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“Lost of myself?”

He nods. “I think all the anger stifled the
real you. And the meditation helped to release it all, but it
didn’t uncover what you had buried for so long—your passion.”

“You’re pretty deep for a shallow guy who
jokes too often.”

“Shh… don’t tell anyone. Let it be our
little secret.”

“I’ll keep yours if you keep mine.”

“What secrets of yours would I have to

This time I initiate the kissing, running my
hands through his soft hair and sliding my lips over his like we
have all the time in the world. “That I’m starting to like you a
lot.” My hips circle over his, the delicious pressure teasing me

“That’s no secret, sweetheart.”

I chuckle under my breath, moving my kisses
to his neck. “Cocky jerk.”

“Hey, you’re the one grinding on me. It was
pretty easy to figure out you like me. Unless, of course, you grind
on men’s laps all the time. Maybe in a second or third job as a

“Good God. Stop talking. Unless you’re going
to talk dirty to me.”

Quick as a wink, he picks me up and reverses
our positions, laying me underneath him on the futon. His broad
chest looms over mine as his thighs brush against my own. My heart
races as he settles in between my legs, already my panties are damp
with desire. He grunts in frustration, his knees bumping me when he
can’t stretch out. “I’m too tall for this thing. Doesn’t it open up
to a bed?”

I nod, not trusting myself to speak after
that switcheroo he just pulled. I liked him pinning me beneath him.
It felt very, very good. Sexy… and strong… and holy hotness. It
made me want him to take me immediately, with no more foreplay.
God, when did I become so horny?

What did you expect when you’ve denied
yourself for so long?

He stands and swiftly pushes the coffee
table to the left. He smiles at what I assume is a dazed look on my
face. “Can you help? I haven’t worked one of these since

It takes a moment for my desire-addled brain
to catch up. “Sure.” I haul myself up, aware of his heated gaze
watching my every move. Without too much effort, I lift the futon
frame in the right spot, releasing the mattress from its upright
position to slide flat.

“Nice work.”

I don’t respond, unable to tear my eyes away
from the tenting in his boxers. The material pulls against his
straining flesh, making my hands itch with the desire to slide the
fabric away and let him spring free.

His low chuckle draws my attention upward.
“You look spell bound. What naughty thoughts are running through
your head?”

Unbidden the words spill out before I can
stop them. “I want to strip off your boxers and explore every inch
of you. I want to watch your cock throb in time to your heartbeat
and then I want to slick the satiny flesh with my mouth, taking you
deep. I want to hear you moan.”

His chest expands while his arms flex at his
side. “Wow. That was more than I bargained for.” His hands fly to
his waistband, eager to fulfill my demands. “Hold up.” Marcus looks
me over, a glimmer of mischief in his eyes. “I think we’re jumping
the gun a little bit.” He motions with his chin toward me. “You
still have your pants on.”

I jut one slim hip to the side, resting a
hand on it to emphasize my swagger as I stalk toward him. “Why
don’t you take them off for me?”

He reaches for me. “I thought you’d never







Chapter Eight



Katrina is a vision of sensuality and power as she
closes the distance between us. The quiet shy girl from the bar is
gone, a lean mean sex machine in her place. If you had told me this
afternoon I’d be in the back room of a store with a woman who made
my heart sing and my body scream with desire I’d never have
believed it. Especially if you’d told me right after I’d met her
earlier this evening.

Where is the hesitant woman who struggled
with small talk? Where is the embarrassed chit who grabbed the sex
die from my hand in the cab? She is here, without a doubt, but
wrapped up in the complex woman standing before me in a plain bra
and exercise pants.

I drop to my knees in front of her, resting
my hands on her waistband. “Are you sure? I know we haven’t known
each other long. We don’t have to rush into anything if you’d
prefer to wait.”

She runs a hand through my hair, gripping
the strands in a fist and releasing them. “How is time relevant? I
want you. I want to let go and be in the moment. Be there with

I nod and eagerly work the tight fabric over
her hips, careful to leave her panties in place. I have no
intention of rushing if I don’t have to. Her flat stomach dips
between her slim hips, the scrap of white cotton over her mound
more of an enticement than any silk or lace I’ve ever seen.

