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“Drink, my love.”

The coppery taste flooded her tongue and she swallowed. Lethal curled around her and lifted her onto his lap while keeping his wrist firmly against her mouth.

“The bullet needs to come out,” Blaron whispered.

“Wait until she passes.”

She really hoped that didn’t mean what she thought it did. She was drinking blood to avoid dying.

“That’s it, Lacey. Fight to live.” Lethal rocked her.

She wouldn’t give up.

“I’ll go get blood to replenish you and the pack doctor to dig out the bullets.”

She wondered if she’d been shot multiple times but remembered that Lethal had been shot too. She worried about him but struggled to stay awake. Exhaustion hit her hard and fast.

“Do it,” Lethal rasped.

She wondered if he was telling her it was okay to fall asleep or if he was talking to his friend. In the end, it didn’t matter. She passed out.

Chapter Nine


“Wake up, beautiful.”

Lacey knew that deep baritone and her body responded as instant desire spread through her. She opened her eyes, confused, and stared into an amused, familiar handsome face. She tried to reach for Lethal but something held her. She stared at the silk binding her wrists to a headboard. Her legs were not tied.

“Are you kidding me?”

“You’re not a morning person, are you?”

“Am I really a bloodsucker?” She ran her tongue over the smooth line of her upper teeth and shifted her naked skin against the silky sheets on the large bed. “I don’t feel any different.”

“You’re a vampire.” He paused. “You had me scared that I’d lose you.”

“Me too.”

That got a smile out of him. “Everything healed. You don’t even have a scar.”

She lifted her head and looked at the smooth skin between her breasts. The memory of being staked wouldn’t fade quickly, if ever.

“Wow.” She remembered that Lethal had been shot and studied his bare chest. “You don’t have any marks either.”

“Blaron gave me blood after our doctor dug out the bullets. We can heal around them but it’s best if they are removed.”

“Did you drink it from bags or a person donor?”

“Bags. I told you, the only one I’ll sink my teeth into from now on is you.”

“I’m really a vampire? I thought I’d feel cold or dead.”

He chuckled. “No. You’re warm and you’re my beautiful lass still. You’re just stronger.”

“And allergic to the sun.”

“Yes.” He sobered. “I’ll make it up to you.”

“You didn’t stake or shoot me. Jeff did that. No need to apologize or feel bad.”

“I’m sorry he’s dead.”

“No, you’re not. It’s okay. I was kind of over it after he buried a chunk of wood in my chest. I wasn’t feeling the love, you know?”

Lethal grinned. “That’s my sassy lass.”

“Were you worried my personality would change once I was a vamp?”

“No. I just hoped you’d wake remembering you agreed to become one.”

“Is that why I’m tied up? You were afraid I’d be angry? You saved my life.”

“That’s not why. I’m still a lot stronger and faster than you so you couldn’t hurt me. I always will be. Remember when I woke tied down?”

She stared at him, leery. “Yes.”

“I took it well, didn’t I?”

“I didn’t turn you human so it’s not quite the same.”

“True. At least there’s no big skylight above our bed.” He pointed up. “Just a chandelier.”

She glanced up at it. “Really? Where are we? In a dining room?”

He chuckled. “I brought you to our home. I wanted you to wake in it. I bought the house already decorated and this is the master suite. You can change anything you like. I don’t care what surrounds our bed as long as you’re in it.”

He sat on the edge of the mattress, wearing just a pair of silky boxers. Lacey studied them. “I like you better in leather, jeans or nothing.”

“I live to make you happy now.”

He stood and removed the boxers, turning to face her with a hard-on that was not to be missed. She lifted her gaze to his.

“You’re definitely up this morning or should I say evening?”

“Our day starts when the sun goes down.”

“Shit. You mean every day we’re going to be dead when the sun is up?”

“No but we tend to sleep during the day. That pesky sun limits our mobility when it’s shining.” He stepped closer to the bed, interest sparking as his heated gaze roamed her bare body. “I can’t decide what part of you I want to touch first.”

“My wrists, when you untie me.”

