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“Damn it, lass,” he rasped. “Don’t be afraid.”

“You were playing with me,” she accused.

“You were actually the one playing with me.” He smiled. “Now it’s my turn.”

“Are you going to kill me?” Lacey hated the catch in her voice.

“No. I’m going to make you scream.” Lethal winked.

Tears filled her eyes and she wondered how badly it would hurt when he savaged her with his fangs. He cursed, broke eye contact, and lifted up. It surprised her when he released her but then he dropped back down, shoved her legs apart, and lowered his head. His mouth fastened on her clit immediately. The shock of it made her gasp and she grabbed his silky, long hair.

She tugged but couldn’t budge him. She felt his fangs against her inner folds and froze. She was terrified he’d sink them into her sensitive flesh and feed from her there. Instead, a firm, hot tongue stroked her clit. He lashed it with rapid strokes. Pleasure engulfed her. He sucked, licked and rubbed against her, nuzzling his mouth tight to her pussy. Fear faded quickly into desire.

“Oh god,” she moaned.

Lethal’s oral skills were amazing. Ecstasy should be his name. He knew exactly how to work her with his mouth, playing with the bundle of nerves, manipulating them until raw pleasure turned into a screaming orgasm that left her gasping, her head thrown back, her eyes closed.

He released her clit and blew hot air over it. She shivered.

“So pretty and pink. So damn tasty.” His tongue brushed her clit again, swiping it as if she were ice cream. “So you could never care for someone so different from you? Is that what you’re saying?”

Confusion clouded her already hazy mind. “What?” He was playing some kind of cat-and-mouse game with her.

“You heard me. You said you wished for different circumstances. You could care for me if you allowed yourself to see me as a man.”

She held still, letting his words sink in. It wasn’t so much what he said but the tone she heard in his voice that gave her hope that he wasn’t a bad guy after all. Maybe he was as lonely as she was. Maybe he liked the sex enough to want to keep her around for a while without having to hide what he really was.

It had to be tough to keep a steady girlfriend in his life. The whole biting without someone figuring out he was a vampire would be tough. They could hypnotize most people with their glowing-eye thing. Did he make women forget him the moment he was done?

She tilted her head to stare at him. “You’re a vampire and I’m not. It would never work long-term.”

He licked his lips. “You can’t deny the strong attraction we have or the scorching sexual chemistry. You’re attracted to me and I’m quickly becoming obsessed with you.”

She was glad to be flat on her back. “I can’t believe we’re having this conversation. You should be eating me right now and I should be screaming in terror.”

He chuckled. “The eating and screaming part already happened but you’ve got nothing to fear. For the past few hundred years I’ve not really lived…until I met you. You’re a hunter and you caught me.” He smiled. “Now I’m the hunter and I’ve caught you. You know what that means, don’t you?”

“No clue. We’re both fucked up and confused because we want to have sex together and it’s really good?” His words sank in. “How old are you?”

“Much older than I look but it’s just a meaningless number. I feel much younger than I actually am.”

“You dress modern. I’ve never seen that before from your kind. At least, not in my experience.” It astonished her that he’d been around a few centuries but it explained his mad sex skills. He’d had time to really learn how to please a woman. She knew masters were old but she’d figured a century at most. The oldest vamp she’d ever captured had been from the nineteen fifties.

“Some vampires can’t adapt to the changing times but I have. I’m very attracted to you.” He grinned. “I think it started when you straddled my lap and showed me your pretty breasts.” He stared at them. “I’m going to suck on them soon and you’re going to love it.” He met her gaze. “I figure it will take a few hundred years or so to do all the things we can think up.”

“A few hundred years?”

He chuckled. “It’s a saying.”

She gaped at him, trying to make sense of his words. He was acting crazy. The drugs should be out of his system by now—vampires shook them off fast—but something was seriously wrong with him. He wasn’t acting the way she thought he would.

“Are you having a bad reaction to the cow blood?”

