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She gasped at the shameless rush of pleasure. At the outrageous lust melting through her senses. Powerless against the disturbing desire.

‘You have to learn, Katherine. You can’t always have your own way.’ His hand came down on her bottom with a hard, brutal slap.

She hissed in shock. Her bottom quivered, the pain, stinging. Then a shameful flutter stirred between her legs and she tensed against the impermissible arousal. Felt the delicious shivering ripple, the dissolving wetness in her sex.

‘Answer me.’

Another hard spank, the imprint of his hand etched on her pale flesh, on her confused libido. Then his other hand was on her clit, a finger perfectly placed and her soft, helpless moan rose into the silence of the room.

‘I can’t hear you,’ Dominic growled. Another hard, smarting spank; his touch on her clit, in contrast, expertly delicate. ‘Do you understand?’

She gasped, filled with desire, with humiliating, hot, urgent need, her skin still tingling from his last punishing slap on her tender ass, her climax rising, coiling, making her pant.

‘You have to speak, Katherine, or your bottom is going to be sore tomorrow.’ His hand came down again on her burning flesh. ‘Tell me you understand who gives the orders.’ Another spank, the whiteness of her bottom pinked and hot, the marks of his fingers like a brand on her skin.

‘You do, Dominic, oh God, oh God,’ she breathed as he slid the pad of his finger past her clit to brush her G-spot.

‘I can keep doing this all night, Katherine. You have to say, “I understand who gives the orders”. That you know you can’t always have my dick inside you.’ Then he sighed as she suddenly climaxed. ‘Christ, I don’t know if there’s any point to this.’

If she could have answered him then, she would gleefully have disagreed. And when her breathing finally slowed and her tremors stopped, she looked up, smiled and said, ‘I understand, Dominic. Really I do. Completely.’

He gave her a forbearing smile. ‘Until the next time you want to come.’

‘We’ll go see the doctor. That’ll help.’

He held her gaze, his lashes falling slightly. ‘We’ll be careful till then. Right?’

She nodded. ‘Right.’

He lifted her easily, as if she were a child. ‘I worry, that’s all.’ He placed her face down on the bed. ‘Are you hurt? Was I a brute?’ Dipping his head, he kissed her pinked bottom with an angel wing kiss. ‘I’m sorry.’ Another light kiss on his finger marks. ‘Sorry. Sorry. Sorry.’ Each apology punctuated with a kiss. Then his kisses slowly moved up her back and lifting her hair, he dropped a soft kiss on her nape. ‘Want a cool cloth on your pretty ass?’ he whispered.

Rolling over, she held out her arms. ‘What I want is you inside me real gently while I’m going to sleep?’

His hesitation was minute, then he said, ‘So long as it’s my definition of gentle.’

She smiled, all rosy-cheeked and sweet as candy. ‘Of course. You’re the boss.’

He was still laughing softly as he slowly entered her.

After she dozed off, he waited for nearly an hour before he left the bed, answering emails on his cell phone during the interval. But after Kate had been sleeping deeply for some time, he slid from the bed, walked into his dressing room, pulled on sweats and a T-shirt and went downstairs to his library.

Martin appeared in the doorway a few minutes later. ‘Everything all right, sir? Do you need anything?’

Dominic looked up from his computer. ‘Bring me something to eat, I didn’t get much supper.’

‘The chef noticed, sir. Would you like wine?’

‘A half bottle. I’m cutting back.’

‘I’m sure Miss Hart appreciates your support.’

Dominic’s brows rose.

‘I mean since she can’t drink, you’re adjusting. My daughter’s husband did the same thing when Jenny was pregnant.’

‘Ah, I see. So you’re a grandfather?’

‘Twice, sir. One of each.’

‘Congratulations.’ Dominic smiled faintly. ‘I admit, it’s exciting to think about a child.’

‘You won’t regret it, sir.’

Dominic dipped his head slightly. ‘One has to be personally involved to understand that.’

‘Indeed, sir.’ The major domo turned to go, then turned back. ‘Mr Roche called twice. I told him you’d given orders not to be disturbed.’

‘I’ll call him. And if you’d send someone upstairs to sit outside my bedroom, I’d appreciate it. Have them come get me immediately if Katherine wakes up. And once you’ve brought my food, you’re free for the night.’

‘Thank you, sir.’

‘Do you have far to go?’ Martin had been working for him for eight years and he’d never thought to ask.

‘Not too far, sir. My son-in-law generally picks me up. Our families live together,’ he added at Dominic’s questioning gaze.

