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BOOK: Lucky Girl (New Adult Rock Star Romance)

I glanced at Dale, smiling, bemused.

“Go look.”

I took a step closer, then another, realizing they weren’t rose petals after all.

“There’s a stool at the side of the bed,” he said from the doorway.

I looked back at him leaning against it, my heart skipping at the delicious sight, shirt now unbuttoned and untucked, dress pants drawn low with his hands in his pockets, his belt, that studded belt, so damned sexy.

“Stand on it and look down.”

“What?” I wrinkled my nose, confused, but I did what he asked, getting up onto the wooden stool and looking down at what I had first thought might be blood or rose petals, but were neither.

They were Skittles. Just the red ones. And they spelled out:

Sara Will You Marry Me?

I couldn’t hold back the tears then, remembering the first time I met Dale, when he’d sauntered into my chemistry class, larger than life. He could have sat anywhere, but he’d picked me. I was so embarrassed when my stomach started to growl in front of the cute new guy. I wanted to disappear. But he heard it—I think the whole class heard it—and instead of making fun of me, he’d offered me some of his Skittles.

Looking down at the bed, I could see him
in my memory, that dark mop of hair that always fell over one eye, wearing all black, including his combat boots, and that sexy, studded belt. Had I fallen instantly in love? Maybe I had, but if I had, it sure took me long enough to realize it. But I think Dale knew then. I don’t know how it could be possible, but when he picked me to sit with that day, he really picked

“Do you remember?” Dale’s voice, closer.

I nodded, not trusting my voice, not turning around. How could I forget? We’d gotten in so much trouble that day for writing back and forth on Mr. Woodall’s desk. He made us stay and clean them. It was all Dale’s fault and he knew it. We didn’t have much time left in class when Mr. Woodall caught us, but in that brief time, Dale had reached into his Skittles bag, lining up all the red ones and then making a peace offering.

A red heart made out of Skittles.


I sniffed, wiping at my eyes with the back of my hands, seeing them smeared with mascara, ready to tell him, of course I did
n’t forget, how could I possibly forget? Every minute I’d ever spent with or even without him since the day he walked into my life had been about him. I lived and breathed Dale Diamond and would until the day I died.

I stepped off the stool and turned around to find him down on one knee holding a little blue box.

“Oh my God.” I really thought I might faint. I met his eyes, confused. “But… you already…”

I looked down at my left hand where I wore the ring he’d given
me the day Black Diamond won MTV’s Battle of the Bands. He’d proposed on one knee, in front of a stadium full of people, giving me this engagement ring. But at the time, Dale didn’t have much money. He’d begged and borrowed to pay for our first night at the Waldorf Astoria, but I didn’t want to ask what he’d had to do to buy my engagement ring. It was a small solitaire—just a quarter carat—but I loved it because it was from Dale.

“I wanted you to have something real.” He held up the blue box and it dawned on me where it was from. I had overhear
d Aimee and some of her friends—the popular kids, the ones whose parents had a lot of money—talking once about married girls who would only give their husbands blowjobs as a trade-off for “blue box” jewelry.

The blue box was from Tiffany’s.

I put my palms to my cheeks to cool them as he opened the box, letting me see what was inside. The ring on my finger was nothing compared to the one Dale held. The diamond was huge. I blinked at him in shock, unable to even breathe, let alone speak.

“Will you?” he asked, looking u
p at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. He was really asking. Like he thought it was a real question, as if I could have any other answer but…

“Yes!” I cried, laughing through my tears, holding my arms out to him. He had me in
them in one motion, hugging me close. “Did you really think I would say no?”

“I don’t know.” He breathed me in, his chest expanding against my cheek. “It’s been a rough two years. I was gone so much and you…”

He pulled back, cocking his head and looking into my eyes.

“I was afraid you might not want to marry a rock star
after all.” His smile was small, tight. “I thought maybe you’d decided the fantasy was better than reality.”

“No.” I touched his lips with my fingertips, hushing his words. “Never.
What in the world made you think that? You are my fantasy
my reality. I don’t want anyone or anything but you. You don’t need to give me everything. You
my everything.”

“So you want me to return the ring?” He smirked, moving to put it in his pocket.

“No!” I laughed, reaching for the box. “Let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.”

“Give me your hand.” Dale held the box up, taking the ring out with his other hand.

I looked down at the engagement ring I’d been wearing for two years. It seemed as if I’d been waiting forever for my life to really start. First it was finally graduating high school. Then Aimee was planning a wedding and I was at the New York Studio School and Dale had marching orders from his new record company—he had to go whenever and wherever they said. I hated it—but I knew, he hated it even more. Dale wasn’t used to being bossed around.

