Love Behind Lies

BOOK: Love Behind Lies
Love Behind Lies
Anna L
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2012)

Catherine has just been told that her dad's life might be in danger. Her sister, Margaret, is getting into major boy trouble, and somehow Catherine is being pulled into the whole mess. While Catherine is worrying about her dad, she also has to deal with a boyfriend that seems to be telling her lies. Catherine has to fight to find the truth and when she does, she does not want to believe it is true. She does not know who she can trust and has no one behind her to catch her. She just hopes she can sort out the mess, without hurting the ones she loves.



Love Behind Lies


Anna L















Love Behind Lies


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Chapter 1

I was walking home from school, like always, with my two brothers Oscar and Thomas, we’re triplets. We always walk to and from school, since our house is close enough. Sometimes my sister, Margaret, would drive us in her convertible. My parent gave it to her for her birthday, but the whole family shares it.
Some people say that my brothers and I all looked alike, but really only Thomas and Oscar look the same. They both have brown hair. Not too short, but not so long that the hair was in their brown eyes. They were average height, which was much taller than me. I never really understood why my twin brothers could be some much taller than me.
The three of us always had the same friends. I don’t know how it worked out that way, but it did. My girlfriends are friends with their guy friends. It makes everything a lot easier. We used to always hang out over the weekend. Sometimes we would stay at our house and sometimes we would go out. Maybe to a movie or something.
Lately, my family has been too busy, and some of my friends have stopped talking to me. Now, I only talk to my friends at school. They aren’t close enough to talk to outside of school. If I ever need to talk to someone about issues, it’s my sister.
Thomas, Oscar, and I were in most of the same classes, which is sometimes a good thing. We would always help each other with the homework from that day.
Oscar and Thomas hang out all the time. They are like best friends that live in the same house. I think that it is pretty cool. Neither of them really care about school, though. Thomas’ grades aren’t as bad as Oscar’s. Oscar is too much of a jock to care about school. Thomas, gets by with his grades.
The difference between Thomas and Oscar, is love. Thomas has had way more girl friends that Oscar has. Thomas also cares about me. I know that Oscar cares about me, he just doesn’t show it as much as Thomas does. Thomas is always there for me, and he is always protecting me. He is the one that makes me feel safe.
My family was pretty smart. My mom is a doctor and she never got a “B” in her whole school career. My older siblings, William and Margaret, are very smart too. I guess it just runs in the family. Until you get to Thomas and Oscar. I do most of their homework. I guess that they just aren’t motivated enough to work on their homework.
I guess you could also say that our family is popular. William is the football star, Margaret is the Girly-Girl, I am the hot geek, and I guess that Oscar and Thomas are just along for the ride.
It was a sunny Thursday, as we walked home. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was about 70 degrees outside. This warm weather was just making me want summer even more. I am really excited for the weekend. The school year was almost over and every weekend meant a week closer to summer.
Today William had football practice until 4:30pm and my sister, Margaret, was working on her math test that she didn’t finish during class. So it was just Thomas, Oscar, and me walking home.
“How was your day, guys?” I asked my twin brothers.
“Pretty good. I am really mad at our history teacher though. I wish that she would have moved the test day back. I don’t think that I am ready for it.” Thomas replied.
“Yeah, I agree. I really don’t want to have to study tonight,” Oscar said. “How was your day, Kate?” Oscar used one of my many nicknames.
“Really confusing actually. You know Loren Dorn and his friends?” I asked. Both of my brothers nodded. “Well Nate Hoder, one of Loren’s friends, came up to me at my locker. He started talking to me, but he seemed really nervous. Then Loren, Sam, and Nick came by and they all started making fun of me, except for Sam.” I paused before I continued.
“They said that I was stupid and they were telling me that I was ugly. It made me so mad. But, then Sam stuck up for me. He told his friends that they should go to their next class and they listened to him. He talked to me for a couple minutes and then went to his next class, leaving me speechless. The whole thing was just too confusing.” I finally finished.
“That is kind of weird.” Thomas said.
