Jase (Kings of Korruption MC Book 3)

BOOK: Jase (Kings of Korruption MC Book 3)



A Kings of Korruption MC

Book Three


Geri Glenn




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Jase is a work of fiction.
All characters, organizations and events portrayed in this novel
are either products of the author’s imagination or used


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This book is for Brianna


The beginning of Ellen’s journey, though not originally
intended, largely became based on you. As a teenage mother, you
have shown incredible maturity, resourcefulness and love. I am so
overwhelmingly proud of the woman you have become. Evelyn is a
lucky little girl. Love you kiddo.






12 Years


anking open the
door of the gas station bathroom, I let the ladies walk out ahead
of me. I follow them into the parking lot, checking my zipper to
make sure it’s up.

Whistles and
catcalls ring through the air, coming from the bunch of grown-ass
men on motorcycles to my left. I lean over and place my hand on the
ass of each girl and kiss them one at a time.

Ladies, it’s been a pleasure meeting you.”

They both
giggle and toss a little wave over their shoulders as they walk
back to their car, parked on the other side of the lot. I enjoy
every step they take, watching their asses sway back and forth
inside their cut-off jean shorts.

Once they’re
both inside their car, I turn towards my brothers and my waiting
bike with a grin that I don’t bother hiding. Why would I? Those
girls were fucking hot. How many guys can say they’ve had a random
threesome with two hot women they met at a gas station in the
middle of nowhere?

I’m just
swinging my leg over my ride when I hear my buddy, Ryker. “You’re
fuckin’ unbelievable, man. Leave it to you to pick up some pussy on
a deserted fuckin’ highway.”

Jealous, fucker?” Soft chuckles from some of the others fill
the air and my grin widens. I can’t resist the urge to tease Ryker.
“Hear that guys? Ryk’s jealous ‘cause he can’t get no

Oh, I can get pussy,” he retorts, chucking an empty chocolate
bar wrapper at me. “Every one of us can get pussy.” He sweeps his
arm out to indicate our brothers. Eleven gruff and burly bikers
stand beside their motorcycles, shaking their heads and laughing at
our exchange. It’s nothing they haven’t heard before.

Ryker and I
grew up in their shadows, making a playground of their clubhouse.
Our fathers were members of the Kings of Korruption Motorcycle Club
long before we came along. They’ve listened to Ryker and me since
we were just kids, running around, causing all kinds of shit. Now
that we’re finally fully patched members of the Kings ourselves,
they get to hear it on their road trips too.

The rest of us just know better than to stick our dick into
any willing pussy there is,” he continues. “We have fuckin’
standards, man.”

I frown and
jerk my head back in confusion. “What do you mean ‘standards?’
Those girls were hot!” Ryker laughs and shakes his head. I roll my
eyes. “Whatever, man. You wish you could get half the pussy I

You’re nineteen, Jase.” I hear from behind me. I turn to see
Smokey staring at me, eyes serious, as he takes a long haul off his
cigarette. “For fuck’s sake. Your pecker’s gonna fall off before
you even figure out how to use it properly.”

I smile and
cup my balls as laughter erupts from the group. “Fuck you, old man.
I can fuck better than you, make the girls scream my name ten times
louder than you ever could. We all know it.”

smirks and takes one final haul before tossing the butt to the
pavement, crushing it beneath the toe of his giant boot. “Yeah, I’m
sure you’re a real fuckin’ porn star
boy.” He settles himself on his bike and points
one of his big meaty fingers in my direction. “One of these days,
Jase, you’re gonna meet a bitch that won’t let you sweet talk your
way into her panties. You’re gonna tie yourself up in fuckin’
knots, tryin’ to figure out a way in, but you’re not gonna know how
because you always pick the easy ones. You’ve never had to work for

I look to
Ryker, who’s standing by his bike with a giant grin on his face. He
loves to see me catch hell from Smokey. “Apparently, Smokey missed
the memo.”

Oh yeah? What memo’s that?”

The one that says what every one of these fuckers already
know. That all women fuckin’ love me.”





positive,” Julie says, her eyes wide as she holds up the white
stick displaying the two pink lines.

My head swims
as I gape at her in horror—my whole world seeming to screech to a
halt. I open my mouth, but all I can manage is a choked gasp as I
reach for the pregnancy test with a trembling hand. Hot tears fill
my eyes, blurring my vision as I stare down at the test that may
mean the end of every dream I’ve ever had for my future.

I have a baby growing inside of me—a
baby. I can’t be a mom. Babies need stuff like
milk, diapers, and a roof over their heads. I can’t provide that…
can I? How can I teach this baby anything when I’m still trying to
figure life out for myself?

I lift my head
and look at Julie, my chin trembling as a tear slips down my cheek.
“What am I going to do?” My voice comes out in a terrified whisper
as I struggle to catch my breath. I feel like I’ve been punched in
the stomach.

I just turned
sixteen! I have to finish high school and go to college. I’ve
worked so hard and get good grades because I want to be a doctor,
but how would that be possible if I have a baby!

Julie wraps
her arms around my shoulders and squeezes me tight. “Don’t worry,
El,” she coos. “We’ll figure this out.” I cry as the feeling of
hopelessness threatens to pull me under. Julie rocks me slowly from
side to side as sobs wrack my entire body. I hold her as if my life
depends on it, my tears soaking into her shirt. We stay that way
for what feels like forever, and it’s more than okay with me. The
longer we stay in this bathroom, the longer I can avoid facing this

Once my sobs
subside and my breathing returns to normal, Julie lets me go and
wipes at my cheeks with cheap toilet paper. “Class is just about to
end,” she whispers. “You need to tell Paul.”

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