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Copyright © 2014 Bonnie Bliss

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498 AD

Asmodeus stood at the edge of the forest and studied the scene before him. He had never been to this part of hell before, Satan’s home. To be more precise, the home of Lucifer, emperor of hell, holder of the title Satan.

The forest was petrified, the trees long dead for millennia after suffering the intense heat. The sky rumbled and all the shades of reds, crimsons and oranges echoed over the parched earth. The ground stung and burnt the skin of every creature that had once wandered the home protecting it. Now they all lay dead at the hands of Asmodeus’ forces. Seventy-two legions of demons, all at his command. All that was left to do was to deal with Lucifer himself.

Baal and Mammon, his most loyal lieutenants, stood at his side. The other princes of hell stood behind, some loyal, some not. However, those who followed Lucifer would not dare speak out now that the blood war neared the end.

It was the day of reckoning. Lucifer’s reign was over. The only thing left to do was tell him.

"Are we going to stand here all day, lord Asmodeus?" Baal spoke up, his impatience obvious.

Looking out into the clearing, Asmodeus wasn't sure what to do. There was no sign of Lucifer. All he could see was a huge monument. It consisted of a circle of hundreds of tall stone monoliths, pointing to the sky. In the centre stood a table, some twenty foot long and ten foot wide with stone chairs at each head.

"It is said the stone circle is a mile in diameter. It is a form of shield which hides his appearance to those looking in. Beelzebub, his most loyal, told me this. So I think we can assume, my lord, he is there watching us. All we have to do is cross the stones’ threshold."

Asmodeus looked at Baal and sighed.

"You seem unsure, my lord. We have come this far. We have overthrown his loyal and most trusted and killed those who follow him from afar. Surely we are not going to stop now, at the final blade’s thrust?"

"Quiet, Baal."

"My apologies, my lord."

"Do you question my authority here, Baal. I sincerely hope not. It would be a shame if I had to put you in a black pit," Asmodeus threatened.

"God forbid. You have my full allegiance," Baal whispered.

Asmodeus trusted no one, not even the two who questioned him the most. Hell was an untrustworthy place. He would not be surprised to find himself alone once Lucifer appeared. The emperor had great power and was the son of the good God. It was wise to never underestimate that fact.

"Bring her!" Asmodeus strode out. He walked confidently and rose high with each step in the eyes of his followers in the soft red earth. Those with him followed behind, spreading out to surround the stone circle.

Asmodeus stood between the nearest stones and crossed the threshold. The rumor was true. Lucifer appeared, sat at his table, legs high on the parched wood. The top was cracked and splintered, as though its appearance recognized the state of its emperor. Lost and defeated. Two more stones, taller than the rest, stood near each head of the table. Black shackles and chains were attached. Another true rumor came to his mind. This was where Lucifer tortured those who were stupid enough to cross him.

Asmodeus stood and waited while his legions followed him in and Mammon came with the prize. Reaching down, Asmodeus grabbed the cloth and dragged it towards the waiting devil.

"So, you come at last, Asmodeus. I see you have betrayed me in every way." Lucifer smiled at him. He was dressed completely in white.

"Yes, in every way." Asmodeus produced a dagger and cut open the large sack cloth to reveal the prize inside. Illyris, the devil’s wife. He grabbed her by her silken brown hair and lifted her. Her hands were tied behind her back. Her deep brown eyes each shed a tear as clear as the heavenly sky as he shackled her to the large stone.

"You have me, Asmodeus. I am at your mercy. I did see this coming. You are most powerful and wise."

"There is a mocking tone in your voice, devil. I know your ways. I have your most prized possession. The great Lucifer, a monogamist. Who would have thought it. Where are all your harlots and whores? Beneath the ground on which we stand?"

"Come sit at my table, which crumbles as my rule diminishes. You can see it for yourself. Come, sit, and let us talk for a moment before it turns to dust and you seize the throne."

Asmodeus looked about him. "I know your tricks, Lucifer. I shall play my hand first."

"Very well, as you wish. My hands are tied."

"Indeed they are." Asmodeus moved to the woman, the most beautiful woman to reside in hell. "I can see the attraction. She is wondrous, a sight to behold. Is she truly worth all of your love? I myself like to taste many. Why limit yourself to one woman when you can taste them all?" He took his dagger and cut her ornate gown of red from hem to neckline, pulling it from her body. Her tail flicked and twitched between her thighs in a non-threatening way. It aroused him. The rest of her made his body tingle. Her wings hung down at her back. Pert breasts stood firm, as did her pink nipples, hard in the hot breeze. Her pubes were neatly trimmed in a wedge, pointing to her most precious delight, her pussy. Her wet folds betrayed her sensual state, displayed before the many male eyes. Asmodeus ran a finger up the crease and wiped some juice on the tip. He held it high for all to see.

