Love's Predator (Love's Predator Trilogy Book 1)

BOOK: Love's Predator (Love's Predator Trilogy Book 1)
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Chapter One


A dark, menacing mist
gathered overhead, shrouding the quiet town in its unfaltering darkness. The last streaks of the sun’s golden rays faded from the sky, and now the moon took her place on her shadowy podium above. She shimmered in the starry sky, providing little light

the blacked out parking lot below, where Lindsey Noble stood uncertainly.

Her long
, dark curls waved in the light breeze and her bright, green eyes explored the familiar scene, which snowflakes began to invade. She had just finished her shift at the local café, and prayed that her boyfriend Chase would soon pick her up, as he had promised.

t was getting colder.

The frosty
night air bit into her, tearing at her pale skin. She shivered violently, wishing she was warm inside her own home.

The lights of the café flickered off and the last person left,
locking it up behind them. Lindsey watched them leave with a gentle smile and waved goodbye. Then she was all alone, or so she thought.

nown to Lindsey, a tall figure stalked her in the shadows, slowly making their way around her. Their determined, icy eyes watched with intent as she began to walk on through the lonely car park, weaving their way in and out of the cars, stalking her until the time was right.

Lindsey swerved to look around, her eyes whipping across the scene. She felt a sudden, uneasy feeling burn deep within her core. Her hot breath fogged the darkness around her and she cradled herself with her arms.

She felt the Devil’s glare burn into her.














Like a fierce predator, the figure leapt from the shadows, silently knocking their prey to the cold, hard ground. Lindsey let out a loud cry of distress, but her plea went unheard by compassionate ears. The only person who could hear her now was the man who held her down. He watched her with amusement as she wildly writhed below him. Her struggle was futile.

laughed softly as tears began to roll down Lindsey’s cold, pale cheeks. Her futile escape attempt entertained him so. He couldn’t help but appreciate how determined she was. It was like she really believed she stood a chance against him.

He shuffled above her, but still Lindsey could not shake him off; she wasn’t strong enough. Suddenly his hands clamped down, roughly covering her mouth and nose with a damp cloth. Lindsey screamed out a muffled scream, only to find the chemical smell slipped into her airways.

She looked up weakly, feeling instantly nauseous. The world seemed to be spinning around her, merging together like a dark rainbow of grey and black with specs of white. For a moment it felt like she was floating through the sinking snowflakes.




The man lifted her up into his strong arms, slowly rising to his feet. Now Lindsey could see his covered face, shrouded by a black scarf that was hurriedly tied around him before the attack.

His cold, blue eyes flashed as she gazed into them. She was slowly losing consciousness. She could no longer feel the flecks of snow landing on her face; she was numb.

Lindsey tried to call out, attempting to beg for whatever mercy the man possessed, however all she could manage was a low, quiet groan, before her head lulled back and her body became limp. She plunged into darkness, leaving the stranger in complete control of her.

              He moved swiftly, carrying his prize triumphantly to his shiny, black car, only meters away from the scene. With some shuffling, he managed to hold Lindsey tight as he opened the boot to his car, which he then carefully laid her into.

In silence the masked man grabbed a thick wool blanket from the back seats and he lovingly covered Lindsey’s still body, making sure she was tightly cocooned within its thick, warming folds.


To his surprise, Lindsey stirred slightly, quietly moaning in discontent. She fought to keep her eyes open, managing to steal another peak of her abductor.

He towered above her like a tall, looming building, casting a dark, cold shadow upon her. Slowly he began to remove the scarf, revealing a chiselled, pale face. Lindsey’s couldn’t peel her eyes away, she didn’t want to, and yet every second she kept them open she found it harder to fight the urge to sleep. Her strength was withering.

“Surrender yourself,
my dear
.” His soft, golden voice oozed.

Lindsey’s breath caught in her throat. She recognized the voice from somewhere, but in her haze she couldn’t place it.

“Close your eyes,” he ordered in a whisper. “Sleep for me...”

The thought of surrendering her body to him struck terror into Lindsey’s throbbing heart. She couldn’t leave herself so vulnerable to him; there was no telling what he could do to her, where he could take her. If she slept, she would never be able to escape. She may never wake again.




              Yet despite her struggle, sleep came and claimed her again as the chemicals worked their wicked magic on her senses. Lindsey had fallen into the dark void, leaving her body at her attacker’s mercy.

He could do whatever he wished; she was

She was his.

, without a second thought, he sealed her in the boot, before confidently striding to the driver’s seat. He sat and plunged the key into the ignition. The engine purred softly. He quickly made his escape with his trophy in toll, revelling in the moment, savouring the memory of those wide, fearful eyes she wore when he addressed her. He would remember that look for the rest of his days, the first time his beloved laid eyes on him. He knew she would not forget that
moment too.

