Long Blue Line: Based on a True Story

BOOK: Long Blue Line: Based on a True Story
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Based on a True Story


E. McNew

"Never let any obstacle, no matter how great or small, stand in your way of living for your passion and fighting for what you believe in. We get one life. Max it out."

–E. McNew




Long Blue Line
is the coming of age of Elizabeth Jeter. It candidly reveals the provocative and secret world of planned teenage pregnancy and the brutal consequences that follow. The girl next door - popular and driven.


Once upon a time a beautiful teenager looked forward to school letting out and the warm, carefree days to come. But in the summer of her fifteenth year, things would drastically change. After reading a romance book sensationalizing a young woman’s perfect life following the hookup with a wealthy prince charming, Elizabeth set out to create her own fairy tale ending. This would become the beginning of the darkest hours in her life: pregnancy, bridesmaids, drugs and jail.


Long Blue Line
is Elizabeth's captivating memoir about her descent into addiction. Her obsession with pregnancy, independence, and, ultimately drugs is chronicled in brutally honest Prose that will leave you spellbound. Her journey isn’t over - far from it. She still has nightmares, but today she is wiser and lives in reality.


If you are this girl, you will take a deep breath and nod your head knowingly. If you knew this girl, you will rethink your assumptions. If this girl is your daughter, you will finally get an insider’s look at what she can’t put into words.


Above all, you will be moved - moved to tears, to unity, to action. Elizabeth is one of the lucky ones. She survived. Sadly, many young women and their children are unable to escape the madness and become grave statistics. Not everyone gets a second chance, and she hopes to inspire others with her straightforward honesty.




First Printing

September 30, 2014



Based on a True Story


Houston TX

McNew Publishing

Printed in the USA



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“I don’t know how you lived through that.”

“If that happened to my family, I would go crazy.”

“I can’t even imagine how hard it must be.”

“How do you do it?”

“I NEVER would have guessed!”


These are just a few of the responses I have gotten after telling a trusted person my story. Over the years, those who did hear my entire story were people who I least expected to tell. I was blessed to cross paths with a few select people, and some even strangers, who offered a friendly presence, allowing me the courage to speak of what has hurt me the most. I like to think of these people as angels. I don’t know why we crossed paths, and I don’t know why they were meant to hear such a story from a total stranger, but they were there. They were there to help me release my mind from holding in so much pain. The times and places of these encounters were all unique, but my state of emotional instability was always the same.


A few times I was drunk at a bar. One of those long, deeply emotional conversations on a bar stool, slamming down shots between tears. Another few were after becoming close friends with someone. It took me months to decide if the person could handle hearing my story. I had to decide if sharing the information would be more beneficial than risky. I didn’t understand why those kind words were being offered in response to such horrible mistakes I made, and the awful results of those mistakes. I never felt brave. I certainly never felt heroic. I felt grief. If I didn’t let this pain out every so often I would notice myself slipping into a path of self-destruction. My angels always seemed to come just in time. They saved me, and they helped me save myself.











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About the Author


I am so blessed to have had you for the short time that I did. Though it may one day become confusing and difficult to think of me as your mother, I’ll always hold the irreplaceable memories of your angelic beauty safely locked into my heart and forever hold your memory as my baby girls.

If this book reaches you before I do, I pray that it can offer you truth and an understanding of my eternal love for you, which will be a part of who I am for every remaining breath I’ll ever take. The pain of your absence is one that never ends, but the beauty of your memory is one that will always shine strong.

My wish for you is to live your life full, whole and happy. Always chase your dreams and never, ever let anything stand in your way. Remember to love and let your self be loved in return. I know that you’ll become the people that most are not - remembering to lend a helping hand and finding beauty in the small things in life. When you feel defeated, stand up strong and refuse to allow defeat to become an option. Remember always that you were created because God has great plans for your life, even if at times they feel out of reach and impossible to understand.

I want you to know, whether you’re eighteen or fifty-eight, my heart is yours, my home is yours, and my life is yours. I’m always going to be ready to be the best that I can be, whether it’s your friend, mentor, acquaintance or mom. I’ll give you everything that I’m capable of, still knowing that it cannot make up for what’s been lost. I thank you with the utmost sincerity for coming into my life and showing me what it means to hold and love a piece of God’s heaven.




“I don't read non-fiction books. Now I know why. I become too involved…Real life is much sadder than made-up tales. When I reached the end of the book, I felt like crying. I also wanted to scream out, what will happen next?”

-Susanne Leist, author of The Dead Game


“Wow just wow!! I seriously could not stop reading…it had me smiling on minute and crying the next…and as a mother myself it also broke my heart…I would recommend this book to anyone, but particularly young girls! I gave this book 5 stars because the rating system doesn’t go any higher :)”                                                             

-Ciara Perkins. U.S Army wife


“The strength and courage it must have took to write this book is unimaginable! Elizabeth really moves you with her words and as soon as you read the introduction, it hooks you in! Absolutely the BEST book I've read in a while!! Look forward to reading more from Elizabeth!”                                                                                                    

  -Ali, Amazon customer


“Testing the waters is intoxicating :) I can't wait to read the more to come. I completely recommend the book.”

-Amazon Verified Review



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BOOK: Long Blue Line: Based on a True Story
10.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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