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nipple. Her tongue lapped over the hard nub in a quick stroke. It puckered and

glistened wetly as she drew back. Her hand rose and plucked at the other hard nipple.

He captured her hand pulling it away from his chest. Her fingers skimmed over his

stomach as he guided it down his body. He didn‟t stop until her fingers touched his

hard length. She stroked him through the fabric.

“Feel how much I want you. I want to feel your tight wet pussy closing around me,

pulling at me. I want you crying out your need, screaming my name.” His hips rocked

into her touch.

“I want to feel you without the cloth.” She nipped at the dark nipple in front of her.

“You‟re so hard.”

He tasted so good. His arousal pulsed through her, over her. Her arousal spiked

and she ached with the intense needed. A shudder rocked his body beneath her lips. He

pushed her hand away from his cock for a moment and dealt quickly with the

fastenings of his pants. His cock sprang into her waiting hand. Her fingers stroked over

his erection as his hips pushed into her clasping fingers. She trailed her fingers over the

silky flesh.

“I don‟t want to spill in your hands. Let me get you out of these clothes.” His hands

tugged her fingers away from his cock.

He stepped back and began stripping her out of her clothes. He slipped her shirt off

and then began working on the fastenings of her pants. The fabric loosened and he

lifted her, carrying her to her bed. As soon as her back touched the soft bedding, he

began tugging at the rest of her clothing. Her shoes went flying and her pants soon

followed. A moment after the last of her clothing left her body, his pants hit the floor.

He climbed onto the bed beside her. She reached forward, wanting to pull him to

her. He pushed her hands to her side. She could feel his anticipation and hunger. The

feel of his hands pressing her arms onto the bed sent a wave of excitement over her. She

wanted to push and play and see just how dominant he really was. He rose to his hands

and knees.

His head lowered and his tongue stroked across the base of her neck. The slightly

rough texture of his tongue sent a shiver of pleasure rippling over her. She felt the


Lisia’s Journey

muscles in her pussy clench and she wanted more than the feel of his tongue on her

skin. Her fingers threaded through his hair. She barely had time to cup the back of his

head, before his fingers clasped around her wrist and pressed her hand back to the bed.

“You like that?” he asked. He trailed nipping kisses along her collarbone.

Did he mean the dominance or the kiss? She didn‟t know or care. Either way the

answer was yes. She loved it. She arched her neck giving him more access to it, but his

mouth moved away, down her sternum. A groan tore from her.

“Don‟t tease.” She lifted her hands and stroked across his shoulder and back.

He grabbed her wrists and once again pushed them to the soft fabric of the sheets.

She looked up and found him staring down at her. His lips were pulled into a straight

line and he looked utterly serious. If she hadn‟t been able to feel his desire, she would

have wondered if he wanted her at all.

“No touching just yet. You keep those hands right there. I want to touch you. I‟ve

ached to see and touch your breasts since I first caught your scent.” He kissed her once

hard and fast. His lips claimed hers, his tongue driving into her mouth.

She stroked her tongue against his. Just when she was sinking into the kiss, his lips

left hers. Her hands clenched on the soft blanket. She wanted to grab him and drag his

lips back to hers. His lips brushed across her shoulder and then down her chest. His

teeth scraped across the curve of her breast. She drew in a hissing breath and tensed at

the sharp stinging nip. His tongue swirled across the small spot. She wriggled beneath

his touch as her mind readily expanded on the explorations of his tongue. His tongue

traced around her nipple leaving a warm wet trail and tingles darting straight to the

tightening knot of tension low in her stomach. Her nipples tightened jutting up as if

begging for his attention.

His arousal mixed with hers, spurring her desire to a higher level. Her legs shifted

restlessly, widening. His teeth closed over her right nipple just as his hand cupped the

neglected breast. His teeth scraped teasingly over the taut bud. The hand at her other

breast lifted and squeezed the full mound. She arched into the firm touch.

His mouth closed around the upthrust nub. Hot moist warmth surrounded the

peak. She moaned, her head tossing on the soft blanket. Every touch seemed so right,

made her so hot that she was amazed that the bed wasn‟t smoldering beneath her. He

sucked greedily at her breast. That pulling draw arced through her, sending a spiral of

heat even higher. Just as he flicked the sensitive peak with one hand, he drew his teeth

over the wet nipple of the other. She arched and cried out. Her hands lifted. She needed

to touch him, feathering through his hair.

He pulled back the moment her fingers tangled in his hair. A low growl rumbled

and his lips pulled back revealing sharp canines. A rush of excitement zipped through


“Keep your hands on the bed. Obey me,
,” Jarritt ordered.

“I want to touch you.” She brushed her fingers across his shoulders. “I need you.”


Rebecca Airies

He grasped her right hand and pressed it to the bedding. His face lowered until his

nose almost touched hers. “I need to taste you, to touch all of you. You will obey me.”

He gripped her left hand and put it on the bed at her side. She really wanted to

touch him, but she also felt his need. She gripped the blanket and turned her wrist. She

didn‟t know how long she could keep from touching him. He‟d been pushing her limits

since he kissed her. His tongue flicked at her nipple before his mouth lifted and his

hands drifted down her body.

“You taste so good, my
. I need to know you‟re mine in every way.” His

sincerity rang in his voice.

His arousal pulsed through her, over her. Her need spiked and she ached. The

building sensation tightened and twisted low in her stomach. She arched her body,

silently offering him anything he needed. He trailed kisses down her stomach, pausing

every so often to taste her skin. He moved his mouth lower to the bare lips of her pussy.

