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Chapter Four


Married life, Felix thought to himself, is wonderful. Granted he had only experienced a month of it
, but by whatever yardstick he wanted to measure it, it was surpassing all expectations.

He’d had dalliances before Margaret, of course. He certainly hadn’t entered their marital bed with
no prior knowledge, but he had to admit that no experience could possibly match that of making love to someone you loved and who loved you back.  Everything they did in the bedroom brought him such great pleasure. And he meant
. It wasn’t just sex. It was watching her unpin her hair at her dressing table, her brow furrowed slightly as she reached back to find the hairpins. It was feeling her warm, sleepy body against his when he woke. It was waking in the night to hear the sounds of her breathing.

Of course, the sex was fantastic, too. Once Felix had demonstrated to her on their wedding night that there could be a lot more to marital intimacy than lying back and thinking of England, Margaret had proved to be a very willing participant indeed. Her enthusiasm and enjoyment were so apparent than Felix could barely bring himself to leave their bedroom. All he wanted to do all day, he realised, was to explore her beautiful body and find ways to make them both very, very happy.

It was all so damned agreeable. He wasn’t sure he deserved to be quite as happy as he was.

He hoped
Margaret felt the same. She certainly seemed to. It must be harder for her, he conceded, having been married before and then widowed. She had spent the last ten years living exactly as she had pleased. In fact, she had almost seemed defensive when she’d told him that she did not intend to change certain aspects of her life now that they were married, as though expecting him to argue.

Given that her main stipulation was that she be able to continue to study and research whatever interested her, he had no reason to object at all. He understood that her first husband had
disapproved of her unladylike interest in the sciences and had all but banned her from reading scientific text books, but Felix had no such stipulations. It delighted him to see her reading and questioning scientific ideas – it was one of the things that had attracted him to her in the first place. If she could benefit from his position within the Royal Institution to gain greater access to scientific developments and satiate her curiosity, then he was more than happy to oblige.

Mrs Oliver in?” Felix asked the butler as he entered the house.

“Yes, sir. She is currently in the drawing room.”

Felix stopped at the door of the drawing room. His wife looked such a picture that he just wanted to gaze at her for a while. She sat comfortably – not quite slouching – on the sofa, one leg tucked beneath her.

She was clearly engrossed in her book and was idly playing with her hair as she read so that the chignon was being unconsciously unworked with her fingers and her pale brown hair was falling
in tendrils around her face. She was beautiful, he thought to himself. Not to mention clever and inquisitive and funny. And she was
. He was an incredibly lucky man.

He’d had enough of admiring her from afar, he decided. He wanted to admire her from a much closer range.

Margaret looked up as he entered the room and an unrestrained smile lit up her face. Felix immediately swooped down on her, pressing his mouth against hers, and locked her lips into a kiss. Margaret was responsive at first, merging her mouth with his, then she froze and pulled away. “Not here.” She said briskly.

“Why not? None of the servants are in here.” He ran his tongue down the side of her elegant, smooth neck.

“They may come in at any moment. Stop that, Felix. It’s unseemly.”

“Very well. To the bedroom we go!” Felix grabbed hold of Margaret and flung her over his shoulder like a sack of coal.

“Put me down at once!” snapped Margaret, banging her fists against his back. “I will walk to the bedroom.”

Felix complied. “You’re giving far too many orders, today,” he scolded. “Get moving then. You’ll need to get up those stairs quickly before my composure breaks down and I’m forced to ravish you on the staircase.”

To her credit, Felix acknowledged, Margaret did move exceedingly quickly to the bedroom. Once the door was locked behind them, he once again crushed his lips against hers as his hand pressed against her bodice.

“So what am I going to do about your argumentativeness?” he asked when he could finally bring himself to draw away from the kiss.

Margaret looked at him warily. “What do you intend to do?” she asked.

am going to give you a lesson in obedience.”

Felix’s heart beat rapidly beneath his shirt. He wanted to test her a little
bit, to see what she was prepared to do for him. It was a risk, but she had responded so beautifully to everything they had done in the bedroom together since their wedding night so far. He just wanted to push her that little bit further. And she was so very delectable when she submitted to him.

“Kneel down in front of me,” he commanded.

She complied without a word. Kneeling on the rug in front of him, her skirts spread out around her, her head was level with his groin. Exactly where I want her, Felix thought.

He undid his fly, releasing his engorged manhood from its restraints. It sprung upwards. Dear God, he had felt enflamed enough beforehand, seeing her kneeling submissively before him looking up at him with large brown eyes through her unkempt curls… it was almost more than a man could take. Don’t refuse me this, he prayed silently to himself.

“I want you to take my cock in your mouth,” he told Margaret. “I want you to pleasure me.”

His heart beat faster as Margaret nodded quickly and leaned forwards
, opening her mouth and taking his rigid penis between her lips.

Felix let out a groan of pleasure and grabbed the top of her head, his fingers entwining with her hair. He moved gently, rhythmically into her open mouth as she stretched
it to accommodate him, matching his movements. After a moment, he felt her pull away slightly. He assumed that she no longer wanted to continue, but she surprised him by running her tongue along his length and delicately caressing the tip with her tongue, licking the drops of salty moisture she found there.

God, she was amazing. Had she done this before? She hadn’t seemed taken aback by his request yet she usually seemed quite inexperienced in sexual matters. Felix hadn’t got the impression that her first husband had required a lot of participation from her. Christ, what a moment to be thinking about the late Lord
Ernest Westbrook, he chided himself.