‘By necessity? Forgive me, I don’t mean to pry, but if you need an increase in wages, I’d be more than happy—’ ‘No, sir. My salary is very generous. My wife enjoys having
the children and grandchildren underfoot.’ He smiled. ‘I agree.’

‘Should you change your mind, we certainly can be your banker for an additional mortgage for you or your daughter.’

‘We’re quite content, sir. It’s a cosy arrangement for everyone.’

‘I see,’ Dominic said. He didn’t of course, having come from a home where constant strife had prevailed. ‘If you’re sure, then.’

‘Absolutely, sir. But thank you.’ Martin smiled. ‘I’ll have your supper up directly.’ He turned, walked from the library and quietly pulled the door shut behind him.

Amazing, Dominic thought. Martin and his family lived together in harmony. He smiled faintly. He had a lot to learn about families. And not much time. He reached for the phone.

‘You called?’

‘You sound happy,’ Max said.

‘I am. Did you know Martin lives with his daughter and her family?’

‘I did. They live in a semi-detached in north London. He bought it when he first started working for you.’

‘He said he likes the arrangement.’

‘He dotes on his daughter and his grandchildren.’

‘Apparently he gets along with his son-in-law as well.’

‘And apparently you just walked out of a cave.’

‘No shit. Thanks for taking care of the staff for me. I’ve never noticed before.’

‘You pay them top wages. They’re not complaining because you don’t chat to them.’

‘It seems that Katherine’s opening my eyes to a world beyond—’


Dominic laughed. ‘Yeah. That one.’

‘She must be sleeping.’

‘Another early night,’ Dominic replied, amusement in his voice.

‘Get used to it. Liv slept all the time when she was pregnant.’

‘That’s what I hear from everyone. I expect my schedule’s going to be erratic.’

‘We can deal with it. Per your erratic schedule, the reason I called was Star Mining is getting anxious. And you’re the one who has to make the decision. They’re offering you a choice of two palladium deposits. Or both.’

‘Which ones?’

‘The Russian one and the Canadian one.’

‘I can’t do Russia now. It’s too far from Katherine. Remind me again, where’s the one in Canada?’

‘Thunder Bay.’

‘Jackpot. We’ll take the leases there.’ Palladium played a key role in the technology used for catalytic converters which transformed up to ninety percent of harmful gases from auto exhaust into less harmful substances. A number of Dominic’s companies were dealing with environmental issues.

‘I thought you’d be interested.’

‘Definitely. The area’s only a few hundred miles from Katherine’s grandmother in Minnesota.’

‘Do you know yet when you’re leaving for the States?’

‘No. I’m working on it. What’s the word from the doctor in Rome?’

‘Gora’s little girlfriend might be early, he said.’ The baby could arrive any day. Your divorce a day later according to the attorney.’

‘Jesus. Life’s getting way too good. When does the rain cloud show up?’

‘Maybe never.’

‘That hasn’t been my experience. But I’m willing to keep an open mind.’

‘Never hurts. FYI, I’m planning on going home next week.’

‘It shouldn’t be a problem. As long as your phone’s working.’


A small silence fell.

Then Dominic quietly said, ‘Did you feel as though you were – fucking born again when Liv was having your child?’

‘You’re asking me? Someone who’s seen more killing than anyone should.’

‘So it really is a new world. Not just for me.’

‘A beautiful new world. Wait and see.’

‘Everything’s too perfect already. It’s making me jumpy.’

‘Once this Gora crap is over, you can relax.’

‘No doubt.’

‘Martin says you’re not drinking. That should help with the edginess.’

‘It’s not about nerves. I just decided I didn’t want to be a hard-drinking asshole like my father.’

‘That’s not his only problem.’

Dominic laughed. ‘No shit. The list is long. Look, get some sleep. I’ll see you in the office tomorrow.’


The black S-class Mercedes pulled up to Justin and Amanda’s townhouse at precisely seven.

‘Don’t bother, Jake, I’ll get the door,’ Dominic said. ‘Come back in an hour.’

‘Will do, boss.’

Kate gave Dominic a spiking glance. ‘An hour?’

‘Just in case, that’s all,’ Dominic explained. ‘I don’t want to wait for the car. And Jake doesn’t mind sitting here.’

Kate bit her lip and frowned, ‘I thought you said you didn’t care if we went to dinner. I could have called Amanda back and made some excuse.’