“No. It was kind of nasty tasting but I can survive on it fine.”

“Maybe you should go home and have some human blood.” She hesitated. “Please don’t take mine. I could have killed you but I didn’t.” Reminding him of that seemed imperative.

Chapter Six


Lethal resisted laughing. Lacey was too damn cute. His heart softened even more toward her as she stared at him with concern. It saddened him that she doubted his sincerity. He’d have to teach her that he could be trusted.

She did make him feel alive. Time tended to blur into monotony at his age. Humans bored him mostly, especially the ones he’d fed from. It might have something to do with the fact that they were unaware of who he truly was, what he was, but Lacey was aware. He was also highly amused by her in every way.

She studied him intently and he could almost see her mind trying to figure out why he’d want to keep her. It made her even more appealing. A woman as attractive as she usually tended to be vain. Not Lacey. He smiled, knowing she was the one for him. It was just a matter of convincing her of that.

He crawled up her body and pinned her beneath him. “You’re mine but you just don’t realize it yet.”

She hesitated before gently touching his forehead. “You don’t feel feverish. I’m worried, Lethal. You’re talking crazy.”

“You said you don’t have any kind of life and haven’t for a while.” He paused, watching for any hint to her emotions. “Have one with me. It’ll be fun. You can still kill vampires if you have a mind to but you will be fighting at my side from now on. I won’t allow you to go out on your own to kill rogues. Nothing is going to happen to you. I’ll protect you and plan to cover you a lot.” He chuckled. “Spread your thighs wider. I plan to cover you for a few hours at least.”

“You want to fuck me now?”

“Dying to,” he rasped. “Kiss me.”

“Not with those teeth you’re sporting. Tongue piercings aren’t as hot on women as men. At least not from my perspective.”

He laughed, unable to resist her charm. She was feisty and smart, two things he admired. “I didn’t nick that sweet pussy of yours with them. Kiss me. I’m dying to taste you.”

She didn’t comply. “I really think you’re having a bad reaction to something. Do vampires have doctors? Maybe we should call one.”

“Is it so difficult to believe I would want to keep you?” He chuckled. “You kept

“I couldn’t kill you if there was a chance you were good. I’ve known some monsters in my time who were totally human. It just stood to reason that it might be the same in your world. Good and bad bloodsuckers.”

That last smidgen of doubt left Lethal as to why he was so drawn to her. The lass was ideal for him. “I know the perfect cure for what ails me.”


“You spreading your thighs and letting me inside.” He softly growled. “I need you, Lacey. Only you. Stop worrying about me harming you and live for the moment.”

“For the record, this isn’t what I expected if you broke free.”

“Noted. Now open up for me, lass. I want you and you want me.”

“What the hell.” Her fingers slid into his hair. “We’ve done everything else. I still think you’re having a bad reaction to the blood but I’m just glad it makes you horny instead of violent.”

“We haven’t quite done everything. Agree to stay with me.” He could think of a hundred things he’d like to do to her, with her, and have her do to him. She would balk at first at some of it but he was certain, once she got over her aversion to blood, she’d see the pleasure in sharing some with him.


“Every night.”

“You’re high on drugs or cow blood. You don’t mean that.”

He laughed. “I’m high on happiness and living. You’re a breath of fresh air and you make me content. You live on the edge already as a vampire hunter. Take another risk. What do you have to lose, Lacey, love? Lonely nights
with a vibrator? I’m much better and I don’t need batteries. You’re hanging out with people you don’t trust. You said you can’t speak for your team, which implies you aren’t close to them.” He settled over her, pinning her more firmly under him. “You and I, we’re as close as two can be. It will feel right if you’ll just release your fears. I’d never hurt you.”

“I barely know you but you’re acting as if you want us to live together. Every night is pretty specific.”

“We fit together.” He shifted his hips, his cock pressed against her pussy, and he began to stretch her vaginal walls apart with his thick shaft. She was pure heaven as the tight fit of her pussy squeezed around his dick. “Perfectly.”