He laughed, climbing onto the bed. “I wasn’t a smart-ass when you had me tied down.”

“I’m special that way.”

“Yes, you are.” He stretched out next to her and slowly brushed his hand from her hip to her collarbone. “I need you, Lacey.”

“I see that. You’re pointing without the use of your hands.”

All amusement fled as he stared at her. “I really mean it. I
you in my life. You make me happy and I’ve fallen in love with you. Tell me you don’t feel the same and I’ll call you a liar. You say it in the way you look at me and the way we touch. You attacked a hunter to save me from his bullets. You could have died. Tell me if you’ve ever felt more alive and happy, even when you’re calling me names.”

She bit her lip, thinking, and knew what he said was true. She just wasn’t willing to admit aloud yet that she had fallen in love with him. They were vampires and they’d live a long time together. The guy knew he was handsome and great in bed, so she figured he should work to get her to say it. She didn’t want to be too easy. The thought amused her.

“I’m prepared to seduce you.”

That piqued her interest and her body started to ache in anticipation. “Really?”

He smiled. “For as long as it takes. You’re stubborn and I’m it for the long haul. Forever.”

“This is kind of nuts. We haven’t known each other that long yet here we are. Talk about a strange relationship.”

“Ever heard of sane love?”

“Point made.”

“Be honest with yourself and me.” His hand traced the underside of her breast. “You love me a little, don’t you?”

She stared into his eyes and it shocked her to see unease. He was afraid she’d say no. He really meant it. He loved her. She no longer wanted to keep quiet.

“I do. I love you, Lethal.”

His tension eased. “I’ll convince you that you need me in your life as much as I need you. I have a long list of ways to seduce you until you believe it without question.”


He grinned. “Oh yeah. I had a werewolf go shopping for us to ensure your pleasure. You said you like sex toys. I am willing to do anything to prove that I’m the man who can make you happy.”

“You’re never going to let me forget what I said when we met, are you? So much for being a gentleman.” She grinned, enjoying the verbal sparring. Life wouldn’t be boring with Lethal.

“No.” His hand caressed her skin. “You like me just as I am. What do you want me to do to you first, Lacey, love? Name it.”

“Can we start with your mouth? I love that thing you do with your tongue.”

“It’s a given. I love the taste of you but first you need to feed. I don’t want you passing out on me. If you refuse to drink blood, fair warning, I had the werewolf buy a marker.” His eyes sparkled with humor. “Don’t think I forgot that either. I’d love to write ‘mine’ all over my favorite areas of your body. You’ll take blood from me or risk waking covered in ink. We’ll get you drinking bagged blood much, much later.”

“You’re killing the mood. Gross.”

“You enjoyed kissing me.”

“We’re exchanging blood that way again?” She could do that. She loved kissing him.

“Nope. I’m going to fuck you hard and deep while you bite into my neck. Your fangs will slide out naturally. It won’t hurt. You’re going to come so hard you see stars when you taste my blood now.”

“Okay. I’m game as long as I see them instead of that ugly-ass chandelier. That’s got to go. I’m on top next round.”

Lethal laughed. “You got it, love.”

“Untie me. I don’t want to do this without my hands. I love touching you.” She wondered if he’d refuse.

Lethal pinned her under him and she spread her thighs to accommodate his hips. She wrapped her legs around his waist and arched her back to flatten her breasts against his chest while wiggling her ass, hoping he’d enter her. The firm feel of his cock touching her was torment. She wanted him inside her badly once he stretched out over her. The hot press of his body against hers, his clean scent, drove her a little insane.

“Slow down.”

“I’m really turned-on. Is this a vampire thing?”

“Yes. It’s a little bit blood lust and just heightened passion.”

“Help a girl out then. Untie me.”

“Not yet.”

“Why not?”

“I just healed.”

“What does that mean?”

“You’ll shred my back. I don’t mind but this is our honeymoon, in a sense. I drank enough blood for both of us and don’t want to waste a single drop.”


“How so?” He chuckled.

“First you say you want me to draw blood, now you’re telling me you don’t want me to scratch you up.”