‘I really
care. Word of God, baby. And Jake always watches movies while he waits, so we can stay as long as you want.’ Dominic opened the back door, and offered Kate his hand. ‘Ready to chit-chat?’ He smiled. ‘I know I am.’


‘I actually
want to see the baby.’

Jake swallowed his shock, although he told Max later it
was one of those moments when you’d always remember where you were when the bomb went off. He’d been driving for Dominic from day one of Knight Enterprises so he had a pretty good idea of Dominic’s previous non-existent interest in babies.

Kate grinned. ‘Oh good.’ She took his hand. ‘Then it’s not just me who’s super excited about seeing the baby.’

‘Hell, no. We’ve both got the same karma going. Not that we haven’t from the beginning,’ he said, helping her out of the car.

She grinned. ‘I don’t know about karma, but you were killer sexy.’

‘And I wanted you way the hell more than I should.’

‘It was gypsy fate,’ she said lightly.

‘Or just my awesome luck. Jesus,’ he muttered, pulling her into his body. ‘Do we have to go inside? We could be in bed in ten minutes and I could be making you feel really good.’

‘That’s so tempting,’ Kate whispered, grabbing Dominic’s shoulders and rising on tiptoes for a kiss. As she looked up though, the façade of the posh four-storey red-brick town house came into view and she dropped back down. ‘Too late,’ she said with a sigh. ‘Justin’s at the window.’

Dominic groaned.

‘On the plus side,’ she said, smiling up at him, ‘remember, we get to see the baby.’ She straightened the hem of her embroidered peasant blouse. ‘Now tell me my clothes aren’t
casual. This place is pretty fancy.’ Dominic had chosen
green capris, green Bottega Veneta vans to go with the over-blouse. Coral, green and white enamel and gold earrings, along with a zebra-print bracelet in enamel and gold on her wrist added a modest display of luxury.

‘You look perfect, baby. Like the really sweet mother of my child.’ In couturier casual that Amanda would recognize.

‘I’m not so sure about the sweet part.’

He grinned. ‘You’re sugar sweet to me. Don’t forget I live in a fucking cutthroat world.’

She smiled. ‘Was that a compliment? I’m not quite sure.’

‘As soon as we get home, baby, I’ll make sure you know exactly how I’m feeling.’

‘Now there’s incentive to make this a short visit,’ she murmured, giving him a flirty wink.

The glimmer in his eye was wicked. ‘Then I’ve made my point.’

The brass-trimmed door opened before they reached it and Justin and Amanda greeted them warmly. After the courtesies were observed and the state of London’s traffic bemoaned, Dominic and Kate were shown into a small conservatory for drinks.

‘None for me,’ Kate murmured, taking a seat in a tropical print cushioned chair near Amanda. ‘It’s still semi-secret, but I’m pregnant.’

‘How lovely,’ Amanda replied. She glanced at Dominic. ‘For you both.’

‘We’re pleased,’ Dominic said, sitting down in a nearby chair.

Justin served the women non-alcoholic sparkling cider and when he turned from the liquor cabinet to ask Dominic what he wanted to drink, Dominic said, ‘Cider’s fine.’

Justin stared at Dominic. ‘You’re kidding.’

Dominic smiled. ‘I’m not kidding.’

‘Fuck that. Pardon me, ladies. But I’m not drinking alone.’ And Justin poured two whiskies.

The women were busy talking babies on the other side of the coffee table when Justin handed Dominic his drink.

Justin lifted one brow in a silent what-the-fuck arc and when Dominic didn’t respond he said instead, ‘You’ll like this whisky. It’s a forty-year-old reserve.’

‘I’m sure I will.’ Dominic smiled. ‘I happen to own the distillery.’

‘Since when?’ Justin sat down on the coffee table and raised his glass in salute.

Dominic lifted his tumbler. ‘Almost ten years. Cheers.’

And then he took a drink of the full-bodied, perfumed smoky malt.

‘So I’ve been helping make you rich with this top line liquor,’ Justin said a moment later, his mouth twitching into a small smile.

Amusement lit Dominic’s eyes. ‘You’re not the only one. Would you like me to send you a case?’

‘Does anyone ever say no?’

‘To the whisky?’

Justin snorted and lowered his voice. ‘Think you can change?’

‘You did.’ Dominic spoke as softly. ‘Or didn’t you?’

‘Yeah, yeah … OK. Although I wasn’t in your league. Not even close.’

‘That makes it all the more sweet. Trust me.’ Dominic raised his glass. ‘To marriage and family.’