She moaned. “That feels so good.”

“Say yes.”

“You’re already halfway in.” Her hips bucked, trying to urge him to drive all the way inside her body. “Give it to me.”

He planned to. “Lacey?”

She stared into his eyes. “Lethal?”

“I won’t let you down. Whoever that human was, he was a fool to let you go. I’d never make such a mistake.”

He didn’t want to frighten her by explaining what he was about to do. She might fight him. As much as he wanted her trust, keeping her at his side meant more. The two conflicted but a sense of urgency to bind them together had taken hold. Part of it was instinct once he’d decided she was his, combined with his pending loss of control. Lacey had his blood almost boiling with the desire to stake his claim. She’d forgive him once she got over her anger. He had to believe that. There was no way he’d risk anyone mistaking her for anything less than what she was—his.

She wrapped her legs around his waist, hugging his hips with her thighs. “You’re big but I think I can survive. Give me your best.” She squirmed, a pleading look in her gaze, telling him she wanted him as much as he did her.

“Agree to be mine and to stay with me.” Guilt pricked him but he hadn’t survived so long without taking what he wanted and fighting to keep it. “I’ll never harm you. At least not beyond the next few minutes.”

“Okay. We’ll try this dating thing if that’s what you really want. Just quit stalling while you’re committing sexual torture and you can spend every night with me if you get me off.”

She mistook his warning of pain as one of possible rough sex. He chuckled. “Not a problem. I’m going to learn every inch of you and how to bring you untold pleasure every day.”

“You mean night.”

He went for her lips, kissing her smart mouth. Lacey moaned as his cock plunged into her deep. Her vaginal muscles clenched around him and he began to fuck her in earnest, every thrust of his cock bringing her closer to climax. His mouth mimicked his hips, his tongue stroking her tongue, and she cried out when he purposely nicked her with his teeth.

Lacey’s blood was sweeter than he’d imagined—actually sweet. His provocative lass really enjoyed sugary treats. There was a lot he learned as he kissed her, coaxing her to bleed a little more by sucking on her tongue to draw it out. He’d have preferred to take it straight from the vein but she’d fear that. It almost drove him over the edge and his balls tightened in anticipation of coming.

He ran his tongue over his sharp tooth, the bite of pain just adding to his pleasure. Their blood mingled as he continued to kiss her. She moaned but didn’t jerk her head aside and pull away. She had to taste it but didn’t seem to mind.

The bonding began as he opened his emotions and allowed his hormones to do their thing. He fought the strong urge to rip his mouth away and bite into his wrist to feed her from his vein while sinking his fangs into her throat. He wanted more of her in every way. It would seal the bond forever.

Not yet
, he ordered himself.
She’s not ready. This will have to do for now. Anyone near her will know she’s mine with my blood in her system. Patience.


Lacey shouldn’t have been surprised when Lethal ended up biting into her tongue and sucking on it. It was bound to happen if she kissed a vampire. The pain eased and the erotic sensation of what he was doing to her made her unconcerned that the coppery taste of her blood filled her mouth. He slowed the pace, she moaned in protest as the pleasure eased just enough to keep her from coming, but he kept kissing her.

The taste of blood mingled between them. It was actually kind of hot. Lethal was a master at taking her right to the edge of climax before easing back. She frantically kissed him, trying to convey how badly she needed him. She clawed at his shoulders, digging her nails in. It seemed to excite him as he fucked her harder, faster, until Lacey jerked her mouth from his to scream from the intensity of the orgasm.

Something wet ran down the side of her mouth as she panted. It was warm as she rested her cheek on the mattress. Lethal’s body shook above her, in the throes of finding his own release as he came deep inside her. She loved how she could feel that with him.

“Sleep, love.” He lowered his head and brushed a kiss on her throat. “We start our new life when you wake.”

“I’m okay. That was amazing but I’m not going to conk out on you. I’m so not a guy. If you need a nap, at least roll over first. Don’t trap me under you. Of course I can’t swear I won’t find a marker to write on you if you pass out. I’ll be bored and that’s never a good thing.”

