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“Thank you,” said Margaret
, when she finally regained the power of her voice. “I really am sorry for what I did.”

“It’s forgiven. Completely. I’m sorry
, too.”

“For what? For punishing me?”

“No. You were right. A spanking is exactly what you deserved. I’m sorry for leaving it so long. I should have punished you straightaway.”

“I wish you had.”

Felix chuckled softly. “I like the idea of you wishing for a spanking.”

“Of course,” said Margaret, “if you had spanked me four days ago, my bottom would be a good deal less sore right this moment than it is.” She spied the remains of her nightgown on the floor. “My poor nightie,” she said. “It’s completely beyond repair.”

Felix looked unrepentant. “It was in the way. I couldn’t get to your bottom properly. It had to go.”

“You could have just removed it.”

“If I’d thought of it before I tied you to the bed post, then yes, I could have. As it happens, I hadn’t really thought that far ahead.”

Margaret giggled. “You hadn’t thought through the logistics at all, had you? I thought you had one of the top scientific minds in the country

Margaret immediately found herself pulled over Felix’s lap, a volley of spanks raining down on her already sore and bruised backside. The spanking itself was mild
, but any impact at all on Margaret’s poor bottom was too much and she squeaked in protest.

“Right, Madam,” said Felix lifting her up and popping her next to him on the bed. “That was for your impertinence. Do you have any more comments to make about the quality of my spanking technique? Because I’m perfectly happy to repeat the whole process if you think I could do with the practise.”

Margaret tried unsuccessfully to suppress another giggle. She shook her head. She honestly didn’t think she would be able to bear another spanking like the one she had just endured.

“Come on, you. Into bed,” said Felix. “It’s a cold night and I want you to keep me warm.”

“Given that my bottom feels like a furnace, I imagine I will do a wonderful job keeping your bed warm,” remarked Margaret.

hugged her so tightly that she thought she would burst. “Thank you for coming to me tonight,” he said gently. “You understand me better than I understand myself.”

Margaret slept against Felix, his muscular body spooning her slender one, his arms wrapped around her. As she woke the next morning
, she savoured the feeling of his warm body pressed against hers, his face buried in her hair.

His chest was against her back and his groin pressed lightly against her bottom. She wriggled against him contentedly and felt his manhood bob to attention against her backside. “You awake?” she
asked softly.


“Mm. I can feel one part in particular that seems to be up.”

Felix threw off the bedcovers with one sweep, exposing their nakedness.  He looked up and down at Margaret’s body. His gaze was focused on her backside
, striped pink, red and purple from the repeated application of the strap the night before. He ran his thumb across her buttocks. The marks had formed weals, which rose as ridges across her cheeks. Margaret let out a slight gasp as Felix’s hand made contact with a particularly sore spot at the base of her buttocks where her bottom met her thighs.

“Are you all right?” he asked quietly.

“Yes,” she answered. But she couldn’t help another wince as his hand ran across the tenderised flesh of her bottom.

“You won’t be able to sit very easily today.”

“No. Perhaps I shouldn’t try. Perhaps I should stay in this bed all day with you.”

“I think I would like that,”
he said, smiling.

Felix lifted Margaret’s top leg slightly as she lay on her side and entered her from behind. His length slipped easily into her. He held her leg up
, burying his cock into her as she moaned in pleasure.

His body pounded against her punished bottom as he thrust deeper and deeper, his strokes increasing in frequency and force as he neared his completion. The pain of her recent spanking merged with the increasing pleasure that was building within her until she cried out in relief, stretching her arms behind her and gripping Felix’s hair in her hands as she climaxed.

Felix’s own climax swiftly followed hers. He withdrew, rolled backwards and lay beside her. His hair was thoroughly tousled and his expression was content.

“Good morning,” he said cheerfully.

“So are you going to spend all day in bed with me doing things like that?” asked Margaret.

“I wish I could. I have a damned appointment with one of the
Fellows from the Royal Institution I have been working with so I will have to leave this wicked bit of heaven at some point.”

“You’ll stay a little while longer, though?”

“Mm. A little.”

They cuddled in companionable quiet for a while before Margaret broke the silence with a question.

“Can I ask you something?”


“Do you have a desire to experience intimate relations with a man?”

Margaret had worried about asking him this
, but her curiosity had trumped her trepidation.

Thankfully, Felix did not seem angered by the question.  He looked puzzled.

“No,” he replied.

Margaret pressed on. “It’s just that when we were in the carriage coming back from Cambridge, you said you wouldn’t condemn Jasper for doing something that you wanted to do yourself.”