And all the while, he had to keep me a secret.

“It’s almost ours.” Dale kissed my finger, pressing his lips to the first ring he’d given me. “If we can hold on just a little longer, it will all be ours.”

“What will be ours?” I watched as he slid that ring off, slowly sliding the other one on.

“Everything.” Then he kissed that ring too. It was surprisingly heavy.

“I told you, I don’t want everything.” I held my hand out for the other ring and he gave it to me. I slipped it onto the ring finger of my right hand. “I just want you.”

“Here?” He grinned, standing up and tossing the now empty Tiffany ring box aside, a wide grin spreading over his face. “Now?”

“Dale!” I warned, taking a step back, but I was too late. He pounced, pinning me to the bed. The weight of our bodies made the down under the coverlet rise up and Skittles flew everywhere. I heard them
plinking on the night table beside us, saw some fly past the lamp, and felt more of them under my back.

“The Skittles!” I lamented.
”You forgot about the Skittles.”

“I didn’t forget.” Dale grinned. “Some day I’ll be on tour and I’ll send a list to the hotel of all the things I want. Skittles will be on the list—but just the red ones.”

“You’d make some poor lackey separate out the red ones for you?”

That’s what rock stars are supposed to do.” He picked up one of the Skittles on the mattress, popping it into his mouth and chewing. He pressed one to my lips and I accepted it, chewing thoughtfully.

“You’re gonna regret this
when you’re on your way to the bathroom and you step on a bunch of Skittles.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“I regret nothing.” He leaned over and kissed me softly. “Now, let’s get you out of this dress. Roll over.”

I laughed but complied, rolling over onto my belly. There were Skittles right there in front of me so I licked a few of them, letting them stick to my tongue so I could draw them into my mouth while Dale unzipped me. He pulled the fabric off my shoulders as I wiggled my way out of the satin like a very unsexy inchworm.

“Okay, now these things.” Dale frowned, plucking at the stretchy nylon of my pantyhose. “Weird. They’re like something out of a science fiction movie, I swear.”

I giggled. “They’re ruined anyway. Look at the feet.”

“What were you doing, walking on hot coals?”
he exclaimed.

“Running from rabid fans, remember?” I reached down, hooking a finger in one of the gaping holes and pulling. The
material ripped and Dale’s eyes lit up.

“My turn.” He grabbed the nylon in two hands and pulled. It ripped all the way up to my inner thigh. “Wow! Nice!”

Then he did the other leg, so they were completely wrecked.

“I don’t know why, but that’s sexy.” He ran his hands up my bare legs. The sensation of his soft palms and his rough fingers—calloused from years of playing guitar—caressing me sent sweet waves of pleasure through me. Dale touched me like he was playing music, listening to notes only he could hear as he kneaded my flesh in his hands. I bit my lip and whimpered, wiggling on the bed.

“What am I going to wear tomorrow?” I wondered as Dale rolled the elastic top of the pantyhose down, stripping me of them completely. Now I was in just panties and my bra.

“I’ll buy you something.”
He kissed one knee, then the other. “I missed your knees.”

“My knees?”

“Both of them.” He flicked his tongue around my kneecap and down to the bend in my leg, making me moan. “See? You love that. I love that you love that.”

“I love that you know I love that.” I ran a hand through his hair, soft as raven’s wings.

“I love that I know that you… wait…”

I laughed, reaching for him. “Shut up and kiss me.”

And that’s how the night really began.





      CHAPTER FIVE     

I was sore when I got up to go to the bathroom. The clock on the nightstand said it was two in the morning as I made my way back to the bed. Dale was sleeping, completely nude, one leg off the edge of the bed, his foot dangling, the other knee cocked. The sheet was tangled at his waist, just across his hips. The comforter was somewhere… oh yeah, we’d taken it into the kitchen because having sex on the tile was too cold and far too hard.

But now I was cold. I went to the kitchen, seeing the remnants of the minibar on the counter. I think I was still a little drunk. My head was swimmy.
I grabbed the comforter off the floor, putting it over my shoulders and wrapping it around me. I opened the little fridge and picked out one of the chocolate covered strawberries, eating it as I wandered into the living area.

I was tired but I couldn’t sleep. Having Dale home again made my mind race almost as fast as my body. I missed him when he was gone, but I missed him almost as much when he was home. His focus was so often elsewhere these days. His rock star dream was really coming true. The album had been released—with my cover art, I was so proud of that—and the first single too. But he was right, he never really forgot me. Even when he was up on stage, singing to thousands, he was singing my song, thinking about me.

