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“Baby please, I want you in me now,” she pleaded.
Tears of joy mixed with our sweat. She ran her hands up and down my sturdy forearms. I almost cried but my dick took over and penetrated her. Slowly her walls opened up. It was tight like a virgin again. She moaned as I opened her gradually, spreading her lips wide apart with nine long inches
of thickness.
Her juices flood me and I moaned, feeling the power of good pussy, tight, wet and ready. I pushed more of my dick in her and she grasped my arms tighter. My eyes rolled to the back of my head. Her love muscles contracted around my erection. I thrust myself into her.
“Sweet Jesus… Ooh, ooh, ooh… Yeah Omar. Fuck me good!”
Grinding my hips between her smooth warm thighs, our arms outstretched, I gripped her hands in mine. She pushed her pelvis against me, as I continued fucking her. Sweat poured. My hand under her butt, I raised her body close to me, making sure she felt every inch of my thickness. Her legs shook against my thighs. She dug her manicured nails into my back, leaving scratches that wouldn’t heal for days. We panted and huffed, wrinkling the green satin sheets.
“Damn, baby, you got some good pussy… Whoa, whoa yes baby! You got some good pussy.”
I grabbed her ass tighter as she bucked wildly. The position allowed me to have better momentum for a deeper, harder thrust. America let out a loud shriek. I wanted to take it nice and slow, but the feeling of pussy again after all this time, had me in a sexual frenzy.
I rolled onto my back, and America straddled me, pushing my dick into her love hole. She arched her back, grabbed my knees and went crazy on the dick, curving my shit inside of her. Now she was in control, and stretching my shit deep within her.
“Fuck me, Omar, fuck me! Fuck me! Ah, ah, ah, yeah!”
Her naked hips rocking backward and forward and gyrating against me, with her leaned forward and digging her nails into my chest.
“I’m… I’m coming, baby!”
I gripped her ass, pushing deeper and deeper into her, shortly after, I felt her juices pouring all over me. She shuddered, and hugged me tightly. I continued to thrust, pushing against her ass, and felt myself about to explode.
“Aw shit, I’m…!”
And soon afterwards, I burst into her. I fell against her my body trembling, making me feel like brand new.
Your love is all I need to proceed.
What’s happening is so real in me…
Omar had me spent, as I lay nestled against my man with our bodies naked and sweaty against green satin sheets. After four years of being apart, we didn’t miss a beat. When I felt his big dick open me up again, I started to cry. It was worth the wait. I knew he tried to be gentle with me, but I wanted him to be rough, and take my pussy like he was trying to win a fuckin’ war. And he did, leaving no prisoners behind.
God knows I needed that. When I came, it felt so good, like a breath of fresh air and having the sunbeam in your face after being locked underground for a decade. I loved and treasured every minute of my orgasms.
I looked at the time and the red numbers on my nightstand. It was 11:50 pm. Omar was asleep and looked peaceful and handsome. I couldn’t resist myself; I moved in closer to him and gently pressed my lips against his. I began kissing him lovingly. His lips were so full and soft. My fingers began dancing across his exposed muscular chest. I gently began disturbing him from his peaceful sleep.
I continued kissing him, moving my hand down his chest, under the sheets and began fondling his flaccid penis. I heard him moan as I smoothly began stroking up an erection again. I kissed on him again and teased his balls with my fingertips. He moaned, and squirmed a little, but his eyes still remained closed. While I caressed him below, I felt between my thighs tingling again and my pussy moist and ready.
Pressing my lips against his chest, I continued stroking him gracefully while working my tongue down his abs. I positioned myself under the sheets ready to give him a blowjob. His dick was hard in my grip and I wrapped my cherry flavored lips around the top of his dick. I coiled my tongue around the head.
I heard my man moan, as I started out sucking him off gently. I gave him a little lick there, a little kiss there, and a little suck underneath his nuts. Omar generously spread his muscular thighs nice and wide professing this dick is all yours.
Increasing my sucking gently, licking became longer I went from the tip to the base. I was in control of the dick. I sucked on it and stroked it
simultaneously, spitting on his dick. I had half his dick in my mouth, with my tongue twisting around it and then I locked my arms around his waist and locked my lips making sure my man couldn’t move.
