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Lady Boss

BOOK: Lady Boss

La Principessa

Jordan Silver

Copyright© 2013 Alison Jordan

Chapter 1




It's morning and for some
stupid fuck reason I got up with the need to take her out to breakfast; I just
had the urge to see her sitting across a table from me in a crowded place while
we enjoyed something as a simple as breakfast, normal right? Forgot I was
talking about Mouth. 

First she moaned and groaned about being awakened too early in the
morning for sex. 

"Listen Lancelot, my coochie goes on lock down until at least
nine in the damn A.M, no overtime write a memo, and memorize that

"Do you ever stop?" 

"Is this or is it not my coochie?" 

"It's mine now."

I had to wrestle with her ass to open her legs; I ended up holding
both her hands in one of mine while prying her legs open with the other. Crazy
lady was trying to bite me. 

I pushed two fingers deep inside her to calm her ass down. 

"Ummmmm, okay, if you can keep that up you can get you some,
but don't make it a habit." 

"Open your legs and close your mouth." 

huh." She gave me shit but did it anyway. 

I worked her over with my
fingers, then my mouth because I couldn't resist the taste of her. 

It seems she became a completely different person when I put my
hands on her. All that fire in her tongue went straight to her pussy. She was
sweet and wild and it drove me fucking crazy. 

If I wasn't careful she would soon be leading me around by my
fucking dick. 

"Dammit." That's all I heard before she flooded my
mouth, she pulled my hair so tight I wasn't sure if she was pulling me closer
or trying to push me away. Whatever! I wasn't finished eating her. 

I kept my tongue inside her while I teased her clit with my

"It's too much Shane." 

Her body was shaking as her nectar flowed onto my tongue. 

"Take it babe." I gave her a few more licks, nipped her
clit, and then climbed up her body burying my cock to the root. 

I wasn't going to last too long, which seemed to be my usual
plight where she was concerned. 

"Fuck Ari why is your pussy so fucking good,

She was squeezing and pulling on me like nothing I've ever felt

"Give me your mouth." 

She licked and bit my bottom lip before sucking my tongue into the
vortex of her mouth. 

Now her eyes were doing that dreamy look thing they did whenever I
fucked her, like the pleasure was too much and she was drifting on another

"Harder Shane..." 


I pulled her up, her legs went
around my hips, and mine were under her in a sitting position. 

This way I could look into her eyes as we moved together, it also
drove me deeper into her core which made her arch her back, thrusting her
beautiful tits in my face. 

"Hmmm." I tasted her soft flesh with my tongue. 

"I can't wait to give you my son." 

Ah, you liked that did you? Your mouth might say one thing but
your body can't lie. She'd clenched around me at my words. 

I looked at her, really looked at her, in this position it was
hard not to. 

My heart clenched. Fuck, fuck me, how did she do it?  

I didn't even realize I had stopped moving until she gave me this
quizzical look and tried to get me to move. 


could only shake my head as I started to move again. How could I tell her that
in her eyes I saw forever? What kinda sappy ass fuckery was this; I was fucking
falling for this girl. 

I reared up forcing her back
onto the bed; her legs were caught high up on my back giving me more room to
plow into her at will. 

I needed to pound out whatever the fuck this was that was clawing
its way up my throat. 

"Fuck, shit, damn." 

She was going through her repertoire of swear words I guess as I thrust
harder and faster, it was a race against the turmoil going on inside me. When I
came I went blind, deaf, and dumb. 

She'd sucked my essence from me that time. 





    Now we're
dressed and ready to go. She's wearing one of my dress shirts tied at the waist
with a pair of low rider jeans, she looks hot as fuck with her hair wild and
all over the place. 

Her lips were red and swollen and she looked freshly fucked. I'd
left a nice little hickey on the side of her throat; I don't think she noticed
it yet. There will probably be hell to pay when she did. 

"Are they likely to be any of your friendly neighbors
shooting at us this morning John Gotti?" 

She never stopped, and what the fuck was her fascination with the

"What's with you and the godfathers Mouth, you study this
shit or what?" 

"I just find the criminal mind so compelling, not to mention
batshit crazy." 

"Who you calling crazy?" I put her in a playful

"If the cement shoe fits...." 

"Let's go eat." 

"Don't you need to call Fredo and Carmine?" 

"My guys are already here." 

never answered my question, will there be any disgruntled Capo de capos
shooting us up, I don't think I can run in these shoes." 

She looked down at the stilts
she had on her feet, fucking women. 

"Nothing for you to worry about, ever, that's my shit to deal
with not yours." 

"Just so you know those imaginary sons of yours if they ever
do exist are going to etiquette school." 

"You're not turning my sons into pussies." 

"Open the door douche bag." 

"I'm getting on it, give me a sec." 

