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BOOK: Learning To Fly (Fated Love Book 1)
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He pretended to think about it for a minute and then grinned. “Deal.” I relaxed back against him and linked my fingers with his.

“There isn’t a whole lot to tell. I’m an only child. My mum died during my birth due to complications. She lost too much blood, and they couldn’t save her. Dad did the best he could, but he was hurting too much. Mama was the only woman he had ever loved, and she was gone. I was a constant reminder because not only was I here, but I take after her in every way. The pain got too much in the end, and he lost his fight to live. When Uncle Michael heard, he moved to Tamworth to take care of me so I didn’t have to lose everything and start fresh here. Once I finished school and got my own place, he moved back down here. I haven’t seen him since Christmas. I have tried to keep him out of all of this, so as you can imagine, he is pretty pissed off he is in Greece for work and can’t come home.”

“What does he do for work?” Morgan asked, and I motioned to this place.

“He sets up getaway places like this and trains people to run them. He has one here, Greece, Spain, and he is heading to Italy and Ireland next year to start ones there too.”

“It’s so peaceful here. I could get used to this.”

I looked up at him and kissed his jaw. “So, your turn. What’s your story?” I closed my eyes as his fingers ran slowly down my arm.

“Nothing much to tell, darlin’. My parents met in high school and married as soon as they could. They knew they had found the person they were meant to be with. My grandmama was pissed when she found out. Me coming along made it a little worse. Once I was born though, they buried the past, and things have been great since. They’re still married to this day. I have always wondered if I would ever find that. Stopped looking when I started in music.” He looked down at me, and I smiled before he continued, “I think I have found it, though. Just goes to show what happens when you stop looking. It comes to you.”

“Well, actually you came to me babe.” He chuckled, and I moved, putting my head on his lap. As his fingers ran through my hair, I couldn’t help but grin as his earlier words came floating back into my head. I could get used to this. Picking up my kindle from my lap, I opened up the last book I had been reading. I stretched my legs out and started reading as he was. As I got lost in my book, I began to hum softly. Before I knew what I was doing, I’d started to sing the tune that was in my head.

I started whistling the tune of the song I had listened to a million times over. As I was tapping my foot, I heard Morgan pick up where I had left off.

I grinned up at him, and we both sang the rest of the song.

Morgan shifted as we finished ‘Sweet Spot’ by Sara Evans. He bent down and pressed his lips to mine. “Darlin’, I know you thought I was kiddin’ with the boys earlier, but with a voice like yours, you are wastin’ it by not doing something with it.” He kissed me hard before I could say anything, and I just melted into it. Unless I were entirely comfortable, then you couldn't get me to open up to anyone. Morgan pulled back and looked down at me with a raised brow. Sitting up, I turned to get a better look at him.

“As flattering as that is, I think I am better off behind the camera.” I pressed a kiss to his cheek and heard commotion behind us and saw Lucas stumbling out the door closely followed by a laughing Daniel. “Daniel? Did you just shove Lucas out the door?” I asked.

He gave me a sly grin. “Of course.”

I laughed and shook my head. “Daniel, why are you shoving Lucas out
the door?”

“Because, Maddison, he wasn’t moving fast enough for me.” Lucas responded by punching him in the arm.

wanted to come and intrude so he could hear ya sing. I was trying to stop the damn heffa but he took a running start on me.” I snorted.

“Daniel, you break anything in this house and I am going to make you hurt.” It was his turn to snort.

“Bring it on, princess. A baby could hit harder then you!” I looked to Morgan, who bit back a laugh, and my attention turned back to Daniel.

“Who said anything about hitting you?” I gave him my best sweet smile, and his face sobered up. When he turned to look at Morgan and Lucas, they both lost their composure and burst out laughing.

“And we are going to fall over laughing when she makes you cry from kicking you so hard.”