It took Justin a fraction of a second to deal with the stunning wonder of Dominic openly displaying his feelings. Dominic was the most emotionally disciplined man he knew; cool, restrained, remote. Even at private sex clubs where most men exhibited a certain degree of excitement, Dominic never had. But Justin hadn’t reached the rarefied ranks of the financial world without the reflexes of a bull fighter. ‘I couldn’t agree more,’ he said, lifting his glass. ‘To lovely wives and children.’

Dominic drained his glass, set it down and shook his head to Justin’s silent query about a refill. Then he leaned forward, caught Kate’s eyes across the coffee table and smiled. ‘What am I missing?’

Kate grinned. ‘Nursing schedules. That won’t be your bailiwick.’

‘I can do the diaper changing.’

‘Listen to that, Justin,’ Amanda nodded approvingly. ‘Dominic isn’t going to sleep through the two a.m. feeding.’

‘Sure, make me look bad,’ Justin grumbled, moving to sit beside his wife on the sofa.

Dominic shrugged. ‘I’m a light sleeper.’

‘And I’m not,’ Kate said, smiling at Dominic.

‘Teamwork, baby. Although I have the easy part.’

‘You could just wake me up when I have to move the baby to the other breast.’

‘Or I could move the baby myself,’ Dominic said very softly, holding her gaze. ‘How would that be?’

Justin grinned. ‘Jesus, you two. Tone it down.’

‘I think it’s sweet,’ Amanda said.

Kate’s face was bright red. ‘We just got together. Dominic’s been away the last few weeks.’

‘Not because I wanted to be. But I’m back now.’ He softly inhaled. ‘Business,’ he said flatly. ‘It can be a pain in the ass.’ Then he deliberately changed the subject to something other than his recent absence. ‘Tell us about the children, Amanda.’ His voice was suddenly smoothly urbane. ‘We’re both interested,’ he smiled, ‘for obvious reasons. In fact, we’re thinking about taking notes tonight since we’re such tyros.’

‘Would you like to see our angels?’

‘Could we?’ Kate practically leaped up from her chair. ‘I didn’t know if I dared ask.’

‘Ask away,’ Justin said, quickly coming to his feet. ‘We’re the crazy parents you hear about who think their children are perfect.’

Rising from his chair, Dominic moved around the coffee table and took Kate’s hand. ‘We already feel that way, don’t we?’

She smiled up at him. ‘Totally.’

‘Along with our own kind of crazy,’ he said gently, gazing down at her, remembering how they’d both been baby crazy
in Hong Kong. ‘From the very first, right?’ His voice was velvet soft.

Kate took a deep breath and nodded, her eyes filling with tears.

‘Hey, hey,’ Dominic whispered, pulling her close, running his hands gently down her back. ‘Everything’s good.’

Justin was thinking he’d seen everything now.

Amanda was thinking how nice it was that Dominic was no longer alone.

And the couple holding each other forgot where they were.

As the silence lengthened, Amanda and Justin looked at each other, unsure whether or not to intrude.

Then a baby’s wail shattered the stillness.

‘Oh dear,’ Amanda murmured. ‘Bee was supposed to sleep for another couple of hours.’

‘It’s the baby, Dominic.’ Blinking away her tears, Kate smiled at him, then at Amanda. ‘Please, may I hold her? I mean if you don’t mind.’

‘Certainly. Ah … there,’ the crying abruptly stopped, ‘the nurse picked her up. I left a bottle just in case. Come,’ Amanda said, indicating the doorway with a wave. ‘We’ll show off our perfect children.’

The upstairs nursery was a two-room suite next to the master bedroom. Kate and Dominic admired the baby first while the nurse fed her. There was no need to be polite out of courtesy as was sometimes the case with newborns. Bee was a beautiful baby.

Kate jabbed Dominic in the ribs, grinned and said under her breath, ‘What do you think?’

‘I think I can hardly wait,’ he murmured, grinning back. ‘Although it’s going to be a whole new universe for us.’

‘But we can do anything, right?’

He laughed. ‘Absolutely.’ He looked up at their hosts. ‘Sorry. This is all really still very new. We’re super—’

‘Giddy,’ Kate interposed.

‘Pretty much.’

That was another of those tagged moments that would go in Justin’s memory book. Dominic Knight admitting to giddiness. No one who knew Dominic would ever have bet on that happening – the description would previously have been inconceivable for such a ruthless, intensely private man.

