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Chapter 7

Dinner seemed to be going fine, but I was more focused on tonight’s meeting. I couldn’t tell if I was nervous or scared. I was pretty sure that when Margaret told me that she thought the four boys followed her home, I was scared. I knew that I would be fine because William would be with me. Right? Or would we both be traumatized and never be able to reach home.
I was focusing on that thought when there was a knock at the door. I looked up at William and he looked nervous. Margaret looked scared too. My mom got up and answered the door. There was a man there dressed up in a delivery uniform.
“Hi, my name is Max. I am here to deliver your new T.V,” he looked really young.
“Oh, well I don’t think that I ordered a T.V,” my mom said.
“It says that it is a gift from Richard Stone.”
That was my dad’s name! Just then I knew this wasn't right. This must have been what I was feeling earlier. I looked at the man closer. I gasped and the delivery man looked straight at me, smiling. It was Sam Knight. I looked away and looked at William. The man had stopped looking at me and was now looking at Margaret, who was really confused. I mouthed Sam to William and he stood up. My mom turned around and looked at William.
“Yeah, we don’t know a Richard Stone so if you could please leave, I think you have the wrong house,” William lied.
“William, honey--,” Mom tired to say.
William interrupted her. “Come on mom just shut the door and we can finish eating our dinner,” William said. Pointed at the telephone and mouthed Brent’s name to me.
“Are you sure you don’t know who Richard Stone is,” Sam Knight asked.
“Yeah, we are sure,” William said as he shut the door.
I ran upstairs and grabbed my cell phone. I called Brent’s number.
“Hello?” Brent asked on the other line.
“Brent! We need help. Loren and his friends are hiding around the lot! And--,” I tried to say.
“Catherine, relax,” Brent said.
“You’re fine.”
“What?” I asked again.
“We are watching your house because we saw the four boys follow your sister home.”
“Then why didn’t you stop them yet?”
“Stop them from what?” Brent asked.
“Sam just tried to get into our house. He said that we had ordered a new T.V.”
“When did this happen?”
“Just now!”
“Oh, well I didn’t see that. I am really sorry. We just got here,” Brent seemed sorry. “Okay, so instead of the meeting on the street we are going to come into your window on the second floor. It will be just me and Evan. Jake is going to stay and watch the house along with two other men.
Have William in your room in 10 minutes without anyone knowing anything. And make sure you lock all the doors and windows.”
“Ok, but why didn’t you warn me that they would try to get into our house.” I said confused.
“I didn’t know that they were trying to get into your house, until you called me, Catherine. Just relax please. Oh, and did you talk to your brother about having a little bit of alone time with me,” Brent said really calm.
“Yeah, he said I could but for only a little bit.”
“Ok. I will see you in 10 minutes then.”
The phone was silent.
Well that was confusing, I thought to myself. Sam wouldn’t have tried to get into the house if Brent and his men were there watching. Brent must have been right. He must have just shown up, as Sam was leaving.


















