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Just The Thought Of You

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Thought Of You
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The NOVICE
. 3

Chapter 2: Secrets and Lies
. 4

Chapter 3: The Guardians of Heaven’s Gate
. 6

Chapter 4: The Escape
. 8

Chapter 5: The Fallen
. 10

Chapter 6: Dreams
. 12




Chapter 1: The NOVICE

“Crappy book!”
  As she tossed the twilight
book away, Deanna had a hard time understanding what the fad was between
pre-adolescent girls and vampires. She laid in bed the entire morning, going
down to get something to eat than back up to sleep some more. It was already
summer and the heat was unbearable. She had been ignoring her best friend’s
messages to go with him to the lake where all the cool kids hanged out. Deanna
was an old soul, she knew that. She hated hanging out with the kids at her
school that only knew pop songs and dub step beats. Her best friend,
, on the other hand was a different case. He was
cool in an otherworldly way.
came off as
mysterious as some would put it, a poet. He was loud but there was always
something he kept to himself and Deanna did not know what it was. “Maybe that’s
the reason I’m friends with him” she’d say when some kids asked her why she hung
out with

She woke upon just as the sun was about to set. Deanna laid
there for a few more minutes before getting up to go downstairs for dinner. She
lived in her grandmother’s house. He mother worked in another state and her
dad, well he was never around. She loved
dog. He was a gift from her grandfather before he passed away. She loved
because he would always make her feel like she
mattered. Her grandmother had a bakery and was never really at home. She
usually spent most of the day at the bakery since Deanna’s grandfather had
passed on. 
ran up to her as she
entered the kitchen. He was chewing on a toy bone. Deanna opened the fridge to
get a glass of water when the suddenly she fell to the ground. An excruciating
pain hit her back between the shoulder blades.  She writhed on the floor
simply sniffed her hair. She laid there
on the floor barely able to breathe. The pain was growing and growing and she
thought she would pass out from the intensity of it until as sudden as it came
it vanished. Deanna laid there on the kitchen floor, face down, trying to catch
her breath. She was covered in cold sweat. She did not know what had happened.

“Amazing how your first time is the most painful, for
something so beautiful to happen”. Deanna whipped around on the floor crawling
away from the voice that spoke. She looked around the kitchen saw a man
standing in the door way. “It’s a man” she thought definitely a man. He stood
in the corner near the entrance to the kitchen. Deanna could not make out his
facial features. He was tall nonetheless, built yet slender in a way. He stood
there still as night. If he had not said a word Deanna would never have taken
seemed calm. He did not even look at
the stranger. “
” the stranger turned a
bit facing
stood up and happily trotted towards the stranger. Deanna was in awe.
never liked people except Deanna; he was a pure
bred Siberian husky. She did not understand what was happening. “Do not be
afraid my dear” the dark voice whispered to Deanna. She was terrified and
overcome with fear but she didn’t move. “Who are you? What do you want?” she
screamed. “There isn’t any money here unless you want pennies and dimes!”
Deanna was starting to get mad, she hated that her voice quivered while she
screamed. “I am a friend my dear,
seems to
think so too” the voice said. Deanna turned to find
the dog was
sitting near the black figure. It happened so fast that Deanna did not notice
the figure standing near her. She closed her eyes and hoped it was just her
imagination and then…she blacked out.

Chapter 2: Secrets and Lies

Deanna woke up with a start. Her back still ached. He could feel
the cold cement on her face. She was lying face down with her cheek on the
floor. “Must’ve passed out on the kitchen floor” she thought. She turned slowly
feeling each body part aching. The lights in the room were dim and she noticed
one thing, she was no longer in the kitchen of her grandparent’s house. Fear
filled her once again; she tried to stand but was too weak to do so. She also
noticed her hands were tied with a weird cloth-like rope. It didn’t hurt but it
was strong enough to keep her hands together. She slowly looked at the place.
There was no other word to describe the place but “beautiful”. It was as if
angels had created the ceiling and marble flooring of the place. It was a huge
library and every book seemed centuries old. Deanna had wanted to stand but
then she heard footsteps quickly approaching the library. She lay back down and
pretended to be asleep. “The girl is a wake

a voice said. “How did they know” thought Deanna she turned and decided that
she better be brave then a twit. “Yes I am and I demand to know where I am! She
spoke out as she turned to face the two most beautiful men or women she had
ever seen. They had faces that were fair not white but tanned. Their skins
glowed like a baby’s but it was hard. They had a perfectly sculptured face.
Their eyes changed in colors and their hairs were white as snow and as dark as
the night sky. Deanna could feel her jaw dropping. “Who were these people? “She
kept asking herself. She knew they were not humans. No one could be that