Daniel turned back to me, and my lips curled into a smirk. “Lunch is ready, princess,” came out of his mouth before he turned and quickly retreated inside. I burst out laughing once he had disappeared and watched Lucas walk back inside. “Do me a favour and keep her around Morgan. Life is gonna be boring without her around.”

Morgan winked at me. “Oh, I plan to.”

I felt my cheeks heat up as Morgan stood and held his hand out to me. Taking it, I let him pull me inside to eat.


Four Months Later…

It had been four months since Morgan came into my world and turned it upside down—in a good way, of course. There had been no word from Josh since we’d left him behind in Queensland, and the small voice in the back of my head said it wasn’t a good thing. I had gotten a temporary working visa, and the label Morgan was signed to hired me as a photographer for while he was on tour, which meant we didn’t have to separate. Once his tour was over, we planned to head back to Tasmania for a bit before we took advantage of my uncle’s properties. He still wasn’t happy about everything, but he knew I was safe, so he didn’t fight it for now. He would meet Morgan, Daniel, and Lucas when we headed back, and that would hopefully put his mind at ease. Until Josh popped back up again though, we couldn’t let our guard down.

The tour so far had been fun. When I wasn’t spending time with Morgan, Lucas, Daniel, and I were hanging out front in the crowd while he did his thing. Then after his show, we would have a few drinks with the openers and the crew before going back to our room for the rest of the night. It didn’t take long for mine and Morgan’s relationship to become public knowledge once we got to the States. It was because of that I was worried about Josh. He could easily have found us, so why hadn’t he? I had tried calling a few friends back home to see if they had heard anything but nothing. No news is good news, right? Not so much in this case.

Hanging up the phone after yet another call to home, I sighed as I put it on the bedside table.
“You know I would never let anything happen to you, right?”

I looked up at Morgan, who was standing there in just a towel after his shower. I gave him a smile while stifling a groan at what the sight of his body did to me. “I know, baby.”

“Then what’s got you so worried, darlin’?”

“I know him too well to think he has given up. I know he’s out there somewhere,” I said with a sigh.

“Darlin’, do you honestly think I just have Daniel and Lucas watching out for you?” He came and sat on the bed, and I shook my head no. I knew he had more guys out there other than the ones I had met back in Queensland, but I just hadn’t seen them. “Exactly, so while I trust Daniel and Lucas with the love of my life, I also have other eyes on you and the crowds. He won’t get past them.”

I opened my mouth to speak, but I was silenced when his lips pressed against mine. I closed my eyes as our lips moved together with a heated passion. Despite his trust in the boys, he and I always kissed as if it would be our last. Lying back against the pillows as he hovered over me, I opened my eyes and ran the tip of my tongue over my lips.

“Now let’s see if I can’t distract you somehow.” He flashed that smirk at me, and I was done for. There was no resisting that smirk. Not that I wanted to. “You are wearing far too much clothing, darlin’. Let me see if I can’t help you with that, too.”

His hands trailed down my body and slipped beneath my tank top. Sitting up, he pulled it up and over my head. Lying back against the bed, I watched as he moved off and curled his hands around the band of my shorts and pulled them down slowly along with my panties. He dropped them down beside the bed and slowly worked his way up my body, his lips moving along my thighs as he went stopping only when he reached my core. I let out a soft groan when he lingered there without touching me and his eyes met mine before his lips pressed against my stomach and he began kissing back up my body. When he reached the valley between my breasts, his hands moved behind my back and unclasped my bra. Pulling the straps slowly down my arms his eyes met mine once more and he flashed that smirk at me.

“There. That's much better. Naked and waiting for me. The second best sight in the world.”

“What’s the best then if that’s the second?”

“You.” I frowned. “But… Oh!” In that moment, I got it. He loved me in all ways more than he loved me naked. Most women may be offended by that but I couldn’t even if I tried. It meant he cared more about me then getting his dick wet. His lips pressed against mine and I melted. He pulled back and brushed a stray hair from my face. Looking up into his eyes, I smiled. “I love you, Morgan.”