“I would just forget that the whole thing ever happened.” Oscar told me.
“I was planning on it.” I replied.
“They’re seniors right?” Thomas asked.
“Yeah,” I said. Thomas just shook his head.
We stopped talking for a while. I guess that no one had anything to say.
“When is dinner tonight, Katie?” Oscar asked me, breaking the silence.
“I think it is at 6:30pm, if you were listening to mom this morning,” I said. Sometimes, my brother’s annoyed the hell out of me. We kept walking towards the farmhouse that we have lived in all my life.
Our house is big and white. It is located on the corner of Maple Street and Central Road. There are trees surrounding my house, so much so that we can barely see our neighbors. The porch is big too. It wraps all the way around the house and makes the house look even bigger.
We lived in one of the nicer neighborhoods, but most of the houses in the area are older too. Our house was old, but still nice. There are a lot of rich people that live near me, and most of them go to my school. It’s really scary on the other side of town. There are a lot of gangs there. My family almost never goes over there.
We walked into the giant kitchen when we got home. My mom, Elizabeth, was making dinner there. The kitchen was huge. All of the cabinets were the same wood as the floor. We had granite countertops too. My dad was always cleaning the appliances too. That was the only thing my parents didn’t like about our kitchen. All the appliances were stainless steel, making it harder for our house to be spotless.
My mom spends most of her time in the kitchen cooking. When she isn’t in the kitchen she is in
her small work room. My mom is a retired doctor, so she doesn’t work anymore, but she does the bills for the family, which keeps her very busy. She still goes to meetings and is sometimes called into a long shift at night, if the office really needs her.
My siblings and I never talk to our mom about any problems we are having. We mostly rely on each other. We don’t want to stress my mom out too much.
“What are we having for dinner,” I asked, setting my backpack down by the stairs.
“Some home-made pizza. Is that okay with you?” my mom replied.
“Yeah, sounds good,” I said. “William and Margaret won’t be home for another half an hour.”
“Ok, well dinner should be done in about an hour, so they’ll be here in time,” Mom said. “Why don’t you guys go and work on your homework until they get here.” The three of us went upstairs and to our separate rooms.
I was so glad that we didn’t move last year when my dad was offered a new job. I would have to share a room with my older sister Margaret.
I don’t mind Margaret. She is really nice and is always there for me. It’s just that sometimes she can be a little annoying. She likes to whine to everyone about her problems, hoping that whining will help her with her problems. She can also be a little drama queen, which makes everyone want to mess with her. The boys always play little jokes on her every now and then. Margaret gets so mad and stomps around the house sulking. I even think that it is funny.
Sometimes I am jealous of Margaret, though. Yeah, we are both pretty popular, but she has a lot more friends than I do. She is always hanging out with her friends, but I don’t have anyone close enough to me to do that with. Whenever I have any problems, I always go to her. She always knows what to do, and sometimes she has been in the same situation.
Margaret is really smart too. We always work on homework together. She acts like she is dumb, but deep down she is smarter than most girls in her class. Being smart, and pretty, makes it easy for her to get boyfriends too. Margaret always has a guys following her around. She has gone out with a lot of boys, but she never stays with them long.
When I got to my room I began working on my homework and finally finished just as someone knocked on my door.
“Come in,” I said.
“Hey,” William said. “What are you doing?”
“Umm, I just finished my homework. Do you need something?” William, or Will for short, doesn’t usually come in my room to see what I was doing. There must be something wrong.
“No, I was just checking in. What’s for dinner?”
I gave him a questioning look. “Mom’s home-made pizza. How was football practice?” I was so confused.
“Fine I guess. Coach made us run three miles in all of our pads and gear. I am really tired.”
“I bet you’re tired. Do you have a lot of homework?” I asked Will. I was still trying to figure out the real reason of why he was in my room.
“Yeah, so I won’t be able to go to bed until 11:00pm because I have to take a shower still.”
“Have fun with that.”
“Dinner is ready,” Mom yelled.
“We better get down there fast. Is Margaret home,” I asked.
“Yeah we walked home together. But it was weird because she didn’t say anything to me at all. She met me at the corner across the street from the school too. It was like she wasn’t at school doing her test. It was weird.”