Margaret opened her mouth wide and took in as much of his length as she could fit. Felix looked down at her. Her eyes were open and she wore a slight frown of concentration as she moved her head back and forth
, pleasuring him with every movement.

She had quickly brought him to the brink of orgasm with her ministrations.

“Margaret,” he croaked, “I am going to come now.” He tried to move his cock so he wouldn’t release his seed inside her mouth, but she wasn’t cooperating. Margaret kept her lips around his member gently licking it with her tongue. He could hold off no longer and with a grunt of release, he felt himself ejaculate. Margaret did not pull away and swallowed beautifully, taking every last drop as he juddered to a finish.

“Oh my god,” he said hoarsely as he withdrew. “That was…” his voice trailed off as he failed to find the words.

“Was that acceptable?” Margaret asked.

“It was far more than acceptable. It was completely wonderful. Have you done that before?”

“Of course not” said Margaret briskly as she stood from her kneeling position, delicately wiping the traces of semen from around her mouth.

“Then how did you know…?”

Margaret shrugged. She looked a little embarrassed.

“I have been giving some thought to the matter, recently. You often pleasure me that way so naturally I considered whether it would be possible for me to return the courtesy.”

“You’ve been thinking about doing that to me?” Felix said hoarsely. “When?”

, whenever I had a spare moment, naturally. During the Duchess of Waverley interminable talks about fern arrangements, for example, or during the duller board meetings of the Ladies Society.”

Felix steered Margaret towards the bed and begun undressing her, undoing the lacing of her corsets as he spoke. “You were sitting amongst the prim and proper ladies of the Waverley Ladies Society thinking about doing

“Of course. I have been considering how best to do it to provide you the most amount of pleasure from the experience. And me
, too, of course. It was a subject that lent itself to a considerable amount of contemplation. I am glad you enjoyed it.”

He was astounded. She was utterly audacious. He pushed her dress down from her shoulders, exposing her breasts and took one of her erect nipples in his mouth. To think of his respectable wife sitting in social situations with
those lascivious thoughts playing through her mind. It was almost more than he could stand. Frankly, no-one could blame him if he decided never to leave this bedroom again and opted to spend the rest of his days in sexual abandon with his magnificent wife.

“I believe that it is my time to return the courtesy,” he said.

Let me bring half as much pleasure as you bring to me
he thought as his tongue sought the sensitive areas between her legs that would bring her the most satisfaction.

The irony wasn’t lost on him. He had intended to give her a lesson in obedience and had ended up wanting to do everything in his power to serve her.

“It’s going to be interminable,” said Margaret.

“That’s the spirit!” s
aid Felix, watching her as she sat at her dressing table wearing only her corset and petticoats and applying powder to her face. It was a wonderful view.

“Shush, Felix. I’m telling you, the Duchess of Waverley has been absolutely impossible lately. I’ve avoided speaking to her as much as possible during the last few meetings of the Waverley Ladies Society
, but she’s clearly relishing my drop in status and determined to rub my nose in it. This dinner party is the first formal occasion since we married. She’ll make it as uncomfortable as possible for me, I’m sure.”

“Why are we going then?”

“Because it’s a formal dinner hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Waverley,” said Margaret.


“We were invited.”

“That’s it? That’s enough reason to go?”

“Yes, it is. We have to go. No matter how awful it’s going to be. No matter that the Duchess of Waverley always seats her guests according to rank and is therefore bound to put us as far away as possible, below the salt.”

“Is this just because you’re not married to a Lord anymore? Would you rather you were? I
can arrange that for you, if you like. I only need to bump off a couple of dozen of dearly loved brothers and nephews, and the title of Lady Rochester will be all yours.”

Margaret laughed. “It’s a charming offer, Felix, but I must decline. Please don’t trouble yourself to go on a murderous rampage on my account.”

“As you wish. Just say the word if you change your mind.”

“You are going to behave yourself this evening, aren’t you?”

“Of course. Why would I not?”

“It’s just that I recall you speaking quite out of turn at a previous dinner.”

“Our first together? Good point. Looking back, I’m not sure if threatening to spank you at our first meeting helped my chances or hindered them.”

“It was an outrageous thing to say.”

“True. But it’s not something I’m given to do on a regular basis. I’m quite safe around the Duchess of Waverley, I assure you. I am only given to outrageous behaviour around you. I blame your allure.”

“You thought me alluring even then?”

“Incredibly,” he smiled. “When you threatened to spank me instead, I believe I fell in love with you on the spot.”

“You dared me to try it, remember? I wonder what would have happened if I had.”

“You would have found yourself at the receiving end of a swift, sound spanking.”

“It seems almost a pity to have missed the opportunity.”

Felix didn’t miss a beat. The words were barely out of her mouth before he upended her over his lap.

He’d scooped her out of her chair
with both arms and sat himself there in her place pulling her swiftly over his knees. With his left hand, he pulled her petticoat out of the way while, with his right, he set about spanking her bottom with gusto. He could see her backside quickly reddening through the thin fabric of her bloomers.  When he felt the number of swats she’d received was sufficient, he lifted her up so that she was sitting on his lap, facing him.

There you go. I would have hated for you to feel that you’d missed out on anything,” he said.

Margaret shifted uncomfortably on her sore bottom.   “You are most considerate,” she said drily.

BOOK: Lady Westbrook's Discovery
9.93Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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