He gently kissed me again and murmured against my lips, “I love you too, Maddie. From the moment I saw you I was hooked.” Wrapping my arms around his neck, I kissed him passionately as he settled between my thighs. Moving my hand between us, I wrapped my hand around his length and slowly began to stroke. He groaned against my lips and pulled back just slightly before running his lips along my jaw and down to my neck. Stopping just at the spot below my ear, he started sucking against my skin. Stopping after marking my neck, he pulled back again and took his length from my hand. Kissing along my shoulder he slowly worked his way down to my breasts. His tongue slowly slid over my nipple before his lips wrapped around my breasts as he began to suck while his tongue circled around my nipple once more. Not wanting to leave the other out, he moved his head to begin on the left breast. His fingers trailed along my inner thigh working their way up to my core. A soft gasp escaped me when his fingers slid between my folds.

“So wet for me, darlin’.”

I could only manage a soft whimper as his thumb pressed against my clit. Applying a little pressure, he began rubbing his thumb in circles as he moved down the bed, leaving a trail of soft kisses. Settling between my thighs, he used his fingers to part my folds and dropped his head. Encasing his lips around my clit, he began to suck. The things he could do with his mouth.
My God
. I swallowed hard as he shifted slightly and pulled his lips away as he slid two fingers into my center. My hips bucked as my back arched off the bed and his name fell from my lips. I heard him groan as my walls tightened around his fingers. He moved back and began sucking against my clit.

“Oh, fuck… Don’t stop, baby.” I closed my eyes, and my head fell back against the pillow, my hips rocking as waves of pleasure coursed through my body. The sound of my pleasure and his name from my lips were filling the room. I felt him pull away from my nub but his fingers kept moving inside my centre as he brought me closer to my release. Morgan moved his thumb in circles over my nub as he watched the reaction of what those two movements did to my body. Unable to hold it back any longer, I fisted my hands in the bed sheets and cried out his name in pleasure as I let go of my release and came.

Once my body began to relax, he removed his towel from around his waist and shifted to settle his body between my legs. I took his length back in my hands, and he groaned as I began to stroke him. Once he was rock hard, I took the tip and positioned it at my entrance, pulling my hand away as he slowly slid inside.

“So fucking tight, darlin’. So perfect.” He began to move his hips slowly, and dropping his head to my neck, he groaned again as my walls tightened around his cock. As we fell into the slow sync that months of passion had perfected, I moved my hands to rest on his back, my nails biting into his skin as my body began to tense once more. He growled out my name as his own body tensed from the pleasure of being inside me mixed with the pain of my nails biting into his skin. He moved his lips from my neck to my lips and murmured, “Come for me, darlin’.”

I dug my nails deeper into his skin as my body started to shake beneath him, and I cried out against his lips as I let go once more. As my walls tightened around his length, he growled out my name and slammed his hips into mine once before spilling his seed inside me. Spent, I collapsed back against the bed, trying to catch my breath as a relaxed feeling washed over me.

After a few quiet minutes, he wrapped his arms around me and rolled onto his back, taking me with him. I pulled the sheet over us and nuzzled into his neck. His sure-fire way of getting me to relax was sending me into a peaceful sleep. I was safe in his arms. He was my safe haven.


I knew the moment my Maddie had fallen asleep. Her body relaxed in my arms, and I could hear her breathing even out. Not that I was against fucking her into relaxation, but I hated that she was so wound up and on edge. I hated not knowing what Josh was doing, or where he was. However, I never let onto Maddie. She would never leave the hotel otherwise. I trusted my guys, though. They hadn’t let me down yet. Part of me really wished this was over and we had won, but that was never going to be the case until Josh was six feet under. Could I actually make that call, though? I looked down at the sleeping beauty in my arms and knew the answer. For her, I would pull the damn trigger myself.

BOOK: Learning To Fly (Fated Love Book 1)
4.6Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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