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Lucy's Journy Home

Hunter's Ridge Book 1


Maggie Ryan

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Ryan, Maggie

Lucy's Journey Home

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They hugged and kissed and said their final goodbyes the following morning.  Lucy and Louisa both shed tears as the moment came to board the train.  Lucas took Lucy’s hand and motioned for Molly, who was carrying Cleo’s box, to precede them onto the train.

“Come, Kitten,” he said gently.  “Edward has promised to bring Louisa to Hunter’s Ridge for the holidays.  You shall see each other soon.”  Her eyes brightened as she saw Louisa smile and nod as she stood beside her husband. 

“Be good, Lucy,” Edward said with a smile.  The small woman had found her way into his heart.  He admired her spirit and knew that his childhood friend would find life not only a challenge but filled with joy as the newlyweds began their journeys together.  “We shall visit soon and I expect to hear that your time at Wintercrest has served you well.”  Lucy blushed as memories of his lessons ran through her mind.  She nodded, indeed grateful for this man’s love and support, and reluctantly admitted that she was also grateful for his discipline
.  Despite the pain her bottom had endured, she had discovered that deep inside, the discipline not only served to give her a sense of love and security, it fulfilled her in ways she had never imagined. 

Lucy pulled away from her husband only to run to throw her arms around her guardian
, who she would now address as Uncle Edward, a man who had changed her life in so many ways. 

“Thank you, Sir,” she said, her voice trembling with her gratitude.  “Thank you for taking me in and loving me.  Thank you for teaching me.  Thank you for finding Lucas for me.
  Thank you for everything you have done for me.”  Edward felt his heart clench and knew it would not only be Louisa who would miss this precious woman.  Edward crushed his ward to his chest and pressed his lips to the top of her head.

“Thank you, Lucy,” Edward whispered.  “I would not have changed a thing.  I shall miss you
very much.  You’ve made me very proud to be your guardian and honored to become your uncle.  Now, little one, go and allow your husband to teach you to be truly free.”  Both sets of eyes were damp as he released her and then watched as she once more took her husband’s hand.  Lucas nodded at his lifelong friend, his own gratitude shining in his eyes.  Edward returned the gesture as he pulled Louisa into his arms, grateful he still had one of his girls to hold as he watched the other step onto the train.

Lucas helped her onto the steps of the train and followed her.  She took one last look at the two people who had given her so much and waved.  Louisa and Edward waved back and she felt her heart lighten knowing
that she wasn’t truly saying goodbye.  While she had come to Wintercrest Manor as an orphan with a saddened heart, she was leaving as a bride, her heart full to capacity with joy.  Well aware of the many emotions flowing through his new wife, Lucas bent and kissed the top of her head.

“Are you okay, Kitten?” he asked softly.  She looked up and smiled.

“Oh, yes, Papa,” she said softy, “let’s go home.”



Chapter 1


Lord Lucas Huntington looked upon his new bride with a smile tugging at his lips.  She was totally incapable of hiding her emotions and he could see the amazement written all across her face. 
She had boarded the train but seemed unable to move much farther than the doorway.  Lucas became aware that a porter was waiting politely for the girl to move into the car.  He was holding the first of the many valises that would need to be delivered to the Lord’s compartments.

“Kitten,” Lucas said
, “you are keeping this man from doing his duties, little one.”  Lucy gave no indication that she heard her husband; her eyes were darting about the long car before her.  It was the first time she had been on a train and she was finding the experience even more thrilling than she had imagined.  When Lucas again called to her and once again she ignored him, he reached out, put his arm around her waist and popped her hard across her bottom.  The swat immediately got her attention and she whipped around to find her husband looking down at her.  She also saw a man standing behind her husband attempting to hide his smile at what he had witnessed. 

“I suggest you listen to me, Lucille,” Lucas said once he was sure he had her full attention.  She blushed but nodded
, though still unaware he had spoken before he spanked her. 

“I’m sorry,” she said softly.  Lucas nodded
, and taking her hand, led her into the car, immediately stepping aside to allow the porter to pass them.  The man nodded his head respectfully.

“If you’ll follow me, Sir,” the porter said as he bega
n to walk down the center aisle of the beautifully appointed car.  Lucy’s eyes were large as she took in the plush burgundy velvet of the seats, the heavy burgundy and gold brocade fabric of the drapes that swept from the ceiling to the floor on each side of every window, drawn apart and held open by golden cords with fluffy tassels allowing sunlight to stream into the interior.  Several people were already seated and she thought of the swat she had received for her inattention.  Despite her embarrassment, she found herself returning their smiles as they watched the large man guiding what appeared to be his lovely, young daughter along the aisle.  They joined Molly, who was waiting at the next doorway, trying to keep her composure as desperate mewing came from the box in her hands.  Lucas smiled at her.

“Cleo doesn’t seem to be enjoying the journey,” he said reaching out to take the large box from the woman.  Molly nodded
, grateful to relinquish the box where the cat had been loudly complaining as she attempted to claw her way out of the unwelcome confinement. 

