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Authors: Candace Werts

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Made to Love: Carmen and Cooper's Story

BOOK: Made to Love: Carmen and Cooper's Story
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Made to Love

Carmen and Cooper’s




Candace Nicole



Book One of The Made



Copyright © 2014 Candace Nicole Werts

ISBN-13: 978-1497533813


ISBN-10: 1497533813

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced or
transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical,
including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and
retrieval system, without permission in writing form the copyright

This is a work of fiction. Names,
characters, places and incidents either are the product of the
author imagination or are used
any resemblance to any actual persons,
living or dead, events or locales are entirely coincidental.

This book was printed in the United States
of America.

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I am grateful for the love
and support shown by my friends and family.

To the readers, who have
waited patiently for Carmen and Cooper’s story, thank

I want to give a special
thank you to Anneli Kirby, for creating cnbookseries logo and the
books design; Shannon Werts, my sister and publicist, for all her
hard work and being the first person to read
Made to Love

To my loving husband,
Marcus Bohanon, for his kind words; always giving a listening ear
and being my number one fan.





Dedication Page


The Made Series is
dedicated to my dear friend, Nikki Hoy and adult erotica romance
readers, who believe love is colorblind.

Chapter One

Present day


We are sitting on Cooper’s deck enjoying the
view, it overlooks his well-maintained lawn. There are a few trees
located in different corners inside the white privacy fence
securing the yard. The leaves have started to change colors. Some
have already fallen, and the rest remain lightly on the branches,
awaiting a brisk wind in which they’ll be set free. The sky is full
of stars this evening; the temperature is dropping after what was a
mild autumn day. Cuddling with Cooper under this warm, fleece
blanket is amazing, and so is using his firm chest as a pillow. We
fit so perfectly together.

Cooper’s blackberry rings, and as
he swipes the screen a smile spreads across his handsome face. “Hey
Dad,” he says in a joyous childlike manner. “No I am not working.
Spending time with
Carmen.” I can feel myself blushing. “Dad says hello.”
Happily I say, “Hi, Mr. Jackson.” Cooper Laughs. “Yes, you will
meet her soon.” He winks at me, how did I become such a lucky girl?
“What’s going on? What?” Cooper is frowning. “For how long? Two
years?” Immediately Cooper’s mood drastically changes as he paces
the deck. “I can’t believe what I am hearing after what she did to
you, to us.” Seeing Cooper upset is heart breaking. I just want to
take away his pain. “Love? Forgiveness? She doesn’t deserve any of
it. No I will not discuss this any further and especially NOT with
her.” There is utter disgust in his voice. “I will never understand
and want no part of this. Sorry, dad I can’t... You are right, I
won’t.” Cooper ends the call, while walking inside; he screams

Unsure of precisely what took place, I do know
it has to be horrible because Cooper and his father are very close.
He always speaks very highly of him. Hopefully, the situation is
fixable and doesn’t destroy their relationship. Giving Cooper a few
seconds to gain his composure, I enter the house and find him in
the living room; he’s standing at the wet bar drinking a glass of

Worried I asked, “Are you okay?”
He doesn’t answer. “I am here if you want to talk.” He glares at
me. Uncertain of what to do, walking across the room, seemed like
the best option. Boy, was that wrong.

Cooper puts his hand up which stops me in mid
stride. “Don’t need your pity, Carmen.”

Pity is not what I am offering. I
am here for you.”

He clinches his powerful jaw. He gulps the
rest of his Scotch and to my horror throws the glass against the
wall. Wide eyed, I watch the glass shatter, thousands of small
particles fall to the hardwood floor, making a tapping noise upon
landing. He has a temper. That is not a good sign and why have I
never noticed it before?

Cooper gets my attention and in a
frightening voice says, “This is none of your business, so don’t
ask questions.” We silently stare at each other for what seems to
be an eternity.

Breaking the silence, I reply, “When people
are in relationships they share things with each other.”

Relationship?” Cooper gives a
deep disturbing laugh, “Oh my sweet naïve girl, this is no
relationship. We are two adults enjoying each other’s company,
should have known you weren’t mature enough to handle

Now I am full of rage. “You are an asshole and
the worse kind. If you did not want a relationship you should have
stated that from the beginning. But instead you pretended to be
prince charming.”

Cooper opens his mouth to interrupt me. Now I
hold my hand up while raising my voice and firmly say, “You need to
grow up and stop having temper tantrums. You are thirty-two, act
like a man.” I turn towards the door and grab the handle but can’t
walk out yet. “You need to make things right with your father,
since that is the only relationship you have.”

Quickly I grab my overnight bag. Rushing to my
car and refusing to look back, I find myself speeding out of the
driveway. I am baffled at how a supposedly romantic weekend turns
into a nightmare. Did Celeste experience this too? Can this evening
get any worse?

