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Authors: Viola Grace

Tags: #science fiction opera, #erotic Romance

Jury (6 page)

“It was the least I could do. I told the governor you were having a seizure and you needed me nearby. The guards have been keeping the curious at bay.”

“Well, I am done for the night. We can return to the arena.” She stood and swayed until he caught her tightly to his side.

“Are you always so disoriented after duty?”

The guards walked next to them, escorting them through the gardens and toward their transport.

“I am a little unfocussed. Is the party over?” She staggered, and he lifted her in his arms.

“There are still some couples seeking shadows. Regaran has found a lady for the evening if that was a concern.”

She chuckled and leaned her head against his chest. “I only have interest in one man at the entire arena and that man is you. Without the medical intervention, I probably would have made it into your bed by now. But, as it is, I will begin looking for your mate tomorrow or perhaps later today.”

He chuckled. “Since the night has reached its zenith, we are indeed on our way into today.”

He settled into the transport with her in his lap. They started moving and she dozed, content to be safe in the arms of her champion.


She woke with a jerk, flipping back the silky soft cover that had been tucked around her. Bex rubbed her forehead.

Ajaru came into the room with a cup of caf. “Here you go. You are looking a little pale this morning.”

She glanced down and groaned. Instead of the blue that she had been getting used to, she was back to her normal cream complexion. “Damn it.”

“Don’t be too upset. I hauled you into medical while you were sleeping and had them purge the remaining chemicals from your system.”

She quickly wrapped the covering around herself. She was no longer wearing her costume from the night before. “Why did you do that?”

“When you start the list of female candidates, I want you at the top of the list, and if you cannot be receptive, they will not allow me to keep you with me.”

Bex felt extremely slow and took the cup from him. “Keep me with…”

“Well, after your extraordinary performance against Yarnu, many of the other fighters have put in to have you in their company for an evening. It is a challenge that you offered without thinking it through. Everyone Yarnu has ever beaten is trying to get you under them.”

The cup wobbled in her hand. He steadied it and sat next to her on the bed.

“Even the fight master has ordered you to remain with me at all times. Your body is in danger.”

His earnest gaze was both comforting and perplexing.

She gave him a narrow-eyed look. “How long was I out?”

“Three days. Your quarters were trashed the day after the governor’s party. Clothing has been provided for you, including your trainer suit.”

“My quarters?”

“Yarnu believed that you were hiding inside when you did not appear at the training centre; he slithered over to the trainers’ quarters and broke in to your chambers. Fortunately, you were not there.”

Bex sighed. “Right. Well, I guess it is back to the female fighters’ area for me.”

“You don’t listen, do you? If you do not choose to pair yourself with me, you will be offered to the other fighters. Regaran is first in line and declining his affections will not keep him from you long.”

She shivered. “I know. The Admaryn are designed to seduce my kind.”

“So, what about me?”

Bex scowled at his reasonable tone. “What about you? Don’t you want a woman who will be devoted to you and your life as a champion?”

“I want a woman who wants me, and I want her in return. You have intelligence, skill, a deft hand with a massage and a charming sense of humour. Your body fascinates me and the silk of your skin haunts my dreams.”

She fought the shiver that his deep tone put through her. “Um. Well, I think you have an advantage over me. I know your body, but I was in an altered state. I haven’t developed more than an appreciation for your physique.”

“Also, you appreciate my ability to take instruction and learn from my errors.”

Bex grinned. “That is an endearing quality.”

She finished her caf and set the cup on the bedside table.

“If you will point me in the direction of my clothing, I will have a shower and get dressed. We can discuss this more easily when I am clothed.”

He leaned in and penned her between his arms. “I am enjoying this conversation now, Trainer Bex.”

She opened her mouth to explain that she wasn’t, but she inhaled on a gasp when he pressed his lips to her neck and he tasted her.

Hot shivers ran through her body, her nipples tightened and her hands curled into tight fists. His lips moved slowly over her neck, shifting from the left side to the right. Her skin tingled from head to toe.