“Oh shit!” he exclaimed, squirming in my grip. “Baby, you gonna make me cum like that.”
My actions were rapid, as I slid my lips up and down his shaft, while I fondled his balls. He cried out, clutching the sheets. I swallowed him bit by bit and when I knew he was about to shoot, I went straight for his nuts; I put my mouth around his balls and started humming. Omar went crazy; his fingers ran through my hair. He went bananas and his legs quiver. I jerked him off as I chewed on his nuts.
“Oh shit!”
He raised his pelvis off the bed. Omar couldn’t keep still. I wrapped my lips around the dick again, and deep throated him down to the base. I came back up and went down on him again, coiling my tongue around it. I quickly bobbed my head up and down, sucking his dick better than Super head.
“I’m ah… Ah! Ugh!” He roared.
He had a grip around my hair and clutched the bed sheets. I didn’t stop sucking his dick until he exploded into my mouth and I happily swallowed. Coming up from under the cover, I wiped what was left of him from my mouth.
“You good, baby?” I asked with a content smile on my face.
“Hells yeah.” He panted. “Damn, I love you.”
I smiled and kissed him on his lips. “You hungry?”
He nodded.
After that episode, I was ready to cook my man a meal. I got out of bed and donned my navy blue hooded Velour robe with matching slippers. I went into the kitchen and began whipping together his favorite snack, a tuna fish sandwich, some eggs, and a glass of red Kool-Aid.
I served it to him in bed and he was like a big kid, devouring his food. I cuddled next to him, and let him eat while massaging his shoulders. I wrapped my arms around him.
“I love you so much, Omar.”
“I love you too, baby. You the best,” he replied, with a mouth full of food.
I chuckled and smiled. He was cute. It was hard to believe that the man I was holding in my arms was the same man who was charged with two counts of criminal possession in the second degree, and assault. My baby may have been a thug, but with me, he was the sweetest thing.
I know he did wrong in his past, tonight I pray to God that the man I was holding in my arms was a changed man. I wanted better for us. I believed that he was rehabilitated. I love him, and don’t want my heart to be broken either by his thuggish ways or infidelity. I was well aware of back in the day. Love is a funny thing, you dance like nobody’s watching, and love someone like you’ve never been hurt before. Well I plan to love my man that way, like it will never hurt me.
Living everyday like life’s suicide,
corruption and murder he feels within.
Touched by his father’s sins.
His heart beats wickedly inside him…
Sometimes, the only thing a nigga understands is violence. In the streets, it’s the universal language. You put a pistol to a nigga’s head and squeeze, or take a baseball bat and beat someone’s brains out, and muthafuckas know you mean business. You gotta pull your weight around to let niggas know. I’m serious with this and I mean business. You show weakness and niggas will chew you the fuck up and spit you out like spit.
A rep meant everything to your game. If you didn’t have authority and heart, you were dead. The game made no exception. You fuck up, and the game would come at you like a Mack truck, putting you flat on your ass. There ain’t no room for mistakes, or half ass shit—you got beef, you come at it full force, or don’t come at all. If you don’t then the next nigga will. You respect the streets and the game, and she’ll be good to you, until you fuck up.
My beef was one block away. I had buildings and heard hustlers from Baisley were trying to setup shop around my way. I already warned them to take that shit somewhere else, but niggas were fucking hardheaded and took my threats lightly. But it’s all good, cuz what my moms always told me, if you don’t listen, then you’ll soon feel. And they were gonna feel my wrath real soon.
“Mega, what’s good, why we just sitting here? Fo’ real, fo’ real… All ‘em niggas is up da block,” Biscuit said, ready to pop off.
“Nigga, I said wait, ya heard?” I replied irritated by his mouth.
“Ahight, nigga, you da boss,” he said impatiently leaning back in the passenger seat.
Biscuit was my young protégé, sixteen, black, violent and just didn’t give a fuck. He was thirteen when he first came on my team, putting in work for me. He knew how to handle guns like a Middle Eastern soldier.
I had a beef a few months back with Tiny. He had shop on Foch and Guy R. Brewer. He became greedy and wanted to stretch his business over into my territory, crossing that imaginary line of respect. His ego was out there, and he figured since he was a few years older than me, then it was cool to dip into my pockets.
