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She’d leapt.

It took her a moment to realize that it was her voice crying, “Oh, God! Oh, God!” That was
throat she was groaning raw. David felt so different. So new. So fucking fantastic. Each stroke pressed right against her G-spot. Each thrust was a blip of concentrated pleasure. It radiated through her body. “Oh God!”

It had been so easy. One moment, he was resting against her pussy, the crown nudging across her slick channel. The next, he was slicing inside her, slipping from head to balls in one satisfying shove. Everything flexed as he penetrated her.

David stretched his strokes out. He cocked his hips back until just the head stretched her smooth opening, then drove forward, letting Sarah experience the entire length split her. She clenched her pussy each time he drew back, wanting to hold him deep, and cried out each time he rammed home. The long fucks grew harder. Faster. His curved anatomy skipped across her G-spot with each pass.

She clawed at his back and neck. She wanted to be smothered. Wanted to be buried in the avalanche of his body. Wanted to feel his skin on her skin, his heart judder against hers, his breath hot on her neck. He acquiesced, one hand full of tit, the other bracing above her head. His body rolled across hers, gliding on their sweat.

She glanced over David’s shoulder, out to where the windows turned to mirrors, reflecting their indiscretion. She watched them, seeing what Jack saw. Seeing David’s powerful body, naked and tight, fucking her. Was this what Jack wanted to see? Was this what he wanted to feel?

Sarah finally saw David’s tattoo, a tribal sunburst that flickered on his tanned and glistening skin. Such perfect, soft skin. She did want this. She did love this.

Sarah came, thinking of Jack out there, watching her. Beating off to her.

And out there, Jack joined her. His balls tightened, his breathe caught, frozen in that profound moment that preceded orgasm. He watched Sarah arch up under David, her heels linking together in the small of the man’s back, and cum so loud that he heard the strains where he sat.

Jack pulled the skin tight, holding his cock at its root, and let himself go. Cum arced out, spilling on to his stomach. He forced his eyes to stay open. To watch the show. Watch his wife in the throes of another man.

Chapter 5

The mahogany had grown warm, she thought in the idle moments of post-sex. She relaxed on her back, stretching her arms above her head. The table’s surface was cooler up there. It felt nice.

She felt sated for the moment. All those muscles that had been clenched tight were loose, warm rather than hot. Languid.

She stared at the ceiling, puzzled at first by the recessed lights. An LCD projector hung from the center like a wasp. She blinked. Reality returned. Their setting. Her partner. Her partner! David. David was still there, still inside of her, although mercifully, he’d paused to let her recover. Guilt mixed with the euphoria of her orgasm. What had she done?

“I’ve wanted to do that since the first time we had a meeting in here,” he whispered, his voice hoarse.

She warmed to his words and she hated herself a little for it.

He went on. “You were wearing this pants suit that made me reconsider my opinion of them. It was a creamy white pinstripe one that clung to your ass. You wore the short matching jacket open with this blouse that...” He shook his head.

“I remember. You couldn’t stop looking at my breasts.” She remembered wishing she hadn’t worn her push-up bra, but how great it was that such a good-looking guy was paying attention to her. That was when the seed of this encounter had begun.

David began to slide his cock in and out of her again. He was slow about it, but she was still sensitive enough to gasp at each entry. He continued, his voice filled with soft memory. “At one point, I remember you reaching across this table to get something from the other side. Your pants tightened enough that I could have sworn I saw the lines of your thong. After that, I looked every chance I got.”

“And did you see it?”

“I never did.”

Sarah sighed with a smile. “That’s because I wasn’t wearing any.”
So easy to be bad,
she thought again. “I never wear any with that suit. White pants don’t conceal much.”

She swore he grew inside of her. “You’re a naughty woman, Sarah.”

“See, I think of it as practical.”

“And this is practical, too?” He glanced down at their union, where his rigid length dipped in and out of her. He’d trimmed his pubes down to a small cropping around the base and shaved everything else. She’d watched porn with Jack before and had never cared for the close-ups, but she couldn’t stop looking now.

He drew out, his glistening cock still as hard as when she’d first entered her. Sarah shivered, feeling empty. “You didn’t cum.”

David shook his head. “The fantasy I had at that meeting so long ago—”

“When I was in the white suit.”

He nodded. “It was very specific.”

“Oh? I don’t have that suit with me.”

He stroked himself, his lips curling up enough to draw out the dimple on his cheek. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t imagining you wearing anything. It had more to do with your position.”

“Ah.” She caught on, sharing that glint in his eyes. She hopped off the table beside him and turned around, wiggling her butt behind her. “Something like this?” she asked.

“Close enough.” David moved behind her, tugging at his cock as he swung it down.

“Hold on a sec,” she said. Sarah stood up just as his cock glanced across her buttocks.


“Don’t pout, honey.” She kissed him softly before sliding her hand into his and pulling him to the head of the table. “If we’ve only got one shot at this, let’s get it right.”

