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Knotted Pleasure

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Knotted Pleasure
Bound and stripped naked, no longer responsible for what would happen to her, Knotted Pleasure is her reward. Two stories, two women, different, but they find they have the same dark and forbidden desires. Do the ropes and restraints give them the excuse to indulge in the perversions that most women would run away from? 
Kiley, a virgin by circumstances, too smart and too young for her peers, finds a way to take care of her financial needs from long years at expensive universities. He will pay for twelve hours of unrestrained pleasure from her virgin body. Kiley is aroused by the unknown, but it becomes more twisted when the unknown becomes terrifying as the plan goes awry and she is forced to face the reality of different circumstances. 
Sandra is caught in the political intrigue of a deposed ruler and the hatred of his people towards Americans. Can she trade her body for her freedom? Is her only ally looking out for her well-being, or is he like the others, only interested in making her perform for the men that control her destiny?


ISBN 9781615088218

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Copyright 2012 Powerone

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A Renaissance E Books publication Chapter 1

College Debt

Kiley strolled down the courtyard at Harvard on a cool October morning. Winter was coming, the leaves on the trees had already fallen and a cool breeze blew across the Cambridge, Massachusetts'

campus. Her feet crunched on the dead leaves as they blew across the sidewalk, almost deserted now, too early in the morning except for the most intense students. She tried to think of another word instead of intense, dedicated, driven, manic; laughing as she tried to explain her own behavior so critically. Laughing at herself was the only thing she could do lately.

She had been feeling depressed, hard for someone so upbeat and driven.
Had it all been worthwhile? What had I given up to do this?

Sure, there were many students that were in their second year law at Harvard University, but how many of them were female and how many of them were eighteen years old? She was what they called a child prodigy. Her parents didn't know where it came from. They were average folks living in Stockton, California. Her father was a long-hall truck driver, her mother stayed home and raised her until she went off to college, then she got a job at the diner waiting tables.

Kiley's grammar and high school career were short. She graduated from high school when she was thirteen. She was accepted at Wesleyan University in Connecticut and graduated in three years, majoring in pre-law. Kiley had her heart set on law, and once she decided something, nothing stood in her way. She was accepted at Harvard University, and this was her second year there.

It's not that Kiley wasn't attractive, she was, but in college, who would date a girl that would be only sixteen when she graduated.

Most boys stayed away from underage girls, the older girls more than willing to give them what they wanted without running into trouble with the law. It wasn't much different now. She turned eighteen three months ago, but most of the other students in her law classes were in their twenties, twenty-two or twenty-three. They drank, dated and had sex, but not one of them would touch an eighteen-year-old girl, 2

especially one who was smarter than they were. So at the ripe age of eighteen, she was still a virgin. In fact, she had never had a date or even been kissed. Not only because of her age, but she never had time for it, too driven to succeed in school so she could get her law degree.

Her hand and a vibrator were her only satisfaction, Kiley learning early on that orgasms helped relieve the stress of life.

Then there was the matter of her education and the expense.

Wesleyan University was $58,000 per year for three years; Harvard was $48,000 per year plus $25,000 for room and board. For the four years of school she had attended, the total was in excess of $250,000

with another $73,000 this year and next. While Wesleyan and Harvard both wanted her to attend and did provide scholarships and grants, she was still in debt to the tune of $100,000 with $35,000

added each year for the next two years. When she graduated at twenty years of age, she would owe $170,000.

Yes, lawyers that graduate
Cum Laude
from Harvard did well in the world. She wanted to move to New York City, one of the most expensive cities in the United States, but she didn't want to go to one of the big firms that specialized in business, Kiley had expectations of making her mark on the world by helping people, the common people, not the rich. Whether it was environmental law, civil law in class-action lawsuits against big business or wherever it was she could make a difference, it would never pay like business. Her own choices meant she couldn't stop worrying how she would handle her debt. Her parents didn't have the wherewithal to help, so it was up to her to deal with it.

The library door was unlocked, Kiley the first inside. The building was still chilly, so she left her coat on. She found her usual table, opening up her laptop and taking the lid off of the first of many cups of coffee she would consume that day. She put everything out of her mind as she began to study before her eight o'clock class.

* * * *

It was one of the things that Kiley liked; the student-faculty mixer.

Her mentor and advisor, Professor Rosenthal, made sure that she always attended.


"It's not only the faculty, but the alumni show up and wants to meet our brightest and most promising students. That means you, Kiley."

So, she took it as her duty. After all, Dr. Rosenthal had done so much for her, it was the least she could do to repay him. It was at the last mixer that she met Mrs. Cynthia Lewis of the Lewis International Law Center building, named after her husband's generous donation.

She had even insisted that Kiley call her Cynthia. Cynthia had graduated from Harvard Law, and had made her husband donate to build the center. She only did some pro bono work now, as she said it, her job was to make her husband happy. He was the Chairman of the Board of Lewis Enterprises, a multi-national conglomerate of consumer goods that spanned forty countries, with sales of forty billion dollars. He was also the largest stockholder, his fortune estimated to be in excess of five billion dollars and climbing.

