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Copyright© 2012 Angela Castle

ISBN: 978-1-77130-124-4

Artist: Sour Cherry Designs

Marie Medina


The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is
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is a work of fiction. All names, characters, and places are fictitious. Any
resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or
dead, is entirely coincidental.



Angela Castle


Copyright © 2012




Chapter One


A master always knew
when something was wrong with his submissive. Brendon took note of the subtle
change in Ryan’s behavior. He was quieter than usual, a constant distant look
in his eyes. His obedience and passion in the bedroom and down in Brendon’s
dungeon room were unfalteringly perfect. Brendon could see he was trying harder
to be a more perfect sub to him. But there was more to his behavior, and he
didn’t like not knowing what troubled his sub.

Brendon had fallen
madly in love with the boy from the moment he’d seen him dancing on the floor
of a local, gay, BDSM club with his friends. The sensuality flowed from his
younger, slim body, clothed in ripped denim and a dark blue t-shirt. Ryan moved
with such grace and held more than a few men mesmerized. Brendon had almost
come to blows with a few other
, who had their
eye on the fresh, un-collared sub with dusty, blond hair and beautiful, big
eyes Brendon would get lost in.

Pride and amazement
flooded Brendon when the beautiful boy singled him out, choosing to dance with
him and later that night going home with him. The first time Ryan had knelt in
submission to him, his wide, brown eyes were full of trust and love. Brendon
knew he had found the sub of his dreams. It didn’t matter if Brendon still
liked women. Whipping and fucking a woman were just as tantalizing as having
Ryan under him and chained to his bed.

But it had been four
years, since that day at the club. Four years of happiness, but was it all
changing? He watched Ryan lift his glass, swallowing down the rest of his
orange juice. Gracefully, he rose to his feet, reaching for dishes from the
breakfast table.

“Sit down.”

Ryan glanced up,
startled by his command, but obeyed, placing his ass back in the chair,
lowering his eyes and waiting.

“Look at me, I want to
know what’s going on with you and I want the truth.”

Ryan slowly raised his
eyes, Brendon could see the guilt threaded through them and, as he swallowed,
his Adam’s apple bobbed.

“Master, it’s … I … I
can’t, not yet, I don’t want to lie to you.”

“Then don’t,” Brendon
snapped in irritation.

“Please don’t ask me,
not before I’m certain of a few things.” Ryan’s large, brown eyes were pleading
with him. “I will tell you soon, I swear, I just need some time.”

As a Dom, he detested
secrets and lies, but he loved Ryan. He would wait.


“Two weeks.”

“I’ll give you a week;
if you don’t tell me what’s going on, I’m going to find out anyway, then take
it out on your ass.”

“I understand, Master,
thank you. I need to get to work. May I leave?”

Brendon nodded, not
trusting himself to say anything that wouldn’t be harmful or hurtful in that
moment. He watched as Ryan quickly cleared the table and set the breakfast
dishes in the dishwasher. He glanced at him, before disappearing out of the

Patience was something
every good Dom needed and right now, he needed a hell of a lot of it. Brendon
waited to hear the front door open and close, before he trusted himself to
move. He had to have faith in Ryan, even if doubt was now firmly planted.


“He’s suspecting
something. We’re going to have to move quicker. Think you can be ready by
tomorrow night?”

Jay glanced at her
long time friend, her eyes widening in alarm.

“Tomorrow night?
You’ve only been training me for two weeks, and what, you’re, we’re doing,
well, I’m not sure it’s going to work.”

“It will work;
Brendon’s not gay, Jay, he’s always been bisexual, I’ve always been the gay
one. He’s given up women for me; I need to repay him and give him something
back, before it’s too late.”

I’m not sure I can be as submissive as
you are. I’ve seen
I know he’s sexy as hell.
I just don’t think he’s going to like me.”

Ryan hooked an arm
around her shoulder, giving her a squeeze.

“I’ve lived with him
for four years, so I think I know what he likes. Just remember the training
we’ve been doing, and he’s not just going to like you, I know he’s going to
love you and want to keep you.”

“This isn’t fair.” Her
bottom lip trembled. Looping her arm around Ryan, she squeezed him tightly.
Tears blurred her vision and she sniffed. “I’m the one who should be comforting
you, not the other way around.”

Ryan chuckled softly.
“I’m not going to wallow in misery with the time I have left. I want those
around me happy before I go.”