Hot breath feathered over her labia as he traced his fingers over the plump lips. She

drew in a shaky breath and spread her legs wider. Her teeth sank into her lower lip as

she waited tensely.

“You smell so good here and I can see your cream glistening on the lips of your

pussy. Do you want to feel my mouth there?” he asked. His fingers kept tracing slowly

over the swollen flesh, but didn‟t move for a more intimate touch.

She licked her lips and drew in a panting breath. Her clit was hard and aching. She

needed his mouth there, his fingers something. She tried twisting her hips to get what

she needed, but his fingers pulled away immediately.

“Tell me.” The order came out on a hard growl. His teeth scraped over the flesh of

her thigh, delivering a stinging nip.

“I want your mouth. Please touch me.” She barely recognized the voice as her own.

A shiver tore up her spine. She couldn‟t ever remember feeling this wild. His hands

urged her to lift her legs and spread them farther apart. One he hooked on his shoulder.

The other he pressed wide. The lips of her pussy parted exposing the slick pink flesh to

his gaze. He leaned close and inhaled.


Her only thought to that confident claim was, “Oh, yes!”

His tongue swiped over her pussy. Once, twice in bold claiming strokes. A shudder

streaked down her spine as his tongue found her clit. She hissed and her hips arched off

the bed.

“You like that, my mate. I‟ll please you as you‟ve never known. Show me that you

want me. Let me hear your pleasure.” His head lifted and his eyes locked with hers as

he drew his fingers along the lips of her pussy.

Very deliberately, his fingers curled up and brushed across her clit. She tensed and

shivered as the pleasure sizzled and grew stronger. His fingers slid lower and he traced


Lisia’s Journey

them around her opening, pressing against the sensitive skin. He pushed two fingers

into her.

Her hips lifted into the fingers gliding into her. She felt the inner walls of her pussy

clenching around them, but it wasn‟t enough. Soft mews fell from her lips.

All too soon his fingers pulled from her. He lifted his hand to his mouth, drawing

the cream-coated fingers deep. Lisia couldn‟t take her eyes off his mouth as he cleaned

his fingers. A thrill of hot lust tore through her.

“Please, Jarritt, fuck me.” She almost lifted her hands, but she didn‟t want him to

pull away again.

He smiled and drew his tongue over her cunt. “I‟m going to feast on this sweet

pussy before the night‟s over, but now I need to claim what‟s mine.”

He rose to his knees, but didn‟t come down over her. He rolled her onto her

stomach. Before she could think about the change in position, his hand slipped under

her, lifting her to her knees. His hand cupped her pussy.

“Damn, Jarritt, I need you.” She pushed back against him.

She felt the head of his cock against her buttocks briefly before he reached between

them. Fitting his shaft to her slit, she felt the rounded head probe at the slick opening.

“Are you mine? Are you my woman?” He placed a kiss on her shoulder, but kept

their bodies separated.

She strained against his hold, but he easily held her still in front of him. His fingers

parted her labia and she drew in a breath. Her body quivered with anticipation. She

groaned with disappointment as his fingers didn‟t move.

“Tell me,” he urged. His finger just grazed her clit.

She looked over her shoulder. “I want you. I‟m your woman.” Desperate she gave

him what he needed.

His hips rolled forward. She could feel satisfaction rolling through him as his cock

slid into her. She felt her pussy clench around his cock and reveled in the sensation of

fullness. He began to move in slow firm thrusts.

Hungry for the pleasure, she pushed back into the strokes. The tightening heat

flared and she knew that a powerful climax would hit soon. A desperate sound ripped

from her throat as it remained just out of reach. As if in reaction to her need, his hips

drove forward more forcefully. She felt, more than heard, the throaty endearment as he

thrust into her.

Her inner muscles begin to ripple around his cock. A wall of white-hot sensation hit

her and the world seemed to explode around her. Her muscles quivered and she would

have fallen to her elbows on the mattress, but his arm circled just under her breasts

holding her up. His thrusts quickened, going as deep as he could. She felt the brush of

his balls against her leg and the heat of his body as his chest lowered to her back. She

felt the first spurt of semen just as she felt the graze of his teeth on her shoulder. His

teeth closed over it, not breaking the skin, but holding her in place as he came.


Rebecca Airies

As she felt the last waves of his pleasure, she began to think about what had just

happened. Other than the great sex. She gulped and slowly shook her head, replaying

every word, every act in her mind. Anger rose. She didn‟t doubt that he‟d planned this.

All of it, down to pushing her to the point where she‟d have said or done anything to

reach climax.

But she didn‟t blame everything on him. She knew she‟d played a huge part in

letting this happen. She‟d been so certain that she would push him away before she

became too involved. Those days and nights of letting him touch her, reveling in his

kisses came back to haunt her. She‟d been too busy playing a game and forgotten that

Jarritt had been serious in his claims. He‟d practically told her he‟d do whatever it took

to keep her. She‟d wanted him too much to think about walking away from him this

time. The choice had been hers and she‟d been so immersed in the feeling of rightness

that she hadn‟t thought.

The mark at her neck would fade, but he‟d accomplished what he‟d been pushing

for almost from the moment they‟d met. He‟d gotten a more solid commitment out of

her. She hadn‟t just accepted him with her body. She‟d acknowledged his claim in


She groaned and panicked, tried to think of a way out of the situation that had just

gotten more complicated. Her hands clenched on the gray blanket. Fear rose inside her.

She could almost sense the walls closing around her, trapping her. She wanted to rage

and throw things, but there was nothing in the room to throw aside from the furniture.

The small table would do, but she doubted he‟d just lie still and let her launch it at him.

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