Unable to resist, I lean forward, placing
tentative kisses along the white elastic far below her belly
button. My hands slide the stretchy pants to her thighs, trapping
them together while I explore the parts revealed. I cup her tight
ass, squeezing the firm globes gently, reveling in her body.

Eventually my hands venture lower, skimming
over the taut skin on the back of her legs. I gradually ease the
yoga pants down past her knees, gratified in my actions by the
gasps sounding above me.

“Who knew you’d be such a tease, Marcus?
You’re killing me.”

“Hush.” I mumble against her skin. “You love

Once the fabric hits the floor, she steps
out of the garment, crawling onto the futon. “Come up here and join
me.” Her voice a raspy purr in the candlelight.

I mirror her movements, walking on hands and
knees until I cover her slender form. Without the baggy clothes
she’s tinier than I expected. Petite and yet not small. Just right.
“You really are stunning.”

She reaches a hand between us and strokes me
through the thin layer of my boxers. “And you really are well

I laugh at her bold comment. “I’ve never had
any complaints.”

She tries to slip into the front flap and I
move my hips to the side. “Not so fast, hot stuff. I want to know
what you’re feeling before we go further. This is supposed to be
about you and your re-awakening, not me rushing to the finish—which
is exactly what will happen the second you wrap that warm hand
around me.” I ease down next to her, calming my racing urge to
mount her like a untried youth. “Talk to me, Katrina.”

A sigh of frustration escapes her, but she
answers readily enough. “I feel turned on beyond belief. My skin
alternates between hot and cold. I think my nipples are hard enough
to cut through my bra.” I smile at her words. “Take pity on me and
lick them, please?”

“As you wish,” I say, drawing the pristine
white bra cup away. Her perky breasts are not more than a handful,
the hard cherry-colored tips pointing toward the ceiling. I lavish,
lick, and suck on one ’til she moans, then repeat the process on
the next.

“Damn, that feels so good.” Her breath
hitches in her throat. “I never used to enjoy this part. Always
wondered why guys made such a big deal of breasts.”

I draw one tight nipple harder, deeper into
my mouth, pulling the skin of her breast taut.

“Oh… nice.”

On a hunch, I bite down softly. Nipping her
tender skin with my teeth.

“Oh! That was intense. Do it again.”

I fully remove her bra and feast on her
breasts at my leisure. She’s squirming in place and urging me
further with her body’s encouragement. Slowly I move my attention
south, trailing wet kisses and gentle nips down her abdomen,
finding it hard to bite the firm skin of her stomach unless I open
my jaw wider.

“Damn, girl,” I mumble against her belly
button. “A man could never let himself go soft when he’s with a
woman in this good of shape.”

She gasps once and digs her fingers through
my hair. “W-who the hell wants to be with a guy who goes soft?
Would make sex kind of impossible.”

I nip her flesh again and work my way
downward to her panties. “That’s not what I meant and you know

Her hips rise off the bed, demanding in
their need. “Whatever. Oh my God. Take these off already.”

I comply to my lover’s demands, removing the
last barrier to her sex in a flourish of movement. The dark hair of
her pussy is short, shaved completely off in some areas. “For a
woman who’s had no action in two years, you’re remarkably

She snorts at my observation. “I do it for
me. Not for a lover.”

“Good to know,” I say as I trail one finger
down her cleft. Her breathing speeds up, her squirming, too. “Tell
me what you’re feeling. I want to know.”

“Christ!” She throws her head back on the
mattress. “I’m feeling hot.” I dip one finger between her outer
lips. “I’m feeling wet. Oh God, I’m feeling like I want to ride
your hand until I scream.”

I slowly slide inside her, the tight wet
walls surrounding my finger. The moistness spills out and I drag it
upward, hoping to find the tiny bundle of nerves at the top.

“Oh… yes… that’s it. Please…”

With a firm touch, I circle her clit, giving
the aroused flesh the attention it needs. Her hips follow my
movements, and soon the only sound is her breath panting into the
dim room. I decrease the pressure and increase the speed, teasing
the delicate area, drawing out her pleasure.