I pulled out my phone to check in with my detail and hers, just
because she was with me didn't mean she didn't still have Tommy on her ass, of
course I had to talk in code so she wouldn't understand what I was saying to

I hung up the phone and opened the door for the mouthy one. 

"That that dark haired guy that's been following me for about
a week?" 

"What the fuck?"

Chapter 2




Prince of the City


   How the fuck had
she made Tommy? Had he been carless or was she just that observant? I had to
play this shit off or who knows what the fuck would come of it. 

"Who's following you crazy lady?" 

"The guy you were just talking to, I hope he doesn't sit in
that car all day while I'm in class, you might as well pay me the money to look
out for myself. 

"Whatever, we'll deal with your paranoia later; right now I
just want to take my woman out to breakfast." 

"Uh huh, paranoid my ass, you tell Tessio if he's going to be
tailing me he might as well give me a ride, I could save on gas, it would be
good for the environment." 

"Would you quit it, damn; can we just go have breakfast like
normal people?" 

"Listen John Roselli, only one of us is normal and it ain't

"Plan on dumping me in a steel drum do ya?" 

"Don't forget the sawed off legs part, handsome

had the nerve to laugh in my face, I didn't know what my life was gonna be
like, half the time I didn't know whether to fuck her or strangle her. 

As I walked her through the
door being sure to keep her on my inside away from harm, my phone rang. 

Mom calling. 


"Good morning son, how are you this fine morning?" 

Oh shit, she was up to something, whenever she got this sugary
sweet it always meant my ass was on the line for something. 

"I'm good, I'm about to take Arianna to

"Oh how sweet, actually that's why I'm calling, I want Ari
here for Sunday dinner, if the girl is going to be part of the family we might
as well throw her into the deep end of the pool right off, don't you think so

Well fuck me, I knew she would eventually have to come but not
this soon, not only was I not ready to share her with anybody, not even my own
mother, but too much exposure to the females in my family was not a food


"That's wonderful son, so we'll see you at your usual time,
and could you please do something with your brother, he's gone strange all of a

Oh fuck I forgot all about Mouth and Jimmy, how the hell can I get
out of this shit? If I missed Sunday dinner ma would have a fit of astronomical
proportions, I couldn't leave Mouth alone not with the Staccos still on the
loose. They'd gone into hiding and it was taking me a minute to flush them out,
not that I was worried, I wasn't the best in the business because of my looks,
I got shit done when it needed doing. 

Now instead of doing my shit I have to deal with the women in my
life, give me the Staccos and their fuckery please. I didn't mouth off to ma,
just made noises in her ear that she wanted to hear and hung up the

"Afraid of your mother are you?" 

We had reached the car and of course those two fucks overheard her
and started laughing, when did I lose my edge, when did people start
disrespecting my manhood? 

gave the two of them a glare, seated her next to me in the back with my hand
thrown over her shoulders and kept my mouth shut. It was too early in the damn
day for this shit. 




    Breakfast was
interesting as was to be expected, Mouth thought she was eating toast and
coffee, I had other ideas, you can imagine how that went. 

"You need to eat, that's not enough food to feed a cat, bring
her the steak and eggs, hash browns, and toast, you want pancakes Mouth......?" 

She was busy ignoring me; the poor waitress looked like she would
rather be in Outer Mongolia right about now. 

"Oh, you finish trying to feed the free world, I can order
now? Thank you, as I was saying ...what's your name, uh, Sandy, as I was saying,
wheat toast with butter and coffee black." 

"Mouth swear to God, I will force feed you this shit, you're
not going all day on toast and coffee, not on my watch, bring what I ordered

Good at least the waitress still feared me, somebody around here
was acting like they had some sense, the peanut gallery was fighting their
laughter, elbowing each other on the sly. 

What happened to the hard asses that I've known all my life, she'd
turned all of us into pansy asses. My glares were barely working these

The food came and as you can
imagine there was a standoff, I meant to win this war though , I never
understood why women starved themselves like that, I would never have expected
it of Mouth though, she just didn't seem the type, besides I'd seen her
throwing down in my kitchen so that couldn't be it, and why in the hell did she
keep looking around, she's doing it in a very circumspect way but I was attuned
to her, it was almost as though she was casing the joint, what the fuck? 

"Eat Arianna, I got you covered." 

"What, what do you mean?" 

"It just occurred to me that although you didn't make a big
deal out of being shot at it must still be a bit of a shock, and maybe you're
expecting some shit to go down again whenever you're with me, I'm just letting
you know that I have you covered, my guys are on the job so there's no need for
you to worry." 

She fidgeted for a second, tried to pull it back in but I had seen
her unease. 

"I'm fine, really, no worries." 

Uh huh that's why you just picked up your fork and started eating
the food you just told me you refuse to eat. Yep she was scared that something
would go down, I couldn't have that, if I wanted to take my woman out to eat
she was supposed to be happy, relaxed, not looking around corners for the
fucking boogeyman, the Staccos were so fucked. 

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