He chuckled. “I believe you would.”

She dropped her hand away from his shoulder and reached for the side of her face, bothered that she might be drooling, and wanted to wipe it away before Lethal noticed. Her fingers touched something slippery and she pulled her hand back to stare at them.

Blood. A lot of it. Too much.
She turned her head, staring up at him in shock. That wasn’t only from a nick to her tongue. “You fed from me?”

“We fed from each other.” He hesitated. “I gave you some of my blood.”

Horror flashed through her. “What?”

“It was necessary.”

She struggled but Lethal was too heavy. He spread his knees wider and gripped her wrists, pinning her under him.

“Get off!”

“Lacey,” he crooned, “calm down.”

Is he kidding?
“What did you do to me? Oh my god. Did you turn me into a blood slave? Will I have to go around saying ‘yes, master’ like the goon in those old vampire movies?” Tears filled her eyes as she continued to struggle. “Damn it! I trusted you!”

“I marked you.”

She wished she could touch her neck but he refused to let her go. What if he’d bitten her while he’d been going down on her too? She assumed she’d have felt his fangs sink into her skin but what if she was wrong about it hurting?

“You bit me?”

“No. I shared enough of my blood with you that anyone not human will smell me on you from at least ten feet away.”

“Why?” Panic quickly set in. “You can’t turn me into a brainless minion. I’ll fight it.”

“You watch too many movies.”

Her strength suddenly waned and she gave up struggling, going still. “You didn’t ask me if I wanted your blood. What will it do to me?” A terrible thought entered her mind. “You’re not changing me into a vampire, are you?”

“Not yet.”

That answer wasn’t comforting in the least. “Lethal? What will your blood do to me?”

He frowned. “It tells others that you’re mine. No one would dare harm you.”

“You said to use your given name and I’d be safe.”

“What if they don’t give you the chance to talk? Rogues are out there.” He leaned in closer. “Did the one who took your sister have a conversation with her first?”

The reminder was grim. “No. He just grabbed her and was gone in a flash.”

“Exactly. Even my enemies wouldn’t dare touch you. They’d know it would be a death sentence. I’d track them to the ends of the earth if that is what it took and they’d pay dearly for it. No one is that foolish.”

Lacey forced a few deep breaths. “You could have asked first by explaining it to me. You didn’t.”

“I’m sorry for that. I was worried you’d say no.”

“I would have. What are the side effects? Don’t tell me there won’t be any. I’m not an idiot. I’ve seen what you can do and there’s no way your blood won’t affect me.”

“It will heal you. Does your tongue hurt where I nicked it?”

She ran it over the roof of her mouth, not feeling anything unusual. “No.”

“Small doses of my blood over time will keep you from aging. It will make you feel stronger. I’ve heard, in some cases, the sense of smell and eyesight sharpen as well.”

“You heard? You don’t know for sure but you did this to me? What am I? A guinea pig?”

“I’ve never marked a lass before.” Broad shoulders shrugged. “It doesn’t matter. I plan to change you over when you’re ready.”

“I don’t want to be a vampire.”

“I want you stronger, Lacey. I need you to be my equal.”

“What does that mean?”

“I told you, I don’t create vampires. It’s made me more powerful than others my age who have continuously shared their blood. Anyone I turn will be stronger than a newly sired vamp. I want you to be difficult to kill. You’re too fragile as a human.”

“You said I’d be safe since I have your blood.”

“From others of my kind. What if you were hurt while you’re away from me during the day? I couldn’t reach you, Lacey. My blood in your system will help but massive injuries wouldn’t heal. You could die.”

It was kind of sweet in a morbid way. She had to give him that. “I can’t ever drink blood. I’d make a horrible vampire. It’s not only gross but I’ve spent three years hating bloodsuckers. Never once have I ever considered wanting to become one.”

BOOK: Lacey and Lethal
5.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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