Make Me Bad: Private Lessons

BOOK: Make Me Bad: Private Lessons
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Private Lessons

By W.H. Vega


A Hearts Collective Production


Copyright © 2013
Hearts Collective Publishing

All rights reserved.
This document may not be reproduced in any way without the expressed written
consent of the author. The ideas, characters, and situations presented in this
story are strictly fictional and any unintentional likeness to real people or
real situations is completely coincidental.



Thank you all for
reading, this book was one of my absolute favorite stories to write so far and
I hope you love it as much as I do.

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For the incredible
cover art!!



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Chapter Two - Madison

Chapter Three - Luc

Chapter Four - Luc

Chapter Five - Madison

Chapter Six - Madison

Chapter Seven - Luc

Chapter Eight - Madison

Chapter Nine - Madison

Chapter Ten - Luc

Chapter Eleven - Luc

Chapter Twelve - Luc

Chapter Thirteen - Madison

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Chapter Seventeen - Madison

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Chapter Twenty - Luc

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Chapter One



I shake my head, trying to clear the dirty thoughts escaping
from my subconscious. Suddenly I feel uncomfortably self-aware, and I throw my
dark hair over my shoulder; one of my many nervous tells. I see Luc raise his
eyebrows at me and I can't help but blush. I know I should look away but I
can’t. Luc is still staring at me; I can sense the hunger in his eyes, his gaze
practically setting my skin on fire. His dark wavy hair has fallen across his mysterious,
brooding eyes and I can feel the fire in my belly ignite as lust takes hold of

I shouldn’t have drunk so much wine. I’m not a drinker, not
even on the weekends, and I’ve had at least four glasses by now. My head is
light and fuzzy from the alcohol and my inhibitions are fading more with each
passing second. I glance around at the rest of our party and realize our table
has almost emptied. Out of the ten of us who stumbled into this little café,
there are only five of us left, including my closest friend, Cleo.

Cleo happens to be a seasoned drinker, and she’s easily
taken to the wine-filled nights and heavy partying that goes along with living
abroad in Paris. She’s hanging onto Philippe, her love interest du-jour,
batting her eyelashes and talking in hushed tones. The only person in Paris I
would need to explain myself to, is drunk and caught up with her own romantic

I look back at Luc, and he’s still staring at me. His eyes
are dark and intense, full of promise and all things forbidden. Maybe it’s the
amount of wine I’ve consumed, or the fact that it’s well past midnight and
we’re sitting in a dark, smoky café in Paris, or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve
been wickedly lusting after my music professor since our first study abroad
orientation meeting.

Whatever the reason, feeling emboldened by the wine, I stare
back and level my gaze to his. I see a hint of surprise register on Luc’s face before
he licks his lips and jerks his head towards the back of the bar. He pushes
back his chair, stands up very carefully and steals a glance at me before turning
and striding confidently toward the back hallway. My pulse quickens as I watch
him, my eyes drink in his tall frame and wild hair.

He wants me to follow him; that much is clear.

I know I shouldn't follow him...but I want to, so badly.

Following my older, brooding, music professor into some dark
hallway after we’ve had too much to drink and have been ogling each other all
night is the worst possible thing I could do right now. But who am I kidding?
We’ve been ogling each other since arriving in Paris ten days ago. It’s been
ten days of sexual banter, flirtatious behavior and borderline inappropriate

And I don’t care anymore.

“Excuse me.” I mumble to the others at the table, as I push
back my chair and get up to follow Luc. No one gives me a second glance.

Nervously, I make my way to the back of the bar, running my
hand self-consciously through my thick hair and pulling at my black dress. I’m
not sure what I’m going to find at the end of the hallway, and it’s so dark I have
to slow down to try to figure out where Luc has gone.

I feel a hand reach out and grab me and I let out a small
yelp in surprise. Luc pulls me into a dimly lit bathroom and shuts the door
behind us, pushing me up against the door as he bolts the lock.

“I knew you’d follow me.” he says somewhat cockily, his
breath warm and sweet against my face.

“Yes.” I breathe. I can’t manage anything else. My heart is
beating fast and my mind is swirling.

Luc presses his forehead to mine, breathing heavily as he
runs his hand along my nylons.

“I’ve wanted to touch you since we first arrived.”

His hand slides under my dress and I moan softly, closing my
eyes. I can feel myself getting wetter at his slightest touch.

“I’ve wanted to touch you even before that.” I counter.

He stops, puzzled, his eyes intense.

“Since when?” he smiles.

“Since the first orientation meeting.” I admit, a grin
spread across my face, my eyes still closed. I'm wishing, willing his hand to
move higher toward my aching sex.

He makes a small groan in the back of his throat before pushing
his hips hard against me, pinning me to the bathroom door and crushing his lips
to mine. I’m assaulted by sensations – the touch of his soft lips moving
hungrily against my own, and his insistent hips against my body, pushing his
hard erection through the thin material of my dress. God, it feels like I've
waited my entire life for this moment. I can't remember the last time I was
this wet, this turned on for anyone.

I moan into Luc’s mouth, the mouth I’ve studied endlessly
for the past few weeks. Our kiss is fierce and hungry, full of passion, and
unapologetically sinful and I feel like I'm in a movie. This is something that
I have never done in my life, and until recently, could have never envisioned actually

“I need to fuck you.” Luc gasps.

Rather than being appalled by his crude language, I’m turned
on even more by his desperate need for me. The fact that
wants me makes
me feel so incredibly horny.

“Please.” I hear myself beg. If I hadn’t uttered the word
myself, I never would have believed it was my own voice. It was the voice of a
woman. A woman who knows what she wants, a woman who's filled with desire and
lust for a man.

BOOK: Make Me Bad: Private Lessons
5.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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