The abduction had gone smoothly; everything was going according to plan.








Chapter Two


              A cold chill weaved its way through Lindsey’s limp body, slowly bringing her forth from her deep, dreamless sleep. Her tired green eyes flickered open, searching the darkness around her for a slither of light. She found none.

She frowned deeply and tried to shuffle to make herself more comfortable, however she was completely closed in on all sides, with very little room to spare. Lindsey felt as if her whole body was asleep; she could barely feel any of her limbs.              “Hel-“ She tried to speak but her voice came out as a high pitched croak.

Feeling defeated, Lindsey closed her eyes tight. Clutching the blanket around her, she listened as the engine of the car died down. It took her a moment to realise they had reached their destination, wherever that may be. Fear flooded Lindsey’s veins, forcing her heart to pump rapidly and her eyes to snap wide open. Then from out of the silence she heard the door open and heavy footsteps on thick gravel. Lindsey swallowed heavily.






              Without warning, light poured into the small space, blinding Lindsey momentarily. She squeezed her eyes shut and covered her face, begging, pleading with her oppressor to have mercy, but instead of a reply he scooped her up into his muscular arms and lifted her from the boot, keeping her wrapped up in the blanket. Lindsey instantly began to lash and squirm, but her struggle seemed to be getting her nowhere.

“Now, now!” The man laughed in delight.

Lindsey grew still, almost enchanted by
the tone of his voice. She only noticed then that the man bore a soft spoken English accent.

Gradually she managed to cleave her eyes open, and that was when she saw her abductor properly for the first time.

He was tall and lean, but Lindsey knew he was strong. His skin was pale as porcelain; soft and without blemishes. His hair was thick, lush and dark, like raven feathers, which fell just past his ears. But it was those stormy grey eyes that captured Lindsey’s attention, drawing her in and yet frightening her at the same time. She gazed into them, watching as they glistened with twisted joy.


“There’s a good girl,” he cooed into her ear. “Be calm, my sweet

Her name sounded different upon his soft, full lips; it sounded feve
rish and foreign. She waited until he spoke again, hanging on his every word. Perhaps they would be the last words she would hear.

my Flower
,” he smiled warmly.

Lindsey broke from the spell and looked around frantically, finding her surroundings were new and unfamiliar.
This was not home. They were in the middle of nowhere; all that she could see were fields upon fields of green grass, a vast forest of grey, and then a farm house enclosed by a yard with gates.

“W-where are we?” She asked quietly.

The man smiled gently and began to move forward, ignoring her question. So Lindsey gathered her courage together and asked again.










“Where have you taken me?” She questioned, this time her voice was demanding.

But the man didn’t like this new tone of voice.

,” he hissed angrily. “You’ll listen to me

She fell silent, looking away to try and avoid his blazing eyes.
But she could feel them burn into her, scorching her as he stared down, trying to catch her eye.

“No more questions,” he said firmly. “
You will learn what you need to know in time, whatever else does not concern you.”

Lindsey wanted to press on but she bit down on her lip and held back. She allowed him to carry her to the farm house, where he sat her down on the stairs, whilst he unlocked the door to his home.

As Lindsey looked around the old, dusty farm yard, her mind raced, searching for a quick escape. In front of the house were two wide flower beds, however no flowers grew there, and there were no tools Lindsey could use for defence either.






Looking further, Lindsey could see there were two light blue sheds out the front and a rusty barrel. Past the yard, was the gravel, on which the car was parked. Then there was the typical quiet, bendy country road. Perhaps if Lindsey was lucky, he would have left his keys in the car and she could make her escape.

Lindsey decided to take the chance before it passed her. She silently rose to her feet, trying to steady her wobbly legs, and then took her first step down the three stairs on the porch.

Something creaked…

















The man spun around in alarm and grabbed Lindsey’s wrist, pulling her off her feet and into him. He dragged her over the threshold of the house and then used his impressive strength to throw her up onto his shoul
der. He carried her upstairs effortlessly, ignoring her as she beat his back with her small fists. Everything Lindsey tried seemed useless.

“Oh Lindsey,” he mock
ed with a laugh. “You actually think you can escape?”

She pounded harder, trying to break free as he headed towards a room. Lindsey began to fear the worst when behind the wooden, brown door, a bed
room was revealed.

“No!” she screamed in protest.

But the man dropped her onto the large red canopy bed. He glared down at her, suddenly reaching out. Lindsey quickly flinched to protect herself, but there was no hard blow. A gentle hand placed itself onto her head and attentively combed through her long, dark, silken curls.

BOOK: Love's Predator (Love's Predator Trilogy Book 1)
9.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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