“You know what I really love?” snapped Felix. “Talking about your son when we are lying naked and post-coital in bed together. There’s nothing like talking about your second-born son’s sexual preferences to improve the romantic mood.”

“There’s no need to take that sarcastic tone. You did say I could ask you anything.”

“Hm, I did say that, didn’t I? Well, I’m clearly an idiot.”

“Well? What did you mean by it?”

“Jasper might be in love with Charles. They may be enjoying a marital relationship with one another but that isn’t a criminal offence. The charges he would face are for buggery. Buggery doesn’t have to be between two men you know. It can be engaged in by a man and a woman. It was that to which I was referring.”

“Between a man and a woman?” said Margaret
, aghast. “How?”

Felix didn’t answer. He merely looked at her, raising one eyebrow slightly.

Margaret blushed. “Well, all right. I understand how. But why? What on earth is the attraction?”

“I am given to understand that it is extremely pleasurable. A woman is very sensitive in that region.”

“You have never...?”

“No. But I must say the idea appeals to me.”

He rolled Margaret onto her front and spread her cheeks. He put his fingers in his mouth to moisten them and the rubbed her back entrance with small circular movements.

Margaret gasped. “But the law...”

“Is an ass,” responded Felix. “Besides, I am not breaking any laws doing this. Simply finding new ways to appreciate my beautiful wife.”

It felt rather wonderful, Margaret conceded to herself, feeling Felix’s finger pushing up against her hole. She’d had no idea how many different ways there were to experience pleasure. She was anxious to learn. She felt a stretching sensation in her back passage as Felix’s finger smoothly entered her. He did not push it in far. He inserted just the tip of his finger
, which he moved inside her in slow rhythmical movements. Margaret let out a moan of pleasure as his actions stoked the fire in her belly.

“Up on your knees,” he instructed. “Keep your head and
your arms on the bed.”

He kept one hand inside her backside and moved the other down to her sex
, where he inserted two fingers deep inside her. Margaret gasped. The sensation of being penetrated in two places at once was overwhelming. Felix’s hands were moving in time with one another, sending jolts of pleasure through her that were so intense she felt overpowered. 

“Oh God, yes!” she cried out
, gripping the sheets in her fists and nearly tearing through them in her passion. The feelings that cascaded through her were so fierce, so primal, she felt she was going to take leave of her senses altogether. “Yes, yes, yes!” she cried out before she emitted a long animalistic groan of ecstasy as the force of her orgasm overtook her with escalating shudders.

She collapsed down onto the bed, where she lay breathless, recovering from the overwhelming pleasure that she had just experienced. Felix removed his fingers from her front and back openings and she let out a gasp of pleasure as she felt the tip of his finger being pulled from her
back passage.

“Well, that certainly seemed to be a success,” said Felix brightly, landing a playful slap on Margaret’s bottom.

“Are you going to do more of that?” asked Margaret, looking over her shoulder at him. “Are you going to put your manhood in there?”

“One step at a time, sweetheart. I think we had best go slowly with this particular pleasure. Overall though, I think the experiment went well. It certainly warrants further investigation. Now much as I would love to spend the day finding new and delicious ways to penetrate you, I really do have an appointment to keep.”

Chapter Six


Margaret was on her knees weeding the herb border with a great deal more force than it actually warranted. Roots, leaves and clods of earth were flying everywhere.

She pitched a substantial shrub root in the general direction of the compost bin and hadn’t really registered Felix until she saw him duck in order to avoid being hit square in the head.

“Sorry!” she yelled before resuming her task with just as much vigour as before.

“Steady on, sweetheart. They’ll be nothing left of that border at this rate.”

“It needs doing. The state of these borders has been annoying me since we moved in here.”

“Right. Would I be right in thinking that an overgrown shrubbery isn’t the
thing annoying you right now?”

“I don’t know what you mean!” said Margaret
, ramming her fork into the ground with the violence of someone carrying out a stabbing. “If the bloody Duchess of bloody Waverley is determined to make my position in the Waverley Ladies Society untenable then that’s entirely up to her.”

Felix smiled and slouched against the sundial behind him
, removing his top hat and running his fingers through his brown curls. “You and the Duchess have had a falling out? Surely not. You two have always got on like a house on fire. Bearing in mind what it’s actually like in a house that’s on fire.”

Margaret stood. “Every suggestion I make she not only refuses but then makes a determined step in the other direction. She refused my suggestion of having John Tyndall to come and lecture the society. Apparently she feels we should dispense with outside speakers altogether and stick to allowing the ladies of the parish to speak to one another on the subjects with which they are familiar! It’ll be back-to-back flower arranging and sampler work from here
on in. And bloody Miss Potts remarking that I scarcely needed to invite any more scientists. ‘How many more husbands do you need?’ indeed. The bloody cheek of the woman.”