Jack watched her direct them into place from his seat in the dark. He’d cleaned himself up and gotten things back in order, but he couldn’t manage to find the strength to stand just yet. The chair was so comfortable, molding around him as he watched the show go on.

Sarah looked incredible. The boots, thigh-highs, and bra gave her nudity a sensual edge, like a page from Playboy. Sarah, his wife, a pin-up model. His cock began to stir again.

Sarah shot a sly smile in Jack’s direction as she turned in all her full-frontal nudity. Her nipples screamed, long and ruddy brown over the cups of her lacy bra. It was her pussy that gave his heart—and his cock—a jolt. Bare like that, there was nothing to mask the blooming petals of her labia, pink, shiny, and open.

She pulled David along by the hand. He followed, his eyes on Sarah’s padded ass, his upturned dick wet with her. Jack felt a twinge of jealousy and nervousness—what man wouldn’t when faced with that kind of athletic competition?

But this was Sarah. His wife. His
The woman who used funny voices when reading books to their kids. The woman who insisted that they dress up in themed costumes every Halloween because she wanted unity. She’d never do what she was doing without him knowing.

The angle was perfect for Jack. At the head of the long table, where the CEO would normally sit, Sarah bent forward, placing her hands flat on the surface and her legs shoulder-width apart.

Jack watched her in profile. David rolled up behind her and ran his hands over her hips. Sarah looked back, mouthed something that looked like, “Do it.” Jack’s cock found new life, vibrant and raging in his pants. David left a hand on her hip as the other circled his manhood and placed it against her. Sarah wiggled her hips. Encouraged, David stepped forward, ramming himself back into her. Her mouth parted. Her back bowed. He ground himself inside of her, undulating his hips as he stirred her like a honey pot.

Sarah looked down the length of the long executive table. For a moment, the chairs weren’t empty, but filled with men and women dressed in suits and serious expressions—all watching her. “Gah!” Something awoke, deep down. An exhibitionist? A thrill-seeker? She blinked and they were gone, but the impact lingered on.

David pressed his palm into the small of her back, pushing her flat against the table. Sarah turned her head to watch their reflection in the windows. Fuck, she looked like such a slut.

Yet still, she wanted more. “Har—der!” David obliged. The hand on her hip yanked back with each thrust and the other one— “Oh, my God!” Her voice cracked. The climax rushed over her, drowning her as he rubbed his thumb across her asshole. “Fuck!” she shouted, drawn out and out of control. She was pierced and pinned, filled and filleted on the handsome young man.

The tip of David’s thumb entered her asshole and her cries turned unintelligible. She thrashed beneath him, stretching her arms out in either direction until she could grasp the edge. She gripped and pulled like a woman trying to quarter herself.

Mercifully, David pulled his thumb away. She sucked in breath and tried to push herself off the table. David’s hands were there, spooning around her, seeking her tits. “Ever had it back there?” His voice was a whisper against her ear.

“No.” Jack had asked her about it, but he was too big. The thought frightened her.

“Anything goes, right?” He pulled out of her and ran his slick cock the short distance to her back door.

“David?” Her voice warbled. His free hand encircled her throat, fingers under her chin. He pulled her off the table. Panic gripped her. Her breaths came and went in short, shallow bursts.

“When I saw you reach across this very table with this juicy ass, this was my fantasy.” She felt pressure build against her anus. She hung her head low and grinded her teeth. “You have any lotion in your purse?”

Sarah nodded.

“Get it for me.” The order sent a shiver down her spine. Once again, she was a pawn in someone else’s fantasy. Once again, she was shocked by how much she liked that.

She reached out and grabbed her clutch, fishing out her hand lotion. David didn’t release the hold on her hips, and the pressure against her backside didn’t lighten until he pulled off to slather lotion across his cock.

David didn’t give her enough time to worry or back out. There was no time for cold feet. One moment, she was passing the lotion back to him. The next, she felt pressure against her anus and the world vanished.

“Oh. My. God!” Sarah had never felt so filled before. Not even with Jack after a long period without sex. Not even her largest toys felt the way David did pushing into her ass—and he had just the tip in.

“Relax, Sarah. Just relax for now.” She did. She tried, anyway. Pain coursed through her, but something else was there. Something primal. Something dark. She turned her furrowed brow to the glass wall, to where Jack was watching.
You did this, baby. This one’s on you.
Jack had been pushing and pushing. He’d been the driving force. For the first time, she finally felt she was doing what she wanted. It wasn’t the anal sex—it was the giving into David completely. Letting go. Giving herself to this sexy, younger man—that was all her.

David was patient with her, but he didn’t ask her if he was hurting her or if he should stop, either. He just took her. And she liked it.

At some point, the pleasure overwhelmed the pain. When it did, David stopped holding back. He tightened his grip on Sarah’s neck, pulling her head back, and started driving his cock harder and faster.

