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And with those last words he dips his mouth
lower, touching the sensitive skin with a soft kiss. His tongue
probes between the swollen lips, lapping at my opening and then
moving higher to my clit.

His pointed flesh soothes, then teases,
gradually taking me back up the hill toward another orgasm. No
matter my pleading and hair pulling, he won’t budge. After a few
minutes he raises his head and says, “Talk to me Katrina. Tell me
what you want.”

“I want to feel you inside me again.” His
fingers push inside, pumping to match the teasing his tongue is
delivering. “More. I need something bigger. I want to rock my hips
with yours and grind my pelvis hard against you.” I try to wiggle
but his hand pins me down. “I want your cock sliding back and forth
inside me until I come again.”

The pressure builds inside and all I can
think of is wanting him more than I’ve ever wanted anyone in my
life. Whatever magic has befallen us during this storm, I never
want it to end. I moan and toss my head to the side, hoping he’ll
take pity on me soon and get up here and fuck me.

He rises from my pussy, wipes his face on
his arm, and crawls up the bed over me. “I think that can be

My legs splay to the side, open and offering
myself to his attentions. In one deep thrust he seats himself all
the way in. This position allows deeper penetration than when I was
on top and I relish every delicious inch of him as he plunges over
and over again. Back and forth, deeper and faster… soon he adds a
swivel to his hips, almost like a small circle.

Every rotation rubs my clit just right and
soon I’m ready to soar back over the top.

“Jesus, Katrina. We barely know each other…
and yet… you feel so right.”

I reach my arms around him, trailing one
lower to grip his ass, and the other higher to force his mouth down
to mine.

I pour all the pent up passion I’ve held
inside for years into the kiss, nipping, biting, sucking on his
mouth, tongue, and lips. The frenzied kissing ratchets up his
movements, until I wonder how much more I can take.

The emotions bubbling up force me to twist
away from his kiss. They come tearing out of me in a release so
strong I hear myself scream into the candlelit room. Wave after
wave of intense pleasure cascades through me, lighting every dead,
unresponsive cell I’ve ever had into life. Life, in its purest form
as energy, invigorates and pulses through me with each rising

As my body hits its highest point, Marcus
lets go, moaning into my shoulder as his peak rides him hard.
Shudders wrack his frame and his frantic pumping slows, drifting to
a stop.

He stays inside me, letting his weight rest
atop me while he catches his breath. I don’t mind. I don’t want him
to leave. It felt so good to experience all the sensations again, I
have no desire to have our encounter end just yet.

Thunder booms loudly overhead, reminding us
once again of what drew us together tonight.

Marcus kisses my shoulder. “I don’t think
I’ll ever look at a summer storm quite the same way again.”

“Me neither.”

After a minute, he rolls to the side and
then rises, retreating to the bathroom. He returns shortly and
smiles shyly at me, as if he’s unsure where we stand.

I pat the mattress next to me. “Thank you.
Tonight was incredible.”

He returns to the bed and pulls me close. “I
feel like I’ve found a valuable treasure… and I’m afraid I’m going
to lose it too soon.”

I cuddle next to his chest and sigh, content
for once without having to meditate for endless hours. I bet I
could even sleep like this, despite the lack of air conditioning
and our sweaty bodies.

“You asked me enough times tonight, Marcus.
Now it’s my turn to ask you: what do

One warm hand strokes my back, sliding up to
gently cup my head where I’m lying. “I want to see where this goes.
I like you. And in case you couldn’t tell—I
enjoyed making love to you.” He hesitates and
his voice comes out higher, like he’s worried how I’ll answer. “But
what about you? Do you want to explore this new unleashed passion
with other lovers? Maybe I’m not exactly what you were looking for
in a guy?”

I rise to look him straight in the eye.
“Don’t you get it? I wasn’t looking for anyone. Haven’t been for
years. Sure, I’d often tell my friends I was on the prowl for the
right guy, but my actions spoke louder than my words. I never
dated, never cared to be set up… just never really
one way or another.” I plant a kiss on his
mouth, quick and light. “Until you.

“You made me open up with your silly dice
game, cocky arrogance that hid the real you, and got me to relax
and enjoy the moment—and all the sexual goodness that it entailed.
I want you, Marcus.” I wiggle my eyebrows suggestively. “If you
have another condom, I think I might want you again tonight—very
soon if you can manage it.”

Marcus smiles and tightens his hold on me.
“If I’d known making love to Ms. Wrong was going to feel so damn
right, I’d have attempted it long ago. Thank you for helping me get
my head out of my ass.”

“What choice did I have? You’ve got a cute
head and a tight ass. There was no room for such nonsense.”


The power kicked back on around five a.m. And we did
our very best to get as sweaty as possible without having to use a
condom (since we didn’t have any). Marcus ventured out in his damp
clothes at around seven to a deli a few blocks away for breakfast
sandwiches and condoms. There was no need to open the store as most
of the city was suffering through clean up and sporadic power

We used the time to talk and luxuriate in
each other’s bodies. Neither one of us may know what’s awaiting us
next week, but we’ve both agreed we’d like to face it together. All
in all, not a bad way to end a night out with the girls—to wind up
in the arms of a man who only has eyes for you.





About the Author


C.J. Ellisson
lives in northern Virginia with her
husband, two children, three dogs, and a fluffy black cat who makes
her sneeze. Unlike most full-time authors, she's also battling
severe chronic illness. C.J. works daily to put her Lupus into
remission and continues to fight numerous bacterial infections
while her immune system slowly attacks her body. She turned to
writing when she could no longer work outside the home and claims
the escape of penning contemporary erotic romance, urban fantasy,
and erotica has helped save her sanity


Loving Ms.
is the fourth published
book in the
Walk on the Wild
series and there are
currently five novels (three for Heather and Tony) and two novellas


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Andrea’s story (no
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enough reader interest.


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BOOK: Loving Ms. Wrong
4.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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