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Authors: Karla Williams

Know When to Run

BOOK: Know When to Run
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To my friend Gwen who has seen me through the ups and downs of many of these relationships, heard my tears, and supported me through it all. Thank you for always believing in my dreams.





In My Own Words

About the Author


Thank you to all the men represented in these pages. Without them this book would not have been possible. I am the person I am today because of these experiences.


I am no expert on relationships, but I know what doesn’t work. These are my experiences based, yes, on my actual relation
ships. Fitness experts talk about the importance of exercise – so many minutes, so many days a week. I realize the same is true in relationships. In a relationship, sometimes the best thing you can do is run. Some of you will read these pages and see your own stories. You may cry because you are currently going through one of these situations, but you are not alone. You may laugh because you have gone through one of these situations but are in a happier place now, and you remember when. Because once you find your strength, your voice to say no more to a bad relationship, to grab those sneakers and run, you are changed forever.

If you cry more than you laugh, run.

If you ever doubt his honesty, run.

If he keeps parts of his life a secret, run.

If you don’t? like the person you become when you are with him, run.

If he has to tell you that he’s not gay, run.

BOOK: Know When to Run
11.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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