Tiny’s crew was on the corner of 155th street and 107th Avenue, chillin’ out. I finally got the phone call that I was waiting for. Tiny’s right hand man, Smoke just showed up and he was the nigga that I wanted to see. Without saying a word to Biscuit, I just started the car.
“We on it?” he asked.
I nodded.
“Bout fucking time. Fo’ real,” he said.
I slowly crept my whip around 156th street and parked it in the shadows of the block. I stepped out, so did Biscuit and we were greeted by three of my enforcers, Whistle, Tank, and Monk. They ran down the info on me and were ready to put Tiny’s crew on the ten o clock news.
I had Biscuit by my side as we slowly approached the corner house near the bodega. Two rotweilers stood guard in the darkened back yard. I gripped a baseball bat, and closed in with Biscuit, .45 concealed in his waist. We went through the bodega, and hopped the neighboring fence to the yard with the dogs.
The dogs started barking as soon as they spotted us. They came charging and I whacked the dog across its head so hard. Biscuit took care of the other dog. I knew hearing the dogs bark would bring somebody outside to investigate. We pulled out our guns. And soon after, the screen door opened and two men appeared.
“What the fuck!” one men exclaimed, seeing his pulverized pups.
“Don’t fucking move! Ya heard!” I ordered, pushing my Glock to his temple.
“Shit!” he mumbled.
“How many inside?” I asked.
“I don’t know,” he replied with boldness.
“You think I’m fucking playing with your ass? How many inside?” I asked going upside his head with the gat.
He was bleeding, his face was tight, and he reluctantly mumbled, “Four.”
“Including Smoke?” I asked.
He nodded.
Whistle, Tank, and Monk appeared from out the store, guns in their
hands. I told Tank and Monk to take care of the two we had. Whistle, Biscuit and I went inside to handle business.
We had an arrangement with the owner of the bodega next door. The two guards we had at gunpoint were forced down into the belly of the bodega, where they would be executed. Tank and Monk had their orders.
Inside was dark, and we were cautious. We heard movement and talking throughout the house, and I kept a keen eye on everything around me. My soldiers were right behind me. I continued to hear voices in the front room where there was a light on.
“Dominique, that’s you? What’s up with them dogs outside?” someone said.
Before they got suspicious, I leaped into view with my gun aimed at them. Whistle and Biscuit quickly followed.
“Fo’ real y’all know what it is?” Biscuit shouted.
“What the fuck, yo!” someone shouted.
There were four of them alright, but I didn’t know if the guard was lying to me or not. I nodded to Whistle. He checked all the rooms.
“Everybody, down on your stomach. Ya heard me? Now!” I ordered.
“C’mon now, Omega. You know Tiny gonna fuck your ass up for this,” Smoke said.
“Get the fuck down, nigga!” I said, taking aim.
Smoke glared at me. He was tall, black, and ugly. They were all sprawled on their stomachs. Except Smoke, who felt he was too good to take instructions from a young hustler like me.
“Fuck you, nigga!” he spat.
“We fo’ real. You think we playin?” Biscuit shouted, walking up to him and pressing the gat to his face.
“Go ahead lil’ nigga, pull the trigger… Faggot, pussy muthafucka! You think I’m scared because this pre-school nigga gotta gun on me, nigga? I’ll put this lil nigga over my lap and spank him with my dick…..”
Pop. Pop. Pop. Pop.
Before Smoke could finish his insults, Biscuit blew his brains out and continued to shoot him.
“Fuck you, nigga!” Biscuit yelled. “Fo’ real, nigga. You lookin’ all fucked up now… Huh nigga?”
“Yo, yo… It ain’t even gotta go down like this,” one of the men said, still down on his stomach.
“What you say, nigga?” Biscuit asked, stepping to him.
“I said…”
Biscuit shot him twice in the head.
“Yo, fuck y’all niggas man!” the next man shouted. “Yo, I’ll give Tiny the message not to come around here anymore.”
“Omega, we gonna let him know not to fuck wit’ you anymore,” the second man said, backing his partner’s plea.
BOOK: Love and a Gangsta
3.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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