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Master Zum

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A Totally Bound Publication

Master Zum

ISBN # 978-1-78430-064-7

©Copyright Natalie Dae 2014

Cover Art by Posh Gosh ©Copyright May 2014

Edited by Rebecca Douglas and Sarah Smeaton

Totally Bound Publishing


This is a work of fiction. All characters, places and events are from the author’s imagination and should not be confused with fact. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, events or places is purely coincidental.


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Published in 2014 by Totally Bound Publishing, Newland House, The Point, Weaver Road, Lincoln, LN6 3QN





This book contains sexually explicit content which is only suitable for mature readers. This story has a heat rating of Totally Melting and a Sexometer of 3.








Marshall Cottage





Natalie Dae




Book one in the Marshall Cottage series

Pain of the pleasurable variety was all I needed—and Master Zum provided it.

I visited Marshall Cottage for one thing only—to be pleasured by Master Zum and the exquisite pain he offered. Actually, that was a lie. I visited to see him, to be touched by him in ways that told me he wasn’t just there for sex. Love, that’s what I wanted from him, to go along with the adoration I was so willing to shower on him. He was alluring, commanding, and I tingled all over every time he was near. I needed him, longed for him, and our time together was never a disappointment.

Nipple clamps, they were the order of the night—among other things. Could I handle them? Could I reach that sweet place I wanted to be in while he administered his brand of pain?

Yes. Yes, I could.



Trademarks Acknowledgement



The author acknowledges the trademarked status and trademark owners of the following wordmarks mentioned in this work of fiction:


Mercedes: Mercedes-Benz, Daimler AG

Downton Abbey
: Carnival Film & Television Ltd

Polo: RL Fragrances, LLC, Ralph Lauren Corporation


Chapter One




There were only so many days I could go without seeing Master Zumbadwey. I’d privately named him Zum, had never found out his first name, but that didn’t matter. He was my drug of choice, the one I’d found could satisfy all my needs without ever having to ask me what I wanted, needed. In short, he struck my arse, pinched my nipples and kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

I loved that.

I was due to meet him in five minutes beside the grandfather clock in its transparent casing, the innards lit up with a lilac neon light. Said clock stood proudly in the foyer of Marshall Cottage, although why it was called a cottage was anyone’s guess. Far from that, the building was more like a hall or mansion. Grand it was, and in years past had been lived in by some lord or other. I wondered once whether that lord would be turning in his grave to know what goings on occurred in his former home now. Seedy, debase acts, some would say, but I found them all rather delicious.

A sex den. Yes, that’s what Marshall Cottage was. A BDSM lover’s delight.

I sat in my car at the edge of the driveway, scanning the other vehicles. Zum wasn’t there yet. He was always late, but that wasn’t a problem. I found waiting for him a superb aphrodisiac. The tension, the apprehension…oh, I fucking adored it.

The moon and stars were out in force tonight, clearly visible seeing as there was no cloud coverage. It seemed as though nothing else existed if I stared at the sky for long enough, my vision tunneling so that all I saw was infinity, much like what happened when I entered subspace. I’d be going there tonight hopefully, Master Zum pushing me, testing my boundaries.

I glanced at the clock on the dash. Four minutes to go.

A car drew up on the opposite side of the drive. Mercedes. Black. Windows tinted to what I’d assume were barely kissing the legal limit. A woman got out of the driver’s side then walked toward the building. I got a good look at her owing to the harsh light that blazed from the front of the cottage, one of those efforts used at football fields, except it wasn’t so big. She stood head to toe in orange PVC, her short dress as shiny as her long, black hair. She was a sight to behold with the red-bricked cottage for a backdrop. An extremely out-of-place character from
Downton Abbey
, slender, appearing more so because of her killer, gold-colored heels. She exuded sexuality.

I adjusted my corset—black with red laces, the type that didn’t extend past my waist—and waited until she’d gone inside. Once she had, I got out of my car and surveyed the area again for Zum’s car in case I’d missed it, me standing tall on seven-inch black heels that tapered into daring thinness. With the chill of the air springing goosebumps on my bare legs, naked arse and shaved pussy, I smiled at how daring I was, planning to enter the building with my lower half nude.

I can come here naked if I want to…

That was the beauty of this place. We were encouraged to be ourselves—no holding back, no conforming to society’s rules. That’s what appealed to me. Being free. Being me.

I put my keys into my small red handbag and made my way inside.

Mr M was manning the door, as usual. What the M stood for, I didn’t know, and to be honest, I didn’t care. He wasn’t who I’d come here to see. I swallowed as excitement bubbled in my belly, knowing that in three or so minutes I’d be beside the grandfather clock with its swinging silver pendulum ticking down the seconds until Zum arrived.