Felix gave a short bark of laughter. Margaret glared at him.

“It’s a point,” he said. “If you’re going to run off with every dashing scientist who agrees to speak at the society, then I’m probably against the idea myself.”

“Don’t you
start! All the years I’ve spent encouraging education and scientific knowledge in this bloody village and now everyone seems to assume that it was some complicated bloody lonely hearts endeavour!”

“What do you suggest we do then? Divorce?”

“Don’t be so bloody facetious!”

“You swear a lot when you’re angry, don’t you?”

“It’s all right for you! You’re a man. You’re not stuck in the position that I’m in. You have options.”

“As do you. Maybe not as many as a man. But to compared to other women? You have sufficient wealth, a doting and supporting – if a little henpecked – husband and more intelligence than you know what to do with. Tell the Duchess to go to blazes and do what you want to do.”

“And you’ll carry on supporting me if I become an outcast in Waverley polite society?”

“Of course. I have been your devoted slave since you first lured me down here under the
pretence of sharing scientific knowledge in order to trap me into wedlock.”

“I don’t think you are supportive so much as completely bloody impossible!” Margaret harrumphed, kicking over the wheelbarrow and sending a stack of flower pots and gardening canes tumbling to the floor.

Felix  picked up one of the canes and tapped it rhythmically against his legs.

Margaret did not miss the significance of his actions. She
eyed the cane warily.

“You know,” he said, “there are only so many insults and gardening objects a man can have hurled at him before he starts to consider his options. Your bad language alone should earn you a trip across my knee.”

“I would probably welcome it,” said Margaret. “I am so furious right now. A spanking would calm me down.”

“Be careful what you wish for. I’m sure I could make you regret that statement within a matter of minutes.”

“Would you use that?” asked Margaret looking at the cane.

“Sadly not. Delightful as it would be to crack a cane across your bottom, this is made of bamboo and
is unfortunately completely unsuitable for the task. It’s too prone to splintering.” He thwacked the cane across the sundial to demonstrate his point and the cane immediately broke, tiny pieces of bamboo falling to the ground.

A strange change came over Felix as he did so. He got a faraway look in his eye and stood motionless
, holding the remains of the bamboo cane.

“Are you all right, Felix?” asked Margaret, concerned. “Did you hurt yourself?”

“The bamboo. Look at the threads. It would be perfectly possible to create a carbonised filament from a thread of bamboo.”

Is that good?”

It could be just the thing that I am looking for - the low-cost alternative to platinum for my light bulb filaments. Would you excuse me, my darling? I need to go to my workshop immediately.” He replaced his hat and strode off to the outhouse that served as his workshop. He returned momentarily to kiss Margaret on the cheek. “I haven’t forgotten that I owe you a spanking,” he said.




At midnight, Margaret took a cup of tea and some sandwiches to Felix’s workroom. He was standing at his workbench, which was covered in circuits, conductors and a substantial electrical battery. A nearby table had the remains of several garden canes strewn across it.

“I thought you could probably do with a little sustenance,” said Margaret.

Felix looked up. His eyes were shielded by thick goggles that magnified his eyes alarmingly. “Thank you, sweetheart. If you could put them over there,” he waved vaguely at a nearby chair. “Sorry, I think I have rather lost track of the time.”

“That’s perfectly all right, Felix. I’m glad you’re making progress with your work.”

“You know if I was any kind of a lover, I would sweep this table clear with one arm and take you forcefully over the top of it.”

“I’m not sure that that would be a good idea,”
said Margaret, smiling.

“Given that it contains hundreds of pounds worth of equipment and months of research, it would be a pretty terrible idea.” Felix sighed. “It’s a pleasant thought, though.”

“Another time, perhaps?”

“Absolutely. Another time and preferably another table. I shall be very late to bed tonight. Would you prefer it if I slept in my room so as not to disturb you?”

“No!” The memory of those unhappy nights Felix had slept apart from her was still too fresh. “Sleep in my room – our room. I don’t mind if you wake me when you come in.”

She left him to his work. Some time in the early
morning , she half woke as Felix climbed into bed, nuzzled against her back, and went to sleep.

For the next five days, Felix worked non-stop in his workroom, leaving only to sleep, eat and on one occasion to journey into town to pick up a large selection of different types of bamboo he had ordered.

Margaret saw him at mealtimes – sometimes he seemed elated, sometimes despondent. She kept herself busy. She had projects of her own to attend to.

On Saturday night – Felix’s epiphany had taken place on the Tuesday – Margaret sat dressed for bed in front of her mirror brushing her light brown hair.

