing a football and ran out into the yard. I watched his bicep stretch the arm of his shirt as he threw the pigskin across the yard. 


Vanessa's abrupt laughter brought me from mind sex. “That's Ethan,”


“Well, Ethan's whole night is about to change,” I smiled, adjusting my c cups breasts in the strapless bra under my sundress as I took a step toward the yard.


“Uh, uh... nope,” Vanessa grabbed a fist full of the black cotton material and pulled me back to her. “not to fast,” she smiled.


“You're right... I need to pace myself,” I agreed. “One, two, three... Okay,” I was ready. I took another step only to be pulled back again. “What, Vanessa?” I whined. I was like a dog in heat, my core pulsating with every second that passed. 


“Off limits,” she took a drink of her Pinot.


“You are killing me here,” I stomped my foot.


“That is Ethan...” she leaned closer to me. “Ethan Montello. My brother.”


Well, fuck me. I growled internally, of course it is. My body felt as though she just dumped a bucket of ice water over my head. My breath hitched, and my sudden want for this creature was gone. It evaporating into the heat of the concrete patio with the ice and water.


I stomped my way to the mini bar to order a stiff one, I needed to make my day a little bit better now that she just ruined it. With Hottie Patottie over there by the grill, the other men in the backyard were utterly non existent.


“Whiskey on the rocks. Make it a double, two of them.” I smiled. The dark haired waiters brown eyes were wide. He stared at me completely speechless. “What the hell are you looking at? Haven't you ever seen a pussy blocked female before? Hot damn.”


“Sorry, miss.” he said with a thick Puerto Rican accent. He blinked several times before turning to grab two glasses and filling them with ice and whiskey.


“Thanks,” I said a little less rude. I grabbed one and slammed it, giving myself brain freeze. I welcomed the burn of the whiskey as it slid down my throat. I set the glass back on the counter. “When I turn around with this next empty glass, I want to see that one full again. Keep em' coming, Sancho,”


“Yes, ma'am,” echoed from behind me as I turned around to meet the ocean blue eyes of Ethan. Ethan Montello... the highly off limits brother to my boss, my friend, Vanessa.


He was staring right at me, with a smile on his face. His eyes were all too familiar. They were the same blue eyes that Vanessa also had along with the same nose, and the same dimples. Okay, so maybe they do look a lot alike. I have to say that the male version is a hell of a lot more sexy than the female version. Vanessa... I groaned internally. She is killing me. I gave Ethan a nervous smile, turning back around quickly. I looked down at the empty glass in front of me.


“Sancho!” I hollered down the mini bar. Taking a seat in one of the bar stools, I crossed my legs. 


“I-I'm sorry, Miss. Your other glass is full,” he shrugged. He quickly grabbed the empty glass replacing it with a clean one, adding less ice this time and more whiskey.


“That's what I am talking about,” I clapped. “Let's drown the disappointment!” I laughed aloud. Maybe I should have eaten before drinking?


“What's disappointing is seeing a beautiful woman such as yourself sitting at the bar alone,” the voice was sexy, deep, and screamed orgasm. My core once again was throbbing, my panties getting even more wetter by the second.


“Mr. Montello,” 'Sancho' said, his words rolled from his lips in slow motion.


I closed my eyes, swallowing hard as I could smell him from behind me. I took a deep breath in, his woodsy musk was inviting to all of my senses. I could feel the heat from his body wrap around me as he moved to the stool next to me. I looked over at him from the corner of my eye. I squeezed my thighs tightly together... every bit of him was man, all man. I groaned internally.


“Do you mind if I sit down next to you...” he was waiting for my name.


I cleared my throat, nervously. I have never been nervous around a guy... ever. Why was Vanessa's brother Ethan so different? “Maria, my name is Maria.” I nearly winced at the sound of my shaky voice, I didn't sound like me. Like the over confident, self assured woman that I always am. I felt small, like a whistle pig hiding from it's impending death by rifle. I turned my head meeting his stare. He smiled widely making my legs begin to quiver. To make them stop, I wrapped my foot around my calve and squeezed.


“Yeah, I was definitely right about the beautiful part, that's for damn sure,” he smirked confidently, his blue eyes scanning my now heated facial features. I touched my cheek shockingly with my fingertips. What the hell? Why is my face so hot? My heart was pounding in my chest, and the glass beneath my grip was becoming wetter. Were my palms sweating? I quickly drank the rest of the whiskey in the glass nervously.


“I'm Ethan,” he held his hand out for me to shake it. I was hesitant at first, reaching out then pulling my hand back a little and drying it off on my dress. I forced myself, following through with the hand shake. When his hand wrapped around mine, I felt it's warm jolt through my hand, up my arm, and to my core. Another rush wetting my panties. Yup, definitely not standing up. I pulled my hand away quickly, setting it in my lap. His heated touch was lingering more than I wanted it to.


“You don't talk much,” he chuckled.


“Yes she does,”


I glared at Sancho, making Ethan laugh. “I'll take another beer, please,”


“I saw you come out back with my sister. You two friends?” he asked taking a drink from the bottle. I quickly fixed my eyes on my glass trying not to look at his lips.


“Yeah, I am also her secretary,”


“Ooh,” he winced. “I'm sorry,”


I laughed. “Were friends, she takes it easy on me. Sometimes,” I looked over my shoulder to see Vanessa staring at me from the patio. She shook her head and mouthed the words 'off limits'. I winked at her and she smiled back. I had this under control. Harmless flirt-chatter, I got this.


“I saw the look of death on your face when my sister ripped you from the doorway,” he took another sip of his beer. “I don't like these gathering either, but I assure you that my family is no Adam's,” he laughed, nudging me with his elbow.

I laughed at his reference to the Adams Family. “It would definitely make for an interesting dinner,” I smiled.


“Yo, Ethan!” his black haired friend in a pair of faded jeans and a white t-shirt yelled from across the patio. He held the football up in the air, huffing crazily like he ran five miles.


I looked at Ethan hoping and praying that he wouldn't leave me sitting here alone, I wasn't ready to let him go. I felt a strange magnetic pull to him, I couldn't rip it away.


He shook his head and held his beer bottle up. His friend smirked, wiggling his brows as he eyed me then returned the nod, throwing the ball to the middle of the yard.

BOOK: Jar of Hearts (Glow sequel)
5.54Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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