So that is why Will was acting so weird.“Weird is right.” I said as we walked down the stairs to dinner.
Will was pretty good looking if you ask me. He had dark brown hair that hung loosely on his head. He had brown eyes like most of my family. His height helped him in all the sports that he played in. He is basically the star in every one too. He also has almost every girl. It seems that everyone wants to go out with him. I don’t blame them, I guess. William has good looks, a funny personality, and he is smart. What else does a girl want in a guy?
William and I were pretty close. He sometimes beats up on me, along with my other two brothers, but most of the time it is just for fun. My family gets along pretty well and we have fun, most of the time. I like my family, and I know that Will does too. He always protects my family. He is almost like a second dad, and when my dad is out of town, he helps out so much.
We were all sitting down at the table. The pizza smelt so good. I could see the steam rising from the pizza. I think that my mouth was watering when I began eating the pizza. Margaret wasn’t talking at all, which was not normal. Usually she is talking up a storm about all the problems she dealt with during the day, but right now, she wasn’t.
I looked at William and I sensed that he was noticing it too and I guess Oscar noticed my concern. Oscar tapped my arm and gave me a questioning look. I tilted my head toward Margaret and Oscar saw what I was talking about.
“So how was your day, Margaret,” Oscar asked.
“Fine,” Margaret grumbled. Margaret was barely touching her food. She was just staring at it. She loves my mom’s pizza. She would be on her third piece by now, if she was acting normal.
I looked back at William; he didn’t know what to say.
The rest of dinner went by with very little talk. Mom asked all of us about how our days were. And that was about all we talked about. It was one of the weirdest dinners my family has ever had. My dad was usually good for staring a conversation, but since he was gone our dinner was silent.
My mom was the first to finish eating. She put her dishes away and left the room without saying anything else, leaving the kids alone.
When the kids in my family are alone, we always end up talking up a storm. Usually Margaret starts up a story, but she had nothing to say.
“So, what is everyone doing this weekend?” I asked my siblings.
“I am hanging with some friends from school, I think,” Oscar said. “Thomas, do you wanna come?”
“Sure!” Thomas said. “Kate, do you wanna come too?”
“I dunno, maybe. I will have to see what else is goin on.” I replied.
“I think that I have a date, with one of my guy friends,” Margaret spoke up.
“Wait, you don’t have a boyfriend right now?” Oscar asked sarcastically.
“Don’t get to happy.” Margaret said laughing. “He might be my boyfriend by the end of the week.”
“I don’t know what I am doing,” Will said. “I guess I might hang out with some of my friends.”
“Since when do you have friends?” I asked. Sometimes Oscar and I like to rile our older siblings.
“Very funny, Kate. Have you been hanging around Oscar too much. I think his badass attitude is starting to wear off on you!” Will said.
We all laughed. We had finished eating by now, and we all got up from the table to put the dishes away. Since, my dad was in Rome, Italy until the end of this week because of his work, it is the kids’ job to do the dishes. Usually, that was his job, but when he was gone we were in charge.
My dad is always gone. He seems to travel a lot for his job. He is a salesman, and brings in a decent amount of money. He never really has anything to say about his job. Sometimes he comes home with bruises and scratches, but he tells us that they are because he is clumsy. My dad and his job are just one big question mark. I have never understood my dad.
As soon as the dishes were clean we all left the kitchen. The boys went to their separate rooms and Margaret and I went to our separate rooms. I am glad that we all got to talk like that. It made me happy to see Margaret smile, especially since she must have had a bad day at school.
I had just sat down on my bed when someone knocked on my door.
“Come in,” I said.
“Hey, can I talk to you?” Margaret mumbled, stepping into my room.
“Yeah, what’s wrong?” I asked with concern.
“I had a horrible day.”
Margaret was a very pretty blonde. No one knows where the blonde came from, but I think Margaret likes it. Her short hair was stick straight, same as mine. She had brown eyes, same as everyone else. She was the girl version of William. All the guys wanted her. By the time that I find out that she has a boyfriend, she has already moved onto some other guy. Margaret is very responsible too. So my parents trust her when she leaves the house to hang out with her boyfriend.

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