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Knight of Passion (40 page)

BOOK: Knight of Passion


From the desk of Robyn De Hart

Dear Readers,

Who out there isn’t fascinated by the lost continent of Atlantis? The legend is as compelling as Jack the Ripper and El Dorado,
those unsolved mysteries that have been perplexing people for hundreds of years. But it was Atlantis that captured my attention
for the second book in my Legend Hunters series, DESIRE ME.

With Atlantis, you have a little bit of everything—Greek mythology, hidden treasures, and utopian societies.
I couldn’t help but add my own flair to the myth and make my Atlantis home to the fabled Fountain of Youth. Add in an ancient
prophecy, a lost map, and Sabine Tobias, a heroine who is a living, breathing descendent to the Atlanteans—and you’ve got
a recipe for adventure coupled with plenty of trouble.

But what does any damsel in distress need? A good hero. A sexy-as-hell, smart-mouthed hero who is, shall we say, good with
his hands. That is, he’s handy to have around when you’re stuck in an underground chamber or when you need to slip into an
old estate without being seen. Enter Maxwell Barrett, legend hunter extraordinaire and expert on all things Atlantis.

With DESIRE ME, I return to my series about Solomon’s, the exclusive gentleman’s club of Legend Hunters. This book was, at
times, harrowing to write, but not nearly as dangerous for me, the writer, who sat safely at home in my jammies with my faithful
kitties to keep me company. Poor Max and Sabine, though, are on a perilous race against time, trying to solve the ancient
prophecy before a nasty villain destroys them both. But they find themselves neck deep in trouble about as often as they find
themselves wrapped in one another’s arms.

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