The one with white hair moved forward. “Daughter of
, we do
not wish to harm you” he reached out a hand to Deanna. She stared at the white haired
man and noticed that the ropes had disintegrated. “

he called to the dark haired male, “bring me some wine and bring
, he might want to question the girl” with this
left the library. Deanna did not know what to do,
she had so many questions to ask but didn’t know where to start. “Who people”
she started “What do you want with me?!” she was starting to get angry. The
white haired male stared at her and sighed “I am

he said “your questions will be answered, but it is not me who would give you
the answers” and with that he sat down. Deanna did not know what to say she
just sat there on the library floor, confused at what was happening. “What did
you say your name was?” she asked feeling a little more confident. She knew
that if she found a way out she would have to give details to the police. “
” he turned to her. He had a sparkle in his
eyes. It seemed like he was weary and tired of something. “I own the place,
would you like to read a book?” he asked her. Deanna didn’t know what to think,
he was kind and seemed like it was a genuine offer. “Thank you, but I do not
trust you” Deanna said. She stood up and turned to look at the place.
stood and walked to the farthest end of the
room, “the books here will be of much interest to you” he said. “You have my
approval to view them” he said as he turned to walk out the door “oh and
please” he stopped half way through the door “be careful with these books,
collecting them was not easy” with that he walked out.
Deanna waited till she could no longer hear footsteps. She
waited and then looked around. She had to find a way out but there was no other
way out except the front door. She walked to the door and tried turning the
golden engraved doorknobs but as she expected it was locked. She decided to
stroll around the library. She came across a book shelve with books piled to
the top. The room was enormous. The books were filled to the top of the book
shelves and one would need ladders to reach the top. There was a spiraling
staircase to second floor landing to reach books that reached the ceiling. She
climbed the stairs and stopped in front of a book shelve. Deanna loved books.
She had her own collection and she and
read books every weekend. These were not ordinary books; they loved the weird
ones that were published in different centuries.
Deanna pulled out a large brown book. The casing was made of
leather and the book weight almost a ton. She nearly dropped the book; she
placed it on the floor slowly and peered at the title. It read
it did not make sense as she knew it was of a different language but
somehow she understood it “Shadow and Darkness” she whispered to herself. It
was weird understanding a language she had never heard nor learned. She quickly
put the book back and walked to another shelf. This time she pulled out a red
book, it was huge and had leather strains around it. The Spine was made of gold
colored metal. She wondered if it was actually gold, the title read
, this time Deanna did not
understand what it said. “
I see you found a book
you like” she turned so quickly and saw
sitting in one of the chairs that
sat in. “
!” she ran down the spiral staircase almost
tripping “did they take you too! Who are they! How did you find me” she said
pulling her best friend to the door. He simply stood there smiling at her, “
, are you stupid or did they drug you or something!
We have to get out! Show me how you got in!” Deanna started pulling him again.
“Deanna, please” he said “there is something you should know” he stared at her.
His dark eyes were dark. It looked like a bottomless pit that she would fall
into. “What?” she looked back. She could feel herself getting angry again. “
, you better tell me this is not a surprise
birthday party or I will ring your neck!”. She thought she saw a sparkle in his
eye like he was laughing but trying not to show how much he thought she was funny.
He took her hand and gave it a gently squeeze, “just a few moments” he said. He
sat back down and closed his eyes. Deanna was in awe. She did not know what was
going on, her best friend was acting weirder then he already was. The doors to
the library opened and three males entered.
was one of the males and the darker hair one named
was there too. The third one she did not know who it was but he looked
stood and Deanna thought he gave
her a wink before walking towards the door and leaving. She saw
the front doors, standing like guards near the entrance. The man stared down at
her and she could see that he looked happy to see her. “Sit my darling” he said
and she knew where she had seen him. He was her father.
Chapter 3:
Guardians of Heaven’s Gate
Deanna could not believe what she heard. Her father had
explained his disappearance from her life and why he had to do it. It was for
her sake and her mother’s he said. She could not forgive him that easily but
the things he told her made sense in an emotional way. Somehow, she knew she
was glad that he was there now to protect her and that in a way he did not walk
out Deanna and her mother. “There are more things that I have to tell you my
dear” and he turned to scan the room “how about we take a walk around the
library” he said. She obeyed and they started walking around the thousands of
books. He explained about the danger he would have put them in and she did not
know if she could believe her ears. Everything from, heaven to the angels and
did not make sense. “It may be too much to take
but” he reached for a golden looking book “
it is”. There was no title on the book but it showed a picture of an a male
that looked very much like
, even a lot like her father but this male had wings
like an angel’s. “I cannot explain everything but maybe this could in a better
way, I know you love to read as I have been told” he smiled. He took the book and
placed it in her hands. “Read it with an open heart” he said with that he
smiled, turned and left.
closed the door after leaving as well. Deanna stood
there for a while, not realizing after a few minutes that she was crying.
BOOK: Just The Thought Of You
5.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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