Illyris sighed.

"Your true love betrays you, lord Lucifer. Her heavenly snatch lays wet in her juices."

The table creaked but Lucifer held fast, his eyes, his face unresponsive to the inner turmoil he must be suffering. Asmodeus was impressed.

"She has never betrayed me, Asmodeus. Never. Nor have I ever betrayed her. We both know the meaning of loyalty, of true love. It is something to be earned. I have no interest in devilish whores as you do. There is no loyalty from a whore. A whore serves everyone, male, female, the beautiful and the ugly. They serve for payment or slavery, and are the embodiment of everything I have come to abhor in this place. You like to torture and control, but that is not rescinded unless the female wishes it. It is abhorrent to me to treat my woman that way. I dominate her because she wants it. She craves pain. She does not serve me; I serve her."

"Well, she will serve the nine princes of hell. She will be our whore. My demons will watch as we abuse her and torture her for our pleasure. Her tight holes will become legend in this hellish world. We will fuck her until her juices spit and sizzle in the earth."

The watching demons groaned at hearing those words. Hundreds of thousands of eyes looked at the beauty on the stone.

Asmodeus flicked his finger and the juices slid from his skin, landing on the table at Lucifer’s feet.

The table creaked once more and trembled before breaking down and turning to ash. Lucifer stood up. Asmodeus took a step back. The soon to be dethroned emperor gripped his stone chair and pushed it with ease to the betrayer. It created a rut in the earth as it came to rest.

"Take it; sit on it. You will soon learn, Asmodeus. It is an empty throne. It isn't all it is meant to be. You crave power, then have it."

Baal stepped forward. "Take it, take the power." Baal came to Illyris, eying her up. He licked his lips and his hand moved.

"Touch her, Baal, and you will lose your wanking hand. She is not the whore yet."

Baal stepped back at the new emperor’s words.

"True power does not come from the land or the seat you squirm in. Loyalty is not worth the wind that burns the skin of your followers. To rule is to sit alone; it is a lonely task. I hand you the title Satan without any regret. It tires me." Lucifer’s voice sent a deep, dark chill through the heat. It appeared to send fear through them all, even Asmodeus shivered. "Power comes from within. It is inherited, born inside you. Do you seriously think what you see here is real? Is your mind truly that simple? Do you still underestimate the power of Lucifer, the son of the almighty God?" Lucifer laughed out loud and his world reverberated at their feet. "You have eternity to discover the truth, oh great emperor. I have no crown to offer you."

"I need no crown. When your wife has served us and has no further use, I will make a crown from her bare bones. I will flay her and make her skin into a cape to wear at my shoulders. I will cut out her vagina and make it into a pouch to hold her pretty brown eyes. I shall hang it on my belt and have her gaze at me when I fuck her offspring that my princes bear to her heavenly womb."

Lucifer staggered. The words had hurt him. "This day will forever pierce my soul and I hold you responsible for your actions, and you alone. I shall not forget this day. It is burnt into my memory, demon! I do not forgive; I will not forgive treachery concerning my one true love. Victims aren't we all Asmodeus. She will not let you rest, she will not lay down and give in to your evil abuse. She is Illyris. Like me, she knows the art of power. You can have my throne. Take it. I have warmed it for you. But can you stand the intense heat of vengeance? I think not! I still have my loyal allies, as does my wife. You will not find my departure easy, nor will my wife, a great warrior, leave quietly."

Asmodeus felt unsure. Without thought he turned and plunged his dagger into Illyris's abdomen. She groaned in pain as he yanked it out. The wound turned black and tendrils spread outwards from the hole.

Lucifer was incensed and raised his arms. "May you all rot in this hell." Red lightning erupted from the sky and forks of power hit each fingertip. Stretching out his hands, the surge pulsed forwards and sent every demon in the circle back outside. Some died instantly, others had terrible wounds. Asmodeus found himself on his back, black blood streaked across his bare flesh. The vision now dropped and he raised his head. Lucifer stood by his wife and took her down, holding her in his arms. He wept. Asmodeus sat up, then rose to his feet and set off running towards them both. He saw Lucifer place his wife down before looking at him. He grinned a devilish smile and vanished.

Illyris lay motionless as he approached. The wound was gone. Lucifer had healed her before he left. Sliding to one knee, he touched her naked body and felt her chest rise. Her heartbeat pulsed against his palm. He lifted her across his chest and stood, then turned, walking back to the forest, to a new kingdom, where he would sit on a throne of his own choosing.

BOOK: Lust
2.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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