Amanda stepped into the small silence. ‘Let me show you Adam,’ she offered and led them into the adjacent room.

‘What a darling,’ Kate whispered a moment later, standing by the small bed where the dark-haired toddler lay sleeping, a stuffed bunny under his arm. She glanced up at Justin. ‘He looks like you.’

‘That’s what my mother said.’

‘I’d love to hold him, but maybe some other time when he’s awake. Although, a toddler probably doesn’t care to be held at all.’

‘He has his moments,’ Amanda noted. ‘Mostly when he’s tired. But you’re right. He prefers being what he calls “growed up”. If you’d like, I’ll have the nurse bring the baby
down once she’s finished with her bottle. A sleeping baby is easier to hold than a screaming one.’

Kate looked up at Dominic, smiled, then glanced back at Amanda. ‘I’d adore that. Maybe Dominic could hold her too. We’re slightly daunted by the whole situation. Everything’s happened so quickly.’

‘You’re not alone. We weren’t planning on starting a family so soon after our marriage, but—’

‘Amanda forgot a couple of pills,’ Justin said, grinning.

‘Because you whisked me away for a surprise weekend,’ She gave her husband an amused glance. ‘Although we couldn’t be happier how things turned out. And you are too, I can tell,’ she added, smiling at Dominic and Kate.

‘It’s a great feeling,’ Dominic said. ‘Better than anything, isn’t it, baby?’ he pulled Kate under his arm and kissed her cheek.

‘Way better,’ Kate agreed, thinking life couldn’t be more perfect if she had a fairy godmother with a magic wand calling the shots.

Perhaps ten minutes after they returned downstairs, the nurse brought the baby into the conservatory. Kate immediately held out her arms and as the newborn was placed in her lap, her breath caught in her throat. ‘She’s so little,’ Kate whispered, then glanced up. ‘Come look, Dominic.’

The men were surveying Justin’s collection of Highland whiskies. Dominic smiled at Justin. ‘I have better things to do.’

Walking over to Kate, seated on the sofa, he stood for a moment gazing at the captivating picture of mother and child. Then bending, he gently touched the baby’s small hand.

‘Oh … look – she smiled.’ Kate glanced up. ‘Did you see that?’

‘I did,’ Dominic murmured. ‘That was a sleepy little smile.’

‘She’s just precious, isn’t she?’

‘Absolutely precious.’

‘You don’t mind if we have a girl, do you?’

‘Whatever you give me, baby, will be perfect.’

‘Are you sure?’

He squatted down so their eyes were level. ‘I’m a thousand percent sure,’ he quietly said. ‘Don’t ever worry about me loving our child. I do already. Now and for ever. OK? You got that? My love for you and our baby is unconditional, world without end.’

She nodded, too choked up to speak.

Amanda caught Justin’s eye, signalled to the nurse, quickly rose from her chair and shooed them out of the room.

Dominic and Kate didn’t notice.

‘Sometimes love is too small a word for how I feel about you,’ Dominic whispered, smiling faintly. ‘I need a bigger word.’


‘Yeah, like that.’ Rising, he dropped onto the sofa beside
her. ‘We must have embarrassed them.’ He flicked his finger at the empty room. ‘Not that I give a shit.’

‘You never do.’

He shrugged. ‘I’ll teach you how to ignore the world.’

Kate grinned. ‘And I’ll let you hold the baby if you’re careful.’

‘Really.’ He looked amused. ‘I have your permission?’

‘Careful now,’ she said, gently lifting the baby and placing her in Dominic’s arms. ‘Oh my lord, now she really looks tiny.’ Dominic held the baby’s head in his large palm for a moment before adjusting the small blanketed form in the crook of his arm.

‘They grow fast.’ Dominic smiled. ‘I remember Nicole as a newborn. Although she had a full head of dark hair instead of this blonde fuzz. She liked the trampoline.’

‘You’re not taking our baby on a trampoline,’ Kate said nervously.

‘I bounced lightly. I barely moved. Nicole loved it.’

‘Well, maybe then. We’ll see.’

He looked up and grinned. ‘Are you in charge of our baby?’

‘I am at the moment.’

‘And looking tempting as hell in mommy mode,’ he murmured. ‘Do you suppose they’d care if we left now?’ He gave her a playful leer.

She giggled.

The baby jerked.

Dominic shushed Kate with a quick kiss and the baby
with a professional little jiggle. And Bee went back to sleep.

BOOK: Knight Takes Queen
9.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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