“Why’d you come out here?” Dale came out of the bedroom, rubbing his eyes. He’d put on a pair of boxers.

“Had to pee. Can’t get back to sleep.” I held an arm out, holding the comforter open and his eyes lit up when he saw I wasn’t wearing anything.
He snuggled up, grabbing the remote from the coffee table.

“Wonder if there’s anything good on.” He started flipping through channels while I played with his hair—what was left of it. It was so soft. I loved how it felt under my fingertips at the back of his neck.

“Mmm.” He shivered. “I like that.”

“This?” I lightly traced my nails there and he shivered again. Then I spelled out the words, “I love you.”

“Hey, look, it’s porn.”

“What?” I blinked at the television, trying to focus. The picture was all scrambled but I could almost make out a hint of skin.

“Want to watch porn?” He grinned, pushing buttons on the remote.

“Won’t that show up on the bill?” I gaped at him as the loud sounds of people having sex filled the room.

“The record company’s paying, remember.” He cocked his head, looking at the screen. “And they kind if expect it.”

“They expect you to watch porn?”I looked at the screen and saw a blonde with very large, very fake breasts doing a little striptease.

“They’d pay for escorts too, if I wanted them,” he replied casually, his hand stroking my thigh.

“So this is porn.” I watched as the blonde spread her legs for the camera, spreading her labia with nails so long they were more like garden tools.

“You’re kidding me?” Dale sat up. “You’ve never seen porn?”

“No…” My eyes widened when the blonde started putting her fingers inside. “Not movies anyway… she’s going to hurt herself!”

Dale looked and laughed. “That’s what I always thought too. Those fake tits and the bleach blond hair and those nails. Ugh.’

He grabbed the remote and changed the channel.

“There’s more?” Now there were two women kissing, touching each other.

“Mmm. Nice.” Dale perked up and I saw his cock tenting his boxers.

“You like that?” My fingernails traced the hairline at the nape of his neck. “What if I told you Aimee and I did that?”

He turned to look at me, mouth hanging open.

“I’m kidding.” I giggled. “No way. Gross. Never happened.”

“I didn’t think so.” He scoffed, making a face and looking back at the girls. “But for a minute there, you got me thinking about it…”

I watched the dark-haired girl spread her legs for the blonde. At least these two women were far more real. Their breasts didn’t defy gravity and their nails weren’t registered as deadly weapons. The blonde kissed her way down the brunette’s smooth, taut belly. I ran my hands down my own, stopping at my scar.

“Am I ugly?” I asked, getting Dale’s attention. His hand had wandered under his boxers and his attention had clearly been carried away by the image on the screen.

“Are you kidding me?” he exclaimed, his gaze roaming over my body. I was uncovered, my thighs slightly open, leaning back on the couch.

“My scars, I mean.” I winced, running my fingers over the raised spots. They were hard, knotted.

“No baby.” He leaned over and kissed my fingers, my scar too. I wouldn’t let him see me naked for months afterward. Sex always had to be with the lights off. “You’re beautiful. You’re so beautiful you make my heart ache from the inside out. And the best part about you is you’re real.”

He glanced back at the screen, making a dismissive noise in his throat.

“That’s fun, sometimes, but it’s fake. You’re real. You’re you.”

“But you like that.” I nodded toward the screen.

“I like watching, sure. I don’t know any guy who doesn’t. Any straight guy,” he added. Then grinned. “And gay guys just watch gay porn.”

“There’s gay porn?”

He laughed, grabbing the remote, pushing the button.

“No!” I protested. “I don’t want… oh. Wait.”

Now the image was of a couple. They were kissing, fondling each other, getting undressed. I watched her unzip him, his cock springing free. I loved that feeling, when Dale’s cock practically escaped out of his jeans into my hand.

“You like that?” Dale cocked his head, smiling.

My sex clenched. God I was so sore from him inside of me. I couldn’t count how many ways or times we’d had sex. The kitchen, the bathroom, the bed—oh god, those damned Skittles—and then the kitchen again, this time with me on the counter…

But my body responded when I watched the girl on the screen kneel and take his cock into her mouth. I could almost taste him. I licked my lips.

“What are you doing?” I asked as Dale slid down between my thighs, parting them with his palms.

“Just watch.”

I did. Wow, I was learning a lot. I loved taking him in my mouth like that because of the way he responded. He loved being in my mouth, my hand, watching me lick the tip.