Chapter 8

I looked at my phone and then the time. It was almost 8:30pm. I was guessing that Brent would be here soon.
I calmly went downstairs. Everyone was sitting back down like nothing ever happened.
“Hi,” I said.
“Where did you go,” Mom asked.
“I had to go write myself a note to remind me about something,” I lied.
“Oh, ok,” she replied.
Everyone was done eating a few minutes later. William and I offered to cleaned up the dishes and then went around the house and locked all the doors and windows. Then we both went upstairs. We had a few minutes to kill before Brent and Evan showed up.
“What did you tell Mom after I left,” I asked
“I just told her that the man was trying to get into our house and that we should lock all the doors,” William replied.
“So, she seemed to really believe it?”
“Yeah, I think so. Did you call Brent?”
“Yeah, he said that he was going to watch the house with four other men because he saw them follow Margaret home. But, they had just shown up when Sam was leaving. They only missed Sam by minutes. Brent also doesn’t want us to leave the house tonight, so he is going to come here and climb up through the window.”
“Oh, ok. I guess that I agree with everything. How is he going to get up here?”
“Oh, I don’t really know. But Brent is bringing Evan with him and he still wants that ‘alone’ time,” I said.
Just then there was a knock on the window that made me jump. William got up and looked out. Brent was somehow right outside the window. William opened the window and Brent climbed in. A few seconds later Evan showed up and climbed in as well.
“Hi,” I said. Brent looked amazing. He looked even hotter than he did the last time I saw him. I couldn’t believe it.
“Hi,” Brent said, a little out of breath.
“How did you get up here?” I asked, still shocked by Brent’s presence.
Brent smiled at me before responding. “We have a ladder thing that extends really high and is still really strong.”
I got up and looked out the window. Sure enough there was a really long ladder leaning against the side of the house. I turned around and sat on my bed right next to William. Brent was sitting on my chair by my desk and Evan decided to keep standing.
“Hi, William. I’m Evan, director of American 33 Spy Organization. Otherwise known as the ASO.” Evan paused before he continued.“This is Brent. He is my top spy at the moment and he travels with me everywhere. Brent and his friend Jake work together a lot. Anyways, Jake is leaving and Brent needs a new partner and I suggested that it be a girl. I believe that Catherine
has told you everything about your dad and stuff, so I don’t need to go into detail about why this is happening,” Evan said.
“Yes, Kate has told me a lot about what is going on,” William said. I couldn’t tell if William thought that that was a good thing or not.
“Yes, and not to be rude but we need someone on watch. Would you be so kind in to standing at the door in case someone decides to enter, William?” Evan was being totally serious.
“No, I don’t mind at all. Whatever you need,” William said and walked over to my bedroom door. I loved my brother; he would do anything for me.
“Catherine, do you have any questions for us?” Evan asked. Now, looking at me.
I paused, trying to think of a reasonable question for Evan and Brent. “Yeah, what am I looking for?” I asked. I didn’t know what to expect for an answer.
“Good question,” Brent said,
“I would look out for Nick Sayner and his friends trying to sell drugs or anything. You don’t really need to worry about Nick’s dad at the moment. Brent has that covered. But, even getting to know Nick and his friends would be helpful when you are up against his dad.” I looked at William who was looking at me. “I would--,”
“What?” Brent asked interrupting Evan. He stepped towards me and William, making me shrink backwards in my bed.
“Oh, nothing,” I said, sounding nervous. Brent must have noticed William and me staring at each other.
“Ok then,” Evan said, a little confused. “As I was saying, I would also watch for them skipping classes or walking around during class or passing notes,” Evan paused. “Did I answer the question?”
“Yeah I think so,” I said. Brent was scaring me. He must be very serious about his job. That is probably why he is the top spy in the organization.
“I am sure that Brent will inform you about stuff you need to look out for while you are on your trip, too. If you ever have any other questions then you can just ask Brent or me. Ok,” Evan finished off.
“Ok”, I said. Well that was quick. Evan must have somewhere he needs to be.
“Ok, well, Brent told me that he wanted to talk to you for a little bit, alone. I am going to go down the ladder and walk around the house a few times and William can leave. I think that there might be something going on down there. I can hear extra voices. Brent, you can just come down whenever you’re done,” Evan said as he climbed out the window.
A few minutes later it was just Brent and me in my room. Brent came over to my bed and sat down next to me. I was shaking before, so he took my hands in both of his. Now I felt like I was dripping with sweat. I must look like a freak.
“Cat, you ok,” Brent asked.
“What? I mean, yeah I’m ok.” Since when did I have a new nick name? When Brent talked to
me, I felt like I was going to explode with energy. I heart was beating so loud; I was convinced that Brent could hear it, and my stomach was in butterflies. I think that I am starting to like Brent.
“Ok. Good. I want to talk to you about something.”
“What do you want to talk to me about?”
“Well, I am a senior and you’re a sopmore.”
“Yeah.” I was trying to figure out where he was going with this.
“I’m going to be with you a lot so maybe we should get to know each other first. I want to get to know you very well. If you know what I mean. I kind of like you.”
I didn’t know what to say. Was he asking me to be his girlfriend? “Yeah, we should probably get to know each other fast.” I sounded more sure of myself that I thought.
“Ok. I’m cool with that,” he sounded really excited. His smile was huge. He looked so happy. I hoped that maybe I would be his girlfriend soon.
Then he gave me the biggest hug I have ever had. It felt good and I think that I was a little excited about it too. I was happy that it was Friday night, because that meant that I wouldn’t have school tomorrow and I wouldn’t have to think about Brent during all of my classes.
I have decided that I really like Brent. From what I know, he seems to be nice and loving. He has a great personality and lot of people know him and like him. I think that he is very good looking too. I was having a hard time piecing all this together.
Then out of the middle of nowhere, there was a loud sound outside. Brent stood up quickly and looked out the window.
“The ladder is gone. They boys must have taken it, knowing that I was still in here. I have to call Evan.”
“What are you going to do?” I asked.
“I don’t know! Just let me call Evan real quick, ok Cat?”
Then he got out his phone and pressed one button. He listened to the phone as it started to ring.
“Hello?” a voice said.
“Hi, who is this?” Brent asked.
“This is Loren Dorn and I bet that you are looking for Evan.”
“What did you do to him?”
“What do you want Loren?”
“I want to talk to Catherine.” I must have looked really confused because Brent came over and sat right next to me, putting his arms around me. My stomach was in butterflies again. He looked worried and still hadn’t responded to what Loren had answered.
“How did you know about her?” Brent asked Loren
“Evan, told me. I had to work it out of him.”
“Fine. Why do you want her?”
By then I knew who they were talking about. Loren wanted me. Brent didn’t know why, but he wasn’t too happy about it. Why would Loren and the rest of the boys want me? Why not
“I want her because she is something that is very special to you and you would have to choose between her and Evan. I know why you need her, Brent.”
“Can I talk to Evan?” Brent asked, ignoring Loren’s statement.
“You can come out here and talk to him as long as you bring Catherine.”
“Well, I need to get out somehow.”Brent sounded very mad.
“Oh, right. One minute,” Loren responded.
“Fine, where do I meet you?”
“You mean we, and I’ll have Sam bring you to us. See you soon.”
Brent just looked at the phone.
“What just happened?” I asked.
“Ok, I’m sorry Cat, but they want you,” Brent responded.
“Don’t worry. I’m here to keep you safe. I just need to see what is going on. I just need you to trust me. Promise me that you will trust me.”
“I promise,” I said, not sure what I was getting into. I was scared and didn’t know what to do.












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