Right on cue, my radio decides to play Toni
Braxton’s song, “Un-break My Heart.” Just perfect. The tears




Chapter Two

Two Years Ago


My cell phone rings and my sister’s picture
appears. I answer quickly. “How’s my baby sister doing?”

I am not a baby, Carmen. We are
only two years apart. What are you up too?”

Glancing at myself in the mirror I reply,
“About to head out and shake my ass. These girls think they are
something out here.”

Celeste laughs, “You are always the life of
the party. I can’t wait to see you this weekend.”

Me too. Marcia is excited you are

Sighing into the phone Celeste states, “I just
need a break from everyone, especially Jermaine.”

You sound down. What’s going on?
Are you Okay?”

Everything is fine; he is just
being an asshole. Typical Jermaine.”

Do you want to come here tonight?
I will come to get you.”

No, I have an exam in the
morning. Go show those raggedy girls how we Chesterfield girls get
down. See you Friday.”

I love you, Celeste. To

Love you too, Carmen And

That was the last time I spoke to
my sister.
















Chapter Three

Three Months Ago


Most women my age spend all week
looking forward to Friday night and going out with their friends,
but I am the exception. My perfect evening consists of me being
curled up in my soft King size bed while sipping a glass of wine.
Unfortunately, that is not happening. Instead I am meeting Marcia,
my best friend, at her company’s party. Last year Marcia started
working for
A. Werts
, which is a large financial company. She is very excited
about the annual summer party they host and I am being dragged
there. I could care less about the financial world. The only time
it was of interest was a few years ago, when I applied for a loan
for my daycare center.

So here I am staring at myself in
my full-length mirror thinking that I look half-way decent. My jet
black hair is pulled up in a high bun, my MAC makeup is flawless
and my full painted red lips look irresistible. I decide to wear a
white strapless dress. The dress accentuates my shapely figure and
hugs my apple-shaped butt. The contrast of the fabric and my
caramel skin tone makes me look like an angelic being. I am having
doubts about how my 34D’s look, because they have a mind of their
own and are impossible to hide. Marcia calls them a gift, but they
are more like a curse, a daily distraction especially when it comes
to meeting someone of the opposite sex. They always seem more
interested in the “girls” than in what I am saying.

Men can be jackasses!

Now that I have gotten myself worked up and
full of doubt, maybe I shouldn’t go. There is nothing wrong with a
single, 25-year-old woman who wants to stay at home on a Friday
evening. Right? Pulling out my Samsung Galaxy phone, I decide I am
not going. I text Marcia:

feeling well. Think I caught something from the center.

Don’t have time for your bullshit. Get here!
Really don’t feel
Lies, you are the owner and you weren’t there this week. This
is why you are single.

are you
But I have a life and always have multiple orgasms. You have
20 minutes.

BTW…there is someone I want you to meet.
Wth? A blind date? No thank
will thank me once those cob webs are dusted

Damnit, Marcia!

The last thing I need is to be set up with
someone. Is my life that pathetic? I have many things going for
myself: 1. Owner of Essence of Learning Child Care Center 2. Debt
free 3. No children, yes no children 4. 25 years old 5. In shape 6.
Not super model status, but attractive

Why does everyone think I need a man to define

When my taxi arrives at this jaw dropping,
million-dollar mansion located in Falls Church, VA, my stomach
starts to flip. I’m consumed with the exterior beauty alone. The
driveway is rounded with cobblestones. In the center features a
cement water fountain, in the middle sits a mermaid sculpture,
interesting enough. The house appears to sit on at least ten acres
of land, with no other homes in sight. The grass is the greenest
I’ve ever seen, and looks to have been cut within the last few
days. The scent in the air smells not only of freshly cut grass but
also of irises, lilacs, and lavender which are all planted in the
variety of flower beds surrounding the front of the lawn. I walk up
the granite steps, really allowing myself to take in the massive
size of this beautiful dwelling. The front door is painted a bright
red with a brass handle, which reminds me of the Red Door perfume.
I wait patiently to be invited in after ringing the doorbell. An
older man dressed in a black suit welcomes me; he must be a butler
because looking at my surroundings, this party seems to be for a
much younger crowd.

Good evening Miss, please do come
in.” I smile sweetly and thank him.

I search for Marcia, but not
before my eyes fall on a group of gentleman, all standing in a
circle. They seem to be in a rather heated discussion. I think to
myself, ugh welcome to the corporate world, gotta love it! My name
being called from a distance brings me back to focus. Thumping
beats come from the speakers as Justin Timberlake sings one of his
latest hits
Suit &
. Now all I need is a man to ask me on
the floor so I can show him some of my talented moves.

BOOK: Made to Love: Carmen and Cooper's Story
11.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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