“Please see that our little one doesn’t fail to follow,” he said as he released Lucy’s hand.  Molly immediately took
the small hand and nodded.

“Yes, Sir,” Molly said having seen the smack th
e girl had already received as she stood entranced by the sight of the train’s lavish decor.

“Your compartments are
past the dining car, Lord Huntington,” the porter said as he led them through another car of beautiful seats and then opened the door and stepped into the next car.  If Molly had not been pulling Lucy along, the girl would have stopped to take in this car as well.  Instead of rows of seats, there were small tables down each side, four chairs placed around each one.  Sconces, on the walls above each table, would be lit when the sun began to fade.  White linen tablecloths covered each table, burgundy and gold napkins folded neatly at each place.  Heavy silverware waited for diners.  There was a runner down the center of the car, the pattern intricate and beautiful.  Lucy had eaten in fine restaurants that didn’t have the appeal of this train car.

“Lucy, come along,” Molly said realizing she was practically pulling dead weight.  Lucy felt her hand being tugged a bit harder.

“Oh, Molly,” Lucy said as she quickened her steps.  “Isn’t this just beautiful?  I can’t wait to eat.  What do you think they will serve?”  Molly shook her head.

“I’m sure I don’t know, Lucille,” she said and then stopped for just a moment and looked down at her charge.  “It is Miss Molly, young lady.  I fear you shall have many uncomfortable lessons across my lap if you can’t remember to be properly respectful.”  Lucy flushed hotly at the reminder that the
young woman who had been her servant only days ago, was now, in all respects, her nanny.  Lucy was having an extremely difficult time adjusting to the change in roles.  The two young women had formed a friendship as Lucy adjusted to life at Wintercrest Manor and the strict rules of her guardian’s home.  Learning she was no longer going to be able to complain or misbehave in front of Molly, at least without fear of the woman turning her bottom up to teach her new charge the futility of complaining, was an adjustment that would be difficult to make.

Lucy heard Molly sigh and shake her head as her charge seemed lost
yet again in her own thoughts.  Before she could decide to give her charge her first lesson, Lucy came to her senses.

“Yes, Miss Molly,” she said quickly.  “I’m sorry.  I’m just excited.”  Molly nodded and began to guide Lucy down the car again.  Secretly, she was very relieved that Lucy apologized properly.  Though she had witnessed Lucil
le getting her bottom spanked dozens of times by Lord Wintercrest and his head housekeeper, Mrs. Bremmer, as well as her new husband, Lord Huntington, Molly had yet to personally discipline the woman she had agreed to serve in the role of her new nanny.  Lucas turned to see what was keeping the women.  He knew that Molly was doing the best she could, but it was obvious she would need some direction to demonstrate her true authority over her former mistress. 

When they caught up with him, Lucas turned to the porter
, who was patiently waiting.  The group was led into the next car.  This car would serve as their home for the next few days.  There was no longer a center aisle.  Instead, a narrow passage ran down the length of the car on the right side.  The porter just barely managed to walk without turning sideways as he was still carrying the valises.  He stopped at the second to last door to set down the bags and remove a key from his vest.  He unlocked the door and pushed it open.

Lucas turned to Molly.  “This shall be your compartment, Molly,” he said and she nodded.  Lucas stepped inside only long enough to set the box down on the small table under the window.  “I suggest you allow Cleo to calm a bit before releasing her from the box. Hopefully she will
settle and not bother you in the night.” 

“I’m sure she will be fine, Sir,” Molly said stepping into the room with Lucy.  There was a long
narrow bed along one wall, the table where Cleo rested, a chair and a small curtained area where she could hang her clothing.  There was also a small washstand bolted to the wall that held a large ceramic bowl and a pitcher.  A towel hung from the wooden bar in front of the washstand.

there is a large water closet at the end of the car.  It has been recently appointed to provide water directly from the large water storage tank that rests on top of the car and is heated.  It must be shared among the occupants of this car, but your party is the only one occupying these two compartments.  Our passengers are quite pleased to be able to bathe if desired.  You will find a slide that you may engage when you are using the facilities to ensure your privacy.”

Oh, thank you, that sounds wonderful,” Molly said, not able to hide her own excitement at the porter’s description.  She couldn’t imagine having water so easily available.  He nodded and after placing the two valises on the bed, held out the key.  Molly took it and slipped it into her apron pocket.

“I shall return with your luggage after I show you your compartment, Lord Huntington,” the porter said.  Lucas nodded
, and taking Lucy’s hand, stepped back out into the narrow aisle.  The compartment was twice as large as Molly’s, and instead of a narrow bed built into the wall, there was an actual bed directly under the window.  There were four large pillows piled at the head of the bed, the bed coverings looking warm and inviting in their burgundy and gold damask pattern.  While the room was much smaller than the one she had shared with her new husband at Wintercrest, Lucy thought it beautiful and was excited thinking about sleeping on a train.

BOOK: Lucy's Journey Home (Hunter's Ridge)
9.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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