“Tell me what you need, Katrina, and I’ll do

“I…I don’t know. I just want to come.”

I trace back down to her wet opening and
plunge my fingers inside, knowing full well she’ll need me working
her clit to come. After a few dozen strokes she’s creaming all over
my hand, wetter than I ever imagined.

“Dear God… I can’t take much more. Make me
come or I’ll do it myself.”

Loving the sexy rasp of her voice and the
blatant need in her words, I tempt and tease her further. “And
do you want to come, sweetheart? Do
you want my cock inside you when you do?”

“Yes!” She shouts it like she’s having an
epiphany. “That’s exactly what I want.” She shoves my shoulder,
pushing me to lay flat on the bed. Her hot hands latch onto my
underwear and yank them down my hips. “Do you have a condom in your
wallet? I can’t wait any longer.”

“I do.” I start to rise to retrieve it, only
to be halted by a firm hand on my chest.

“Is it in your jeans? I’ll go get it.”
Katrina flies naked from the bed, scampers into the bathroom, and
shouts in glee when she finds what she’s looking for.

In a flash she’s back by my side, a wild
look of lust on her features. “Don’t move! I got this.”

She rips open the condom wrapper and makes
short work of encasing me in it. “So freakin’ hot for you right
now… you have no idea.”

“Tell me what you want and I’ll do it.” I
want desperately to please her, to help her break through the years
of locking her passion away.

“I want you to stop talking for a moment and
let me fuck you—hard.”

I smile at the feral look on her face and
wisely refrain from commenting further. Katrina straddles my hips
and guides me into her waiting heat. “Oh… oh… yeah… that’s what
I’ve been missing.”

She slams herself down on my hips, her feet
planted firmly on the futon while she crouches over me. Her strong
legs support her while she pumps up and down on my length, taking
her pleasure exactly as she wants it.

“Oh…” Her mouth then opens in a silent O, no
sound escaping as she rides me for all she’s worth.

I reach one hand to tickle my thumb over her
clit, eager to help her reach completion. The wetness and heat
surrounding me increases. Her moans and groans gain in intensity as
she continues her relentless pace.

“Now… oh God… it’s happening now.”

No sooner does she say the words when I feel
her body begin to ripple around mine, shuddering with the strength
and depth of her release. I never let up with my thumb, if anything
going faster when I know she’s cresting.

“Y-y-yesss! Fuck that pussy. Yes!”

I smile inside. Here I was hoping she’d be a
moaner and it turns out she’s a hellfire who likes to talk dirty,

The shudders in her body lessen and she
collapses forward, falling to her knees and resting on my

“Holy hell. That was fucking fantastic,” she
says while snuggling up to my neck.

“What’s the verdict?” I ask, lying tense
beneath her with my own aching need. “Did you get your mojo

“Oh yeah…. I certainly did. It went on and
on… very nice.”

I run a hand down her sweaty back, my length
throbbing inside her. I wrap my arms around her like she’s a
fragile object and gently roll her underneath me.

“Good, because we’re not done yet.”







Chapter Nine



Marcus’s words send a thrill up my spine, and his
actions have me wrapping my legs around his hips, ready to hold on
for whatever comes next. His broad chest and slim waist feel
incredible pressed against me, and his lean muscular legs have me
eager to see how flexible he is. Maybe I can talk him into yoga
sex. That might be fun.

“Is it your turn now?” I ask, a lazy smile
forming on my face.

He slides out of me and gently unwraps my
legs. “Not quite. You really think I’d settle for just one orgasm
from you? Now that I know what you’re capable of, I intend to make
you scream.”

A tingle washes over me as he scoots down
the mattress. His hot breath fans my thighs as his lips kiss a
trail to the juncture between my legs. My hips move in a slow
circle, eager for whatever delights he has in store for me.

“Oh no, you hold still.” He clamps down on
my hips, pinning me to the bed. “It’s my turn to drive you

BOOK: Loving Ms. Wrong
4.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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