Jay swallowed the lump
in her throat and straightened up. When Ryan told her the news of his tumor at
the base of his brain, which would soon kill him, she had trouble believing
him. She had gone with him to various
doctor’s appointments, which only cemented the truth of his condition and broke
her heart. But Ryan was far from finished, he had come up with an idea to make
sure his Master had someone before he died, and his plan had left her rocked to
her very soul.

She was going to lose
her very best and dearest friend. She had wept for him and selfishly for
herself for almost two long days, before she could pull enough courage together
to agree to Ryan’s plan. Anything he wanted, she would do.

But, with the
suggestion of being with Brendon branded into her mind, she started dreaming about
what it would be like to be tied up, taken and ravished by Ryan’s powerful

She and Ryan had been
neighbors and friends all through their childhood; they had been there for each
other, through thick and thin. After his father kicked Ryan out, when he found
out he was gay, she and Ryan shared an apartment. Then Ryan found Brendon and
he was so happy.

But the news of his
approaching death was hard to take—Ryan had only four months to live. And she’d
agreed to go along with his plan to make him happy. This was his last wish and
she would honor both it and him.


Brendon was seething
when he got home the following night. He hadn’t heard a peep from Ryan in the
past twenty-four hours. He hadn’t come home and was not answering his calls. He
was going to redden that cute ass of his, until he couldn’t sit down for a
week. He slammed the door of his Oak View home in suburban
. His
duties paid well and provided for every comfort he and Ryan could need. But
where the hell was he?

Brendon stopped short
when he saw a red envelope stuck to the hall mirror, where he left his keys. He
ripped it off and tore it open, pulling out a small, white card, which said:

gift, with love unbound. Ryan.

Look down

He glanced down at his
feet; a long, red ribbon disappeared down the hall. Brendon’s anger melted,
replaced with curiosity. His cheeky little sub had been planning a surprise for
him all along. He would still stripe his ass, though. He followed the ribbon
and his smile widened, when it lead towards the door of his dungeon room.

He pushed open the
door and walked down the steps—what greeted him was something totally

Gift wrapped in red
ribbon, bound and blindfolded, was a tantalizing woman. A big red bow
positioned right over the satin shirt covering her heaving chest. Below it
dangled another note.

He watched the woman
lick her lips, nervously. She must have heard him enter, and he wondered where
Ryan had found her. More than that, Brendon wondered where Ryan found someone
who was willing to submit to a stranger.

“Well, this is lovely
a surprise.”

The woman drew in a
sharp breath at the sound of his voice,
her lips together. He walked toward the chair she had been bound to.

“There is a note,
sir.” Her voice held a trembling quaver. It made him smile.

“I see that.” He
snatched the note and opened the second red envelope.

think you know Jay, Master. She is a willing gift. I know how much you enjoy
women as much as you do me.


have been training her for your pleasure, enjoy her, but treat her with
she is my very best friend.

How could he not have
noticed Ryan’s beautiful friend? Ryan had talked about her and their deep
friendship, which had begun in early childhood. Brendon had always admired her sexy,
lush curves and bright, pretty, pale blue eyes; now he would have her.

“Jay, are you here
willingly?” He had to make sure.


“You’re willing to
play a session with me, in which you will be fucked … hard.”

He heard the tremor in her tone.

“What is your safe


Brendon chuckled,
running a hand over Jay’s soft cheek. She drew in a sharp breath, and he
watched her responsive skin prickle. Amazing, he hated to admit it, but she
seemed even more responsive to his touch than Ryan.

“And I thought Ryan
was hiding something from me, and it was you all along. How long has he been
training you?”

“Two weeks, sir.”

“And where is my
wayward little sub now, Jay?”

“He went to see his
family, sir, and promised to be back later.”

Odd, Ryan rarely saw
his family, due to his father’s homophobic attitude.

“Giving me time to
play with you is he.

as Ryan, sir.”
He chuckled softly.

“So you want me to
fuck you in the ass?”

“I am here to please
you, sir.”

She really was beautiful.
From her silky brown hair to her pert little nose and a full
lush bottom lip.
Brendon undid her blindfold, wanting to see her blue
eyes. She blinked as the cover came off, staring up into his own, before lowing
her eyes. Ryan had taught her well.

BOOK: Love Unbound
4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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