He lifted a hand to his neck. “Ready, my love?”

“You’re going to twirl your hair?”

He laughed and tossed it over his shoulder, exposing the area under his ear. “Just go with your instincts.”

She should have flinched, watching someone use his fingernail to carve a bloody line in his skin but the second he did it, a wonderful aroma distracted her. The sight of red had her licking her lips and her belly clenched. Strong desire hit. It was confusing what she wanted more—sex or to taste him. Her gaze was riveted on the fresh cut.

He leaned in closer, keeping his head tilted. “Taste me.”

It was an offer she couldn’t refuse even if she wanted to. She lifted her head and licked the spot. A moan came from her as her gums tingled, her entire body seeming to ignite into flames. She sealed her lips, sucking. He was better than chocolate at the moment, so sweet and delicious. So hers.

“Bite me,” he rasped, his lips against her ear.

She didn’t think, just did as he demanded. The feel of her new fangs piercing him was incredibly erotic and euphoria had her flying as high as a kite. Emotions slammed into her—all good.

He shifted his hips and his thick shaft penetrated her pussy, driving in deep. Lacey screamed against his throat as she climaxed so hard her body convulsed. Lethal growled, his fangs sinking into her neck. Their bodies locked together as she squeezed him with her legs, his hips slamming into the cradle of her thighs as he fucked her hard and deep. His arms slid under her shoulders, gripping her and keeping her in place.

There was just the two of them surrounded in bliss. She wanted to wrap her arms around his neck and hold him just as tightly as he held her but the restraints kept her arms above her head. Another climax hit, more intense than the last one. She was pretty sure she snarled—an inhuman sound. Lethal definitely growled in response. It barely registered in her sex-hazed mind that the headboard was slamming into the wall.

Lethal suddenly released her throat, his tongue lapping where he’d bitten, and she screamed again. That minuscule touch was enough to send her over the edge again, her clit throbbing as if he were teasing it instead. The taste of him was suddenly gone and she realized her fangs were no longer embedded in his skin.

“Lick it,” he panted. “Seal the wound.”

She ran her tongue over his skin, the blood so good she wanted more. He jerked back a little though, out of her reach, and drove into her even faster. She threw back her head, crying out his name as she came again.

Lethal tucked his head, his lips against her ear. “I can’t hold back anymore, love.”

The sensation of him filling her with his semen was pure ecstasy. She could feel his pulse, every twitch of his cock inside her, as her vaginal muscles clenched around him.

“Yes,” he rasped.

They lay entangled, Lethal pinning her tightly, her legs still locked around him. Her heels dug into his muscular ass as they recovered, both breathing heavily until their rapidly beating hearts slowed.

“Look at me. How do you like taking my blood?”

“I’ll let you know once I remember how to open my eyes and talk at the same time. Is the top of my head still there? I think it might have blown apart.”

He laughed. “You’re whole.”

She peeked from beneath one eyelid. “Are you sure?”


“Oh wow.”

His eyes were glowing. “Now for the sex.”

“What would you call what we just did?”


“You were in me and we both came. Technically, that’s sex.”

“That was the warm-up.” He released her shoulders, lifted up a little, and stared at her breasts. “I’m going to work my way down until my mouth is between those lovely thighs of yours.” His tongue slid over his lips to wet them. “And taste every inch.”

She struggled with the silken ties. “Let me go. I’m a vampire. Why can’t I break free? Where’s my super-vamp powers?”

He grinned, holding her gaze. “You’re still thinking as if you’re human.”

“What does that mean?”

“You expect not to get free. You’re holding yourself back.”

She frowned, looking up at her wrists. She pretended they were being held there by wet spaghetti instead of material. It was surprising when she ripped them free.

Lethal chuckled. “Push beyond what you believe to be your limitations.”

She grasped his shoulders. “That’s awesome. Now weren’t you going somewhere?”

He nodded, inching lower. “I was.”

“Feeding was so fantastic I thought I might not survive it so I can’t wait to see how great your version of sex is.”

BOOK: Lacey and Lethal
9.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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