Ajaru lifted his head and smiled. “So, it seems that the chemical barrier has worn off.”

She blushed.

“That is an amazing colour. It goes all the way down to the edge of the blanket.” He caressed the edge of the blanket and tugged at it with the tip of his finger.

The blanket was being held in place by her arms and it slowly made a downward progress, snagging on the tips of her breasts briefly before continuing its surrender to gravity.

He nibbled at her nipples and caressed her breasts with his tongue. Ajaru changed direction and used his mouth on her shoulder, grazing her skin with his teeth. “You are a charming collection of contrasts.”

“Thank you?” She tried to tug the blanket back up, but his hand was casually holding it her in lap.

He murmured against her ear. “It was an observation. No need for thanks.”

She shivered again.

“Are you cold?”

Bex turned her head to answer him and he kissed her. The shock of his mouth against her caused her dormant senses to riot. The kiss deepened, and when he withdrew, the yellow of his pupils had expanded until she was staring into blazing suns in a pure blue sky.

His lips were slick and swollen. “I think you had better get dressed before I lose control.”

“Then you had better get out of here. I am not sprinting around naked with you this close to losing containment.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “Even after a week, I can tell when your self-control is an issue.”

He grinned unrepentantly. “You have five minutes. Your clothing is in the drawer on the left.”

She sighed, and the moment he was through the doors, she was out of bed and heading for the en suite lav. A sonic shower cleaned her quickly but left her head ringing. She went over to the drawer he had mentioned and opened it. Her surprised laugh turned into an embarrassed giggle. He had found a way to get her to wear his colours.

She pulled out one of the bodysuits and pulled it up, feeling the snug embrace as the navy suit with yellow piping fit to her. When she had the suit sealed, she went in search of a hairbrush.

The bathroom had a dressing table, and she sat to work the comb through her hair.

Ajaru came back in. “Damn, I forgot to get some grooming supplies for you.”

“It’s okay, the sonic shower took care of most of the tangles.” Bex made quick work of her hair and knotted it behind her neck. It was done with the skill of long practice.

“Why do you tie your hair back?”

“Habit. Same reasons you tuck your cock to the right when you put on your suit.” She smirked in the mirror.

“You really do pay attention to everything.”

“It is my job.”

“And that job will end the day that I take the grand champion position. What will you do then?”

She pivoted and got to her feet. “I don’t know. You tell me.”

“I think you need some food. We will talk over a hot meal.”

He extended his hand, and she put her fingers in his. He tugged her out to the main living area and settled her at the table.

She faced the food he put in front of her and smiled. She wasn’t the only one paying attention. “The three cups of caf are not necessary. I did get the sleep I needed.”

He smiled. “I just have to make sure that you have what you need.”

She yawned and reached for one of the cups. “When is your next fight?”

He cocked his head. “In four days.”

“Who are you fighting?”

He rubbed the back of his neck. “Regaran.”

She spluttered on her caf. “What?”

“I will admit it is unusual for the grand champion to issue a challenge, but he was motivated.”

Bex groaned, put her cup down and rubbed her temples. “What is his motivation?”

“He wants you, and he has issued a challenge to gain you. His trainer is furious.”


“Because he wants not only a mate but also a new trainer.”

“Oh, heck. That is going to make things really awkward.”

“I am aware. You are under house arrest until the fight. Neither Regaran nor I want you in danger.”

“Wait, you two got together and talked about me?”

“We did. If I can gain your favour in the next few days, he will drop his suit for your body, though he still wants you as his trainer.”

She continued to rub her temples. “That is unfortunate. I can tell you how to even the odds against him if you like.”

“Good. You are still my trainer, and I can do my week’s training here in my quarters.”

Bex frowned at him. “No, you can’t. You need your cardio. Regaran looks like he moves slowly, but it is the sinuous pattern he uses that is deceptive to the eyes. His voice also hypnotizes and his sweat causes a sedative reaction in pheromone-sensitive species, like yours.”