“Good evening, Mr M,” I said.

He nodded as an answer. Far be it for him to speak to a sub before her Master was on the scene. He gestured for me to go inside then turned to a visitor’s book on a wooden pedestal, scribbling my name and time of entry. I smiled and walked away, drifting, it seemed, on airy legs toward the clock. It was as though that clock were a trigger that told my brain it was now time to get into character. I stood with it beside me to my left and faced the wall, doing as Zum had instructed since that first night we’d met.

“No looking at the door to see when I get there, sub. I want you in a high state of anticipation. So much so that you begin to wonder whether I’m going to turn up at all. That’s the thrill for you, isn’t it, wondering, not knowing. And one day, one day I
turn up, and you’ll be left there all night until Mr M tells you, after I call him, that I won’t be playing. How would that make you feel?”

“Horrible, Sir.”

“Ah, but that waiting, for such a long time—wouldn’t that be good?”

“Yes, but you not coming… I’d hate that, Sir.”

I’d wondered, on several occasions, whether he really would leave me there, ensuring that I exited the cottage without my fix, without the scent of him in me, on me. I had to believe it had just been a threat, something said to make me realize how lucky I was when he did turn up.

Head bowed, I stared at my watch, my handbag strap over my shoulder, the bag itself settled against my arse cheek. Light from the grandfather illuminated the face, made my arm a strange color that had no name. It was three minutes past our appointed time. I laced my fingers, let my shoulders relax, and concentrated on the wooden flooring, the wainscoting then the patch of wall above it that I could see, decorated in luxurious dark purple paper with elegant gold patterns. Fleur-de-lis.

My stomach rolled, the muscles tightening, and that twang of pre-bliss took over my cunt for a few seconds. I clenched my inner muscles over and over, priming myself, making sure I was wet and ready for what was about to come. And it would come.

Wouldn’t it?

His scent drifted in. Polo aftershave. I held back a giddy urge to laugh, relief pouring into me, and realized I hadn’t been given much time to build myself up.

My cunt creamed.

“Good evening, Master,” Mr M said.

Zum didn’t answer. I suspected he thought that if he didn’t, I wouldn’t know he was there, but that scent of his gave him away every time. He’d asked once why I never seemed surprised when he walked up behind me, why I’d always seemed to know our time had come. I’d never told him that as well as his smell, I could see his reflection in the grandfather’s casing as he studied me for a few seconds before striding over.

I lifted my gaze up and to the left. Stared at his reflection in the clock. He was doing that now, studying me, the gorgeous mountain of brown sugar that he was. It was difficult, as always, not to turn around. Sub I might be, but it didn’t mean I didn’t have the same urges as everyone else. I wanted to see him, run into his arms, have him swing me around in the foyer so that everyone could see how much I loved him and he loved me.

But that wasn’t the way things worked here.

He scrubbed his chin as if in contemplation then walked toward me, light on his feet despite the size of him. Tall. Broad. Yes, he was indeed a mountain. As he got closer, the air changed, tinged with electricity that I’d swear came from me and from him. It crackled, lifting the hairs on my arms and at my nape, and a buzzing set up shop in my head. Right behind me now, his body heat warming my skin from the waist down, he stopped.

“Good evening, my precious,” he said.

And fuck, that was all he’d needed to say. My knees almost gave out on me, and my heart rate sped up. I bit my lower lip, telling myself not to turn around, not to indicate I was even aware he’d spoken. To stand stock still, staring at the fleur-de-lis and the way the lilac light made the gold color ugly and muddy. Tarnished.

“How are you?” he asked.

So happy that you’re here, Sir.
“Very well, thank you, Sir.”

“Did you complete the task I set for you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good. How long did you last?”

“The longest session was five minutes, Sir.”

“It’s a start, nothing to be ashamed of. Many people find the manacles too painful in that position. They dig into the skin. I’d warned you of that.”

“You did, Sir.”

I thought about those manacles, dangling from the end of thick black chains in my bedroom ceiling. He’d told me to buy them. I was to make sure the length of the chains was just enough that my toes barely touched the floor. So there was no relief, the muscles in my arms screaming, those in my legs and arse aching. He’d said I should think of him, imagine him coming into my room to whip me while I hung there, and practice it once a day so the skin on my wrists toughened up.

“Show me your wrists.”

I unlaced my hands then held my arms behind me, one thumb grazing my handbag. He didn’t touch me—damn it, he didn’t touch—and I checked out his reflection again in the clock. He had a strange smile on his face, satisfaction, I suspected, that I had indeed done as he’d asked.

“Sore,” he said, “but it will get better in time. Follow me.”

BOOK: Master Zum
9.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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