“Ooohhh yesss,” I moaned as Dale’s tongue slid up and down between my cleft. My nipples, already hard from being exposed to the air, grew even harder, the skin around them puckering.

The sound of sex filled the room. Now the man had the woman on the bed and he was licking her, just like Dale was licking me. Except she was completely bare down there except for a strip of dark hair at the time.

“Would you like that,” I murmured, my hand in his hair. “Would you like me to shave all my hair down there for you.”

He moaned against my flesh, lapping faster, pressing his tongue against the sensitive bit of flesh right up top. He knew just what I liked, the way to flick it with his tongue, tease it round and round, then toggle it back and forth like turning a light switch on and off at lightning speed.

The couple on the screen were fucking. He was inside her from behind, her breasts swaying. The camera got up close and personal, showing the slick shaft of his cock moving in and out.

I glanced down and saw Dale had slid his boxers down his hips. He fisted his cock, the head red and leaking pre-cum. I whimpered at the sight of it, wanting him.

“Mine,” I whispered, reaching for him, falling far short, my hand opening and closing on the air. “I want you in my mouth.”

Dale grabbed my hips, pulling me up, and I sighed when his mouth moved from my sex. But he moved quickly, reclining on the couch and settling my pelvis over his face. I nuzzled his crotch, taking his cock in my hand. It was thick and hard and, I noted with a strange sort of pride, bigger than the guy on screen.

Dale moaned when I took him between my lips. His pre-cum was peppery and I swallowed, using my tongue and bathing him with saliva. The sweet press of his tongue between my legs was taking me to climax like a freight train at full speed. I wasn’t going to be able to stop it. I stroked him in my hand, moaning and rolling  my hips, my eyes half closed as I watched the man on the screen. He pulled out of the woman and pumped his cock, once, twice, and then he was exploding, giving out a loud yell as climaxed.

“Oh!” I cried out, surprised by the sudden force of my orgasm. My hips bucked involuntarily and my hand grasped Dale’s cock so hard the head was almost purple. Dale didn’t stop, using his tongue to tease every last quiver and shudder from my body.

“Oh wow.” I shivered on top of him. “That was… wow…”

Dale slid out from under me and I collapsed onto the couch, still trying to catch my breat. He stood looking down at me, his eyes so full of lust it was almost scary. He licked his lips, then his fingers, tasting me still.

“I want you.” His voice was hoarse.

“How?” I smiled up at him, so sated and sleepy now.

He grabbed the comforter, folding and folding it, tossing it onto the wood coffee table.

“There.” He pointed. “On your hands and knees.”

“Ohhh.” I got up, climbing slowly and carefully onto the coffee table, afraid it might not hold my weight, but it did.

“Hang on.” Dale grabbed my hips and I gasped, looking for something to hold on to! I gripped the edges of the coffee table with my fingers, feeling his cock sliding up and down, teasing. It was the perfect height and with one, swift motion he was inside me. I cried out, biting my lip. I was sore, but oh, it hurt so good.

He went slow at first, easing himself out only half way before sliding back in. There was another couple on the screen, doing exactly what we were doing, a mirror image.
Dale gripped my hips and thrust himself in deeper, using longer strokes, really driving into me now.

“Dale!” I cried, gasping for breath. “Oh God. Oh!”

The way he did that, using all his force to take me, made me tremble all over. His thighs spread mine and the sounds of our sex mingled with the sounds coming from the television, moaning and slapping, the hot, aching sound of fucking.

“Sara,” he panted. “Oh sweetheart, I’m… Ohhhhh nowww!”

I cried out when he came. I wasn’t going to climax again, not this time, but the force of his orgasm shuddered through me as he thrust, thrust, thrust, hard, fast strokes, emptying himself into me with a force that threatened to tear me apart. I whimpered when he slid out of me, glancing back at him over my shoulder.

His eyes were glazed, his look dreamy. He grabbed the remote, turning off the sounds of sex, almost as if it was an affront to the senses now. He helped me off the coffee table, grabbing the comforter and wrapping us both in it.

“Think you can sleep now?” he murmured, kissing the tip of my nose.

“Like a baby.” I rested my cheek against his chest.

“Come on.”

He scooped me up like it was nothing and carried me to bed. I listened to the sound of his breathing, both of us snuggled under the covers. His hand was on my breast, his thigh over mine, claim
ing me, even in his sleep. I closed my eyes and decided to count blessings instead of sheep, but as my eyelids grew heavier and heavier, I realized it just wasn’t possible to count that high.


* * * *


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