Felix burst into the room. “It is done!” he announced.

“Really? You have a prototype already?”

“I think so. All my tests would indicate that the thing works admirably. I have written a full report on its structure which I intend to send to Mr Thomas Edison in America. I am hoping he’ll be interested in developing it with me. He certainly has the resources to develop it commercially.”

“Oh Felix, that’s

“I am so sorry for neglecting you so shamefully over these last few days.”

“Don’t be silly. Your work is important. I should have known what to expect when I married an experimental physicist. Have you finished for tonight, then? You’re not planning to stay in your workroom until 4 in the morning tonight?”

“No,” said Felix. “I am entirely at your disposal. Which reminds me...”

Without warning, he lifted Margaret from her seat, and positioning himself on their bed, he threw her across his lap. He hitched her nightgown to her waist and began spanking her with a volley of brisk, hard swats. Margaret, in her surprise, found herself instinctively trying to wriggle away but Felix’s left arm held her body in pace as he continued to thoroughly spank her exposed bottom.

As soon as he had finished, Margaret leapt from his lap, clutching her bottom with both hands.

“What was that for?” she demanded.

“I recalled that I had been about to deliver a spanking when I became distracted before. I thought it best to settle the account as soon as possible.”

“But what was it
? What was the reason for the spanking?”

“Do you know, I haven’t the faintest
idea. It quite slipped my mind what with everything that followed.”

“Well, I’ll tell you why,” said Margaret. “I was angry that the Duchess of Waverley had cold-shouldered me from the Waverley Ladies Society and you were going to give me a spanking to calm me down.”

“Hmm. That sounds vaguely familiar. Although I’m sure flying flowerpots and great big clods of earth came into it somewhere.”

“Well, for your information, I have moved on entirely from the Duchess’s
self-important little society. It was  a waste of time in any case. I have become a Suffragist.”

“A Suffragist?” said Felix, the word unfamiliar to him. “As in an advocate of women’s suffrage?”

“Exactly that. I have made enquiries into joining the National Society for Women's Suffrage run by Lydia Beckett. I intend to campaign for women’s right to vote.”

“I think that sounds like a wonderful idea. With you on board, women will have equal voting rights within a decade.”

“There’s rather a long way to go. But do you see? I didn’t need that spanking after all.”

Felix’s mouth broke into a wicked grin. “Did you not?”

Grasping her round the waist, he once again threw Margaret across his lap and set to spanking her already sore bottom with vigour. “I’d say you very much
need that spanking. For one thing,” he said, continuing to spank as he spoke, “I will not have a word said against the Waverley Ladies Society. That wonderful institution introduced me to the woman I love. And for another...”

Felix stopped spanking,
and his hand moved to the soft folds between Margaret’s legs. “I think your body needed that spanking very much indeed. You’re so very wet, now.” He moved his hand away and Margaret whimpered in response.

“What is it?” he said

“Please...” she whispered.

“Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to touch me.”

He lifted her from his lap and laid her on the bed. Her nightgown was still pushed to her waist, leaving the lower half of her body completely exposed.

Still fully dressed, Felix joined her on the bed. He was on his hands and knees, hovering over her body as though stalking his prey.

“You want me to touch you?” he
asked. “Where? Anywhere?”

“You know where...”

“I want to hear you say it.”

“Down there.”

Felix raised his eyebrow quizzically in response.

“Down there! My
sex, my fanny, my pussy!” she cried desperately.

“And you want me to touch it?” He pressed his fingers to her lower lips for a moment and then removed them.

Margaret groaned. “No! I want you to put your fingers inside of me. Or your tongue.  Or your ... your ...” she faltered, struggling to say the word.

“My what? Say it.”

“Your cock. I want you to put your cock inside of me and fuck me hard. Please fuck me.”

Felix let out a sigh. “My good, good wife,” he said gently.

He removed his clothes quickly and entered her, burying his cock deep into her slit. His first slow strokes increased in intensity in response to Margaret’s moans.

“Oh, God! Yes!” cried Margaret as she came. She could feel Felix reach his own climax and collapse on top of her.

“You see,” he said. “All you needed to do was ask.”

“How could you stand it? We have not been with one another for almost a week.”

Felix chuckled. “I very nearly couldn’t but it was worth it. Just to see you so exquisitely tortured.”

It took a month for Felix to receive a response from Thomas Edison.
But the response when it came was very enthusiastic.

“He wants me to go and meet him straightaway,” Felix told Margaret. “He is eager to begin work on light bulbs with
carbonised bamboo filaments and he asked me to go to his research lab in Menlo Park, New Jersey.”

BOOK: Lady Westbrook's Discovery
8.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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