“How does that feel, Sarah? How do you like that?” David barked his questions and she jumped to answer.

“So full,” she cried, the last of it lost in a growl she couldn’t stop.

“You like me fucking your ass?”

God, his words inflamed her. She nodded.

“Say it.”

“Yes. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me in the...” She quaked, close to yet another climax. “In the...” Their slapping skin and her guttural moans filled the long space of the room. “Fuck me in the ass!”

“Fuck, Sarah. You’re so fucking hot!” David pulled her backwards and together they fell into the CEO’s chair. She nearly screamed as the landing shoved his cock ball deep into her. Pain burst behind her eyes. “Put your feet up on the table. That’s right.” She did as she was instructed, clutching the armrests to keep the pressure off as she set her booted heels up onto the mahogany. It eased the pressure a little and she groaned as pleasure filled that void.

To Jack, the boardroom looked like the set of a fucking porn shoot. He ran his hand through his hair. It came away damp with sweat. “Jesus Christ.” Sarah was splayed out on David’s lap, braced between the table, the chair, and David’s body. David held her hips firm as she relaxed into the new position. He whispered something. Sarah nodded her head, eyes closed, and together, they began to rock.

He couldn’t believe what was happening. This wasn’t his fantasy. This wasn’t in any way something he sanctioned. He felt powerless. He fucking hated feeling powerless. Yet like Sarah in the boardroom, he let go. And when he did, he felt euphoric.

He stood and walked to the glass, no longer caring whether they saw him. At the higher angle, he could see the rise and fall of Sarah’s hips, her glistening pussy, gaping from the earlier fuck, but currently empty. And if he got up onto his toes, he could just see David’s cock bury itself into his wife’s asshole.

He’d been rubbing himself through his pants, but even that became too much. Even after the orgasm he’d just had, his cock shuddered and his balls tightened. He ripped his hand away and braced it on the glass in front of him, leaving a handprint of sweat. He shut his eyes and grit his teeth.
Breath in. Breath in. Relax.

“Oh, fuck me!” Sarah’s voice brought him right back to where he was before. She was never this vocal. Never this out of control. Then again, that woman out there was almost unrecognizable from his wife. She was a sex fiend. A nymphomaniac fucking her coworker in the chair of their boss’s boss. It made him want to fuck the shit out of her next chance he got.

Sanity fled Sarah’s brain. It ran from David’s cock. Ran from the pleasure/pain that pulsed with each thrust into her ass. She thrashed in his lap. Her abs and thighs burned from the undulating workout.
Thank you, yoga; thank you, pilates,
she thought.
This is what your core is for. To get fucked and fucked and fucked until you scream your throat raw.

David’s mouth covered hers in a sloppy, wet kiss. Her fingers danced across the freshly shaved skin and dipped into her pussy. She wished Jack was here, in that moment. She wished Jack was where her fingers were, completing the double penetration. To be fucked by two men. Filled at the same time. Her thumb tripped along her clit. Her brain stuttered. She screamed into the kiss. Screamed right down David’s throat.

David’s hands on his hips were relentless, the thrusts getting wild and out of control. He was close. He had to be. “Cum, David.” She groaned. “Cum in my ass!”

“Oh, fuck, Sarah. Oh, fuck.” Heat filled her backside. She arched up over him but he yanked her back down, pelvis grinding against buttocks. She couldn’t escape the onslaught—was helpless in his hands. Delirious from her own rolling orgasm, all she could do was ride it out.

Their bodies were beaded with sweat when they finally came down. Sarah turned in David’s lap, letting his softening cock slip from her butt, and kissed him with what energy she had left.

“That was... unexpected.”

David laughed. “Perfect for Leap Day, right?”

Sarah smirked, touching his face. She was going to miss David, but not because she liked him. Or that she wanted more nights like this. Not even because he was an incredible fuck. She was going to miss having him as a friend.

“I’d say it fits the theme, yes.” She climbed off, discovering just how much strain she’d been putting on her leg muscles.

“Steady there. You need help?”

Sarah caught herself on the table. She shifted, grimacing a little. “I’m fine. Not sure I’ll be able to sit for a while, but I’m fine.”

“Let me help you with your things.”

It was a pretty quick clean up. She’d never taken off the bra and her dress was quick to wrap on. “I need to go to the bathroom,” she said as David pulled on his briefs—black and tight like a male model’s. She still had to wonder how she had ended up being this guy’s fantasy.

He nodded. “I’ll be right here.”

Sarah picked her way down the hall to the women’s restroom, proud of herself for not clutching the wall for support. It got easier as she went, like working out a strained muscle.

She parked herself before the mirror and ran her hands under the cool water of the sink. She barely recognized herself. Her hair had unraveled, half of it falling out of the bun, half in chaotic disarray. She splashed the water on her face, then shook out the remainder if her hair.

BOOK: Leap
9.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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