Kiley put on the little black dress she had, too low cut and short for the weather, but she was out to impress, not stay warm. She was hoping that Cynthia would be there again, maybe this time her husband would be with her. He would be a great contact to have when she graduates. It seemed like only older men were interested in Kiley. They weren't worried about younger women; to them, it was a status symbol. Kiley couldn't say she didn't like the attention, but she did not intend to them, even if she had the time to date.

She walked quickly to the center, a converted mansion, the air colder after the sun went down. It was early, but the room was already filling up. Most of her classmates were there and all of the law department professors, including Dr. Rosenthal, standing in the corner talking to a woman with her back to Kiley. She hung up her coat and walked over to Dr. Rosenthal and then she noticed who the woman was. It was Cynthia, Kiley's face lighted up as soon as she saw her. She was so beautiful and elegant, wearing a suit that probably cost five thousand dollars, Kiley's dress bought on sale for forty bucks, usually two hundred. Kiley could only afford the dresses at Filene's basement.

Dr. Rosenthal saw her before she got all the way across the room.

He pulled her next to him as soon as she got close. "You know our 4

finest student; I think you met last mixer." He knew that Cynthia liked Kiley; he wanted to make sure his prime benefactor had an interest in everything that went on in the law school. It might be her husband's money, but Cynthia was the one that got him to part with it.

"Yes, Kiley and I had a long girl talk last time. How are you?" She pressed her hand into Kiley's.

"Great, Cynthia," paused before she said Cynthia, not wanting to offend her, even though she told Kiley to call her by her first name.

She held Kiley's hand for a long time before she released it. She had such a firm grip, as though all of her power was in her hand.

"Such a lovely dress, Kiley, it certainly shows off your lovely figure. I'd die for a young body like yours. The boys must be all over you."

"I think I am too young and innocent for them. They want someone more experienced. And older! As far as you, Cynthia, a young girl has nothing over you."

"You don't mind if I borrow Kiley, do you, Dr. Rosenthal. We have so much in common, you know, girl talk."

"Not at all, I have other people that I have been neglecting, some on purpose, onto my duty for the University." He was glad Cynthia was interested in Kiley. He knew of her problems with money and her worries about it. Maybe Cynthia could do something to help her. It wouldn't be the first time that she had helped a student. There was Brenda four years ago. He never got all the details, but all of a sudden, Brenda's money problems went away and she became a better student. He never inquired as to how and why. It was none of his business, as long as everyone was happy.

"Let's go into the other room where we can have some privacy.

Sometimes I get too much attention." He watched as they walked, the young girl having a natural sway to her hips and a fantastic ass.
man wouldn't be hard just watching her walk?
Cynthia's eyes took in Kiley's breasts, snuggled tightly in the low-cut dress, giving off a glimpse of generous cleavage, but she could tell that she was wearing a bra underneath. At her age, she didn't need one.

They sat down on the couch next to each other, picking up drinks 5

on the way in, two glasses of wine for Cynthia and a coke for Kiley.

"Here, put the coke away, have a glass of wine."

Kiley never drank, only an occasional drink when she went home for the holidays, but then only wine. "Thank you," trying to be sophisticated as she took a sip.

"How are your classes, boring?" She knew that Kiley was way ahead of her classmates, just like Cynthia, but Harvard didn't let you skip ahead. You had to put in the three years, not like a bachelor's degree.

"Yes, a little. I know what they are teaching before they teach it.

Was it that way when you were here?" Kiley didn't feel like she had to lie with Cynthia. She would never tell her professors or her classmates the truth about the classes, many of them struggling to keep up, the professors smug that they were "tough."

"Yes, but I was in no way as smart as you are. You are truly gifted and will make a wonderful lawyer. What are you going to specialize in?"

"I'm confused. I want to help out the common people, do pro bono, environmental law or help those that can't defend themselves against big business."

"There is nothing wrong with that. Why are you confused?"

Cynthia knew what her problem was. Cynthia had the same problem when she graduated, but she solved hers by marriage.

"My student loans will be big enough to bankrupt small countries,"

she tried to make light of it, but her forehead creased into a scowl.

"You can always marry wealthy, that is one way to cure your problem."

"I think you have to date first, before you can marry." Kiley sounded so pitiful when she explained herself.
What would Cynthia
think of me?

"How come you've never dated?" Even with her passion in college, Cynthia still found time to date.

"Too young, too aggressive, too driven, pick one or all." She tried hard to make it sound as if it wasn't bad that she didn't date.

"So that would make you a…"


"A virgin, yes." She wanted to beat her to it.

"That's a very valuable commodity this day and age. Sorry, I don't mean commodity. A treasure is more like it." Cynthia smiled at the thought.

"And I thought I was bankrupt. Should I go down to Bank of American and try to get a secured loan on my virginity?" If it were only that easy, get a loan and the one that gets my virginity gets to pay it off.

BOOK: Knotted Pleasure
13.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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