“Fine. I will have guards at the door. Give me a list of what you need me to do. I will have the recordings sent to your data pad.”

“Good. Today is cardio day. Get out there and run off some of that extra energy. I am going to sit here and watch you via remote. No slacking just because I am trapped here with you.”

He grinned. “I expected nothing less, Trainer Bex.”

She gave him a narrow-eyed look and sipped at her caf. It was going to be a long four days.


Chapter Eight



They lived like roommates until the night before the fight. Bex was in the lav when she heard Ajaru enter the bedroom. She finished her shower and unbound her hair before heading to bed.

Ajaru was removing his suit, and he paused while she turned the bedding back and slipped between the sheets.

She cleared her throat. “I still owe you a massage, but you need a full night’s sleep.”

He blinked. “How are you going to manage both?”

“Take a sonic, get into bed and I will rub you down.”

He didn’t seem inclined to tempt her into changing her mind. He was in the lav and the shower was blasting four seconds later.

Laughing as she climbed out of bed, she bound her hair back again and got the bottle of oil that the guards had brought her earlier that afternoon. She had run a test to make sure that no one had tampered with it, and it was fine. It was the same oil she had used outside the sauna.

When she returned to the bedroom, Ajaru was naked and lying on the bed, face down.

She swept his hair to one side and sighed. “I can’t believe that time has flown this quickly.”

“Well, when I win tomorrow, we will be together and I will be grand champion.”

She put the oil on her hands and started on his shoulders. “You make it sound like a done deal.”

“It is. I am not losing you.”

She grunted and kneaded at the small knots in his muscles. He was in much better shape than he had been two weeks ago. As she worked down his back, she ignored the heat that was stirring in her belly and causing her sex to get slick. She heard him inhale and she winced.

Getting hot while she massaged him was a side effect she had been ignoring all week. He had been sleeping in the outer room and letting her have the bed to herself. She had an inkling that tonight that was not going to be the case.

Bex finished working on his back and the hard curve of his buttocks and thighs. “Turn over.”

He had reacted to either her touch or her scent, but she had a job to do before she addressed his cock.

Bex moved behind his head and worked on his shoulders and chest, but it had the side effect of waving her breasts in his face. He reached up to cup her breasts, and she winced. “I don’t think I thought this through.”

“I don’t know. It definitely has its finer points.” He grazed his thumbs over the points in question; her nipples were hard, and they ached as he stroked and kneaded her soft mounds.

She eased out of his grip and worked on his chest, flicking his nipples with her fingers as she massaged her way down his belly. It was awkward without a massage table, but as she eased her way around his cock and to the tops of his thighs, she had to admit that the bed had its uses. She knelt between his thighs and watched him shudder as her fingers trailed up his inner thighs.

Bex knew that the look on her face was halfway between aroused and evil, but without warning, she closed both hands over his cock, oiled him up and used a strong, swift hand-over-hand motion until he was shaking with tension.

“Damn, I had hoped to relax you.”

His cock was dripping with slick precum, and he sat up, grabbing her and positioning her on top of his shaft.

He grunted and worked into her. It should have been more difficult, but he was easing his own way.

When she slammed onto him, her buttocks pressed against his thighs, she slowly looked up into his star-bright gaze. She slid her hands behind his head and pulled him to her for a kiss that rapidly got out of control when she started to move on him.

He held her tight and tipped her to her back, remaining pressed against her but breaking their kiss.

Ajaru slid his entire body against her, rubbing her from head to toe with every thrust. The oil on his skin made the contact easier, but she still felt the move as a full-body caress.

Inside her, something else was happening. Heat was spreading out in waves, but it was a frantic heat that had her squirming and clutching at him. She could hear her own groans and sighs as he rocked into her over and over again.

The inner tension grew until she was clawing at his shoulders. Sobs broke out as her clit felt pressure with every thrust but never enough to send her over the edge. She hissed, twisted and pulled at him, but he continued the slow and deliberate rocking that was driving her insane.

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